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The Battle Hymn of A New Republic Empty


    The Battle Hymn of A New Republic


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    The Battle Hymn of A New Republic Empty The Battle Hymn of A New Republic

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:10

    One more story... A victory ceremony for the fallen.

    "Heroes Rise While Others Fall"

    On Bothwai, in the government chambers a large body of beings is assembled to pay homage to fallen heroes of the battle of Bothwai.

    On the center stage Borsk Fey'Alya, chief of state of the New Republic stands there at a podium. His fur rippling with emotion, as he struggles to compose himself to begin. There are tears in his eyes, real tears, bearing all the loss and sadness of his and all the races of the New Republic.

    "I had planned a grand speech for this day. In fact, I had already written what I would say well before the battles fought here ever occurred. However, I had failed. Failed in grasping the true nature of what was at stake, of whom we would loose in this undertaking. The cost was too dear. My pain, is something shared by all of us here as we recognize the fallen heroes of the past weeks. So, in realizing this, my speech is now free form and true. I threw away my grand proclamations of victory and glory. Today, I stand before you all as one of you. Not as your Chief of State." His fur ripples gently, as he fights the lump in his throat "As a politician, I used to see opposition around every corner. Adversaries to my station within the armed forces and without. While some of this may indeed exist, those I found to be my main adversaries... Well, they were never my adversaries. There were merely people who had loved the Alliance, bleeding for it, dying for it and struggling to free the galaxy. They were influential individuals who went on to form the Alliance of Free Worlds and from that staging point... They formed our government, the New Republic, bearing the burden of that undertaking upon their backs. Their efforts can be seen in all corners of our galaxy. It was love for an ideal."

    "I have come to see this, through tragedy, loss and our triumphs and failures. I was humbled before the valiant warriors of the past weeks. Furthermore humbled by the TITANS that rocked the galaxy. Titans like Admiral Axxaro and General Corwin Amber. Their actions echo for ever more into every part of our galaxy." Fur rippling again, "I had the HONOR of standing by General Amber during our fight. It was not an honor because of his accomplishments, nay, it was an honor because he allowed me to learn for myself what it means to be alive. During the devastating battle I faltered, yet he was there to steady me. He lent his hand, even through all the strain he was under. He raised me up, as a friend. The children you see behind me stood with him as well, lending their power to his own. The one not here, Trina, fell at General Amber's side. She did not leave him. Their sacrifice won that day."

    "We all stand here to honor our fallen brethren of all races, from all the corners of the galaxy. I stand here before you, now, as a changed being. I tell you that we will not go quietly into the night. Our battle hymn will be heard by all of the galaxy, as we sing it while bringing freedom to all."


    Fur rippling with emotion he began, singing

    "It was just another morning
    We thought we had enough warning
    In the land of freedom free we woke
    Arms at the ready we cheered as our enemy broke"

    "But more evil men were waiting
    For years sustained by hating
    They climbed aboard their warships
    And they ripped our peace away"

    "And we cried, and we prayed
    And we grieved as one in each our own way
    As we fought as one to win the day"

    "We were stunned, we were lost
    And we couldn't bear the cost
    And we asked ourselves if freedom's light
    Could shine another day"

    "By the second hour
    From every tower
    All of us watched as Heroes
    Died that Day"

    "But as the days unfolded
    Our new resolve was molded
    We lit our new fires in our hearts
    And the song of Freedom returned"

    "And we worked, and we prayed
    And we rallied day by day
    And we rose again as one
    And armed ourselves for the coming days"

    "Though we grieved for the lost
    And could hardly bear the cost
    We united then to fight the war
    And we know we will win one day"

    "And oh, it inspired us to know
    That through all the darkness and fear
    The Force's light in a trillion hearts shone bright
    The New Republic rang with its brilliance"

    "The heroes on the Imperial Hammer
    The heroes of the Bulwark
    The heroes of every race assembled
    When evil struck, they gave their all
    And that courage helps us see"

    "That they may have destroyed our fleet
    But they'll never destroy our hearts
    And when the New Republic raised our flag, we knew
    Our strength would never die"

    "And we'll sing, and we'll pray
    And we'll stand as one day after day
    And we'll keep our faith in the Force
    To show us the way"

    "In the names of those lost
    No matter what the cost
    We will lead the galaxy with freedom's light
    For all time, with the Force as our Guide
    Forever and a day, the New Republic will hold sway"

    All those assembled took up the song, it was infectious. Indeed, the New Republic had found her battle hymn. It would be sung from all corners of the galaxy before long. The Empire had given the New Republic something they could never take away. Heart. With its leader galvanized and changed, the New Republic would rise this day.

    The fleet overhead, safeguarding the Bothwai system, the song was echoed on every bridge in every corridor as New Republic troops took up song. Admiral Dromell's attack right after Death Squadron fell had destroyed the shield generators on Bothwai. Thus a fleet had been diverted there. However, new fleets were being born. New heroes rising to take the place of the fallen ones.

    "May the Force be with us all" Borsk says as the stage and all those assembled fades from view

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