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The Espo Incident (short story) Empty


    The Espo Incident (short story)


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    The Espo Incident (short story) Empty The Espo Incident (short story)

    Post  Xeen on April 8th 2014, 10:08

    "General Watt, I have a report for you from the interrogation of the pirate leader" Giles say a little concerned. "Not now Colonel" the General responds while pouring over casualty reports. "Sir, I think you need to see this" Giles responds as he hands the datapad to Watt. They have been on Deltooine for over a month fighting pirates that have setup a base on world. Assaulting and taking the base was an easy task for one of the Espo's more elite units, The 54th Regiment. After the base was taken, the pirates fled into the surrounding terrain and waged a guerrilla war. After three weeks of fighting the pirate leader was captured and the rest surrendered. The 54th had been under the command of General Watt since its inception in 13 BBY to fight in the Trianii war. General Watt held the respect of the 54th completely. He was not overly cruel to his opponents and was fair to his men.

    General Watt read through the datapad completely, then looked up at Giles "Have you been able to confirm the proof he offered?" Giles steps closer so he can speak at a lower tone "Yes Sir, I found the video myself. The video has audio and it is the Prex of the Direx Board. You can hear him clearly, and that he did bring these pirates in to cause trouble. He wanted more money from the CSA which all would have went to his Corporation." Watt looks down at his desk, "Colonel Giles, you are in command. I need to go to Etti and bring this to light." Giles shakes his head, "Sir, you know this will not play out well." "Yes Colonel, I know this will go one of two ways. Lets hope I can get it into the right hands."

    Two weeks pass and no word from General Watt. "Sir, the Profiteer has entered system. General Rek is on his way down" a Major stand at attention. "Thank you Major, I will greet him. Inform the men that our worse fears have come true. I will speak to the command staff shortly." Giles makes his way to the landing pad and waits for the shuttle ramp to open. "Welcome to Deltooine General." The General returns Giles salute with disdain "Here are your orders." The General walks past Giles and into the base.

    "Well men, I have been reassigned to Etti. I also found out that General Watt has been tried and convicted for treason. He is set to be executed next week. I will do what I can for him when I arrive at Etti." A Major speaks up "Colonel, you know as well as the rest of us that there is no way we can get him out of this. We would need five more regiments just to break him off Etti." Giles shakes his head. He knows the Major is correct. "Speak with the men while I am gone. We will be leaving the CSA. I will contact you as Aunt Marjery when everything is in place. Good luck."

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