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    Corwin and Trina reached the base of the great mountain that the Rancor, the "intelligent" rancor had said the Sisters of the Sun lived. The trip had taken them weeks. They had been dogged by the darksiders the entire time. It was not a fun trip, though, Trina had learned a lot from Corwin's teachings along the way.

    The trip was a constant trial, and Trina had performed admirably. Upon reaching the base of the Mountain, Corwin gently laid her down, as she was sleeping on his shoulder. He hadn't slept in days and was hard pressed to remain awake even with the aid of the Force. His use of the abilities to endure would have been used sparingly, if it was just himself he was taking care of. However, he was safeguarding the child as well. The toll was evident, he looked haggard and old. Perhaps, it was more a byproduct of the fact that he hadn't had the luxury of bathing or shaving in weeks. But more than that, he was using the force in a necessary fashion, to keep this child he loved alive. It was not his way to draw so on the force. Between the battle of Death Squadron and this trial he had aged. He was, as always, in perfect shape. However, his appearance reflected a wizened older Jedi of Old. More on the level of Obi Wan Kenobi (in Episode three). The by-product of this constant trial was that he was LEARNING faster than he ever had before, the presence of the "Living Force" was everything that was keeping him alive, awake and envigorated. Dathomir had a powerful force presence that flowed into his veins like top grade Starfighter fuel. Corwin may have been an "X-Wing" before but his power levels and performance were more akin to an "A-Wing" now.

    He "felt" the emergence of the "good" force women. They emerged from the landscape of the Mountain as innoccuously as anything ever could. Appearing as if from thin air.

    "Take her, keep her safe." He said as more of an order to the women "I must deal with your menace."

    "You are in no position to demand anything. You are surrounded." One woman responded as she began to chant, a rock lifted and hurled at him.

    Without a word, Corwin placed a finger to his mouth and then half pointed to the boulder. It stopped and he tossed it aside.

    "Enough games, little girl, you will safe guard Trina or I will come for you later." Corwin's statement was not a threat, it was a promise

    The Sisters of Allya stood in astonished shock at witnessing him defeat the attck of their strongest sister Teneniel Djo, with the slightest movement of his finger.

    "You will treat her as if she was your daughter. For your efforts you will realize that she, too, is more than your match." Corwin easily responded, half turning to look for his pursuers

    "What? This child? Do you take me for a fool." Teneniel responded more as a reflexive statement of the shock that a man would so easily defeat her assault. His power was unbelievable. They could all sense it without even using the spell of discovery. His light was so brilliant that they would have been blinded if they looked too close.

    "Do not dismiss the appearance of youth. Or you will find out the hard way." Corwin said to her "Trina... Wake up my child." He gently shook her

    She awoke, startled to see the women around them "Are they bad?" As she sprang to her feet, Teneniel tried the boulder spell again and Trina easily tossed the boulder aside. "Is that the best you've got dark one?" Trina questioned her

    Teneniel, now completely at al loss mumbled out "I... I am not a Nightsister. I will keep her safe. What will you do?" She asked Corwin

    Trina Interrupted "No, I don't want to go with them. I have to stay with you. I have to protect you." Wich drew more astonished glances from the women "You're all I have Corwin." She said honestly

    "It's okay, Trina, they're good women. Remember, I told you about the big, nice rancor that told me about them." Corwin said smiling

    She stood there with her hands on her hips, fretting "Fine, but if you get hurt I'll know. I'll come for you then." She said matter of factly

    "I know you will. Now go. I'll see you soon." Corwin says as he hugs her gently then gently releases her in the direction of one of the women that nods in his direction. She takes the hand of that woman and disappears up the hill in the foliage.

    Corwin looks to Teneniel "I will allow them to capture me. They will disarm me, and I will be brought before their mistress. Then I will remove the corruption at the blackened heart of the problem." He says easily

    "You know much of our culture offworlder" She remarks

    "Yes, I learned much from several Nightsisters, as you call them, when I went off alone at night to make certain that Trina was safe. Their flock is dozens thinner." Corwin stated evenly

    "You are the Ghost, the Demon, that all of the Clans are whispering about..." She says in astonishment

    "I am no Ghost, nor am I a Demon. I do not use magic, the Force is my ally. I have the advantage of years of guerilla fighting, martial training in hand to hand combat, tactics and ploys. Your Nightsisters have no knowledge of my methods. I am a living terror on hundreds of worlds and the savior of just as many... So, perhaps, the titles I have been affectionately dubbed with will suffice for now. Know, that I am your ally." He says as he is now face to face with her, brusing a leaf out fo her hair. "You need to atone, for your touch of darkness. When I return, I will show you the way." Corwin says at last

    She is speechless...

    One of the other women takes her by the arm "They are almost upon us. He is clearly insane, he cannot take all of them." She says tugging Teneniel back to the foilage of the mountain base.

    "Indeed, all I have ever known have thought me to be insane. My methods, however, are far from insane. I stand on my own, as an army unto myself. Again, the Force is my ally. Live or die, I am a Jedi Knight." He says turning to the treeline, waiting for the nightsisters to come.

    "We will watch you from the safety of the mountain, if you need assistance we will..." Teneniel begins to state

    "No. Thank you, but No. I do not require your assistance. Go, now, protect Trina and bring her before your leader." He says without turning around, he kneels, resting and placing his double bladed light staff before himself, entering a bit of meditative trance before what is about to come.

    The Sisters of Allya watch from their mountain with Trina already being taken to the leader of the Clan.

    The Night Sisters emerge from the edge of the forestline

    "Good, I thought you were going to keep me waiting all day." Corwin says standing up, breaking the lightstaff, and igniting the blades.

    He begins a ballet of spinning blades, weaving in and out, up and around. Sometimes spinning the wepon in mid air before catching it with the other hand. It's a centering technique, one that he performs to loosen all of his strained and over burdened muscles.

    They approached slowly at first then in a rush. Dozens of twisted dark force users. The first six were cut in half before they even had the opportunity to scream. Corwin waded into the middle of them, force lightning spraying out from his adversaries, was actually hitting the wrong targets. He was moving so fast, the lightning was killing is opponents. Some of it he simply reflected off his lightsabers.

    Allowing them to hit him with glancing blows, be began to allow his exaustion to slow him, and exaggerate the extent of the damage they did to him. All the while he culled their ranks, if he gave up too soon it would appear as the trick that this was. So, again and again he cut a swath through the ranks of Dark Siders. Showing his exaustion and with a telekenitic strike hitting one of his arms, he spun dramatically to the right releasing one of his lightsabers. It tumbled and as he reached for it, he opened himself up intentionally to another strike in his back. Staggering, and spinning around, now both hands on his last blade he killed three more, but as the assaults kept mounting he slowed and slowed until he lost his other saber. This time more from a direct strike to his wrists from a staff.

    Four more sisters perished in hand to hand combat, as Corwin unleashed his lethal trade of manuvers that Tengi had taught him. But now he was down on one knee. Another he telekenetically hurled away from him, releasing that witch she tumbled to the ground and was impaled on a branch. He grimaced, but with one eye swollen shut he had tossed her in the wrong direction... Oops. Time to pass out. The last srike glanced the back of his head as he twisted and he entered a hibernation trance.

    Over the next three days his body and his possessions were carried back in a cage to what he thought was their clan home. In between sleeping, he would come out of it to heal and meditate. THe rest was sorely needed. The witches, a very few in number sneered at him as they progressed. They had stripped him of much of hsi gear, as he suspected. However, as he had hidden it, they missed Yoda's lightsaber.

    End of Part One


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    Part Two

    Teneniel faced her mother "Mother we must do something." She pleaded

    Augwynne "He seems the fool to be captured and taken before Gethzerion..." She pauses searching for the words "However, his handiwork with the dozens of Nightsisters he slew more than speaks for his capability of caring for himself. I have never heard of anyone who was so capable."

    "He will not be prepared to face her, he was exausted and beaten." Teneniel says

    "Yes, that may be so. However, my spell of discovery has told me that he is healthy once more and approaching their stronghold. I sense no more, save for the fact that he is at peace. He knows his place. He is something more, something we have not the capability to understand. Just as the girl Trina is more than a match for most of us. It is firghtening to behold, but inevitably, times change. We are but a part of the fabric of magic. He is the embodiment of all that is of our ways, as well as, being the most powerful wizard we have ever encountered. The Book of Allya speaks of one, alien to our culture. A small Green being that threw aside even the most powerful of our ranks hundreds of years ago. This one, this Corwin, bears that same power." Augwynne says, consulting the tome and pointing to the images of what was Yoda.

    "I don't like it... I... He told me I must atone for my touch of darkness." Teneniel said more than a bit disturbed "No man has ever stood up to me, and yet this man is more than my equal in every sense... I feel lost." Teneniel says exasperated "Yet I feel compelled to help him."

    "Good, he has seen it too. You do have some level of atonement to do. The anger you gave into when fighting the Nightsisters the season before has tainted you. Not enough to be cast from our clan, but enough to be mindful of. Take his words to heart, we can atone but it takes a long time. He must know of another lost method of self exploration." Augwynne states pondering

    Even though Augwynne was old and had seen many winters, a touch of life reached her. Some youthfulness returning. "Perhaps, the nightmare for me will be over."

    "The Nightmare?" Teneniel asks

    "Yes, he may be able to defeat my daughter Gethzerion. I will weep and rejoice when that day comes. After which, the uniting of the clans will once again be a possibility without the tainted influences of the Nightsisters." Augwynne says deeply in thought and trambling a bit at what she feels is to come

    "What of the surviving Nightsisters?" Teneniel asks

    "The ones not too far gone will be cast out until they atone. If... If this Corwin spares any of them..." Augwynne says


    Corwin is taken before Gethzerion, his hands bound in fron of him. The two Nightsisters that captured him are flanking him on either side. Baritha and Gethzerion stand side by side at the central tribunal of their clan. Perhaps, two dozen nighsisters are all that remain. The men of their encampment look with a bit of hope at the sight of Corwin. Others, consumed with hate because their lovers never returned. They are present at the tribunal to act as extra guards and as a display of what Corwin is to become.

    "So, you are the Ghost that has haunted us. Murderer of my flock." Gethzerion says

    "I'm no murdered... I'm..." Oof; one of the sisters strikes him in the stomach with a staff and he is roughly shoved to his knees by two of the bigger male slaves

    "Gethzerion did not give you leave to speak." Baritha says, wavin her hand and the men punch him in the face

    Corwin shakes off the assault and smiles through bloodied lips

    "Why is he smiling?" With fear trambling in her voice Baritha asks

    "No... It can't be... he is beaten!" Gethzerion says as Corwin stands up so fast and so strong that the two male thugs go flying in opposite directions.

    The ropes tear free of his hands as he rips free with force enhanced strength. Moving too quickly to see, he strikes and kills either Dark force witch on either side of him as they began their spells of killing. Tengi knew how to kill in a single blow... Cowin has no leave to use the assassin's art form on anyone but the darkest of opponents.

    Then, standing there he stretches. Loosening his muscles and rubbing his wrists.

    "I offer any of you here the chance to repent for your crimes. I will spare your lives, IF you swear to repent. You must atone for the things you have done. When I leave here, if you have, indeed atoned and can be trusted... AND if the sisters of Allya will not have you, I will take you with me if you so desire. You will be my thralls in capacity, not my slaves. You will serve me and my designs as equals yet subbordinates. When you have proven yourselves, I will give you leave to do as you wish. That is my offer, however, if you face me here... I will destroy you all." Corwin says clearly and easily heard above all the shock and gasps

    "They will not heed your call, they know you are weak." Gethzerion says "You cannot prevail against all of us"

    Corwin surveys the odds "I've never been much of a betting man. But in this instance, unless you have a legion of Imperial Stormtroopers I'm certain that you're all in a whole lot of Poodu. I've won with worse odds, time and time again. Heed my call, I will honor my word." He says clearly with power

    "But we have your weapons" Baritha says laughing "hahahahahaha!"

    Corwin shakes his head, as Baritha holds the twin lightsabers out from her body facing the wrong way. With a gesture of both of his ambiderterous hands, he flips them both on. Twin blades of pure blue light pierce her chest. In the shock and horror she twists the sabers away, ripping them from her sides and severing both of her arms.

    "On last chance. If you doubt my training as a Jedi Knight, then I invite you all to die here, now." Corwin pauses to let it sink in "I you wish to atone, for you have seen you are all powerless against me, do not engage in this battle. Mine is the power of the Light Side. It is not seductive, it is pure and true. Learn the truth, for I know it. I know the missing link to your book of Allya, I AM that link." Corwin finsihes

    "Blasphemy! You will die now!" Gethzerion screams as she begins to unleash powerful force lightning at Corwin

    Yoda's blade is out and gleaming green, it easily parries the force lightning, as its malevolent energy wraps around the blade.

    "Without your magical blade you are powerless against me!" Gethzerion says

    "Then we shall see, how powerless I am. I am a Jedi Knight, the force is my ally. All of you will see, NOW, that mine is the true path." Corwin says closing the lightsaber

    There are murmers running through the crowd. Gethzerion surges with hate and Corwin Responds as a beacon of light, shining twice as brightly. She unleashes the lightning, which corwin catches in an outstretched hand. He "parries" the lightning into a pair of Nightsisters that were aproaching him with spears "cooking" them alive.

    Gethzerion screams louder and unleashes her hatred again, this time the lightning comes in again and corwin "catches" it, "holds" and extinguishes it shaking and then dusting off his hand.

    Some of the Nighstisters are so stunned that a few of them faint outright. The rest either rush him or hang back. The ones rushing, well, its out of loyalty and fear for Gethzerion. Then ones standing their ground, its out of doubt. They've just been shown there is another way, that defies what they've been taught. They are few in number, but few is better than none.

    Yoda's blade is alive again, spinning out and free from his hand as Corwin throws it into the mob. The effect is spectacular and horrifying as it cuts them down en-masse. Calling one of his sabers to his hand, Corwin is gone as the remains of the mod reach where he "was". They look around confused, and just in time to see Gethzerion in peril. They rush her position just as Corwin cuts her head cleanly from her body, he stops many dozens of meters behind her as she explodes into a force storm that consumes the mob.

    To be continued


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    Augwynne's tensed body sags, releasing all the weight of her "nightmare". In that same moment she eases and cries. Loosing her daughter. The tears are more for the fact that she had wished Gethzerion would have found a better path. She will be at peace now.

    "It is done. Gethzerion is is no more..." Augwynne says

    "It's impossible..." teneniel says

    "Yes, but Corwin is makes the impossible possible. Through the Force, through our understanding of the Force, what you call magic, you will come to know the truth." Trina says, then she goes up to the Augynne, sitting on her lap and hugs her. The enbrace is returned whole heardtedly.

    At the Nightsister's Camp

    "What do we do now?" A younger woman asks, not willing to look Corwin in the eyes

    Corwin steps up to her, placing a hand gently under her chin "It's alright, my child" as he lifts her head to look in her eyes "Fear not, I will show all of you the way." With his other hand he gently strokes her cheek

    As he walks among those roughly half dozen remaining, he places a hand on some to console them and induces tranquility in others to place them more at peace. In fact, it is the first ability that he will teach all of them as they begin their atonement.

    To the men "Go now, return to the clans you were taken from. You are free." At wich the men leave gratefully to return to their homes and wives.

    "You all, will come with me. However, I require your help finding something." Corwin says

    "What is it you require, we will live to serve you." The woman he was initially kind to says

    "In time, I will see if that is indeed the truth. You speak it, it "feels" true. Now, you will prove it. I look for a great ship... er... A large craft made of an alien metal that fell from the sky centuries ago." Corwin says

    "I will take you there, the others will return to the mountain of Augwynne. There is nothing left for them here." She says

    "Good, walk with me then. Now as my equal, taking my hand you can show me the way." Corwin says taking her hand

    Everything he did over the course of the next week would be to show her all the beauty of the light, defining other ways to cope and see things. It was his hope that he could show the others. It was much easier to teach one, than many.

    He found it, on the fifth day. The Chun'othor, in amazing condition. Much of it had merged with or was buried by the landscape.

    "This is the alien vehicle that was part of a war of ours." The woman said

    "You know, you need a name, do you have one?" He asked

    "My name was what I was called in the companionshp of another clan. You have been showing me another way. They named me, and that name no longer has meaning to me. Please, name me as you wish." She responded

    Corwin was caught off guard by that one

    "Why don't you choose something fitting for yourself." Corwin says

    "No, all the things I would call myself would be negative. For my blindness, for my ignorance..." She looks down again, shamed at what she has done in her life

    "No" gently picking up her chin again "It is alright to be ashamed of what you have done. However, you must use that knowledge. You must shape it into resolve to become something more. To atone for what you have done. One day, you will feel the force as I do. You are already feeling it a bit, no?" Corwin asks

    "Yes, it was here all along. We were ignorant to its presence. We used it as a tool..." She says

    "Indeed, now learn to live in harmony with it and you will be upon the correct path. Take little steps, time, lots of time and one step at a time. You will find the way, I will help. I have shown you the methods for atonement, when we return to the mountain, you will show your sisters how to do as I have shown you." Corwin comments "Then you, will be the first of the to resolve your heart to the light. In teaching others, and clearing your mind of the baser instincts of hatred and rage. Compassion will guide you to the right path." More lessons, never ending lessons, Corwin had never swayed a Darksider before, he had to hope that this was working...

    "Choose my name, Master" She pleaded

    "First you will call me Corwin, for now. Second... Let me think on it for a while. I will find something to match your beauty." Corwin says sincerely

    She blushes and immediately covers the emotion

    "No, there is no need to hide that feeling you just had. You are human, and alive. Embrace it, I will not mock you for it. It is a part of you as well as a large part of being a woman. See, I know some things about women..." Clearing his throat

    "This vessel was a training ship for the Jedi of old. I have been looking for it for many years now. Thank you, for showing me its location. However, we have to start heading back to the mountain. I will return here, after ward with the child in my charge, Trina." Crowin says thinking of the girl

    "Is this Trina your daughter?" the woman asked

    "In a manner of speaking she is. However, she is more my student. However, I love her as if she was my daughter. She as an orphan, her parents were killed by the empire. That group in the galaxy I told you about. She is in my care, as you are now and I have to return to her to complete her training." Corwin said fondly thinking of Trina

    "Do you have a wife?" the woman asked

    "Ah... Honestly, no." Corwin said at last

    The woman simply shuffled her feet

    "Ok, lets spend some time looking for a way to get in without cutting our way in. I want to see this ship intact, or as much as I possibly can. It's important, VERY important for me to do so." Corwin launched into conversation and became instantly busy and distracted at the sme time

    "I did not mean to offend" She said

    "No offense, just need to find that entrance before we loose the sun. Lets look over here." Corwin sais as they walked along the top of the ships hull together

    To Be continued


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    As the sun sets on Dathomir Corwin and his guide find a airlock access hatch, with the power cell from his blaster pack he's able to cycle the lock on the hatch and gain access into the presure room, closing the door behind him he moves to the next and repeats the process.

    An equalization of air pressure occurs and much dust and light debris fliter into the airlock room. His companion is instantly on guard.

    "Relax, it's something I expected and was able to minimize by re-sealing the other door. The fresh air and and the interior of this ship are at odds, ther pressure is what you felt change. It is no apparition or malign force." Corwin says putting a hand on her shoulder

    "There's light in here" She remarks

    "Yes, the fading light from the setting sun is shone through dozens of portholes and observation windows. It will not last long. We need to find out if any of the tertiary power cells or, perhaps, a generator or two will still work. Old technology is amazingly sturdy, having the capability to "come back to life" even after centuries of misuse." Corwin had been chatting with her about technology, a concept that she understood from the Nighsister's desire to leave the world, however, he grasp of it was worse in some ways than a child from the most backward reaches of the galaxy.

    It takes them hours to navigate to the rear of the vessel. Finding the engineering room wasn't really luck, it was more attributed to Corwin's having been around, on and in command of warships. This vessel had much in common with some of the larger capital ships he had seen and been on.

    The process of re-activating secondary subsystems was a tedious one, there were indeed generators that looked like they couldbe brought online here, but the process for doing so to most of them would take a lot of time. The one he did find and began to revive, had a large reserve of fuel. It was a secondary subsystem that would only have been activated in a dire emergency. It's fuel stores had been somewhat depleted, but it had remained in a state of "idleness" for a LONG time. Corwin brought it up to 5% power just as his glowrod failed. Part of the engineering section came to life, simply the emergency lighting. But that's all he was hoping for. Running a quick diagnostic, he realized he could probably get the generator up to 15-20% safely. So, in increments of one percent at a time he brought the backup generator online. With each step he ran a further diagnostic, looking for shorts and backlashes of power. He reached about 13% before he encountered any type of resistance.

    "This is more than enough, and the power source will be able to run for years like this. I've brought emergency lighting and secondary lighting up throughout most of the vessel. Hopefully, this will also allow me to safely cycle the doors with ease. I have a minimalistic amount of power running to them as well." Corwin says to his companion

    "You have to name me, it is difficult to converse with you while bearing no name." She said

    "Ta'leth'iel" Corwin said to her

    "Ta'leth'iel?" She questioned

    "It means, "radiant" in Old Tapani. In some of the house dialects it has been related to "radiant evolution". You are beautiful and are in a state of change, it is a fitting name for you. If you want to change it later, when you come to terms with yourself, you may do as you wish." He said with honesty and sincerity

    "No. It is beautiful." She is blushing in the half light "I will forever bear this name for as long as I shall live. Thank You, Corwin."

    Corwin nods and says "Lets see what we can find here, come on." He extends her his hand, taking it he leads this time, following his instincts and senses.

    Hunger and things like sleep were luxuries that did not come to mind as Corwin wandered through the halls of this largely intact and incredible find. The ship had been almost entirely preserved. He had even found a log of some of the events. Dozens of Jedi in training, Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters, among them Master Yoda, had landed this vessel as "softly" as their abilities would allow for.

    He was like a child in a candy store. There were training rooms here, for every type and application. Books... Yes, real Books were here with instructions in the finer basic methods of trainng jedi. They were brittle but salageable. There were data files and equipment stores and ... It defied logic. Such a discovery was everyting he had ever hoped it could be. It was the foundation, the basis he had searched all these years for. It was exactly what his academy needed. Here, he found more data crystals. He found readers for them. Where to begin... He did not know. The two companions huddled together in a musty bunk room after "dusting it" as much as they were able. It got really cold in the ship at night without the sun's brilliance. Much of the ship was submerged in water as well, so none of that helped much.

    When morning came, Corwin slipped gently off the cot and began wandering. He did this intentionally, testing always testing. He had to gauge her reaction. So, he masked himself with Willforce and walked off a ways to examine some of the training sabers.

    When she awoke there was a slight commotion, when she emerged she was a bit distraught. It looked as if she was about to give into doubt and fear. But then she did something completely unexpected. She sat down, as Corwin had, and attempted to enter a meditative trance. The most amazing facet was that she accomplished the task after only a couple minutes of concentration. He could feel he ease herself, controlling the baser urges of her past. Once she had leveled out she stood up and resumed her search for him with a more detached and "at peace" methodology.

    It wasn't long before she found him looking over the training objects. "I cannot sense you... Are you alright?" She asked with concern

    His back to her, he smiled, for one who had force ability of a different form already mastered, the conversion to the training of a Jedi was second nature. Once her perception of the flow of things had changed she learned very quickly. "I am alright" Corwin said exhaling and dropping the mask that had ever been quite useful for him to evade adversaries.

    "I feel you now, you can ... mask your presence?" She asked

    Oh, she was sharp too. Good, but only a little trainig at a time. He had to be certain. "Yes, I learned the ability from a book." Corwin Remarked turning to face her

    He spent the rest of the day milling through the halls and rooms of the vessel with her, all the time teaching her of the Jedi and of the philosophy that had ever steadyed his hand, his heart and his mind.

    The training continued after leaving the ship, and it did not stop until reaching the foot of the Singing Mountain Clan's holdings. There they were greeted by Teneniel Djo, who told them where the other Nightsisters had been sent. With his leave, Ta'leth'iel left to find them and help them with the atonement.

    "She adores you." There was some level of mixed emotion behind Teneniel's statement "How did you...? Impossible..."

    "Nothing is impossible. These past weeks I learned much. I also realized that I could help people who had touched the dark side, in returning to the light. I am always learning, that is what makes me different. I am always trying and testing my limits. Adding different combinations and conceptualizations to my methodology. I will forver be a student of the force." Corwin says happily looking at her straight in the eyes

    "I assume that you will be wanting to see Trina immediately then." Teneniel says

    "No, actually, we already talked. We have been talking the entire time. I never kept her out of the loop. She's been with me the whole time. Actually, perhaps, it is she that has kept me in the "loop"." Corwin says smiling

    "This "loop" you speak of..." Teneniel starts to question

    "It is a figure of speech, an expression, meaning that we were in constant communication through the force. She is fine, and is doing well with your people. I thought that you and I might spend some time together. I need to show you the rites of atonement. Come," he extends his hand to her "We will walk among the lush life of this world and spend some time in the Chu'noth'or, the vessel I was seeking. There are texts there that you can read and I will help you find the way. Learn about me, and through me my perceprion of what the Force is." Corwin says

    She took his hand "What about my mother?" Teneniel asked

    "We have already spoken as well. She is hard at work in uniting your clans. If she needs my assistance, I am at her disposal. Until then, she has given me leave to spend time with you. Just as Trina is spending time with your mother. It is Trina's job to be an impartial advisor to your mother, reading the situation as purely as it is and safeguarding her." Corwin says confidently about Trina

    "She is simply a child" Teneniel says

    "A child of the Force and more than a match for alomst anyone left on this world. Also, she can "feel" emotions and the force around her. She will do fine. A master must trust his students. She will be fine and she will see to it that your mother is safeguarded as well."

    The two walk off together into the dense vegetation

    Many weeks pass

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