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    LegendaryExGamer's Concepts on Running RPGs


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    LegendaryExGamer's Concepts on Running RPGs Empty LegendaryExGamer's Concepts on Running RPGs

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on June 19th 2013, 13:36

    Essentially, I run games that allow for maximum player freedom.  I will plot hammer in certain scenarios if I am introducing a major event that should be paid attention to, however, it is still up to my players if they even want to pursue these static elements that I introduce into the story.

    I see my gaming style as having a capacity to generate near endless story, however, I truly prefer my players to generate their own.  Through their actions, I allow my players to create their own legacy and choose the level of their own advancement.

    It essentially boils down to how much "threat" to your survival you want to take on.  The more threat you eat, the faster you develop.  

    There are no rules that cannot be broken in my games.  I run with a loose set of rules, I will continue using more traditional rules until a player gives me a good reason why I should simply toss them out the window.  If you can describe your action, utilizing your abilities and it defies the ruleset, it is almost a certainty that I will break the rules to allow it to happen.

    Typical Weakness/Advantage of my game mastering style:  Insanely fast advancement 

    If you are looking for a game where you gradually grow, slowly coming into your own and never quite achieving greatness... It is not going to be so in a game I run.  As I stated above, if you choose an insanely dangerous adversary and defeat them I will reward you in kind.

    Player Challenges: Everything you do has an equal and opposite reaction

    There will always be other players (NPC) in my settings that will either be reacting to your choices or they will be advancing their own agendas at similar character growth rates.  

    If you do something my setting perceives as massively illegal, and are caught, expect the game world to react against you.  

    If you fail to act in my games, you will surely perish.  Explanation: Even though I will not always ask you to roll dice in certain situations, you must at least offer to do so.  

    Example:  You are facing 12 enemies alone, and you just stand there... They will react and you will die.

    if you are facing 12 enemies alone, and you describe how you menacingly glare at them and state "Do you even know who I am?"  they will likely hesitate

    Then if you advance that by describing how you take advantage of that distraction, in game terms or in skill use or whatever.  You may very well succeed in sending them all to an early grave.

    Another Example:  You are leading 100 men into battle against a similar force of adversaries.  

    1.  You issue no orders to the NPCs, you simply attack the enemy force.  I will kill most if not all of your men.

    2.  You chant out a battle cry, rousing the spirits of your men.  You shot orders for battle formations, and personally lead the phalanx into the midst of the battle.  You will take losses, possibly, and you shall prevail with minimal loss of life.

    On NPC interaction:

    If you have no regard for the NPC's of my setting, one or more the following will occur:

    1.  NPC's will ignore you (even prominent ones that should respect your titles and skill)
    2.  You will never gain henchmen that you do not continuously pay to keep on staff
    3.  NPC's that are your allies will never gain experience, and thus get better growing with you into more powerful allies.
    4.  I will not bother to generate meaningful NPC companions for you.  
    5.  No adversary in the game will fear you, even if your abilities or specific spells/powers are used against them.
    6.  The game is going to suck balls in the worst possible way for you (Not really a fan of that act, but I can imagine someone biting them off and it being hellish).  

    If you do care about the personas that I create in the game and you build relationships with them, one of more of the following will occur:

    1.  NPC's will adore/respect you  
    2.  You will gain free henchmen, loyal to your cause who gain experience and get better
    3.  Your NPC allies will continue to grow in prominence, wealth and experience allowing them to lend a hand in larger engagements, outfit your people with better equipment and come to your aid in times of need unexpectedly.
    4.  I will generate meaningful NPC companions for you
    5.  NPCs will tremble in fear at the very mention of your name, many will flee in your presence and others might outright surrender or kill themselves to avoid being captured to having to face you in combat.
    6.  Your game will be as rewarding as it possibly can be.  All of your in game interactions will be at the highest level and it will seem as if I have written an epic story just for you.  Yet, the epic tale will be because you created it through your own actions and interactions.

    On handling property in the game:  I always give people new stuff after they lose it

    If you care about your stuff, you take care of it or you use it all the time the following describes what could happen:

    1.  Your stuff gets better, either by your own hands or by my elevating it
    2.  If you lose an item dear to you, I will give you one of equal if not better value 

    If you could give a rat's ass about the stuff your character has, one or more of the following will happen:

    1.  You will get a piece of utter garbage to replace it unless, you specifically purchase the same thing.
    2.  If you lose your stuff, you will get whatever I feel you need at the time.  
    3.  You will never have an item with any level of significance again.  Until you show that you can care about something and build it up.

    That's all for now.

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