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    When Clones Attack Empty When Clones Attack

    Post  Xeen on March 30th 2014, 19:16

    Marshal Commander Nathan looked out the view port of his Venator Star Destroyer, the Undrick, "What is our target General Yaki?"  The Jedi looks down for a second then back up at the clone trooper, "I have not been informed of any mission, but Master Krane would not bring the entire Sector Army to one location without orders." Nathan did not realize that it was the entire Sector Army. "15 Venator Star Destroyers and 10 Acclamator Assault ships, with countless support ships and finally the Praetor Class Quaestor." Nathan pauses to clear his throat. "Yeah, its the Sector Army." Yaki gives Nathan a glance. “Sir we have a communication coming in from Master Krane, he wants us to broadcast it to the entire ship. He is also sending over coordinates and commands we prepare for light speed.” the comm officer reports to General Yaki. “Very well Lieutenant.”

    “My friends of the Hurricane Sector Army this is Senior General Krane. We have received orders and are to embark on an assault of extreme importance.” Krane takes a breath to let the first few words settle in. “Republic Intelligence has discovered the location of the Subjugator shipyards. It is our task to capture or destroy the facility. I cannot stress to you the magnitude of our task. These ships have reeked havoc on our fleets and instilled fear in the population of our Republic. We have a two week journey ahead, prepare and may the force be with you. I am sending over all battle plans now.”

    “Jump” is the final command from General Krane.

    Master Yaki reviews the battle plans for the assault on Pammant. It is a standard formation spear head strike. Nothing out of the ordinary, take control of the solar system and then start the ground assault. If space superiority cannot be obtained, launch a fighter strike on the yards facility. "There is no out of the box strategy" Yaki whispers to herself. She has been under the command of General Krane for two years and expects nothing different. "Excuse me Sir?" inquires Nathan. "I am reviewing our battle plans Marshal Commander" answers the Jedi. Yaki explains the plans to Nathan. (Then they start the meetings, countless... endless... meetings... explaining every minute detail ad nauseam to the crew. lol)

    Two weeks pass, mere minutes from destination

    "Sir, everyone is at their stations and prepared for launch" Nathan reports to the General. "Good work Marshal Commander, do you think everyone understands the battle plan?" the jedi looks over to Nathan with a slight smile on her face. "Of course Sir" Nathan snaps back.

    Suddenly Yaki turns stark white and takes a step back from the command console, losing her balance. Nathan grabs her "What is wrong General?" Yaki shakes her head to clear her mind "Get the bay doors open now, all fighter pilots hammer it as soon as we drop from hyperspace." The concern is blatant on her face. "There is something wrong... It's a Trap!!!"

    The Undrick drops from hyperspace as planned. Directly ahead are three warships. Yaki almost felt a moment of relief until she realizes the size of the central ship. "Launch!! Launch!! Direct all guns to the ship on the right. Sensors, give it to me." Yaki shouts. Nathan moves into his position to relay information to and from Yaki. "We have two Providence Class Cruisers and one Subjucator-esk 8km warship. The droid fighter count is still coming in." Yaki reaches out to Krane so they can link minds for the battle plan. She is being blocked for some reason, she cannot reach him.

    All of a sudden, a blue flash reaches out from the center of the enemy ships... Every light on the bridge goes black. Yaki can see that half the fleet just lost power. Capital ships, support ships, and even the vast number of fighters are helpless. "Here they come!!!" shouts one of the officers. "Yaki, we need to get off the ship" Nathan grabs the General by the arm. The fighters start swarming the ship, launching buzz droids and shooting at everything as they fly past. The droid swarm strafes and then changes direction toward the rest of the fleet formation. They race toward the escape pods, in hopes that they can manually launch. Nathan throws Yaki and as many as can fit in the bridge escape pod, and hits the manual release.

    With no way to bring up the turbo lift, and no way to open the doors, Nathan watches the rest of the battle unfold. Even with only three ships set against twenty, the Republic cannot win the day. There are way too many droid fighters for his people to deal with. He knows his men, they will fight until they cannot. A wing of Arc 170's are able to break away from the combat and make their way towards the ship yards. "Good work guys, we may not win the fight, but our objective will be destroyed." A massive flash erupts from the Quaestor as it launches into hyperspace... Smashing into Pammant. The eruption from the hit splashes rock into the engines of one of the Providence cruisers, causing it to start its descent into one of Pammants oceans.

    The remaining Providence and the Subjugator cycle their engines up to full speed... and BOOOM, and explosion goes off on the bridge knocking Nathan across the deck.

    "Welcome back Sir" Nathan recognizes the voice. It was his after all, how many different voices could he expect to hear? Nathans head felt as if someone was beating on it with a hydrospanner. "How did the battle end?" he asks, always on duty. "The Objective was complete. The Separatists lost a major facility." Nathan is relieved but knows he did not really get the answer he was looking for. "No Doc, How did the battle end?" The reflection of himself looked a little upset. "We are on board of one of the two vessels that survived the combat. The enemy capital ships fled the field, but we could not overcome the fighters and get our ships out. Of the Sector Army, all that is left are two highly damaged Acclamators. We ditched all of the equipment on board of the ship and picked up as many survivors as we could. Captain Jack has set destination to one of the Ords in our Nav Computer. A planet by the name of Villis."

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