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    The Battle of KDY and Centerpoint Station (pirates game)


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    The Battle of KDY and Centerpoint Station (pirates game)

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on July 28th 2014, 16:53

    I will post this one on the forums as it's relevant and cannot be contained

    Ugh… seriously? Going all in…

    I very quickly finish up my notes of my plan to make the galaxy a great place to be (the listing I already sent you without any evil note portion) and leave it w/ my 2nd in command or whoever.

    I immediately send word to the military commander that we need to send our fleet (8K recently infested nano-tech Star Destroyers) and retake KDY immediately, and then clear any people associated with & friendly to the assassin (aaron) from their organization. MAKE THIS HAPPEN COMMANDER! The GC will need this to potentially fight the growing Sith threat, especially if I am unable to return. Authorize them to Reinstate the previous leadership into their positions and update them on the coming threat and get them to work immediately working with the Corellians if needs be who have worked w/ my nano-people and can at least help KDY get things up and going… Not sure if my engineers will survive the situation, and assuming the worst. Send over spec’s on the nano-production with GC approval to make use it in for this emergency situation. The Sith Empire will need to be destroyed before they enslave the rest of the galaxy.

    The 8,000 Imperial II's Star Destroyer's arrive. The lead 3 ships in the formation evaporate instantly... 3 superlasers from Maximum range vaporize them. The ensuing battle is utterly brutal... Between the Golan Defence Platforms, the 36 Imperial III's, the waves and waves of KDY starfighters and TIE fighters... The 12 Defender Class Star Destroyers, 48 Corona Frigates, 96 Nebulon B's, 1 Super Star Destroyer, 2 Soverign Super Star Destroyers, 1 Eclipse Super Star Destroyer, and hundreds of other ships including a mix of Imperial I & II's... the losses are astronomical.

    The fleet loses 2,000 Imperial II Star Destroyers. They have to drop troops to pacify the planet, and they fight a ground battle for 2 months against 20 million freed slaves + the planetary population that had been freed and uplifted and pretty much everyone. They fight to damned near the last combatant, with opposing Imperial Ground crews fighting along side the slaves as allies.

    You Take KDY - and implement your plans immediately... Re-Enslaving the, now healthy population on their newly unpolluted world that is on fire from bombardments and ground battles.

    Your assets after the battle:
    You have 6,000 Imperial II's (pristene)
    200 Imperial II's that are Crippled and need extensive refit and repair
    Salvage from KDY: (All require massive repairs and refit)
    The Yards facility is severely damaged
    4 Imperial III's
    12 Corona Frigates
    2 Defender Class Star Destroyers
    1 Imperial I
    1 Imperial II
    1 Sovereign Super Star Destroyer
    24 Nebulon B's
    Wreckage from thousands of TIE fighters and other KDY class fighter craft & transports and gunships

    Fold over to centerpoint and briefly give myself a few short moments to consider my actions. Yes I know it means I’m probably going to lose m what I’ve gained and I may even have to pour myself (or sacrifice myself) in the process. If I have control (instead of the darkside) I will to try minimize the loss of life and just kill him and his followers. Hopefully the darkside doesn’t sacrifice the people on corellia or something like that either – but I REFUSE to responsible for the destruction of the galaxy AGAIN!

    Right you are, you fold onto the station, walk in, swoon as your force ability is stripped from you like in the counsel chambers and then a standard law enforcement droid walks up to you, lifts you off the floor and rips your arms and legs off and watches you as you bleed to death on the floor. You DIE, and wake up in one of your clone bodies a couple weeks later.

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