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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:20

    "She Owns Your Planet"

    After about a week of running around the planet Han, Chewie and Leia made contact with no less then three Clans. The tales of the "Ghost" a magical sword wielding "Jai" Warrior and his "Demonic" child companion were among the tales they had been treated to. The versions that really stood out in their minds were the ones where the majority of the female populace exalted the deeds of a man and a child. Namely the man, whose deeds liberated them from a dark blight of the Nightsisters.

    "That sure sounds like Corwin..." Han remarked as they approached the Singing Mountain Clan's holdings.

    "Of course it's him, you nerf herder, I already told you I felt him on world." Leia said with certainty

    "Well, I'm just saying... It's been like a year... Since we heard he died. He's been on this world surrounded by women. Who knows what his mental state is..." Han was scratching the back of his neck

    "Oh Han... You boys really have overly active imaginations. If anything, he may have finally found someone to settle down with. However, I REALLY find that hard to believe. He's a tough man to please, turning down Ravosh Tarkin without a second though. Plus, you have to remember that most of his relationships ended with his mates being executed by the Empire or one of his enemies... I hate even thinking about it, or attempting to think about how he deals with it all." Leia sais mornfully

    "Are you the woman in charge here?" Han asks Augwynne

    "Yes, I am the one in charge. Who, may I ask are you?" She questions him

    "I'm Han Solo, Capitan of the Mellennium Falcon, and General of the New Republic... You haven't heard of the Mellenium Falcon? She made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs." Han boldly announced

    "You'll have to forgive Han, he's got jungle fever from wandering all over your world for the past three to four weeks." Leia says with a steady voice

    Augwynne simply ignores han, eyes the Wookie and addresses Leia "Why have you come here?"

    Han butting in "She owns this rock sister, see" Han produces the deed to the world.

    Now Augwynne is truly enthralled, "I see. What would be the price of acquisition of that deed. We are the rightful inhabitants of this world. We have lived here for generations alongside our Rancor companions"

    "Uhh... ranco... What?" Han is a bit unnerved

    Then one steps up and begins to scrawl runes on the ground with its finger nail

    It draws a fair representation of a Large Starship, a male figure with two swords and a smaller... child, beside him with a sword. Around them are a mass of people... Perhaps, sitting.

    "Where is this?" Leia asks the rancor

    "Come on... there is no way that creature could possiblly tell you..." Han says dismissively

    The Rancor waves for them to follow

    "It would be best if the three of you rode him to the destination. It would seem that you are truly interested in the Jai, Corwin." Augwynne says "Later we can discuss that deed to our world."

    "Did she just say Corwin?" Han says

    "You oaf, I TOLD YOU HE WAS HERE." Leia says

    Chewbaka just rolls out a long barking laugh

    "Laugh it up furball!" Han retorts as they, all three of them, tentatively climb on the rancor's back and begin the journey that would take a week on foot in less than two days.

    To be continued


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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:21

    The Dathomirian Rancor gently set Leia, Han and Chewie down at the entrance to the 2 Kilometer long Starship. There were lights coming from the viewports. Apparently, some form of partial power had been restored to the vessel.

    It was late in the evening and there was no one to gree them. The rancor turned and left.

    "Well, looks like our ride back is leaving..." Han remarked, still a bit in shock from having ridden a "domesticated" version of the much feared creature.

    "They brought us here with out a fuss. Lets go inside and find out what this little "vacation" of yours has yelided." Leia said as she walked into the ship

    After meandering through the halls of the vessel, they found the audience chamber. Or, at least that's what it had been stylized to resemble. Much of the local textiles and stylings hung here and there. Actually, if they had been paying attention, colors and items of all the clans of Dathomir were there representing a place of equal footing.

    Again, as before, the room was filled with women. However, here there were a couple men also. It was amazing to see, for the first time, men with force abilities being trained in a common place. Part of Augwynne's far reaching unification plan in motion. Baby steps, but steps none the less toward a society that would eventually evolve over generations.

    They saw a young woman, who could have been Trina sparring with another girl. She "could" have been Trina because some of her garment resembled a tattered jumpsuit. Her sparring partner was a girl about her age and they both wielded training lightsabers. A deeper voice called out from just out of eye sight, giving instruction on the finer points of the elegant blade form. He was critiqueing and guiding them. It was ovbious that "Trina" was the superior duelist in this match. However, the girl did not press on or show he own over confidence. Then she planted her fists on her hips after closing her blade, when the other girl chopped off three inches of her own hair by accident. She struck a, "Traditional" corwin pose. Then she went over to console the other girl and they retired for the evening to the bunk rooms to discuss some "Jedi" stuff as she called it. Her basic was flawless.

    They entered unchallenged. But could not locate the voice, until they came to the next room. Where a beautiful woman and a full grown man, of what appeared to be advanced years, sparred. His had a roughly trimmed full beard, his hair was almost completely silver, namely at the temples and sideburns, some white interspersed and as the light played off his hair and it flowed black hair could be seen intersperced.

    He flowed through the motion of a mixed form of saber combat, no one form was present... All forms were there. Always alternating posture and form seemlessly, giving instruction and guiding as others that ringed them sat crosslegged and watched, studying the spectacle. He was displaying hand to hand forms integrated with the blade forms, and had her demonstrate the new move where she rolled in parrying wide to the side, planted her feet, grabbing him roughly and rolling him over her and slamming him hard to the floor.

    She, immediately was at his side helping him up and checking to see if she had hurt him.

    "Now THAT, was a perfect execution." Corwin's voice rang out

    "What happened to him? He sould be, like 26 years old... This can't be him..." Han said

    "No, it's him. Borsk mentioned something odd about Corwin he had not remembered until after the battle of Death Squadron. He said, Corwin's hair was silvering as he stood there under immense strain. I bet, if you cleaned him up or intrduced him to a refresher again he woudl look a LOT more like the Corwin we knew." Leia said, marveling at her lost presumed dead friend

    The two sparring partners broke for the evening, and she lingered a while. It looked like there might be something there, but Corwin, while returning the kindness of her continued presence with a touch and kind words, did not reciprocate in the same fashion.

    He walked over to the Trio, brushing his mop of hair with his hand. As he ran his fingers through his hair more of the Jet Black that was his hair before began showing.

    Han, Leia and Chewie just stood there looking at Corwin and he stood there looking at them. They exchanged no words for a long time. Its like each person there was searching the other for similarities or something they had each remembered about the other.

    "So..." Han began "We thought you were dead..."

    "I did die, in a sense." Corwin remarked

    "It was all a big ruse, so you could come here and train these people? This is your hidden academy?" Leia Asked the double question

    "Yes and No on the first part and no on the second." Corwin responded "I've lost track of time, my cronometer was destroyed on the Bridge of the Imperial Hammer"

    "It's been a little over a year since everyone thought you died. There was a huge New Republic Funeral in your honor." Leia said uncertainly

    "Good, I need to be dead." Was all he said

    "Just wait a minute here pal, you're turning you back on the New Republic? You're throwing in the towel? Are you giving up? You never give up!" Han said overreacting

    Corwin just sighed and shook his head "Okay, so you think I've abandoned the New Republic?"

    "Well, it sure as hell looks like it from where I'm standing..." Han was cut off by Leia

    "Han, shut up! Can't you just be happy he's alive?" Leia said coming up to Corwin and hugging him, the embrace was returned wholeheartedly

    "You know" Corwin began, after breaking the embrace properly "You might give me a bit of time to explain. A lot has happened, if it's really been a year or so... I have a lot of ground to cover. Besides, you're my ticket off this rock. My plan to contact Sylar failed miserably. What I did here, with the Nightsisters... It blocked my ability to call him. I have been trying to get a hold of him, someone, anyone... for what I have to believe is about nine months..." Corwin said and then he launched into the whole story, everything from the end of the battle of Death Squadron to the moment they walked into the Chun'o'thor.

    It took a while, as they asked questions and recieved answers back and forth. Corwin had many questions about the state of the galaxy and Topper and, hell, everything.

    In the end, they decided that keeping his death a "reality" was indeed the best course of action.

    "I need to get close to the "Emperor" on Coruscant, someone has to get me there. I am finally more than ready to take care of that problem. So, I need to be dead. If I'm dead, then I'm the perfect Dead Man to kill a Dead Man, am I not?" No one could really argue with that point

    "I still have all the desires and goals, they're simply a bit out of motion and I'm a bit out of touch." Corwin finished

    "Who was that woman you were sparring with?" Leia asked at last

    "Oh, that was Ta'leth'iel, a darksider that I redeemed. She is in my care and I'm moving a bit slowly with her training because I have to make certain that I'm not making an error with it. She's been solid for the past ... well... several months. But the real test will be in bringing her with me to the greater galaxy." Corwin said

    The conversation lasted well into the wee hours of the morning, before everyone retired for the evening, more than less satisfied with the things they heard.

    To Be continued


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    "Ace In The Hole"

    "You're Kidding... Honestly?" Corwin Remarked

    "No, pal, Starkiller is a full New Republic General these days. Your death kinda galvanized him. A lot of people have rallied to his banner. Even Borsk backed his full commission. A LOT of things have happened since you "died". He's all respectable and such now. Believe it our not, Rendilli let him keep the Dreadnaught after he signed on as the commanding officer of their Militia forces rotated to New Republic service. He's doing a good job harrassing Imperial Shipping, and has a small task force." Han said to an astonished Corwin

    Leia touched his arm "You'll be happy to know that Sylar has taken a more prominent role. He's filling the void you left behind. He continued the training of the children and has been running around the galaxy in your ship, keeping its legend alive. I think he may have even made a couple modifications to her. Han and Chewie helped him mod the quads up to spec with the Falcon. So, she's more than a match for most threats. Not to mention, he's hardened the universal airlock on her and added docking clamps. Apparently, he found Luke's old X-Wing. He's been leading the charge from it with R2 by his side." Leia Said

    Corwin smiled from ear to ear at the mention of his friend and one time student, his very first student, Topper. He was suprised Leia let him keep the X-Wing and R2. He was about to ask about it and Leia interrupted

    "No, it's good Luke's fighter is visible and R2 is in the best hands. Besides, I've never seen the droid act the way he is now. He and Topper have a seemless and "connected" relationship. I always get the impression they are workig on something together. At first, I think R2 was testing him. But after they worked things out, it's like there was only one entity when they are in the X-Wing together." Leia said with a smile on her lips

    Chewbaka guffafed and grumbled to Han

    "Yeah, yeah, pal, I was getting to that..." Han said to Chewie

    "Getting to what?" Corwin asked, interested in the outburst Chewie made

    "Well, Logan Tagge, now General Logan Tagge is heading a task force against the Imperials as well. He's commanding from a brand new Victory III, it's what they re-classified the Clone wars era refit. He has command, AND still leads a reformed Striker Squadron. Kinda like how we led the charge in the battle of Death Squadron. He directs tactics and combat from his new E-Wing, with his full squadron of them. His tactics have shifted a bit, he's lost some of the ruthless edge. Still, he's damned effective and they only send him on priority "hunt and kill" missions to take out rogue warlords and specific targets that no one can effectively hunt with a fleet." Han said

    "Well it's good to hear he resolved some of his issues. What about Rogue squadron?" Corwin asked at last

    "They've reformed under Wedge Antillies, and are stronger than ever. Tycho Celchu and Corran Horn are among their best pilots. They have been doing quite well as a symbol of the New Republic and have been undertaking "impossible" missions and winning against all odds." Leia stated

    "Good... I knew they would shine eventually, they just needed the right battlefield and the right stakes. What about Order 67?" Corwin asked, his brothers in arms always on his mind

    "They're almost ready to move on Ord Torgle and the rest of the system. They've been taking high profile missions for the New Republic and have Borsk's full support. I think Borsk is putting together a small fleet to re-enforce the considerable assets they already have at their disposal. You've left quite a legacy, Corwin, no one man has ever amassed that kind of firepower and that kind of loyalty in just a few short years. I know it was your passion, to re-take Ord Torgle, but no one really had any idea until the New Republic linked up with their resolute force group. You really put together a crack team of leaders and so soilders." Leia remarked

    "I didn't do anything. They did it themselves." Corwin said with the deepest respect "All I did was help drive them and make certain they had the tools and the training to get them on track."

    "Well, you did a great job pal." Han said

    "Yeah, now, lets talk about what we're going to do about me..."

    And the group began discussing and formulating plans for the upcomming future and, the possibility of getting Corwin to the Seat of Imperial Power, not alone, with lots and lots of friends.

    To be continued


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    "In Less Than Twelve Parsecs..."

    "Trina, this is no easy mission." Corwin Began

    She waved off his protests "You think I'm not ready to fight by your side..." She was pouting dramatically for effect, because she knew it had an effect on her Master.

    Corwin Sighed easily, something he had not been able to do some 13 months ago. Then he smiled and held her close. "I have to go, and your job here is far from done. Your role with the singing mountain clan is quite profound. You've been accomplishing what jedi have been tasked to do for generations, mediation, with ease. I need you here. I need you to observe Tal'a'thiel. We have to be certain that she and her reformed sisters stay that way. I can, only, trust you in this matter." He said with reverence for her abilities

    "You read people better than I do, it's your gift. Your strength. So, please, no more arguments. Corwin finished

    "Ok, as long as you come back for me. I don't want to wait here forever for you." She said hugging him harded

    "No, I won't take forever. I'll be back, and we'll take those who are ready to move on and introduce them to the galaxy." Corwin said

    "How long?" Trina asked

    "Probably several months." Corwin said releasing her

    "Here, Augwynne will want this." Corwin handed her the 'deed' to the world that a grateful Princess Leia had agreed to give them with their accord stating that they would join the New Republic.

    She just stood there shuffling her feet "Ok, I have a big job and so do you. See you when you get back." And she turned and quitely moved away up the hill to Augwynne, leader of Dathomir.

    "So, did you say good bye to Tala... Whatever her name is?" Solo asked

    "Yeah, we said our goodbyes last night." Corwin said

    "I'll bet you did." Solo just left that one hanging

    "Look... It's not like that. She... er... I have to be careful with her." Corwin said

    "Look pal, in the event you didn't notice... She's like the most beautiful woman on the planet... So, I'm not judging you about anything." Han said

    "Yeah, I know. Time, Han, time will tell." Corwin said as he moved to the Falcon with Han. Switching the subject "Teneniel Djo is with us, I want to introduce her to Isolder. I think she's a princess that's fiesty enough for him. What do you think?" Corwin asked his friend as he walked back to the ship with him.

    "Sure, if you like having you ass handed to you..." Han remarked

    "That's the point, the queen mother of Hapes needs someone to put her in check. She'll be perfect. You'll have plenty of time getting to know her on the ride back... I'll be out of commission." Corwin said seriously "That story, about you making the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs... How much truth is there in that?" Corwin asked at last

    Han grabbed him by the shoulder, turning him to face him, stopping both of their movement. "It's as real as they come pal, the only ship and capitan that could give me a run for the money these days... well that would have been you. But you're rusty and you don't have a ship! HA!" Han remarked with a sharp bark of laughter

    "Yeah, I'm a bit rusty indeed. I also, don't have a ship anymore... I'm certain I'll find something." pausing "But I really need you to pull that run, in that time frame, back to New Republic Command." Corwin stated

    Han let out a low whistle, as they resumed walking and Leia's voice chimed in "You have to make the run Han, otherwise Corwin's dead/alive. He has to stay in a state called 'Emptiness' for the entire trip."

    "That gives me a time window of roughly nine days..." Han said roughly scratching the back of his neck. He actually stopped and you could visibally see him doing the math. "Okay... I get one shot at this, huh... No pressure... really." Han said a bit exasperated

    "Don't worry Han, I know you can pull it off. Should be old hat for you. Anyway, I know what you're gonna ask. I need the 'Emptiness' because I'll be off the 'radar' the whole time. When I come out of it, I'll have a nine day time window with an ability called 'Willforce'. Cutting myself off from the force for nine days will have a massive effect on my powers. I'll be ten fold stronger and will be able to effectively mask my presence with 'Willforce' for just those nine days... Then someone will figure out I'm back, I couldn't even furnish you with a list of the dozens that will figure it out in short order... Not many of them are my friends, but my friends in the force will likely sense the shift in the power level of the galaxy." Corwin stated in a very technical fashion

    "Have you really grown that much in power?" Leia asked astonished

    "If not in raw power, Leia, I have grown in confidence in my own abilities. I will be a VERY different foe, to a great many individuals. I have a feeling, though, that my force presence while familiar to some will be quite different as well. The problem is that I'm a lightsider... I'll tip the scales, every darksider in the entire galaxy is likely to feel the force disturbance I unleash..." Corwin remarked

    "Uhh, well, I didn't understand a damned word you said, nor was I listening. I have the preliminary route, I think I can shave a day off the run. I'm a lot better now, and I have Chewie to run the numbers with me." Han said confidently

    "Good, lets go." Corwin got onboard, said hello to C3p0 and dropped on a bunk, secured himself and entered enmtiness.

    About 10 minutes later, "Hold on to something, folks, you're about to feel a jump the likes of which is a bit rougher than normal. We have a 'bumpy' hyperspace corridor ahead of us." Han said and Chewie confirmed that statement with a mournful howl

    Leia just swallowed, she saw han punching coordinates and data faster than she had ever seen him make a jump before, her was calculating a lot of it on the fly and had to move twice as fast before the 'time window' closed on his recent calculations.

    "Here goes nothing..." Han reached for the hyperspace levers

    Teneniel said "Should I be worried?" to Leia

    Leia looked at her and swallowed hard "If you believe in gods, now is the time to pray..."

    The Falcon Exploded into the hyperspace corridor at a higher velocity than she ever had, the route was tight and consisted of many very minute course adjustments...

    Seven and a half days later the Falcon tore through the fabric of space, at what would be called a 'Pirate Jump Point' because Han had calculated it as close to the gravity well as he could, it was well within defenses.

    He resumed burning into the world immediately broadcasting his clearance and transponder signature...

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