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    Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic


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    Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic Empty Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:42

    Any true story worth its salt has a beginning and an end point. I'll touch quite lightly on the beginning, jump to to the middle and then resume from there. The FULL story of Corwin Amber is chronicled in, literally, a TOME of fully developed writings.

    Here I will be posting the most noteworthy of events that shaped the life of this character set in the Alternate Star Wars universe created by Xynar.

    There is true Magic in the creation of any story. Through both life and death, Legends are born.


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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:43

    It was an earlier time, the galaxy was a bit different, and all Corwin had to worry about was training to run the Amber Ale Fizzy Glug Company and a few other more trivial pursuits

    "Birthright: Naming of a Tapani Lord of the Expanse"

    CRACK! SLAM! "Ooof!"

    "Amber!" As the scene emerges into view the angle of view resolves itself around a lone figure in the finest livery of House Mecetti. He's bleeding from a very recent blow to the face and is trying to do his best to stand after recieving an equally brutal blow to the midsection. He spits blood, swoons and catches himself just before falling. "Your tretchery ends here. Why, do you always have to intervene on the behalf of these Pelagian scum. Their house will fall and their lands and titles will fill our coffers."

    The angle of view shifts to show a young man, in House Cadriaan finery, kneeling beside a younger woman in badly burned House Pelagian garb. Her wounds are extensive. The Caadrian Man is administering a Med Pack to her and she stirs. She looks up into the Caadrian Nobles eyes and utters "Corwin, where, how..?" Then she faints from the pain of her injuries.

    Pausing for a moment more, the young Cadriaan Noble strokes a hand against the fallen woman's cheek. He carefully moves a few strands of her hair from her face and then stands and turns to face her assailant.

    "Lord Callus of Mecetti, it is truly a rare occasion that these duels are performed to the death. In fact, it is not a sanctioned practice nor can they be engaged into without express consent of both parties. As I recall, from the vantage point I had above and to the side of you (he points to the roof of a low hanging doorway entrance masked in shadow) that both parties here agreed to "first pain". I am here to represent her in this dirty matter you have invoked. As stated in the by-laws of our brethren for over 100 generations, should a duel exceed its mandate a "Second" may intervene upon the behalf of the initially challenged noble. I, am her second, and you would be wise to flee like the dog you are for you know my skills are greater than your own." A bluff, because looking at this guy's handy work... he did a number on Dalia.

    "Ah, Sir Corwin Amber, the fizzy glug merchant..." he spits in Corwin's direction "Does my comment sting? I do not remember her naming a second"

    "Lord Callus, I've never known you to back down from a fight" Chuckling as Corwin address not only the Mecetti Lord but all of the Nobles that are ringing the combatants. "Are you telling us, that you are a coward and would willingly murder an already incapacitated foe?" This draws both laughter and secondly a more grim hush of that laughter as all eyes fall upon the Mecetti Lord.

    "Aaarrrr! I am NO COWARD! Shall it be to the death then!?!"

    "To the death, Lord Callus, to your death indeed" Corwin utters solemnly

    The Mecetti Noble ignites his light foil with a SNAP-HISS revealing a Green Blade

    Corwin draws his Foil which looks no more than a toy and fips it on, its transparisteel blade lights up like a glowrod with an amber light.

    "HAHAHAHAHAHA! A toy, this will be more pleasurable than I thought." The Mecetti Noble moves forward to attack.

    Corwin brings his toy into a formal salute and then dives under his opponent's horizontal strike. Rolling, then standing up abruptly inside his assailant's guard, Corwin's arm is already ****ed back and the final motion smashes the guard of his foil into the Mecetti lord's left eye staggering him.

    For the next several minutes Corwin remains mobile dancing just outside the Mecetti lord's strikes, on at least three occasions his assailiant overextends himself and Corwin dances in with a punch, kick or foil guard smash.

    Several more minutes pass, and Corwin's handiwork is apparent. Lord Callus's Left eye is completely swollen, there is no sight there. His moves are sluggish, as Corwin has been working on his lower legs as well as his arms. More minutes pass, and the Mecetti Lord finally falls, unable to move either leg any more and not able to lift his arms to brace for the fall. His lightfoil rolls form his grip.

    "To th..e ..D..e...a...t...h..." Swallowing hard "How can you kill me with that toy?"

    "Oh, you mean this toy" as Corwin levels the blade to the Mecetti Lords throat he flips the switch in a different pattern, a true amber lightfoil blade burns through the transparisteel and the molten metal falls upon the Mecetti Lord's lower face, neck and chest.

    "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The Mecetti Lord screams.

    Gasps from the observers can be clearly heard. This is no longer a game.

    "You forget, you posh court whore! I served with a house guard unit for Caadriaan as well as for all Great Houses. I am a Capitan in the Guard, and the first lesson I learned was to stay mobile. Foil fencing demands mobility and does not preclude unorthodox tactics. Oh, yes, tactics... Something you know nothing about you pompous ankle biting mynock." Corwin's voice is dripping with insults today "Are you prepared to beg for your miserable life?"

    Still in severe pain "Uhhh... Sir.." the Mecetti begins, and Corwin Interupts "NO, address me as Lord Corwin Amber, for I am ovbiously your better and truly deserving of that title." "Your price is in the naming. You will name me a Lord as is your right" Corwin Finishes

    The Mecetti House Noble, of the true bloodline looks confused "B..but I can only confer a title of such in the name of Mecetti"

    "Indeed, that is your only right and that will be sufficient" Corwin Responds

    "Are you insane!?! Not in 20 generations has such a conferral been given..."

    Corwin's blade begins to burn the clothes from the Mecetti Noble's chest in the pattern of the Caadrian crest. "Your title, or shall I finish you as is my right" Corwin continues to trace the lines and the Noble begins to grimace as his skin begins to grow quite hot.

    "Alright! I..." Swallowing hard "I Lord Callus Mecetti, hereby confer onto Sir Corwin, er, Lord Corwin Amber of House Caadrian the title of Lord of House Mecetti. You will be afforded all rights and priviledges of said station from this day onward. You are to be known as LORD Corwin Amber of Cadriaan and of Mecetti as your highest honor bears the most weight in court... May your days be numbered, and your reign be short"

    Corwin backs away as the audience cheers. He turns toward his fallen Pelagian friend. Something, an insight or a flash of intuition jumps into his mind as he pivots out of the way. A blaster bolt sizziling just past his midsection slams into a nearby home. Reflexively, Corwin brings his lightfoil down in two motions, moving with his spin the blade perfectly slices into Lord Callus Mecetti's outstretched hand, severing the tendons on its surface. The second strike bisects the blaster. After a brief shriek, the Mecetti Lord faints. Corwin then walks to the Mecetti Noble's lightfoil and picks it up as he closes his down and re-homes it.

    "As always, my peer, expect treachery at every bend in the house of Mecetti" "Your blade will fund the medical recuperation of Lady Dalia of Pelagia, as well as, a grand party for my friends." Corwin gather's Lady Dalia in his arms and walks from the circle.

    About three years Later
    "And that, Gunney, is why I have always referred to myself as a "Lord"." Corwin says

    "So, what that disenfranchised merchant from Tapani said about you being "Sir" wasn't true?" Gunney asks

    "Well, he's right, by birthright I have the title of sir. At least until I carve out some sort of holding for myself in the Tapani Sector. However, he was exiled before I "acquired" my newer title" Corwin Remarks "And... Technically, I have some holdings in Mecetti Territory as a result. Granted, they have fallen to disrepair and the lands conferred to me are a bit small..."

    "Okay... Now, wait just a second buddy... You hold stake to your own title and lands!?! How much land are we talking about here?" Gunney responds with a bit of suprise in his voice.

    "Well, its really kind of minor as Lords of Mecetti go. Most get a planet, I only got some back woods area of largely undeveloped land. Something like 200 square kilometers" Corwin says a bit reluctantly

    "200 Square KILOMETERS! Sith Spit! What are you doing here then?" Gunney is crawling out of his skin.

    "Eh, well, after the third attempt on my life in two days I kind of handed the running of the area to the local magistrate and I've been debating on whether or not to sell the property" Corwin responds

    "Ahuh, well, how much is it worth?" Gunney asks

    "Its really minor, only about 10,000 Credits per square kilometer" Corwin responds grimacing at the low worth of his holdings

    "That's TWO MILLION CREDITS!!!! Are you insane!" "You could buy a NEW Corellian Corvette with mods or even three of them used" Gunney is yelling not believing what he is hearing

    "Well, its a bit more complicated than that. If I sold the holding, I would be considered a "dispossessed Lord" and according to By-Laws I would be stripped of my title" Corwin responds "Lord has a really nice ring to it, don't you think?" "Besides, going back there would be suicide right now. However, I can sell the territory by proxy. If things ever get really dire for us, at least you know I have a little capitol for the boys to live off of" Corwin Responds with a smile

    "What is your definition of dire, exactly, Corwin!?! Your family has been largely, but not completely dispossessed. The empire is hunting you and them like dogs... And you have enough money to fund a small war sitting in real-estate... WoW, you really are a piece of work. I love you, buddy, but sometimes I think you have more secrets and poodu than the emperor himself..." "would you ever cash in that land?" Gunney asks increduously

    "Yep, in a second, for you and the boys. But until the empire is gone being called a legitimate lord is worth more to me. Not to mention being Lord in Mecetti has its benefits. I'm a black eye to them, since they are allied with the Empire" Corwin Smiles

    "Politics... Eh.. I'll never get used to damned politics" Gunney responds

    "You never know, Gunney, I think you would be pretty good in a political arena. Anyone who didn't listen to you would get a black eye and wouldn't be concious long enough to oppose your next proposed law" Corwin Grins

    Gunney strokes his chin, Grins widely and the two pull their survival blankets over themselves and settle in for the night.


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    Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic Empty Re: Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:43

    Shortly After the "Battle of Bakura"

    "I love the Limelight"

    Corwin is seated on the set of the New Republic News Station, located on Caldor IV, across from him sits the beautiful Sela Watherson...

    "General, I wanted to thank you for agreeing to this interview on the behalf of the Staff of New Republic News" Sela Watherson, Reporter NRN

    "Its my pleasure, I have never had the opportunity for a formal interview. As an opening statement I would like to Honor my comrades in arms of the New Republic. We would not be here, now, without all of you as well as your continued sacrifices." Corwin

    "General Amber, that statement brings me to a few questions I had about your recent defeat at Bakura" Sela

    "Well, now that is a long story. If you would like, we might as well focus on that." Corwin

    "That is fine by me, I would have thought you would have rather not dwelt upon such a sore subject" Sela

    "It is a subject of grave importance, I feel that bringing what happened there to light may have a chance in altering the future." Corwin

    "Please elaborate on, your "Changing the Future", what do you mean by that?" Sela

    "Perhaps, I should start from the top. Is that alright?" Corwin

    "You have the floor, General, proceed." Sela

    "Well, we were responding to a distress call from the Bakurans. I was assigned an MC80B and a Corellian Corvette. Rogue Squadron was part of my fighter compliment as well. Upon our arrival we found the Imperials barely holding against an unknown force of alien craft. We intervened, and began to take fighter losses. The enemy we now call the Si-Ruuk, have a tremendous advantage in fighter technology. Faster, more manuverable and with greater firepower than we could have imagined. Not to mention, their tactics are baffling to observe and correspond to no known adversary we have ever encountered. After a few chaotic moments I acclimated to their movements and began repelling their assault. Thankfully, their ships are quite weak. However, they have a significant radiation signature as they utilize dirty fusion reactors. The nature of their fighter's upon examination is startling as well. They enslave living beings and fuel their ships with the life essence of the being. This process is called "En-techment" by the Si-Ruuk. I was able to capture one of their picket vessels during the engagement as well. After some negotiating with the Bakurans we returned to our ships preparing for another possible Si-Ruuk advance."

    "So, what was your fleet's status at this point?" Sela

    "Well, our fighter losses were quite high. We recovered many of the pilots, but I was forced to re-form our three squadron's survivors into one squadron led by Commander Wedge Antillies. We had a full squadron comprising of 6 Z-95 AF4's and 6 X-Wings at that point. The Corellian Corvette had taken substantial damage and we had to transfer our marines to the MC80B. The Si-Ruuk atacked again and we were succeeding in repelling their forces with the help of the Imperial's from Bakura. Again, our fighters took a lot of damage, but that's not what did them in." Corwin says the last part with some reluctance and a hint of sorrow in his voice

    "So, what happened then?" Sela looks entranced, yet very interested, perhaps too interested in the General sitting opposite her. Her breathing comes heavily and she shifts in her chair seductively yet even a bit uncomfortably.

    "Well, Sela, that's when a task force known as the "Black Fleet" emerged from hyperspace and decimated the remaining Si-Ruuk forces. First firing upon the closest enemies, then they turned their guns to our craft. We lost a lot of good people within the first few minutes." Corwin looks a bit like the weight of command is weighing upon him. "They had a Super Star Destroyer along with at least twelve other Imperial Class Destroyers types One and Two." "I gave the order to withdraw immediately, after picking up what pilots we could that were sill alive having ejected in combat." He swallows hard " As we moved to leave our Flag ship the MC80B began exchanging fire with an Imperial II Star Destroyer. Another Imperial One, tore the rest of the Corvette to pieces. All hands, were lost as she exploded." Corwin sighs, looking troubled.

    Sela scoots her chair closer to Corwin and places her hand on Corwins, the two lock hands "We don't have to continue, Cor...I mean... General, if you don't want to." She offers a look of support and bats her eyes at Corwin.

    "No, I have to finish this, its too damned important. The crew of the Corvette gave their lives for the New Republic and the Bakuran mission. Many of my own crew sacrificed their lives as well, as we began to take a merciless beating from the Imperial Two." Corwin gets choked up, you can see the tears welling and then he blinks them away. This only serves to cause Sela to edge closer to him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

    "Herein lies the problem, there is no ship in the Republic Fleet that possesses enough fire power to go toe to toe with an Imperial II. Well, no standard vessel at least. The Mon Calamari ships have lousy armament and their guns while formidable in number lack the strength to do damage to even a Corellian corvette. I implore the companies that support our cause to make inroads into re-arming these vessels. This needs to be done immediately. For I wish never again to see the gross loss of life I saw that day because we were unprepared and under armed. MC class vessels are durable, yet have no punch. They are terrible vessels to wage war from. If they are to be symbols of the new republic, someone might think to arm them with more than pop-guns." "During the engagement, I scored several direct hits on both the Imperial One and the Imperial Two, past their shielding. These pathetic weapons did NOTHING..." "Please hear my plea, help us save lives, re-arm these vessels."

    "Well, that's all the time we have today. Thank you General, for being so forthcoming with this information." Sela

    "It was my pleasure, anytime Sela, it has been a pleasure speaking to you today." Corwin States

    "that's a wrap people" then to Corwin "Can I buy you a drink?" Sela

    Looking at Sela, his scowl turning into a slight smile "Well, of course you can my darling. Perhaps, we can talk of some of my more interesting pursuits and I would love to hear of the stories you covered." Corwin says with enthusiasm

    Five Hours later, the two stumble up to her apartment

    "Would you like to come in?" Sela

    "Normally, I would respectfully decline... However, I'm in no shape to drive the White Witch right now... You saw my parking job after all..." Corwin Says

    Sela giggles, thinking of the "Parking Job" right on top of the hedges in front of her apartment. Then she moves seductively inside, or at least pretty seductively for someone who had just been drinking for several hours.

    "I'm not sure I'm ready for this, but tonight I'm not saying no..." Corwin mumbles to himself moving inside and closing the door.

    Four Days Later

    Corwin strides out of the ground level lobby doors in attire that is less wearable and more than tattered, more like it had been ripped off... He has to get back to work, but that was one helluva vacation.

    "I'm gonna have to call that girl again..."

    He hops in the White Witch and "Blasts Out" of his "Parking Spot"


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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:43

    About four years after the Battle for Ord Torgle

    "A Cupcake for a Cupcake...Eh...Right..."

    Corwin is traveling with Jeeves, after recently coming into possession of the "Jedi Cookbook" He, makes planet fall on a planet called Tiber III. There are rumors recently being circulated that this planet is inhabited by a Female Jedi Knight from the Clone Wars.

    "Alright Jeeves, just keep things quiet. I'm leaving my RLG system here to help support you in the event something goes south." Corwin Says

    "Oh, dear, sir, in the event of trouble do you wish me to come after you?" Jeeves responds

    "Well, I'm hoping for things to go pretty smooth... However, you know my luck. Yes, you can come rescue me" Corwin chuckles in response

    "Very well sir, I shall keep things here on low power and constantly monitor the settings so a cold start will not be necessary" Jeeves responds

    Corwin sets out in the White Witch, and travels for about 20 min before arriving at the destination he paid good credits for. Its some form of old mining town. Beings are milling about here and there. He dismounts and begins asking around.

    "Excuse me, do you know anything about a Jedi Knight living here?" as he stops a random native

    "Why yes, sonny, she lives right over there" the man responds

    Something is off, it shouldn't be this easy...

    Corwin moves to the front of the hut and the door opens at his approach. Inside is a hooded figure, Corwin enters and is beaconed to sit by a seductive female sounding voice.

    "So, you are the Jedi Knight Jess Lanis?" Corwin Asks

    The shrouded figure stirs, moves to the cupboard and pulls something out. He hears a device lighting something and a plate with a crusty cupcake is placed before him with a candle in it. The scent to the cupcake is unmistakable, even through the mold and crust. It's one of his, one he handed out to dozens of possible adversaries. What's even more disturbing, upon closer examination is that the cupcake is making a whining sound ... kinda like a ... thermal DETONATOR!!!!

    The shroud flies off the "Jedi Knight" revealing a woman holding a force pike.

    She strikes at him, offensively, as if to spear him. Corwin reaches for his lightsaber... uhhh, poodu, I left that in the Cookbook Room on Roon! He thinks to himself. Activating his arm shield he parries the strike and grabs the cupcake with his other free hand. All the while barring the doorway so his assailant cannot flee.

    "Who the hell are you!?! And what did I do to you? You don't seem familiar, I don't remember doing anything to a woman..."

    Corwin neatly parries a couple more attacks and asks "Who are you?"

    She responds, "I'm training to be a royal guardsman, you will guarantee my entrance into the academy."

    One more parry and the wrist shield fails, Corwin quickly turns his wrist catching the woman's leading arm. Whirling up to her Corwin slams his right elbow into her neck. Stunned, she drops gasping to the floor. "Were you trying to say something? Huh, I can't understand you? What was that?" Corwin says then he ducks into a shadow as a man with the build of a stormtrooper bursts into the room. From behind him, Corwin punches him in the back of the neck, wheels him around and stuffs the cupcake into his mouth. Then he kicks him into the rising woman. The two go down in a tangle of arms and legs.

    "Here, you might as well have a fresh one. That one is nasty!" Corwin whips a good cupcake out and plops it on the table. He runs to the fire pit and then Jumps force enhanced out the chimney... Just as a squad of troopers rush into the building... Then the Thermal Detonator goes off.

    Corwin Jumped straight up, and comes down really hard to a massive pile of ash, and no building to break his fall. He hits hard.


    "Oooohhhh... Poodu... Jeeves, I think I need rescuing" Corwin says into his comm

    Looking around it seems Everyone in town has produced a blaster and is pointing and firing in his direction. As he begins to run blaster bolts are screaming past him, he vaults into the White Witch slams the throttles forward just in time to smear two guards all over the nose and another one is torn to shreds in one of his intakes. BURRRRRRRRSPLLLLLOOOOPPPPLLLLOOOOPPPP!!!!! One engine down, the Witch Moves away sluggishly with chunks of trooper spitting out the exhaust...

    Corwin Gags, and rolls the Witch around quickly, still gagging and not really paying attention; Right into a group of more troopers headlong. More bounce off the Witch and two more violently enter the other intake. BURRRRRRSPPPLLLOOOCCCHHHH!!!! This time Corwin, chucks out the side of the Witch, that has just come to rest on top of the final couple of guys in that group. Corwin climbs out over the other side, falling to the ground retching. Some more blaster shots ping off the White Witch further marring her paint scheme.

    "UUUUugggghhhh!!! Blah!!! Dammit, I just painted her..." Corwin draws his blaster and begins to methodically burn troopers into the ground, that is, between gagging and wiping drool from his face.

    The remainder of the troops begin to flee as the Ace of Sabers appears over head, a pair of RLG droids appear and begin to mop things up.

    Later Corwin finally has the White Witch loaded into the Ace. "Jeeves, remind me to never go looking for "Supposed Lost Jedi" Again. I think I'm gonna be sick for a week"

    "Sir, there are ground up pieces of people in the intakes of the White Witch, would you like me to remove them?" Jeeves asks

    "Oh, <gasp>, yeah you do that..." Corwin responds groggily

    He plots a course and jumps en route to his rendezvous with Order 67


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    Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic Empty Re: Lord Corwin Amber, General of the New Republic

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:44

    This takes place just prior to being re-united with his comrades, Bad Karma, about one year prior to the Battle of Endor

    "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Really damned ugly)" Part One

    Corwin is en route to meet up with the rebel fleet, to be re-united with the surviving members of Bad Karma. Not really looking forward to that meeting, Corwin is looking for about any kind of distraction he can find...

    A Mass shadow rips the Ace of Sabers from Hyperspace, as the ship reverts she is bombarded by some sort of particle storm knocking out most of his controls and Jeeves is rendered inoperative. If you could have seen him you would have laughed, because his Hair was standing on end like (In earth terms) Don King. Corwin struggled to regain control, and restored enough to make a controlled landing on a nearby moon.

    After putting down, he steps out to survey the damage and notices a secondary plume of smoke nearby. Throwing caution to the wind, Corwin, moves to investigate.

    "Well what do you know, its a Skipray Blastboat. Now, I swear, I think I recognize this one. Who could it be? Someone, I know pretty well..." Corwin comments out loud.

    "Indeed, someone you do know quite well" A blaster pistol is being pressed to the back of Corwin's head

    "That voice, damn, its good to see or rather hear you Sorry, Colonel, I can't remember what your name was. How are you doing?" Corwin responds

    "Damn you Amber! I swear I should kill you where you stand, oh yes, I will, hehehehehe... I've been waiting for this for a long time..." Corwin hears the click of a safety being released "Come out boys, its time for some Amber Killing pleasure"

    "Oh, I bet you have, but you know, I have another offer for you...." Corwin is interrupted


    Just as the Colonels compatriots emerge from the foliage this huge *****NG MONSTROSITY bursts from the dense vegetation. The Damned thing has like, eh... Well, like three arms or something and grabs the three compatriots of the colonel in each arm and stuffs them all in its mouth simultaneously munching vigorously away. The creature is so horrific that the Colonel and Corwin are locked in horror at its appearance. It appears to be at least three times the size and mass of a Rancor.

    "Bbbbiiiigggg UGLY!!!!!!" Corwin screams and turns and runs right into the Colonel who is standing there screaming "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!, AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!, AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The two of them fall into one another's arms screaming holding each other like frightened children, get up and run together to parts unknown.

    About an Hour Later

    "So, Colonel, what do we do now?" Corwin Asks

    The Colonel looks traumatized "I had you Amber, I had you dead to rights. My guys would have made sure of that. But, DAMMIT!!! Every time I think I have you something goes HORRIBLY wrong! What is it with you, either you are cursed or I am and I'm starting to think its the latter"

    "You know Colonel, you can't win against me now. But we can work together to get off this rock." Corwin responds "if you play nice, I might even give you a lift"

    "I swear by the Emperor's Black Bones I will see you dead Amber..." Thinking for a moment , then sighing "But you kind of have a point, why don't you go kill the beastie and I can take your ship off world" The Colonel says hopefully

    "Nope, not going to work, but I know how I can put a smile on your face. Have a cupcake!" Corwin pulls out two and hands one to the Colonel. He starts to eat his.

    THe Colonel eyes the offered cupcake and says "NOOOOO! I want yours Amber!" The Colonel sprinkles poison on it before handing his back to Corwin.

    Corwin says "I've already started eating it, but here you go"

    The Colonel digs in eating it voraciously, as if he has been on a raft for days. Corwin, carefully unwraps the cupcake and eats it slowly savoring every bit of it. The Colonel stares at Corwin, watching every bite. He's thinking "One bite should have killed a Rancor, what in the hell is going on!!!" Its painful for the Colonel to watch, but even after Corwin finishes he watches Corwin for another hour.

    "DAMMIT!!!! Why don't you die!" The colonel screams pointing at Corwin

    "My dear Colonel, your toxin was meager at best and I have a very strong stomach. I'm sorry to be rude but it has given me a touch of gas." Corwin farts raucously as he walks past the Colonel.

    The colonel begins to gag and immediately swoons. "Are you coming, or not?" Corwin asks over his shoulder. The Colonel follows, green in the face, without a word.

    They reach the site of the Skipray, only to find her torn to pieces. "Looks like that ugly mother of the Emperor's Fecal Matter was looking for more food, Hey! Look, a broken hydrospanner!"

    "To be continued"


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    "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Really damned ugly)" Part Two

    "Amber, I swear on the honor of the Imperial Regime that you are one of the most bizarre individuals I have ever met. What in the hell is a broken hydrospanner going to do for us? I mean, do you really always get this happy over finding broken poodu!?!" The Colonel Remarks

    Not wanting to answer all the Colonel's Questions Corwin Remarks "You know, you would think I would remember what you're name was. You know? In stead of just calling the 'Colonel'. Because, after all, you're not really a Colonel anymore... You're just some schmoe that likes to run around causing collateral damage and stuff. Why do you do all that stuff anyway? Am I really worth all the trouble? Is killing me really going to solve anything for you? Probably not, honestly, whatever your name is... I have nothing against you. I would be happy if you would cast away your anger and join up with me and serve a government that will willingly accept your entry. You know, I could probably get you a pretty decent commission..."

    Through all of this the Colonel begins to turn increasingly red, in fact his anger begins spilling over and he eventually snaps, lashing out at Corwin.

    "AAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!" "I'll KILL YOU YOU SONUVA*****!!!!!" The colonel screams, drawing his blaster and CRACK!!! gets promptly laid out by a nice right hook from Corwin.

    "Honestly, Colonel, I told you I don't hold anything against you. I never said I wasn't going to defend myself" Corwin Motions to the Colonels Gun and rips it out of his grasp with telekinesis "You really shouldn't play with one of these, they're not toys you know" Corwin Says coolly

    several hours later

    The Colonel wakes up to find himself inside the badly battered Skipray. Its initial systems have been restored. There's a cupcake on the dash and a note on one of the ship's datapads. Picking it up groggily, he reads the entry.

    "Dear Colonel, I didn't bother to rifle through any of your personal effects because I'm waiting for the day you introduce yourself to me personally. I fixed your ship, it so happens that a relay in the main power circuit was burned out. The broken hydrospanner was tough enough and about the right size, so I subbed it for the destroyed part. It should get you to any system within 30 light years. The ship is flyable, I hope to meet you on better terms next time. By the way, you probably feel a bit groggy because after laying you out with a punch I had to stun you with your own gun so I could keep working. I'm sure you don't mind that I borrowed all of your proton torpedos, I was running low. Thanks for the chat, the poison and the atom smashing warheads. I'll be sure to use them against many other Imperials who don't feel like standing down in their fight against the Alliance." "P.S. Enjoy the cupcake, you know, I would never poison it like you did for me. You're nemesis Lord Corwin Amber." The Colonel just shakes his head, fires up the engines and lists off and starts climbing into space. He notices there is yet another note but ignores it initially.

    On the ground he spots the monster that consumed his friends in a most horrific manner. He swings around, targets the mammoth creature and starts pouring laser fire into it. The creature "GIBS" and blows intro massive chunks as he rockets past... Then just as he triumphantly cries out in vengeance, something "pops" loudly in the back of the ship and everything goes dead. His Skipray spirals back toward the ground landing roughly. Bouncing around inside the Colonel slams his head face first into the dashboard, where the Cupcake eagerly explodes all over his face and pieces of it and frosting blast all over the ****pit.

    After waking up again from being knocked out the only light is coming from the datapad. The Colonel scrolls to he next message:

    "Oh yeah, and remember not to discharge any of the weapons systems. The Hydrospanner can handle most of the primary functions of the ship, but the extended power load for charging and firing the weapons will most likely cause the part to melt, pop into two pieces and or destroy the back half of the Skipray. You'll need something similar to it if this happens in space for some reason or other. I've left a piece of spare conduit from my ship in the event you are stranded. Corwin"

    Sighing and moving painfully the colonel turns on his glowrod and moves to the access panel and goes to work. Reluctantly, the Colonel begins licking bits of cupcake off his face and finds it just as delicious as the one Corwin handed him the other day. Its funny, because he heard a rumor that the Emperor splattered one of Corwin's cupcakes and got it all over his face too. Its said that the Emperor, even smiled as he licked the crumbs and frosting bits off his body. A rare occurance, but believable knowing the tasty nature of the cupcakes. Why in the hell does a man like Corwin run around handing out cupcakes? To the Colonel, some things about the man will simply never make any damned sense. About a day later, the battered, shredded and mangled Skipray laboriously lifts from the planet heading to parts unknown.


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    The story unfolds at the time of Corwin's Capture at the hands of the Empire about three years prior to the Battle of Endor

    "Dark Days"

    "AAAHHHHHHH!!!!" A man is screaming, he has been screaming for hours. An interrogation dorid and a pair of Imperial interrogators work their art on his body.

    "Just tell us what we want to know" One interrogator states "His resistance to the mind probe is considerable" The other remarks

    Panting the man states "67th Volunteer Group, Spec Ops, Rebel Alliance, Operative Corwin Amber. Leader of Assault Group known as Bad Karma."

    "Yes, yes, we know all that already. Lock him in confinement for two weeks, that should weaken his resolve" One states "You're friends have already confessed and given us much information" The other remarks

    "Then..." Panting "Why... Do you still persist? You have nothing, and you know I know it..." Corwin remarks painfully "You will get no such pleasure from me, it is likely you will both die here" Corwin finishes

    "Not today" One remarks, swinging in at him and the world goes dark.

    Two weeks of Isolation later

    "AARRRRGGGHHH!!!!" A man is screaming again, the same man as before. He did not think he could take this, he thought someone else was screaming, but the realization dawned on him in the last hour it was him.

    "This is pointless, release him into population. We will hold him for his trial and execution" an interrogator says...

    Corwin is dragged into the "main population" detention center. A group of Seventeen men are there waiting, they reverently lift his body and begin carrying him to a room to look after him.

    "Hey, you, big guy!" "We have a bone or perhaps a scalpel to pick with this one, get out of my way or its your funeral!" a guy and his gang says.

    The largest man moves forward, hits the man so damned hard you can hear his neck snap and moves away as quickly as the fight ended.

    Vision returning, a face resolves itself "Gunney... I have ... eh... I have a plan." Corwin says

    "You always do, my friend, you always do..." Gunney says leaning in as Corwin passes out again

    Three days later

    "So, we're gonna start a fight. The troops will come in and start dragging us off. They will be armed and will make to bind us. That's when we stirke. That's when we take their weapons and take the fight back to them." Corwin says as he's finishing the outline to a rough plan. "Remember, all of you have to act in order for this to work"

    The next day fighting breaks out and the ring leaders are rounded up and taken up to level 8, for transfer to the main facility. The imperials come to the first of Bad Karma... The bind her, then the next and they bind him, then the next and they bind her, then to Corwin... looking at his companions and shaking his head he surges with the force grabbing the two nearest stormtroopers and jumping with them off the 8th story of the detention center. Letting go of them one slams into the fourth level nearly splitting in half with a sickening crunch and a massive fountain of blood. The other impacts on the bottom level. When Corwin touches down, the metal flooring buckles and folds around his impact. He rises, grabs the gun of the splattered trooper and then jumps the 8 stories back up opening fire immediately...

    About two days later

    "You know, Gunney, for a moment there I thought we were screwed... I knew I could count on you, but the rest... Dammit! What in the hell is wrong with them?" Corwin says with frustration.

    "Its a problem with initiative, Corwin, and I'm afraid you're going to see it all too often with that worthless group you run around with" Gunney says without an ounce of suprise

    "Yeah, I'm starting to get very disenchanted" Corwin Remarks

    "One other thing, Corwin, watch out for Alec; That guy is, well, a borderline sociopath." Gunney states

    "Again, I have noticed it all too damned often" Corwin closes with


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    This takes place just after the Interview with New Republic News on Caldor IV

    "No Stranger to Tradgedy"

    From the Memoirs of Corwin Amber:

    "I've been telling people I run with that one of these days they're going to have to be able to stand on their own. There comes a time for everyone when you are, truly, alone and you end up living or dying based upon your own merits. Its not all a walk in the park, you have to know how to choose your battles. Sometimes, you don't get to choose them you simply have to react to whatever is presented."

    The staccato of repeating blaster fire can be clearly heard. Blaster bolts are impacting off of rocks and dense natural cover. Corwin is pinned, for the moment. He's badly wounded after running into a squad of Storm Commandos and about three platoons of Stormtroopers. They were waiting for him, he got the White Witch loaded on the transport that was supposed to take him back to the fleet and they came for him while he was in the restroom of the starport. The firefight and ensuing pursuit led him to the outskirts of town. Actually, he led the firefight to the outskirts so no one would be injured by stray weapons file.

    It was just one of those rare days that an Alliance/New Republic world safely within controlled territories simply cannot respond to the surprises of an Imperial Raid. Landing a Venator on the edge of town after entering system with a full wing of hyperspace capable fighters deployed... Nothing fun about that, whoever was coming after him had resources and was willing to us non-standard craft. The fighters were a hodge podge of uglies, older fighters and some craft he didn't recognize.

    There was some kind of ground battle going on, but he was cut off from the main force by about 2000 Imperials that were tangling with an unprepared Alliance force. Help had been called for, but they were several hours away. There was an MC60 en route with a couple other vessels. Nothing like a flagship that wouldn't be able to stop the Imperials as usual... But that was pretty much par for the course when working for the Republic.

    He's pausing now, controlling his breathing and accelerating his healing factor. Then he dashes out using natural cover and moves to his next holding point. Its been hours now and they've been doggedly tracking him. That damned sapper caught him unaware last time, granted the Sapper is pretty much two separate entities now, but the damage had been done. He had hit Corwin so hard that the wound would have killed any lesser, non-force enhanced being. There's going to be some time in a Bacta tank whether or not he likes it.

    Cycling through one magazine of his Bryar, he reloads and cycles through that magazine as well. No more ammo for that weapon. Wrist blaster, ammo gone as well. This has been a really bad day. "I'm going to rethink doing another public interview..." He says bitterly to himself. Sabers blazing, swung in a rythmic fashion building in momentum as they cut through masses of foes. Imperial Troopers die either one or several at a time. It just never seems like its enough. He's trying to draw them out, trying to bleed them and keep them focused on him. After cutting down the AT-ST he pretty much got the full unit's attention. He had been doing his best to draw additional troops off the Republic engagement and it was working.

    Corwin hadn't engaged in this level of mass combat and destruction since Ord Torgle, and now he was so damned outnumbered, that he was drawing upon something he rarely relied upon, the Force. He was forced to constantly pull from it, using every trick and power he knew. Flips, speed, telekinesis, healing, injury reduction, lightsaber combat, energy dissipation, pain control, etc. It was taking its toll on him, his weariness was evident. He was surviving, barely...

    Finally, it was starting to show in the Imperial ranks. Their troopers began fleeing when he would come around a corner, shrug off six blaster shots and stride up hammering a fist into ones throat crushing his wind pipe and whirling a lightsaber staff through the nearest three opponents like they were nothing of an opposition to him. He was bleeding from more than a dozen blaster shots, cuts and shrapnel blasts, his healing rate could simply not compensate for the damage he was suffering here. Mere minutes later, the firing stopped. He must have killed well more than a hundred men, plus some miscellaneous vehicles and other conveyances he threw boulders at.

    "General Amber! I am General Garron Mish, you destroyed my command on the supply world en route to Endor. You know the place, it is where Grand Admiral Grant was last seen. I may not be able to kill you, no one may be able to kill you. But I will do something you cannot stop. Witness your lady friend, Sela Watherson, now watch her die!" Without waiting, the General drew a blaster and Cored her through the back of her head. "There, I am satisfied, I'll see you in Hell Amber! No, Actually, I'll see your friends and family in hell first!" Corwin was running, from about 500M away, he watched her die with enhanced senses. There was nothing he could do. Tears were freely flowing down his face as he ran at top speed. He ran so fast that the Imperials he passed couldn't even react.

    The General made his way back to the Venator. And she lifted from the surface of the world. "What do you think, Capitan? Was that not more effective in proving a point?" The general asks "Well, General, I hope these measures of yours don't backfire. He may be a Jedi, but he is not likely to let this stand" The Capitan states.
    "Capitan, have no fear, I know he will come for me. I'm counting on it, now let us return to our home system and await his arrival. Raze anything in space on our way out" The General says

    In a starship corridor a Stormtrooper breaks from his formation with a noticeable limp, he's carrying a satchel, and makes his way to Main Engineering. With precise movements and applied martial arts the trooper cripples and incapacitates the crew members there several at a time. Corwin has a grim sense of dedication, he can hear the Venator hammering away at civilian ships on its way out of system. The Venator is taking her time leaving too, killing civilian and military vessels alike.

    This is not Vengeance, this is Justice. He goes to work attaching something in key areas to the ships main reactor. Some time later, the ship nears its jump point. A veritable debris field is in the Venator's wake. A Lone stormtrooper makes his way to the bridge. Kills the two troopers outside the entry and strides in with a pair of lit lightsabers. After cutting down a handful of armed guards he welds the main entrance doors shut.

    "General Mish, I am General Amber of the New Republic. I just wanted to personally welcome you to a fate that you and your entourage have called into play" Amber says

    Mish "Uh...Ahhh... Now Amber don't do anything rash...Arrrr!" Corwin decks him. "No, General, I didn't do anything rash. But let me tell you, I am not in the habit of killing my adversaries mainly because I hope that they will one day learn from their mistakes. You, however, have crossed a line. There is no coming back. You have formed yourself into a war criminal of extreme magnitude. You have done so willingly and those under your command have done your bidding willingly. Your fate shall be as the Justice of the New Republic demands. I take no pleasure in this, but I now see it as a necessary measure. Extreme acts of violence must be met with extreme measures. I'm sending a statement to Imperial Tyrants, starting with you. I have wired 12 Proton torpedo warheads into your main reactor. Enjoy this cupcake and repent for your crimes" Corwin states "Never!!! Rebel Scum! I will see you dead and all of your friends as well as any civilians I feel are necessary in proving my point."

    "I'm sorry Mish, then there is simply no other course of action for me..." Corwin moves to the escape pod and jettisons in it.

    Mish "Target that pod and kill him!!! NOW!!!!" A massive power fluctuation surges through the Venator and the ship bucks then splits along her Bow. She lights up, consuming all hands.

    Corwin returns to the planet, and once again buries another woman. He may not have loved this one as he did Arya, but there definitely was something there. His loved ones are used against him, time and time again. When will this end? Will it ever end? "I cannot give up hope, will not give up hope, and will never leave the light side. It is a difficult path, full of extreme sacrifices..." He is shipped off world in a Bacta tank after collapsing in the street returning from burying a friend and lover for the second time...


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    "That shot was one in a Million"

    From the personal Log of Corwin Amber

    "Death Star Kill... How do I record this one. Should I be proud... No, it was a victory for the Alliance certainly. However, someone great was lost that day. A man by the name of Luke Skywalker"

    "The Empire forced my hand. They knew we were on Endor. They hit my team and they hit Order 67 as well. Treymayne, that coward, tried to use my love of my friends against me once more. He assaulted Order 67 with over 2000 men. They did good, crushing the opposition but were forced to withdraw. 2000 men against 17, hardly even odds. I lost one of them that day, and very nearly lost another. My other friend will never fight in a traditional sense again. We destroyed the Shield Generator while Order 67 tied their ground forces up. Their lives bought us time, was it worth it?"

    "Making the run was easy, a pair of TIE Interceptors rigged with concussion bombs. Tengi and I wired rocket motors from a concussion missile launcher on each warhead. Mounted them on the TIEs and I wired up a pair of recording rods per fighter to be used as a guidance system. "

    "R2, if you can hear me, get Luke if you can. I'll send a message just before we hit the main reactor. Save him and yourself if you can."

    "Tengi, Take the north tower. I'm going for the main reactor"

    "I felt Skywalker die. It felt right, but I felt the loss too dearly. Though I had only ever known the man in passing, I feel responsible for his death. We lost a great man that day, perhaps, the only true Jedi Master worthy of that title. The Jedi Council is a farce, the New Republic is off to a poor start. This Alliance which I have bled for and lost so much for has become a political nightmare. So, I'm a soldier now. General Corwin Amber of the New Republic... It seems so hollow to me. No number of victories can replace the things I have lost, nor can those victories replace the lives of all who have died under my command. Is this for a greater good? Yes, the New Republic stands for the right way of thinking in name. However, the reality may be quite different. One of these days, I am going to have to walk away."

    "I think I am a reminder of what she lost... Every time I see Princess Leia, I see the same thing reflected in her eyes. I see a sadness, not an accusation, but a sadness nonetheless. I was able to save Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, so then why could I not save Skywalker? I have failed, not in conquest but in saving a man who was to be a leader of the Jedi. I wish I could speak to him, I wish I could hear his wisdom, I want to know what I did was right. What am I fighting for still? I fight for only a handful of things. I fight for my family, for my friends (Order 67) and I fight for a future that is better than what was... The only question is, will the future truly be better than what was? "

    "Now there's more... Saved Raosh Tarkin on Brentaal... She is to remain with my task group. There's something there, I can sense it. Not in a Jedi way either. Its real, its tangible. Will she be used against me too?" "I have chosen this life, I have made my bed. I had better get used to sleeping in it. I'm a Hero, someone who gets other people killed. The price of victory is always at the expense of others. I have to resolve myself in the knowing, knowing that its all worth it. It is, but when the bleeding is done what will I be? Will I have a life? Certainly, it will not be what I wanted. It will be only a life that I have created, always reacting to my many enemies. My friends and family, will likely, never be safe. But I still want a life, so I have to continue to fight for it. To fight for what is right and to keep moving toward the light until I cannot. If I cannot run, I will walk, if I cannot walk I will crawl, if I cannot crawl... Who? Will carry me?"

    "I have the answer, it is full of truth and I am now serene. The answer is my friends. I am whole again. Without Order 67 I could not imagine what moving on would be like. I would move on, but as a more hollow and less whole being."

    Corwin Amber


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    "Pure Sabacc"

    "So Where do you think you would be now, I mean if none of this ever happened. If the Empire wasn't an issue?" Corwin Asks

    "Why, do you want to know?" Gunney asks a bit on edge for the first time toward Corwin

    "Woah! Hey, man, what did I say wrong? Hell, look I often think about what life might have been like if I hadn't made the choices I have... That's all, really!" Corwin answers trying to smooth things over.

    "Why don't we start with you, Corwin, where would you have been? What would life have been like?" Gunney asks defensively

    Not wanting to pry any further Corwin Begins "Well, I was slated to become a Fizzy Glug Mogul for the Amber Ale corporation. But I couldn't stay focused at the business, I always saw how badly people were treated. I did a decent job at managing them, but I couldn't stay out of trouble. I was always sticking up for other nobles and had my share of enemies there too. I had an uncanny knack for winning in Light Foil Duels. It mainly had something to do with my time with the House Guard Unit. I sized people up and found approaches to the fights that were "unconventional". I probably would have had a decent life until some noble decided to try to kill me, like the one from Mecetti. I wouldn't have been lucky forever, I needed real world training, and life experience that I didn't have then. I would most likely be dead now..."

    "But I keep thinking of Pure Sabacc, Gunney. You and I are the same age, we've come so damned far. Done things most people only dream about, and have born witness to things most people could not imagine in their worst nightmares. All of this has been a huge game of chance, of Sabacc, and we keep winning. But for how long? Are there any answers?" Corwin asks troubled

    "You think too much, Corwin, you need to just act and not let all this poodu bother you all the time" Gunney Remarks and continues "But that's why people look up to you, because you Care . No one cares like you do, you have this internal compass of compassion and justice that kind of sets you apart from the rest. Hell, you're even a droid lover... and I thank the Force every day for that because GX is a prime example of your influence. He has saved so many of our lives so many times... I get it, you're defining yourself still aren't you? HA! You're still like a child! haha!" Gunney laughs heartily

    "Yeah, we're both children. But we have heavy souls, and we carry the scars and horrors of war. That makes us something else, it makes us dangerous. We are dangerous because we think and operate differently from most people. We both care, each in our own way. I just have to care more because of what I have become. You, on the other hand have a bit of a buffer and can be more selective. This whole Jedi business is beginning to evolve into an atrocity... The damned Jedi Council is a total joke." Corwin shakes his head

    "Alright, buddy, (Gunney places his hand on Corwin's shoulders) stop dwelling you and I do that all too much. Tell me what you have accomplished.." Gunney says supportively

    "Lets see (thinking), I've become a General of armies and fleets, supposedly I'm a Jedi Master, half the galaxy loves me and the other half hates me, I'm something of a celebrity to the media and a hero of the Republic and that brings with it more people that want me out of the way... I'm a killer, I've killed hundreds of thousands of men and women all in the name of a Political Ideal, one who's policies become less and less what I have fought all these years for. Because of my celebrity status, I am not allowed to be with the people I should be with every day, you guys... And instead I continue to kill more and more for this government that I have my doubts about. My family is on the run, because of my actions, every woman I have loved has been murdered by either the Empire or on one occasion my uncle, and I deal with these pains of leadership, victory and loss daily. I've, impossibly, done all of this in five short years... What I do know through all of it, is that I am lost without you Gunney. I am lost without my brothers born of fire and death. I could loose everything else, but you guys... I could not deal with loosing. I suppose anyone can deal with anything, but you're my brother more than any blood relation is. You are my strength, and we share the same soul... We just get to that point from vastly different points of view. I am the master of my soul and the Capitan of my destiny. There will never be an endpoint, there will always be something to do, some damned war to fight... But when we free Ord Torgle a piece of me will, finally be at peace." Corwin reflects as if in a trance

    "I was a nobody, I was nothing, just some big "joe" that no one care about. I worked labor, had few friends and nothing ever went my way. Then I met you, you gave me purpose, you trained me, and men that became my brothers. You showed me there is something worth fighting for and I am a different man now because of it. Never forget that, never forget Corwin... How many people's lives you have changed for the better. If I mean everything to you, then never forget that you are why I am here today. You can go on without me and the boys, if we fall, you will have to. Your legacy is both a blessing and a curse. What would you choose? A life of happiness or a life of meaning? You cannot have both. A Life of happiness blinds you to everything and you change little about the lives of the universe around you. A life of meaning gives you the power to save millions, to free different species from slavery, to destroy a corrupt regime. You live a life of meaning, never doubt, always know. You are right, while human, you have always been right. Do what you do best, gamble. 23 Corwin, HA! You and I are Pure Sabacc!" Gunney begins to laugh, trying to cover up the fact he was getting choked up

    Corwin smiles, joining in the laughter. Yeah, I can do this. Even if I am alone. That might actually be a catchy unit name, Corwin thinks to himself.

    "Pure Sabacc" Corwin says aloud and then bursts into uncontrollable laughter with Gunney Once more.


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    "A Mind of Amber"

    In the background of Corwin's mind... His thoughts drift over many aspects of the mission as well as other things.

    Analyzing starfighter deployment patterns, he devises a way to box in the fighters Piett fielded, perhaps, he will even be able to bleed them a bit in the next engagement. "Gammorean Pin" Capital ships commit a certain volume of turbolaser fire to the center mass of a starfighter grouping, having the secondary barrage guns already trained at prefixed patterns of fire based upon the reflexive breaking movements of squadron tactics. The primary batteries fire, causing the break, while the secondary batteries follow suit a second later firing into the previously "safe" breakaway positions. All batteries continue to fire and track as allied starfighters approach and engage the scattered pockets of the squadrons with missiles and proton torpedoes set to detonate at range. Smiling to himself, thank you Glom Squadron for the inspiration. It should cull the numbers and allow the fighters to overwhealm a superior foe, then crush them.

    Scenarios play out in his mind constantly about the upcoming engagement at Rendilli, they will no doubt have static defenses. He has to draw the Imperial's out from behind the Golan towers or whatever else they might have.... Perhaps a show of disorganization, not so much as like Bespin. But leaving the Glom Nest at the Nadir jump point is a juicy target. Fanning the fleet in disarray as if the commander is faltering, a bluff, yes... But it might work, I have to lie on comm with the commander. I have to look like I am caught unprepared. That will draw him out, his desire to make a name for himself on my destruction will be enough. Especially, if he has an Imperial Class Star Destroyer. Then I will reform the lines and perhaps test a new tactic against him... Sideways.

    The formulation of the new stratagem comes to mind, but what to call it? It will require an appropriately catchy name. Then he finds the appropriate phrase for the manurer "See you in Hell Sideways". The manurer is carried out as one heavier warship approaches its intended target in an angular, slashing fashion. On either the Port or Starboard side the pivot ship shields two smaller vessels from fire (whichever side is appropriate in the engagement). It will look as if I'm scared, hiding my weakest ships, but it will not be the truth of the matter. When the target and the pivot ship are parallel, the leading shielded ship breaks out at speed in front of the Pivot ship turning to the target's aft, the other lags behind the pivot ship and turns to the fore of the target vessel. This puts the warship under the guns of three different warships at three distinct fire arcs, if achieved with the right finesse the shield operators on the target vessel will be hard pressed to respond by splitting the deflection arcs. Not to mention, even if they did, the shielding is lighter across all arcs and the chances for a crippling series of strikes becomes more feasible.

    Wraith Squadron, yes, can they lead some marines under cover to take a static position. It is possible. Do I hit another static position simultaneously? Can I break Wraith to coordinate two separate ops? I will have to ask Damon. If they succeed, turning those positions guns on the Imperials will cause a massive level of confusion. Yes, this sounds like just the task for them.

    Another Chance, hmm, yes... Good Ion Weaponry. If the Imperials have Nebulon B warships, the Alderannian war frigate can respond and maneuver appropriately. Pairing it with the Prosperity cruiser will keep fighters off of it. They can ionize one ship, following them can be marines in shuttles. Then they can quickly move and reach the next. Rinse and repeat.

    I'll use the Interdictor to barricade the escape jump, so when the fleet reforms I can tell the commander the truth and scare him, perhaps into trying to run. Then I will either cut his ships to pieces or by herding him, the Corellians will do the job for me... The Corellians have little love for the Empire.

    I can move the Mon Cal Ships to block escape vectors and screen for the fleet. Yes, things are shaping up nicely. Their early departures will look like disorganization. Perfect. I'll keep one near Glom Nest, but not with them, so it can cut that route off and offer additional protection. Tucking some bombers on Glom Nest and not deploying them until he takes the bait would be a nasty surprise...

    He thinks of his family, and his grandfather.

    Of his lost loves at the hands of the Empire and an Uncle.

    Of the men and women who died retaking bespin, and the letters he had to write to their families.

    What is Brandyl looking for, specifically? I know it is some sort of Hardware, but what?

    Mining jump points... Is that the answer?

    Interdiction, to choke the imperials.

    Thoughts of the Team on Nemodia roll through his mind... They are untested together, how is that going? They don't have my coordiantes...

    Mission for Booger (a big green alien that adventured with us) and Syreen (a woman who lost her leg fighting the Empire) to contact the team on Nemodia, it is a necessity.

    Dropping out of Hyperspace to pickup Damon at a staging point is essential, so I can brief him on my plans ahead of time.

    Corwin's mind is alert, though a trained eye can see a slight sagging to his shoulders as the weight of command presses upon him. How many will die? No, that is not the question. I must ask myself, How many can I save? I will resolve myself to saving lives, not needlessly wasting them.

    Thoughts of Order 67, his brothers float in his mind.

    Conflicts with the Council of the Jedi as well as New republic Command... They will be resolved shortly, he assures himself.

    Pondering the intelligence received and to be received...

    His thoughts resolve gently around a beautiful woman who moves from his peripheral vision into clear view, Ravosh Tarkin, sitting opposite him at his dining table. Jeeves flits in and out delivering delicacies. Pleasant conversation is exchanged, is she flirting with me? His mind focuses on the task at hand, dinner, and light conversation. This is a break well deserved, its so damned hard not to think of all things past and present and possible futures and plans and more. But now, right now, he needs to relax and see where this is going. Where she is leading, some thing's here isn't it? But what? Where does this lead? Can I protect her? Does she know what she's getting into? Oh... Topper, you never want to be me... Please, by the Force, don't ever guide him down my path... Focus, dammit, look at her, is it so hard a thing to do? No, smiling now... A real smile, slight but true. One word, Hope, means so much. Hope, he will never loose hope.


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    "Putting My House in Order"

    For all the years he has faithfully served the Alliance, then the brief stint with the Alliance of Free world and Finally the New Republic, Corwin has done so faithfully and without question... At least without question until now. Now he serves a military giant that is killing tens of thousands do to a new doctrine, one led by Admiral Ackbar called "Acceptable Losses". In fact, this doctrine puts little value on the lives of those who serve. It is very much a reflection of the way Imperial Doctrine was enforced during the height of the Empire. This is not what he signed on for, volunteered for, or became a General and symbol of the New Republic for. He has fought so hard to SAVE lives, and now they want him to throw bodies, untrained and ill prepared for the horrors of war, into a meat grinder against the fragmenting divisions of the Imperial regime. He has been busy all these years, preparing, gathering and building relationships for the day that he would leave. He knew that day would come, but what he did not expect was that day would be this soon. Nor did he anticipate the enforcement of this bloody doctrine.

    It is unfortunate to note that Corwin Amber, a symbol of this New Republic would become an enemy of many political decisions and military choices of the New Republic's rise to power. He has prepared himself for operating alone, or as alone as he wants to be with his friends of Order 67. He has touched the lives of dozens of species on dozens of worlds who are his allies. Even people he does not personally know are proponents of his image. However, as many allies as he does have, he has many more enemies. The funny thing to remember is that when the New Republic finally cuts him loose, they are expecting him to have nothing and nowhere to go. In reality, it is quite the contrary. He has many places to go, many contacts and relationships to renew and solidify. He has a military unit that is growing and is doing so outside the funding and watchful eye of the New Republic. They have been growing since his flight from Ord Torgle, growing from the influx of military hardware he has captured and Order 67's actions.

    Even the great Jedi Council has no idea what he is planning. Once a thought of a covert Jedi Academy on Tsarriq was the later down the road plan for him. That is all changing. This time, it will be secret as well. However, if and when the Jedi Council finds out they will have no jurisdiction over it. It will belong to the people of Tsarriq, and to those who he brings into the fold there. The council be damned, they are reckless and many will die as a result of their actions. Their actions will put fresh, untrained, jedi into the field of battle where they will die.

    He has spent much time gathering support and planning for the future. With no true aspirations of grandeur, he is trying to unify over a dozen systems into an independent trade agreement that does not include the New Republic. He is working to recruit ex-imperials that willingly leave the banner of oppression behind. He is even working on individuals within the New Republic and offering them a place in his vision of the future.

    Currently in the southern quadrant of the galaxy Corwin prepares for the end of his days with the New republic.


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    "Heroes Never Die, They Just fade Away..."

    Setting: Somewhere in the rocky badlands, the desert of Boonta

    Corwin moves with purpose and grim determination. He can sense Alec coming for him. He is always aware of Alec's position at all times. When Alec strays too close, a well placed suggestion turns him away on another wild bantha hunt. Moving through the rocky lands is no more tedious to Corwin than walking on a paved road. His movements become routine, and his mind begins to wander. Thoughts of heroes old and new fill his mind. Memories of Bad Karma and what it had 'meant' to be a member of the group flood into the fore of his consciousness. Heroes, good or bad, but all of them heroes. Almost all of them were gone now. It was fairly saddening to identify that Skeith, Tengi and he were all that survived a span of no more than six years. Seeing the look in Tengi's eyes Corwin knew that he too would "fade away" sometime soon.

    The true crux of the problem lay in the fact that the New Republic and its armed forces, civilians and malcontents would turn to the only two surviving members of the most renowned paramilitary group to have existed in the last 20 years for guidance and for morale. Contrary to how things went when Corwin left the Fleet, he knew in his heart that his role as a leader and commander of New Republic forces was far from over. He could not turn his back on the very entity that was born the day he destroyed the second Death Star. All would be for naught if he simply walked away now. But the burden... My God! If he believed in the concept of one god to answer his prayers, he would be prostrate deep in prayer right now looking for guidance. The reality of the matter, nay, the Gravity of the matter weighed upon his shoulders once more. "I have to lead, I have to become the man I used to be. The direct, flamboyant, vibrant warrior that the Alliance and now the New Republic so desperately needed. His path would be his own, without the aid of his friends and companions from Bad Karma. Save for, perhaps, Skeith there was no one else with whom he could share the burden of leadership. The republic would be looking to them soon to return. His formal retirement was no more than a bluff to buy him some time to consider what he had already known he had to do. Sometimes, these kinds of decisions take time. Well, his time was almost up. No time like the present to start bringing worlds into the fold. He would deal with Alec, return to Tatooine to deal with the Crime Lords and the Empire and then ask them to join the New Republic. A quick Jump to Bespin to ask them to do the same.

    At Bespin he would contact the "Old Man" Lando spoke of in passing, and find out what he wanted. Drop by the platform to reinforce the repulsors and add the power cells to it. Contact Princess Leia to ask for her support in working with Rendilli and more so to keep a promise to an old friend, to Luke Skywalker he had promised to check in with Leia and make sure she was alright. Then with the help of Order 67 he would link back up with whatever was left of Bad Karma and take Rendilli, ask for them to join the New Republic and then move on to make good on his promise to Garm Bel Iblis in the deposing of the Diktat on Corellia, in the city of Coronet.

    Regardless of all the things he had to do, the memories of a small band of freedom fighters known as Bad Karma returned to his mind. Alec was a hero of that group too, now they were mortal enemies, though Corwin did not understand why. He had come to save Alec, Alec had come after him to kill him. "I hope Skeith, Kara and Tengi can get to Lord Brighton..." One last quest before Bad Karma was no more...


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    "Hanging It Up For A While"

    Alec was running himself around in circles at the start of the second day. The toll of no water and the merciless heat of the Afternoon sun was taking its toll. Corwin stood above where the broke White Witch rested, jumping down off the cliff face he moved to his crafts and lovingly ran a hand against her marred and broken hull. He removed his armor, neatly piling it and the after removing a satchel from the Witch he placed it in the bag. With a deep sigh he surveyed the speeder once more. Drawing from the Force he lifts the speeder out of the sand bank and sets her down on a patch of more level terrain in the shade of the cliff face. Producing a set of tools from the Witch's cargo hold, he begins to work on her.

    'Where in the hell do I begin...? She's SO beat to hell."

    Time slips onward, when Alec strays too close Corwin sends him away with another suggestion through the force. Corwin salvages what parts he can from the three speeders he took out on his way here. He does not draw from the force, and revels in the physical act of the labor and workout it provides.

    Working on the Witch well into the night, he finally breaks for meditation.

    Entering the trance reflections of the past and present assault him.

    Thoughts of the group, of Bad Karma, flood into his consciousness. All their missions, all their adventures and misadventures... Few were static members anymore. Everyone was slipping away to pursue some "All too Important" quest they felt they had been robbed of. That was, truly, the problem with most people. No patience, no planning, a need for instant gratification. This ws not true of his life though, everything had come with a price. EVERYTHING. It had come over time and it had become a point of contention for his enemies in the galaxy. His powers had come over the years, gradually, not forcing them. They had grown as he had grown. Now, he was all that was left of the original group. It was nice to know that Skeith had managed to remain after all these years, but there was no one left from the founding point.

    A fleeting thought of Arya flows through his mind and then it is gone, a brief image of her. But even those memories, the images of what she looked like were starting to fade. Who she was and what she meant to him never died, but he could no longer see her face. So much had changed, life had changed, the galaxy had changed.

    His family, working to retake their holdings. He had to help them, but it wasn't time yet. Everything took time and planning, no one was more special than anyone else. Events had to flow with the proper timing or else they would fail.

    To be a hero is to be lonely, hunted, and tirelessly working on many things that you don't even really want to do. But you are called to do those things because there is no one else who stands out as the "go to" person for that type of work. To be Corwin was to be a warrior with a conscience. Thoughts of a peaceful time were more fantasy to him than anything else. In this galaxy, there is never peace, there is always something lurking, growing and building to a boiling point. So, in lieu of peace, there can only be one thing and that one thing HAS to be enough to keep him going. Eternal Vigilance.

    Coming out of the Trance he could see the sun rising on the third day. "I wonder how my companions fared against Lord Byron" Corwin moves back to work on the Witch, sensing that Alec still driven by senseless rage has not slept yet and still looks for him, however, he is more lost than he ever was before. Alec is tiring, he is blistered, and delirious. "One or two more days, just a bit more patience and he will be take-able... So much work... So little time... Time is my enemy."


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    "A Spectre of the Past"

    "I can't hear you Luke" Corwin Says to the Spectre on Dagobah, time spirals onward, Corwin is deep in concentration, there is a wisper and he opens his Eyes. Luke Skywalker stands before him and he can hear him.

    "Luke, I failed you, I couldn't save you" Corwin Says

    "No, That was my choice, I bought you the time. I stalled the Emperor, My father and I prevented him from escaping" Luke

    "I always admired you, your strength, you were always out there fighting openly... while I was hiding" Luke

    Shaking his head to words that he never thought he would hear from the greatest Jedi he Had ever known, Luke had no reason to lie he was already dead... "You have just silenced many of my demons, thank you, Luke" Corwin

    "Now, who... You're father?" Corwin

    "Vader" Luke

    "WoW..." C

    "Yes, I need you to protect Leia" L

    "Leia, why?" C

    "She's My sister" L

    "Wow... Yes, I will check in on her from time to time, you have my word" Corwin

    "I need help Luke, the Jedi Council is a Sham, they are sending people unprepared to their deaths. Raltir is heading the operation" corwin

    "Corwin, YOU must train the Jedi. Find them, train them." Luke

    Swallowing Hard "I have plans in motion, but I'm no master, Luke you are all that is left of anyone truly deserving the title" Corwin

    "There are others, they will find you, in the meantime take Master Yoda's belongings here in that box and the notes under that cabinet. Then Travel to Tatooine, to these coordinates, you will find Obi Wan Kenobi's House, a Jedi Master and Knight of the Clone Wars, he has materials there to help you." Luke

    "Thank you, Luke." Corwin

    "Go to the cave, I know you feel it. You will face only what you bring with you. So,Take nothing with you, I tested myself there many times." Luke

    "I will do as you ask." Corwin

    "Contact me when you have mastered the ability to speak with one who has passed beyond" Luke

    "I will" Corwin; Corwin removes his gear and climbs down into the cave. He feels cold, there is a taint of darkness here. Perhaps, no longer a true evil but a trial none the less.

    "All your friends are dead, they followed you to their deaths. Order 67 is all dead they followed you on your folly. All the worlds you liberated will fall as you now see." A voice says

    "No, you are wrong, those who follow me do not do so because of folly. They do so of their own free will. They are all competent, if it is their time, then I can live with that. The worlds WILL NOT fall, I see now, I have been selfish. It is time that I brought them into the New Republic. I am only one man, I will do what I must and do my best to train my friends and instill the RIGHT purpose and drive"

    Corwin emerges from the cave, changed somehow, but not having "failed" the visions are possibilities of things that could happen if he did not return to the path he had to follow. Not the path he wanted to follow, but the one he HAD to follow because there was NO ONE else.

    the cave did not see all, for it mentioned nothing of his academy. It spoke of the Jedi Academy headed by Raltir and how Corwin had killed them all... No that would not be the case, as much distaste as he had for the Council he still had respect for its members, even Raltir. he would work WITH them, rather than against them.


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    "Checks and Balances"

    Day four in the badlands of the Boonta Desert

    Alec is almost neutralized, his madness is almost at an end. Perhaps, a couple more hours and he will collapse, or perhaps he has more fight in him. Time will tell.

    'I have been gone a while, people will be looking for me. I hope Admiral Axxaro fared well." Corwin says to no one in general

    Its interesting, this "Living Force" concept. the time he has spent here in relative solitude, yet at the same time, constantly reaching out and tracking Alec. 'I can see, more now, than I have ever seen before. The Force flows everywhere." he could see the currents and ripples that his suggestions caused to Alec. As subtle as they might be, they were indeed noticeable. 'I understand now, how the Emperor tracked the jedi. In a sea of darkness, a small light will burn brightly"

    People will be coming for him. The people of the New Republic, the Jedi Council, perhaps Topper. Topper... He's the only one of that trio he's actually looking forward to see. Topper is like a brother, and he'll be damned if he doesn't remind him of his younger brother.

    Yoda's personal notes are a disturbing account of what went wrong with the Jedi Council. The reliance on false Prophecies, betrayal from within. Anakin Skywalker, Lukes father, who was covered more deeply in Ben Kenobi's journal, had betrayed and hunted down the order. Corwin found himself referencing both text's, Yoda's notes and Ben Kenobi's journal. The formula for contacting the spirits of the deceased was there, one had to be in tune with the "living force" and it was something Corwin was picking up gradually. I need to go to a place teeming with life, its just that Dagobah sucks. I'll return there to test myself, but I don't want to spend time in that nasty swamp!" "yes, a jungle somewhere would be perfect"

    Alec rounded the corner, as Corwin was sitting patiently on top of the battered White Witch. "It took you long enough" Corwin Says

    Alec who was battered, sleepless, dehydrated and most of his hatred was spent. "Die, Amber" His shaking hand moving to his blaster

    Corwin does something subtle, slightly moving his hand. Alec draws his blaster, aims and fires... Save for the fact that the front half of the gun detonates from the blockage that Corwin jammed in the barrel with the force. Alec flies backward, his metal arm having taking the brunt of the damage. "Are you done, Alec?"

    "I'll ask you one more time, before I TELL you. Are you done?"

    "Amber, I can still kill you..."

    "Alec this is pointless, I came here to save you but madness has claimed you" "YOU ARE DONE, SURRENDER" the force commands roll off Corwin's tongue with passion and sadness

    Alec "I... Am done... I... nooo"

    Corwin Sighs, "dammit Alec..." only one more thing to try... "Alec, REST NOW MY FRIEND" Compassion rolls off Corwin in a different way, less blanket command more focused targeted at whatever is left of Alec's soul. The tranquility is induced into Alec and he relaxes and submits "I'm glad that worked, I'll have to use that technique more often, its easier and more subtle" Blowing out air and relaxing Corwin walks to Alec, here drink this and Alec does. Now Sleep my friend, Corwin places Alec in a Hibernation trance.

    Picking up his comm, Corwin turns it on for the first time since speaking with Gunney. "Jeeves, are you there?"

    Jeeves "Yes, Sir, how are you faring?"

    "Good to hear your voice Jeeves, The witch is in need of re-engineering and I have Alec, bring the ship to these coordinates."

    Jeeves "Be there in 20, Jeeves out"

    "Now, back to face the music"


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    "Two Paths of a Long Dead Order"

    It was indeed interesting to Corwin. To actually see in the notes of both Yoda and General Kenobi with references to the Living force as well as a more harmonious force balance. He had always thought that the 'Living Force" was in opposition to his beliefs, when in fact, its was a parallel course which embraced the flow of things as well as the as the way of a warrior. Masters by the name of Qui Gon Jin and Count Dooku followed this path, while the others followed a path of a more harmonious and passive nature...

    "Damn, I always thought the path of the Living force was not my own... yet, my path and direction is truly similar." For the first time, a deeper understanding of the force became aware to Corwin, the notes of two long dead Jedi Masters began to manifest the sense of what he had been feeling all along. No one has a reference point in the galaxy, I am perhaps, one of the last Jedi that knows and understands the difference... It is a subtlety that can turn one to darkness or to the light... dangerous is the path of the 'Living Force"...

    I have mastered the good of this path, however, others might fare less well in its navigation...

    Time, all of this will require time and that is something most people have very little of...

    At least, now, I can impart a more coherent basis for any beginning acolyte's training.

    A choice can be made as to which path one wants to dedicate oneself to.


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    "Training Day"

    Gideon stands patiently as two Tasariq natives stand side by side, leveling their blaster pistols at a pair of targets ranged out to 85 Meters.

    Gideon "You've been doing alright so far, just remember most of your targets won't be static in the field." "The lesson for today is patience and to give you a feel for the weapons you are wielding. The overall usefulness of a blaster has been, according to the Jedi Council, undermined." "Reliance upon close combat with a lightsaber can get you killed, especially when you are faced with overwhelming odds"

    Gideon walks them through the use of effective cover and improvisational cover. "Many objects can be utilized for cover, you have only to look to your surroundings and find something that will be strong enough to shrug off a couple shots. Most of the time, that's all you need to gain the advantage. Also, mobility and evasion play a large factor in a blaster fight."

    Day after day this process continues until the students are familiar with the blasters as if they were an extension of their arms. They learn how to maintain and service the weapons. The day after that Gideon covers live fire, stun training. 'This is a tradition, more or less, of the group known as Bad Karma. They would train repetitively by getting involved in stun firefights, you will receive more understanding of targeting in the following day as you fight me.

    For the first couple days Gideon handily dispatches the two students, moving forward from that point maintaining his advantage grows ever more perilous. The students are quick learners and studious of the materials that are available to them that Corwin had sent the council. They begin to employ rudimentary small unit tactics, which catches Gideon off guard and he finds himself flanked and with a blaster pressing against the small of his back.

    "Ok, looks like we can start moving on from Blaster training... We'll keep drilling, and reinforcing the concepts of this but I think you guys are ready for something a little more challenging. Lets move on to the basics of the force and the necessity for a personal focus and calm mind."

    With the focus of concentration on each power comes a break for contemplation of its applications as well as trials. Off days do not amount to rest however, the mind may contemplate the force but the body continues to drill. Climbing, Jumping, Swimming, Running, Brawling, Repulsorlift training and maintenance, basic concepts of navigation and starship control, computer operation, stealth, survival, communication, first aid, and many more areas are touched upon. The entire training regimen leaves little time for anything else, however, the program is SO comprehensive that it touches almost EVERY skill that a being might ever utilize in the field. Based upon an individuals aptitudes, core specialties will be selected and nurtured.

    One student asks about the use of a lightsaber and Gideon Responds "Lightsabers are for a later time. Both of you must be competent in your own abilities before we even delve into the art of lightsaber combat. Besides I'm not the right person to do the instruction in that area. Corwin or Topper are probably going to cover different aspects of that for you. Lets just focus on learning the skills that you will use every day out in the Galaxy. In a couple weeks, I'll take you guys into town and we can work on some to the finer aspects of social manipulations.

    And so, with very small and meticulous steps, a Jedi Academy is Born


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    Day Four Continued...

    Corwin Opens Comm channel to Skeith "Skeith, I have a couple things I need to get done. I have to pickup an old friend on Bespin, and perhaps make a new one. There's an old man that was asking questions about me there. I'll be contacting Princess Leia for support in an upcoming operation as well as doing the same with Order 67. I have to meet with Lando, tell him about the upcoming operations at Rendilli as well, he might be interested in that as well. I'll be moving from there to drop off Alec, so he can get the medical attention he requires. I need you, to take the team to Tatooine ahead of me and liberate the world from both the Empire and the Criminal Elements there. Then you guys have to publicly petition to get the world to join the New Republic, I'll be doing the same at Bespin while you are working on that. I will rendezvous with you at Bespin, before we head out for Rendilli to liberate the shipyard facility. You guys have three weeks to get things done there and meet up back here. Corwin Out"

    Corwin Cuts the connection

    "Jeeves, we have everything, so lets get moving." Corwin Says

    "Sir, who is the old friend you will be meeting up with at Bespin?" Jeeves responds

    "Jeeves, you need to cut out that 'Sir' stuff we've been friends for too long for that level of formality. I'll be meeting with Sylar Topper to complete his training. Plus we have to get the Platform into tip top shape by enhancing its repulsors. Otherwise she's fail and we'll loose the Z-95 and the Bot that should be there now. Plus I need to harden it with the hull plating from the Holonet way Station and attach the waystastion's solar collectors to the platform for more power. I'll need your help and that of R5D20, because I think he is already there. It will be good to see R5 as well."

    "That leaves only one more loose end to tie up..." Corwin says pondering a bit

    "Sir,er, Corwin, what loose end?" Jeeves responds

    "I have to find an errant droid, one which Master Skywalker tasked me with locating" Corwin says

    "Corwin, you mean R2D2 survived the Death Star?" Jeeves replies

    "Yes, he did, he escaped in Luke's X-Wing. We'll need to pull at least a week worth of starfighter consumables off of Bespin when we go after him. Actually, I guess I could just tractor the fighter but that would slow us down to Class 1... Well, that might be acceptable... Recovering him and the X-Wing will be essential. Luke said he would be a great ally to us, and so I am taking him at his word, I'm going to need Topper's help to find R2" Corwin Says

    "Other than that, I have to contact the Jedi Council and put in a call ot General Cracken"

    "Corwin, I thought you quit working for the New Republic?" Jeeves asks

    "No, Jeeves, I might have seen things a bit differently for a while but I would never turn my back on the government I fought so hard to create. I never, 'really' left, I just took a break."


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    "Grease Monkey"

    Somewhere in the Bespin System on a Tibanna Gas Platform within the radius of Cloud City.

    Things are coming along nicely, the hull plating from the Holonet Way Station actually requires little to no modification as it is utilized to create a "dome" if you will, over the sides and top of the platform. The docking bay doors take a bit more work, but there are many parts that work well having been salvaged from both the Imperial One and the Carrack Cruiser in system here. External plating has been completed with the aid of the droid "Army" Corwin hired for the next two days. He's been feverishly working on reinforcing the existing repulsor system as well as the introduction of several units from the Carrack Cruiser's repulsor array. They were actually in pretty good shape. He could hear the existing array straining against the added weight of his freighter, the fighter, miscellaneous equipment as well as the external hull plating.

    "One more thing to do..." Corwin mumbles to himself, running over to the midpoint of the station he looks at the power feeds and then to the backup. Using the Pacifier's Power Core as a primary power source and generator tied to their existing core of the station, with the Starship Tug's power core and battery array as a secondary backup power supply, Corwin connects the main power and brings the power online gradually. Feeding it slowly into the massive repulsor array he installed in the bottom of the platform in four points using the tractor beam off the Ace of Sabers. The Capital Grade repulsors come to life gradually, alleviating strain from the ones that are already on the station and also the ones he will be using as backup generators. Pulling the original repulsors off line, he slaves several to each Capital Generator. In the event of a main systems failure at any one point of the four Capital Grade generators an array of lesser repulsors will kick in, compensating for the loss of a primary device. With the backup power core installed, there should be enough power to keep the station floating in the event that the Pacifier's Core failing... Well, at least for a couple weeks. The introduction of the Solar Panels from the Holonet Way Station provide a constant stream of power to the batteries of either the Main core or the secondary, with a switch installed to flip them over to the secondary in the event of failure. As a last ditch maneuver the solar panels are slaved to the backup repulsor array. They would provide several hours of power before the station would start to loose 'Altitude", in the event of a total systems failure, the panels could provide enough juice to the repulsors to have the station fall slowly for a few days before being crushed by the pressure of the Gas Planet's Core.

    Principal work begins on the installation of internal components here, including the removal of the Bacta tank that Corwin had on the Ace all this time. He would have to contact Lando to see if he could get some Bacta from the ISD... It is here, that Corwin installs his "Holo Theater" along with a receiver and transmitter array. They work with conventional communication, however, he slaves the channel to Bespin primarily to get news feeds and as a secondary option to provide "cover" for his use of the comm gear.

    For defense and detection Corwin installs the sensor array form the Gymsnor-3 and wires it to the control room that was transplanted from the Holonet Station. The Gymsnor's Gun turret is positioned on the top of the station on a retractable mount that can emerge if needed.

    Internal Security comes in the form of a couple sources. Three K-4 Security Droids are always on station, a Pair of Battle Droids can deploy at a moments notice as well, in addition to the last RLG Guardian system he has available. He installs the New Republic Mainframe for data storage and overall as a monitoring system for all the systems active on the station. The Software on the Mainframe can activate any number of emergency systems, as well as the droids, and will maintain the platform in his absence. However, its processing power is essential to the operation of the "Holo Library" as well as the communications gear, sensors and power regulation of the station.

    Corwin begins pulling apart the Gymsnor-3 for parts, in the end, there's only a shell with repulsors and a couple batteries left. She'll act as a nice cargo hauler in his absence, for the Tibanna Gas that the station continues to refine. Being more a "loose" space frame with repulsors now and minimal control equipment. Even the Auto Chef was used for the station's mess hall.

    Thanks to the efforts of the Construction Droids, R5D20, Jeeves, Corwin as well as a Pit Droid, things move VERY quickly. Bringing in the "Pest Control" Droid is essential for the station, since she has a power signature in an atmosphere Mynocks could attach to the outer or inner hull. The droid's unique nature allows for it to crawl on the hulls of starships "sticking" to them even in Zero-G environments, so it is ideally suited to the task of cleaning off the Platform from without and within. Adjusting its comm frequency to that of the Mainframe, it is capable of investigating power fluctuations and anomalies. Putting the pit droid here will be icing on the "cake" as he can maintain the repulsors if the need arose as well as general maintenance and power requirements for the other Droids. The pit droid would also be essential to work with the tibanna gas and get it loaded on the "impromptu" Cargo Speeder. The Gymsnor-3 now resembled a craft little more than 15 meters long, having her rear space frame bent and reshaped to form a "basket" for Tibanna Gas Canisters.

    "Now, All I need to do is find a droid with some people skills. So he can sell the tibanna gas harvested in my absence." Or perhaps, Corwin thinks, maybe I can get the Old Man Lando referred to to do that. I'll just give him a cut of the profits and give him a room here. Covered in grime from head to toe, Corwin looks more like a slave laborer than anything else. His thoughts drift to a past life as a Noble and a smile appears on his blackened face. It was a life that was ill suited to him, something he was quite a bit rusty on. This, here and now, in the solace of his droid companions and the peace and honest work on the station, is where he belonged.

    Now I need to sell this space Engine, Shield Generator, Hyperdrive, Escape Pods and other core systems from the Gymsnor. A rank smell wafted through the bay as one of the droids bumped one of the crates... Rotten Plasma Berries! Cleaning through the container Corwin found the useful equipment and ended up dumping the rotten berries off the edge of the station. "Yuck! That was really nasty. Alright guys, I'm due for a sonic shower and a change of clothes." Corwin says to Jeeves and D20. "Then we'll all go to Cloud City to unload the parts from the freighter, some miscellaneous gear and get you guys an oil bath". Corwin walks to the newly installed shower hall and begins scrubbing plasma berries and grime off of himself.

    Who knows, there might even be a time when the New Republic gets part of the holonet working again for their own purposes and on their own frequency. This station is a "restored" Holonet way station now and could act as Bespin's Gateway to the outside galaxy. Perhaps, he could turn the station into more of a profit factor in the coming years.

    As Corwin and his companions depart for Cloud City, the Gymsnor frame pulls away from a massive pile of hull plating that will, one of these days, make a nice addition to the armoring of the Ace's Hull. That and the spare innards from the Gymsnor should re-enforce her quite nicely. Hopefully, they will make a couple credits while Corwin meets with the Old Man.

    Then one more task is all that will remain, finding Skywalker's X-Wing and R2-D2 as well. When he gets back, hell plug that old nav computer into the holo projector and cross refrence new and old star charts to get an idea where R2 may have gone. With the mainframe present he can do some serious number crunching on where a starfighter with a Class One Hyperdrive on about four days of fuel might have jumped to.


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    Priority Message
    Heavy Encryption
    Message Target - Corporate Sector
    Timed Message to be released at commencemnt of Operation Victory (Rendilli)
    To: GAD Grant
    From: CA
    17 Key Code
    -Name 12 Family assets
    -My first Military Posting in Tapani
    -What did I leave you on the Supply World I hit?
    -Your brief postnig before going off the radar
    -Prison Planet I was sent to
    -Accomplished the battle of Endor in x days.

    Message follows:

    Dear GAD Grant,

    Somethnig jogged my memory as of late, a couple friends were fielding some IRDs and I thought of you.

    I know its a bit risky to contact you. However, since you and I have fallen off the "radar", this is probably my only chance to send you a message. I am of the understanding that your neck of the woods has an inordinate amount of "decommissioned" status Vic I and II's. Look to where they were originally constructed, get assets as well as political leverage to refit the vessels into motion. Your orders will accelerate the recommissioning of many yard facilities, as well as, opening a possibility for your sector to purchase mothballed yard facilities and acquire a Legal License to refurbish your existing ships to a status that will bring the vessels to a more prominent readiness, once so refit they will rival and or exceede the capabilities of an Imperial I.

    Is there any way I can get you to enter into negotiations with the New Republic? Even such a move on "paper" will lend stability to your region and open the "possibility" of a union. However, I would recommend that since your star systems are vast, you push for your own "militia" and internal policing.

    Current hardline doctrine indicates that the NR may target "opportunities" affiliated with the Empire. The movement is growing and I don't want you caught in-between the hammers of the Empire and NR. Opening the channels for talks with both sides may allow some nice political manuvering that you can become a more "soverign" entity and in the years to come more of a power player in the galactic scheme. I'm just hedging my bets, there will come a time that your intervention may very likely sway the tide of favor to one side or another, I would hope you might do it in the direction of the NR.

    I'm certain your intel is better than mine, but in the event that you and your wife are out of touch, the Emperor is dead I have confirmed this. I know that the being in power is NOT the Emperor. I was reflecting upon past experiences, and came to the realization that much of my potential and actually my very status as a Force User is more than anything tied to your wife. She is the reason why I had the ability to become what I am today. I know she had some link to Palpatine, an I know that Palpatine was a Dark Sith Master. All agents of the former affiliation are being hunted down and killed and or reigned in and brought to account for. Anyone who knows the truth, as grandmother likely does, is disappering. Guard her, and if you need me all you have but to do is ask and I will come to the aid of the both of you. Blood runs thicker than water, you are both my family, regardless of your past and present allegiances.

    I'm leaving a "back door" open for you, if you send me a message I'll drop what I'm doing and come to you.

    Good Luck, May the Force Be with you both,

    Your Grandson,

    Corwin Amber

    End Message- Virus integrated - Mesage and message trail being deconstructed

    Terminating access terminal in







    Terminal is fried...


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    "Without the Force"

    Sometime after Corwin's rise in power as a Jedi

    Having briefly separated from Order 67 to investigate what might be an Old republic Storehouse

    Gunney "Dammit Corwin! This whole thing sounds like a setup. I mean, how did you come into that knowledge anyway? I heard a story about some Jedi Knight you went after once. Jeeves was in his "Storytelling mode", blathering on about how you walked right into a trap. The Empire is hunting you hard core, and all you can think about is this "supposed" storehouse. If it doesn't have guns, or equipment, or something useful, why in the hell would you bother?"

    Corwin "Look, I have to investigate things like this. Any knowledge on what came before, or what WAS before the Empire, is incredibly valuable. Maybe I'll find information on a lost shipyard, or perhaps locations of a hidden world or something like that."

    Gunney "Yeah, something like that... Nice Corwin, you remember what happened the last time we went with you to to "investigate" one of those off the charts worlds you found on that damned old nav computer, right? We all almost got smoked by a Dark Trooper! If GX hadn't been there... Lets not even talk about the Imperial Battle Station in orbit. Look, I'm not backing you up on all these stupid crusades for knowledge. All I need is the knowledge that a target has military hardware and that's good enough for me. Useful stuff, **** we can use to kill imperials. We found a backwoods outpost and now you want to go off on another one of your "crusades" for some "vapor" information... Well, we're saddling up, if you're coming with us you had better make up your mind now."

    Corwin "Not this time, yeah... I know it sounds like a setup, that contact on Denab seemed a bit fishy. But like I said, it might be worth looking into. Besides, not taking you guys will make this more of a covert recon Op for me. I REALLY, REALLY, need a bit more work in the stealth area."

    Gunney, Walking away "Don't get yourself killed by walking in the front door..."

    Jumping into their one captured Y-Wing, Corwin throttles up and pulls out of the atmosphere. A couple quick calculations, some precise navigation and he's in hyperspace.

    Corwin "I'm glad you wanted to come along R5, otherwise I thought this might end up being a boring trip." R5 Warbles incessantly during their journey. Corwin and he go back and forth, some of it is a heated argument and the rest is mainly a series of dirty jokes R5 continues to utter, which has Corwin laughing so hard he's grabbing his sides from the pain of laughing too hard. About four hours later he emerges from the hyperspace corridor in a system largely devoid of anything.

    R5 begins warbling immediately, on the screen R5 indicates that there is a faint but detectable landing beacon coming from the 5th planet in the system.

    Corwin "This doesn't seem right, but it warrants some investigation. Lets sweep the system as we come in, then check it out"

    After about two hours Corwin and R5 come into range of the planet, following the beacon down to the landing tarmac, which is indeed a, roughly defined due to age and lack of maintenance, landing pad on the side of a mountain. There's a doorway set off from the pad in the cliff face, flickering lights come to life as the fighter approaches.

    Corwin "R5, I don't like this at all. I can't sense ANYTHING here. Some thing's off, I just don't have the experience to figure it out. That children's jedi manual really didn't tell me all that much..." "Lets set down, I'll pull you out and then we can look into things here. I might need your ability to interface with the door or a computer terminal. I'm pretty lousy with security systems."

    After climbing down the access ladder of the Y-Wing; Corwin lifts R5, using the Force, out of the Y-Wing. Its a difficult task for him, more so, than it ever has been before. The pair then move to the entryway, which is also in ill repair. There's a Droid interface there, with no other ovbious control panel.

    Corwin "Well, R5, give it a shot"

    R5 trundles up to the droid interface, opens a compartment and plugs into the socket. Some time transpires, R5 warbles and the doorway slowly grinds part of the way open, just enough space for R5 and Corwin to make it through.

    Corwin "Ok, R5, poke around and see what you can find out. Comm me if you have any issues, and be careful, I'm not sensing anything here but I have a bad feeling about this"

    Just as Corwin utters those words the tarmac lights up, violently with a series of explosions, blowing the Y-Wing into dust. The entry doors slam closed locking into place, with another series of blast doors closing over the outer doors as well.

    Corwin Sighs "Not again... R5 get moving, see what you can find out" As he spots a droid access hatch "Its probably safer in there for you, its also obvious this was a trap for me, get moving" R5 needs no second warning and is already moving into the hatch.

    A wave, almost tangible and semi visible ripples through the corridor. Washing over Corwin, he drops to his knees stunned. He was right about feeling "nothing", the sudden loss of his force abilities feels like someone strapped a 500 kilo backpack to him. Struggling to remain awake, he regains his footing. Dizziness and vertigo seek to claim his field of vision and sense of balance. Leaning heavily on one wall, he pauses to regain clarity.

    "I've got to keep moving, keep thinking and focusing, otherwise whoever is here and whatever this is will kill me" Corwin thinks to himself

    About a minute goes by, he regains his balance, sweating but no longer disoriented. The loss of his connection to the force is very disturbing, not only that, its like a piece of his soul was ripped away. Moving forward again, another series of blast doors close behind him, they rise out of the floor.

    A disembodied voice rings out from remote sound processors "Welcome, Lord Corwin Amber, Jedi Knight and General of the Alliance. Here you will find your powers are useless, and it is here that you will find peace eternal. At least, until you are transported away for interrogation, if you survive. I am Allard Kain, an assassin and Hand in training to the Emperor. You will find your stay here most displeasing, and without your powers you will be helpless to defend yourself."

    Corwin continues to move forward, there is only one hallway, blast doors continue to close behind him as he moves forward. He's being funneled and he knows it, continuing to focus on clearing his mind by sheer willpower he moves onward. Each step he takes gets a little easier, a step at a time he comes to more of an equilibrium with himself. Finally after what seems like forever he emerges into a grand chamber flanked on either side by catwalks and a maze of support columns, shadows everywhere. Two major hallways on either side of him show a set of double doors set at the end of each. The chamber ends at a wide set of stairs, which illuminate in a manner similar in fashion to the stair well leading to the "throne of Plapatine". However, he has never seen Palpatine's throne room, so the significance is lost on him. Crates are stacked here and there in disarray, affording some measure of cover. Using these he moves forward carefully. A figure emerges at the top of the stairwell, suddenly illuminated by a grand holo-projector showing an incredibly detailed map of the galaxy.

    Finally thinking clearly Corwin wonders "What the in the hell is an "Emperor's Hand", sounds vaguely sexual..." and he chuckles

    Kain "This was once a storehouse of knowledge, so that much was true. Its has been largely emptied, however, its contents relocated to several other Storehouses across the galaxy. You are the prize that will assure my place as a Hand of the Emperor. Call it a training exercise, if you will. My friends here..." Waving his hands a pair of men step from deeper and out of sight on the top dais "Are here to show you the meaning of power, skill and training of the Empire. We are all students, in one way or another. As they dispatch you, you will assure their place in the Royal Guard."

    Corwin "That's it? All you brought with you are two untested guardsmen? You have to be joking! And to think I thought I warranted something more... umm, well, deadly. You guys are in over your head's here. Honestly, you're joking right?" 'I was also kind of wondering how many 'Hand Jobs' you give to the Emperor? Never heard of a 'Hand' before... Are you like an Assassin or something?"

    Kain, with a touch of anger in his voice "No, Amber, I have a pair of actual Guardsmen flanking you in the corridors. They are here to witness the capture of you and to a lesser extent prevent you from attempting to flee. Without the force you are powerless! A Jedi's strength flows from the force does it not?" Not giving Corwin a chance to respond "your so called skill with lightsaber has been completely diminished, stripped of the force that you rely upon to rival the skills of Vader and the best the Empire has to offer." "Suffice to say that Imperial Hands are trained and tasked with taking the most delicate and deadly of missions for the Emperor, we report directly to him."

    Corwin regards the "hand" of the Emperor. "Well, I suppose there's no sense in trying to tell this guy I am REALLY that damned good..." Corwin thinks again to himself and then responds "So, you're operating outside of your mandate, interesting. Another rogue agent out for fortune and glory..." Corwin shakes his head

    Looking up at the catwalks, Corwin realizes he can face his opponents one at a time in a linear path or at most two at a time, one from either side... Reflexively he begins to flex to jump, and the Crystal from Tsariq thrums with life. Stopping, he realizes something, the crystal was not affected. It is a self contained force entity and cannot be diminished without being destroyed. Perhaps, an ace in the hole. Parking that thought he begins to climb the gantry and steps up on one of the catwalks.

    Kain "I see you are thinking, Amber, good, this will be most interesting." "As far as my being a rogue, no I don't see it that way. I am a patriot and I'm about to make a name for myself. I have support, in the Company of Stormtroopers and the Corvette I brought in. They're over there in the hangar" He motions to the Magnetically sealed blast doors on his left.

    Corwin looks to his surroundings, there are windows here, a very large one to his right displays, just how long the drop to the base of the mountain really is.

    Corwin "Alright Kain, lets begin and finish this charade of yours."

    Kain "Guardsmen, take him in unarmed combat as per your mandate, he's only a street fighter, nothing you can't handle."

    "Nice" Corwin thinks again to himself. Apparently no one knows he studied under Tengi in the art forms of an elite Imperial Assassin. Another edge, they keep underestimating him.

    Corwin "Guardsmen in training, you mean, right? Bring it, boys, let me teach you a lesson in Bar room manners" Balling his fists, he takes a stance similar to one he had taken in a bar room brawl. One he and the boys of Order 67 got into a couple planets ago, with some Imperial Army troopers.

    One of the Guardsmen in training mounts the catwalk, while the other begins to leisurely walk to the other side to flank Corwin. The Guardsman falls into his stance and strikes a measuring blow which Corwin deflects with a forearm as a brawler would. The first series of attacks are probing strikes, finding the weakness in his defenses. Then, seeing the opportunity, the Guardsman moves in for the kill. Just as the second Guardsman finally mounts the catwalk about 10 meters behind Corwin.

    Coming in for a lethal strike meant to incapacitate Corwin, the Guardsman lunges forward. Suddenly, shifting backward using his flexibility, Corwin evades the strike. Continuing backward and planting his hands, one on the catwalk, and while twisting plants the other on a side support beam at a higher angle. Pulling his his legs in, he pivots off the catwalk and the support. The Guardsman, committed to his assault, opens his eyes wide in shock. As Corwin, "Un-Coils" and slams both feet into his torso. Still twisting, planted and turning he lifts the Guradsman off the catwalk, turning him in mid air and slams him violently though the window. The glass explodes outward and the Guradsman's screams, as he falls to his death, are heard clearly.

    Continuing his movement, Corwin pushes off with his hands, instantly returning to a standing position. Whirling about he neatly counters a strike from his other assailant. Quickly now, with blinding speed, Corwin strikes the Guardsman in his left eye. He does this while simultaneously countering another of his strikes. Again, Corwin repeats the same action with the Guardsman's other eye. Virtually blinded, Corwin counters again by grabbing the Guardsman's shoulder, stepping around him and slamming his elbow into the back of his neck. With a sickening snapping noise, the guardsman's head lolls to one side. Corwin, pushes him off the catwalk, to fall lifeless on the floor.

    Corwin "Looks like the old, Royal Guardsman Academy is gonna have to start looking for some new recruits, eh?"

    Kain "What... the hell... there was no mention of martial training in your file... You have the style of an Imperial Assassin, where, how?"

    Corwin "Ever read a file on Tengi? Ringing any bells?"

    Kain is silent

    Corwin "Oooohhh, someone didn't do all his homework, shame on you."

    Kain instantly produces a small blaster, and fires, the shot takes Corwin by surprise in his chest. Throwing him backward and off balance, he grabs the catwalk at the last second, as he falls off and to the side. Clinging for only a moment to break his momentum, he lets go, dropping into one side corridor as another two shots shear off the support next to where his hand was.

    Kain "What, no smart ass remarks now Amber? How did that feel? Hurts I imagine. A little Luxan Penetrator for you. How about that?"

    Corwin "Sounds like you are compensating for a lack in another department" Corwin responds grimacing in pain.

    The door next to him opens with an armored guardsman emerging and thrusting immediately in his direction. Corwin responds by pivoting out of the way and grabbing his leading arm, Corwin's other arm falls to his Bryar Pistol, which he merely twists the holster upward and pulls the trigger as many times as he can. Holding the Guardsman in place, he's an easy target, the blaster fire literally saws the man in half at the waist. Not even waiting to see what's behind him, he catches the falling the Force pike in his other hand, spins, and releases with all his strength at where he figures the other Guardsman should be.

    Right on the mark the pike slams dead center into the guardsman's chest, taking him off his feet. A quick drawn motion later, the Bryar is out of its tattered holster and he pours fire into the fallen guardsman. Needless to say, the Red Armored man does not rise, smoking from a dozen or more blaster wounds.

    Corwin "How confident are you feeling now Kain? I just smoked you're entourage." Looking across the room Corwin spots another exit, from this angle he sees the magnetically shielded doors.

    Kain moving to get a firing angle, his shadow is cast by the holo projector

    Corwin sees the shadow, as well as, the leading edge of the Luxan. Rolling to the left, barely under cover he aims and fires. His magazine is empty. The shot harmlessly passes Kain, who laughs and ignores the shot. The bolt reflects off the Mag shielded door and cuts the fragile Luxan Penetrator in two. Kain cries out in surprise.

    Corwin emerges from his cover "So, you want to know how good I am with this thing, right?" Corwin unhooks his lightsaber, while tossing his Bryar into the corridor.

    Kain "I have been trained extensively in their use, I've been waiting for this for a long time."

    Corwin "Oh, I'll bet you have." Corwin walks to the stairs and begins taking them a step at a time

    Kain Ignites his Crimson Blade with a SNAP-HISS and is moving in to strike "You're wounded, Amber, bleeding everywhere. I have the advantage of high ground as well."

    Corwin "I'll see what I can do to change that." Still moving upward, his lightsaber gripped in both hands held at a downward angle, still not ignited.

    Kain lunges at Corwin, there is skill there, but it's a standard maneuver. At the last possible moment Corwin ignites his lightsaber, brings his guard up and parrys the strike. The sabers sizzle as they connect and lock.

    Kain "Nice move Amber, but I will win this day and I will take my rightful place at the Emperor's side!"

    Corwin "No, Kain, you're going to die here. You're Emperor will follow suit, of that much I can assure you."

    They lock sabers again, and again. Kain manages to maintain the higher ground. Corwin is still fighting in the classic two handed style. He's on the defensive.

    Kain "I grow weary of this, now Jedi, you die!"

    Kain commits himself to the attack, something Corwin had been waiting for. He had been measuring his enemies movements, studying his assaults. Here was his opening. Instead of just parrying as he had in every other instance, Corwin commits himself to the act of parrying, and striking in the same motion. Kain comes down hard in an overhead strike, which Corwin Blocks HARD, pushing off the stairs with all of his strength. He drives Kain up and backward, off-balancing him, dropping him to the stairs unceremoniously on his back. In that same instant, Corwin leaps, enhanced by the crystal up and over Kain.

    Corwin "I told you, I would gain the higher ground."

    Kain "How? You... the field... " He looks over to the Holo Projector then back to Corwin

    Corwin "Like I said before, perhaps you should have done your homework on me. Don't worry, that's the only ace I had up my sleeve, I'm powerless otherwise. Pick yourself up and lets finish this. I wouldn't want you to think I was 'Enhancing' my lightsaber skill through the force..."

    Corwin takes a couple steps backward and waits for Kain to climb back up.

    Corwin "There, now we're on even footing. See, even wounded, I believe in courtesy."

    Kain is angered "Alright Amber, no more games." and he moves in to strike, his assault is measured and strong.

    Corwin doesn't move a step, standing there he releases his double handed grip, and begins spinning the lightsaber effortlessly. Parrying Kain's assaults with ease, Corwin leads his assailant left and right sending him off balance each time. A second SNAP-HISS reveals a massive amount shock in Kain's face. Corwin's Second blade is through Kain's abdomen, and the blade closes just as subtly and as quickly as Corwin made the attack.

    Kain "You, you, cheated..." Struggling for life, his saber closes and rolls from his hand, bouncing its way down the stairs.

    Corwin "Hardly, Kain, though I do feel a bit of remorse over all of this. It's kind of sad actually, more than five Dark Jedi have already underestimated me. As well as hundreds of Imperial officers and thousands of soldiers, criminals and bounty hunters. I thought you were better than that."

    Kain "You'll never get out alive, I have a company of stormtroopers in the adjoining bay" Just as the words leave his mouth the Mag Shielded doors buckle in from a massive series of explosions. Corwin is dumped to the floor and Kain is thrown to the side of the stairwell. Corwin's comm crackles to life with R5 warbling over it. Screams can be heard from a breach in the door.

    Corwin looks over at the door, regaining his footing "Um, well, I would guess that they're not around anymore" Corwin has no idea what happened, but R5 must have accidentally done something major, it couldn't have come at a better time.

    Kain "Damn you, I feel like you trapped me... You cheated, you... How are you so damned good? The files were inaccurate..."

    Corwin "Its not cheating, but letting you live would have been a crime. As you die here today, know that your Emperor and his regime will do so as well. I will make damned certain of that."

    Kain "I .. don't ..Believ..e.. you.. h..o..w... d..i..d.. you ... become ... a ... master...?" And the last of his life slips away, with the question dying on his lips.

    Corwin regards the Holo Projector, he can find no way of turning the damned thing off, let alone to download the star map, besides, he couldn't find the storage for that kind of data anyway... Driving both sabers into it, puts an abrupt end to the "field" that was suppressing his abilities. It like a breath of fresh air, or the rising of the sun on his face. Walking down to retrieve his blaster, he cuts the tops off a couple crates, they're filled with junk. Picking up his Bryar, he drags a saber through Kain's.

    Cutting through bay doors reveals a scene of absolute carnage, and some starship resembling a Corellian Corvette that is completely destroyed in the hangar. There's a Lambda shuttle just outside, where Corwin finds R5.

    Corwin "What the hell happened R5?" for once in his companionship of Corwin R5 is Silent... Corwin regards R5 gravely, but drops the line of questioning "Thank the Force I brought you along R5... Sometimes, you REALLY amaze me. I'm not asking questions about how anymore..."

    The return trip back to Order 67 is uneventful.

    Gunney regards Corwin as he climbs off the Shuttle, shaking his head, there's anger there but its Gunney's "form" of concern and Corwin knows it "So... find anything interesting!?!" His voice dripping with Sarcasm

    Corwin limps while R5 trundles off the ramp. Corwin makes a "thumbs up" gesture and points over his shoulder with it at the Lambda, while holding his bleeding wound. Then he looks at Gunney and shrugs, meeting him in the eyes "I picked this thing up on the way out".

    Gunney looking at the blaster wound Corwin is holding, and the blood marring his outfit, "I don't remember the last time you, actually, were shot..."

    Corwin "yeah, I don't remember either. I'm letting this one heal naturally, as a reminder"

    Gunney's demeanor shifts from anger at what Corwin just said, respect, is the best way that one can describe Gunney's demeanor at this point "Good Call, the guys are playing cards again..." Gunney puts a hand on Corwin's shoulder as he falls into step with him. The big man grips his shoulder, not to hurt him but more to help him walk to the table.

    Without another word the two friends walk together to the sabacc table, Gunney supporting his dear friend. Many unsaid things transpire between them during the course of the game. Gunney never mentions the loss of the Y-Wing, because he's really just glad to see Corwin survived whatever ordeal he went through. He knows, with certainty it was dire indeed. Corwin hadn't been wounded in ANY battle, including Ord Torgle... That would be what? Four years running that he never saw Corwin wounded... To this day Corwin has never talked about, exactly, what happened at the depot to anyone even Gunney. If it was at all possible, in the days moving forward Gunney and Corwin seemed more like brothers than they ever did before.

    The End

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