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      Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:15

      Topper and the students had been looking for R2D2 for three weeks now. His tutelage of the children was in full swing, it was the only thing that kept him focused. Because the search seemed fruitless...

      One day, Topper rounded the bend to Corwin's quarters to find Misty and Jona sitting in his room. Misty was at the desk and Jona was on the foot of his bed. The holo message Corwin had left for Topper was playing and Misty was had at work leaning over a datapad.

      Topper backed away from the doorway, observing what his students were up to. The holo was looping on the coordinates to Dagobah.

      "If we can map this route... It might give us some clues on what happened to Master Corwin." Misty said

      "Misty, Master Topper said for us to look for R2. I don't understand what we are supposed to find at Dagobah..." Jona said

      "Jona..." she sighs "We're going to plot this course FOR Master Topper. He needs to go here anyway. But more for himself. His friend and mentor says this is a place of testing and mystery. It's only natural that he go there. We'll simply facilitate this. Besides, we've checked all the known starsystems that Corwin left behind. What we found..." She pauses

      "What we found was an Imperial listening post, an abandoned mining facility and a bunch of dead ends." Jona finishes

      "No, we found what Corwin wanted us to find." Misty says

      Now Topper is kicking himself, he's recalling that Corwin never gave direct leads to find ANYTHING... DAMN! Then he's laughing inside, Corwin knew I would go after all the other coordiantes like a bloodhound. It took a 13 year old to point it out. Topper leans his head on the cool metal of the bulkhead.

      "Look, I have the coordinates as best I can tell. Lets's set them... You know, the distance is less than a week at class one from Endor. For us, from our present location.. it should be" She furrows her brow thinking and is then interrupted

      "Why not just instinctively astrogate the coordinates?" Jona says impatiently

      "No, Master Amber would never have done that. He would have led with skill first. Did you learn nothing from Master Topper?" Misty asked increduously and went back to calculating the numbers

      Now is was time for Topper to smile, he got a bit choked up. It was true, Misty was his star student, but he never expected her to be right on the road of Corwin and his training. Some things you can only learn from allowing your students freedom. Jona would be a good jedi, but he would always lead with the force. Misty, on the other hand, will be a skilled and decidedly level headed and multi talented Jedi when she is done.

      "There, I have it." Misty says

      "I still don't understand why you simply didn't just plug the coordiantes in on the fly..." Jona says dismissively

      "You dumb head... You cannot instinctively astrogate the coordiantes. The location defies the abilities of your force abilities for some reason. Even Master Amber said that there was a dark presence there that offset the natural balance of the force. Try sensing for the world, I have and I found nothing... Only Emptiness" Misty replied

      Jona sat in furrowed concentration, for about 10 minutes and came out of it sweating and "I have... nothing... Ok... You were right... Point taken." Jona responds

      "No, Corwin was right, you should trust your master." She responds curtly and then heads with Jona to the bridge.

      About three days later the Ace of Sabers emerges in the Dagobah system. Topper is on the bridge.

      "Where are we?" But he laready knows the answer

      "We are at Dagobah, we wanted to suprise you." Misty responds

      Topper beams and tusseles her hair

      "Master Topper, there's a strong landing cycle beacon on the ground of that planetoid." Jona says

      "Well what are you waiting for? Take us down Jona." Topper responds

      "What? Me?" Jona says nervously "I don't do so well in this ship piloting stuff." He responds

      "Time to learn" Topper says leaning over him, helping guide him with the process

      An hour later they were on the ground

      "Ok Kids, Corwin told me this place was rather dangerous so, stick together and stay where I tell you to stay. Reach out with the force, feel the life here and revel in it. It is one of the few places you will not have to fear openly using your powers." Topper says

      "Maybe you should go first master" Misty says spotting something metallic out of of the viewport with enhanced jedi senses.

      "Ok, I'll go first" Thinking to himself that the "ressurected" Luke would know of Dagobah, but consoling himself in the knowledge that he would not know that Corwin had known its location. Then he realized it was not fear from Misty, but curiousity.

      He stepped off the Ace's ramp onto the moist ground. Looking around carefully and spotting nothing, then reaching out he "felt" the area around him. Still nothing out of place, save for massive life form readings. Then, with a flash of insight, because of Misty, he enhanced his vision and saw it as he swept his field of view over a mass in the trees. A slight hint of metal...

      "No... It can't be this simple." Topper thought to himself, and it was.

      Luke's X-Wing was sitting there under camo netting between a couple trees

      "Naw... Oh my..." In disbelief as he spotted R2 sitting, deactivated in the droid socket

      The entry ladder was there, he went up, opened the ****pit and found a datapad sitting on the fight seat. There was a TIE flight suit inside, with the symbol of their Jedi Academy in the place of the Imperial Symbols.

      Shaking his head, wondering is Corwin was still alive and still helping him... He flipped the datapad on

      "Confirming Bio signature, Sylar Topper. Time to reach Dagobah = 7 weeks. Message follows"

      "Topper, good you went to the other starsystems first. You needed to clear your mind. Plus I know you threw yourself whole heartedly into training the kids. I know they learned some good, hard truths and the Imperial Encounter at the listening post probably was a big part of that.

      I tractored Luke's fighter here as I found her, R2's on board. I never had the heart or the time to turn him on. That's your job buddie. R2 will help you with, Luke told me that. Now that I'm gone... know, that you will not find me here. I forsaw my death on the Bridge of the Imperial Hammer, I tried to thwart it. But if I have not contacted you by now, then I am gone. An escape pod was programmed to jettison on automatic if a certain mass entered her. It was probably debris... It's likely that Luke's Clone was able to destroy my force spirit.

      Work with R2, the kids and the academy, to build a bright future for the New Republic. All that remains is the Cave... and Yoda's house, here I'vemarked the coordiantes for his dwelling. The kids will get a kick out of his home and his presence and, perhaps, Luke's true presence will give them and you solace. The cave is a point of coldness in this sea of life.

      Good Luck, my friend, my brother,


      Tears flowed freely down Topper's face, as he leaned on the edge of the ****pit for support. His friend, mentor and brother was dead... He stood there, on the ladder for a long, long time...

      Later after leaving the children at Yoda's hut, where a good and soft force prescence wisked the children off to sleep, Topper stepped out of the hut.

      "What will I face in the cave?" Topper questioned to no one in particular

      "You will face only what you bring with you..." The voice echoed from a dearby tree stump

      Remembering the ability that Corwin had been teaching him, to contact force spirits, he began focusing. The outline and then the glowing form of a small alien resolved itself brightly

      "Corwin never said anything about you... Oh.. You must be Yoda" Topper stated

      "Ahh... But he said many things about you...hehehe! Yoda I am." Yoda responded

      "You've spoken with him?" Topper asked

      "Once, only, have I. When learned he did of Luke's ability. See it, I do, the spark in you. He was right." Yoda stated

      "Right about what? Is Corwin Dead?" Topper asked the double question

      "My time is short today, he was right about you. Now your only test remains with the cave. That is the last, final test, then you are truly Jedi. You will face only what you take with you, but choose as you wish.

      He pauses

      I cannot feel Corwin, he is ... gone ... "

      "Then it's true... he is dead..." Topper said

      Yoda shakes his head "Search your feelings, and you will know what to do." Then his image fades and is gone

      Topper does as Yoda instructed, finding solace in the memories of Corwin, then finally at peace he enters the cave. The place is dark, cold, he feels cold.

      He see's death, all of the academy and all it will be and all of it destroyed, all of it dead. It's ghosts assault him "You killed us all, your blindness and overconfidence killed all of us!" Look, and the ghosts of Order 67 and the jedi children stepped up to heckle him "you betrayed us all, you"

      "No, I would not. You are all my family. You are all part of me, bound by blood and trials. This future will not come to pass." Topper said resolved, an dthe images faded

      One lone image resolved itself, the ghost of Corwin Amber "You couldn't save me, you have failed me" it said perfectly in his voice and moved from being an appirition to being Corwin in the flesh, the surroundings changed to the bridge of the Imperial Hammer

      His lightstaff ignited and he lunged at Topper, who rolled out of the way "No." Topper said "you are not my friend, my mentor, my brother"

      THe image responded "Right indeed" and the form of Amber resolved istelf into Luke, a twisted luke with his right arm missing and replaced by an ovbious mechanical prostetic "I am your death"

      "Not today" Topper ignited his lightstaff whirling it arund and up to block, again and again the two combatants sparred.

      "Give into your hatred, I feel it flowing through you. You feel betrayed by my portrayl of your master" Luke said

      "No. My emotions are for me to govern alone, I use my passion as Corwin had. I shape it, and I am at peace." Topper said closing his weapon, truly at peace, holstering the blades he stood up to his full height as luke swung. And the lightsaber of Luke passed harmlessly through him.

      Later Topper emerged from the cave, resolved, and stronger in the light.

      "Good! Good!" The familiar voice echoed, as Yoda resolved himself once again "Nothing more, have you to learn from this place. A place it is for one only, until that day..." THe visage winks at Topper and is gone

      Cryptic messages... Never a straight answer... Who was the one? Topper wondered

      Flying away, tractoring the X-Wing, they headed for Corwin's platform at Bespin.

      Time to revive R2, and start building that future for the New Republic that Corwin had dreamed of.

      THe End


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      Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:15

      "The One"

      Encrypted message
      Priority Delta
      Traget Recipients: Order 67 Commanders, NR General Cracken, Amber Family Location: Tapani Sector

      Message Body:
      Source: Jedi Master Sylar Topper


      Confirmed... Corwin Amber died on the bridge of the Imperial Hammer. Luke Skywalker's Clone saw to his complete destruction.


      End Message

      Recipients of the message, namely Order 67 and General Cracken slumped and faltered. Every last bit of hope they held for their friend's survival was finally gone. Each suffered in their own way.

      The command staff of of Order 67 hurt inside, but if anything they resolved to face a truth that they all knew could have come at any time. Their success, and lives all owed to a mentor and friend that was now gone. It changed nothing, in reality, but one hard fact. They had to re-take Ord Torgle alone. However, the members of all arms of their military group found solace in the fact that Corwin had taken the time to get them to where they needed to be to re-take their home. They had the training, the military hardware, and yet another clear line of support in the New Republic. It seems that the Chief of State had slated their world as a priority target for liberation. They would free their homeworld.

      One man, one very big man. Sat alone in the cantina on Tatooine. There he sat looking at his glass of Corellian Brandy. Swilling it, and sipping it as Corwin had. It's taste was bitter sweet. Later he realized he had broken composure and his tears had mingled with the drink. Not a thing that happend lightly for gunney. Cha'Lune came over to sit with him. He growled out a greeting and then sat down abruptly.

      "I wasn't looking for company... However, I think you're one person I cannot dislodge from the seat across from me..." Gunney half smiled, only a wookie could stop him "Here, let us drink to brothers lost in battle." and the two enjoyed the last bottle of Corwin's stock.

      Corwin's family took it really hard, his grandfather took it the worst of all. Having just recieved the title to Corwin's lands in Mecetti Space. The deed to the lands had already been prepped for sale, it was capital enough to give them everything they needed to re-claim their holdings. Moreso, even than they had before. Millions of credits that easily bought back their business, their lives and their station in society.

      The holo that accompanied it was still "standing there" looking at him.

      "Grandfather, here are the deeds to my lands in Mecetti space. The will buy you and the family back into high society. Moreso, save a million or two for Grandpa Grant and he will divert an immediate honor guard of loyal ex-imperial troops that will willingly bleed for the safety of the family. The contingent will be small, but skilled and an excellent start on re-building the house guard. They will be well equipped, and have already been briefed that they will loyally serve the Amber Holdings and family for the duration of their lives.

      I'm just glad I had the time, the resources, and the know how to restore the family to prominence. I had the best teacher in the galaxy, grandpa, thank you.

      Don't cry for me, make certain the family holds my ideals high. Never flinch from duty to serving the helpless and the innocent. We may be nobles, but as such it is our duty to safeguard those who cannot defend themselves.

      May the force be with you all,


      His family was in a state of pain, relief and exaltation at the same time.

      His grandfather retired to his quarters, in the home that was now his once more. Looking around, things were a mess as they had been looked through. He moved to the wall of his study, where his data collection once sat. There, now completely alone, he reached out gesturing with his hand. A "tumbler" clicked several times, and then the wall moved slightly. Again with his arm he gestured, his had was shaking and he was crying. The wall opened softly, creaking slightly. There, in a depression in the wall hung the outfit of a Jedi, the trappings of a life from a long time ago...

      No one ever knew of his Pelagian heritage, he was known by a different name then. It was a lifetime ago, he had "died" in that lifetime. He had lost his connection to the Force, for the last 40-50 years he felt nothing of it. In the past couple months it had returned... For what reason... "The Crystal Corwin had given me." He mumbled, looking down at it, it glowed every so slightly. Then he removed it, and placed it in the depression around the "neck" of the manequin that was wearing his robes. Picking up the lightsaber. "It has been too long, my friend" speaking to the elegant weapon.

      "Thank you, Corwin, for the gift. I wonder... Did he know?" He said to the air

      His grandfather had always looked good for his age, something had changed lately and with a sensitivity long deprived of, a slight youthfulness touched his face. He was walking taller, noticing things, and recalling some of his abilities. His strength in the force was diminished... But the miracle was that it had returned.

      "What do I do now? What do I do without you? I should have trained him? Perhaps, he would not have fallen... No... I know the truth." The sadness hit him, and as he had indeed trained Corwin to do, he embraced it, harnessed it and stood up alive in the force. He had trained Corwin, in all that he could without showing his "hand". He had guided Corwin to develop on his own and was not disappointed for having made that choice...

      Elsewhere in the Tapani Sector

      A courier is rushing up to a group of ovbious ex imperials.

      "Colonel, I have an urgent report for you" Handing him the datapad

      The Colonel read the report, it was the confirmation of Corwin Amber's death

      Shaking, anger played over his face, he slammed the datapad into the table until it shattered. Only the words "Confirmed, Corwin Amber is dead" remained active.

      He screamed, and screamed until his lungs could not support the action. Then he fell to his knees "I have... Nothing Left... I am nothing!!! Damn you Amber! Damn you Skywalker!!!"

      What the future held for the Colonel and his companions... That is anyone's guess.

      Back at Bespin, at the inception of the message:

      Sylar Topper is writing creating the message in a secure chamber of Bespin's holo message, priority channel station. It was a place that was not supposed to exist, but Lando had gratefully installed a secret station there for emergencies. Sylar is finishing the message....


      On Dagobah, three luminescent figures resolve themselves, "looking" at Sylar on Bespin

      "He is mistaken" Ben Kenobi Says

      "Mistaken indeed" Yoda remarks

      "You said he was gone, not dead" Luke remarks

      "Indeed" Yoda says

      "If he was dead, he would be among us." Ben remarks

      "And if my clone had destroyed his force presence?" Luke asks

      "There would be a point of light, a place of great beauty, in the sky above Bothwai. All jedi would feel it." Yoda says definitively "Much like the point of darkness that is here, on Dagobah, where I destroyed a Dark Master utterly."

      "You referred to the one" Luke questions

      "Yes." Yoda Remarks

      "Amber?" Ben asks

      "No" Yoda says softly "His training is complete, a Jedi of the Highest Order he is."

      "Leia" Luke says "She must come here."

      "In time will she" Yoda says as the three fade "To her you must go." As Yoda resolves once more, luke returns to view "Amber has begun her training, it is time"

      The End

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