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    Post  Xeen on April 2nd 2014, 15:06

    Zixyl was born on Rendili in 18BBY to a family that has a long tradition of working in Rendili Star Drives Engineering Division. His family raised him with great expectations of following in the foot steps of that tradition. Zixyl had no desire to do nothing and sit in an office making designs he would never get a chance to experience. He still tried to do as his family wanted, he had the natural ability. By the age of 14 he was enrolled into Rendilis School of Engineering and graduated with flying colors in 2 years, where most in the program take 4 years.

    Even graduating with esteem and having family in key positions, Zixyl was passed over by Rendili Star Drives. Rendili's recruitment drive focused on humans or near humans to satisfy Compnor agents based at RSD HQ. Luckily for Zixyl, Rendili was in agreement with the Corporate Sector Authority to sell ships and provide support for these ships. He was recruited by CSA as part of their maintenance program. At least he was able to travel and see new places.

    At CSA, Zixyl had a boring job of maintaining Victory Star Destroyers and Dreadnaughts. These ships only require the most basic of maintenance. So Zixyl went about two boring years of twirling hydrospanners and drinking. Well at least hookers are legal on Etti. Until one day he met a man named Parlin at one of the local brothels. Parlin went on and on about putting a crew together for some freighter operations. Zixyl decided to join him, knowing full well that the job itself will be just as boring as CSA maintenance but at least he would get to travel.

    When Zixyl first stepped aboard the freighter he was not aware of what was in store for him. Parlin asked him how he felt about doing some real life threatening adventures and about breaking the law. He learned that his job and life would no longer be boring.

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