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    Imperial Heroes (GM Thread)


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    Imperial Heroes (GM Thread)

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on May 10th 2013, 10:28

    Set just after the events at the Battle of Endor, this establishes an alternate universe filled with peril and quite a bit of change.

    The Battle of Endor was configured to eliminate all the "Assholes" that destroy the story of the universe.
    The battle of Endor:
    The Rebel fleet that arrived would have outnumbered the original Imperial fleet by a factor of 50

    The Black Ice shipment successfully reached Endor, and due to a shift in his visions the Emperor had something more in tune with 5 Sector fleets present + an additional number of Star Destroyers for a total around the 300 mark.

    The Rebel fleet that showed up consisted of almost every race and creed of the Starwars universe that had a bone to pick with the Empire, and as such it was masssive. They also showed up with a massive trade federation army and unleashed horrors on the Imperials that had only been experienced decades earlier.

    The Vong fleet reached Endor, baited by thrawn to show up early.

    Tyber Zahn's entire retinue showed up there as well, along with many other idiots who all died there...

    This was an initial cleanup to the universe as a whole. Certain factions escaped in small numbers, however, the Rebels came out on top and hit the ground running.

    Events immediately after / during the 2+ month battle of Endor:

    -The Rebel Alliance immediately became the Alliance to restore the Republic.
    -A massive Rebel strike force laid siege to Coruscant (eventually taking it after 3 Months or so)
    -Rebel representatives reached out to many former members of the Old Republic and gained momentum and support in core systems.

    Due to certain events of the Imperial Heroes, KDY became a staunch supporter of the New Republic
    -Seinar Fleet Systems fell into step with the New Republic after Rear Admiral Clearwater arrived in system to bribe / and or steal core technologies from them. There he destroyed a New Republic (already calling itself this at this point) taskforce and killed Admiral Ackbar in the process.

    The New Republic ends up engaging almost anyone and everyone that clings to slices of the old Empire.

    A new galactic threat has emerged, having indoctrinated Grand Admiral Thrawn this entity has caused massive damage to certain areas of the Galaxy. Notably, it wiped the Chiss race off the face of the galaxy. There are less than 501 Chiss sentients remaining in the galaxy.

    It was revealed to be roughly 3Km in length, and resembling a KDY Mandator III (which should be 12Km long) and possessing of an advanced series of weapons. The main of which appears to be a cross between a Superlaser\Reflex Cannon\Area of Effect EMP weapon. In it's first contact with the Imperial Heroes' Empire it killed Grand Admiral Grant, and fired its main gun as it left a nameless system. This stripped the entirety of the Atmosphere off the world and the blast from the gun continued upwards into space vaporising 8 Victory II star Destroyers and 1 Super Class Star Destroyer. It fled into Wild Space with the Imperial Heroes unable to or uncertain as to how they should proceed.

    Current News Feed:
    Galactic News Flash:
    New Republic Assault on Thyferra - Fails after a 1 week Siege
    Rumors of a 17Km Star Destroyer in Thyferra Orbit
    Massive Military Buildup in Thyferra
    Thyferra communications Blackout
    Thyferra Completely Interdicted
    All Bacta Flow in the Galaxy ceases immediately

    Other News:
    -The Engineer starts working on a cheap version of the armor
    -A strange signal intermittently is spotted by Imperial forces in the Sisar Run, it is elusive
    -The Droid is ready anytime
    -Elrood Sector Military Buildup - Many ships going in, none leaving
    -Kathol Sector Military Buildup and then communications Blackout
    -Eriadu Military Buildup and communications blackout
    -New Republic begins to field next-generation fighter craft in small numbers
    -New Republic begins manufacturing Majestic-Class Heavy Cruiser, Endurance Fleet Carrier, Hajen Fleet Tender, Warrior Gunships and Nebulon C Frigates
    -New Republic fields new version of Republic Defender short range starfigher (1 man), a new short range bomber (3 Man)
    -Jedi Academy on Coruscant experiences a massive surge in Jedi Potential and many thousands of the galaxy's inhabitants flock to this beacon of light
    -Borsk Fey'lya named New Republic President: As first action in office he names the Imperials (your empire) enemies of the state, issuing arrest warrants for: General Ace Starkiller, General Corwin Amber, Rear Admiral Clearwater and dozens of other high priority targets
    -The New Republic is heavily engaged in Yevethan Space, the Yevethans are putting up a good fight and their superlaser platform is costing the New Republic significantly
    -Memorial services are held for Admiral Ackbar - A galactic outcry for blood is issued for Rear Admiral Clearwater
    -KDY and Sienar Fleet Systems fall into step with the New Republic
    -The New Republic Locks down the Perlmian Trade Arm
    -The New Republic begins to engage the Pentastar Alignment
    -The New Republic Begins to Blockade the Tapani Sector, Modell Sector and sends out roving task groups to disrupt Imperial shipping
    -The New Republic issues a general order to detain or destroy any Imperial Smugglers or known smugglers in general
    -Tapani Sector is reporting escalated terriorism and rebel activity
    -Some sort of restructuring of criminal syndicates is underway and the criminal cartels begin to fall into line with one, singular, organization: The Talon Syndicate.
    -New Republic efforts to eliminate the Talon Syndicate have failed in almost every engagement (they have won a few victories).
    -Scientists are being abducted/killed, no one knows why
    -New Republic receives an influx of KDY & Sienar ships
    -Sullust is finally seen for what it has been doing. It can no longer contain the media blackout on a MASSIVE military buildup. In the past several months they have added at least 24 Capital ships, hundreds of space born defenses and have locked down \ interdicted their shipping lanes. Carefully vetting the traffic that flows in and out of their sector.
    -Additional rumors circulate of fringe colonies going dark
    -Rumors of a sentient droid army attacking planets and sectors begins to reach the news
    -The Deep Core closes its borders completely, any ships entering the deep core are never seen again.
    -Mon Calamari locks down its borders, erecting many Golan I, II and III platforms. They begin a sector wide interdiction and massive military buildup.
    -The New Republic Attacks Warlord Zinj - Zinj issues a call for help to your Empire due to his past relations with GAD Grant.
    -GAD Declan is corralled into a corner, GAD Thrawn is holding his fleet in position with a grossly outclassed formation. Thrawn simply continues to snipe at GAD Declan's forces, biting off small pieces of them daily and striking in a completely unpredictable fashion. Rumors surface that Thrawn is working in conjunction with a Female commander as well.
    -2 Grand Admiral's ally with the New Republic, bringing their forces with them and any sectors they held influence in.
    -The TIE Allegiance hit's its first milestone for mass production. It is the updated version with elements from an engineer familiar with the TIE defender (Chris2) incorporated into it.
    -The Grant-class Imperial War Frigate begins mass production, one vessel of this type is already being listed as having been stolen by rebel radicals. One is missing, one is Corwin's. Fondor has produced 2 additional which entered service immediately. 12 More are estimated by year end.
    -Bakuran Engineers have completed their designs based off the Victory I & II - And 2 of each ship roll off assembly (the production prototype basis) in Shapani Ship yards formally known for building Tapani Carriers and War Frigates (not to be confused with the Grant-class frigates). 4 of each class have been completely refit with the production specifications.
    -Bakuran Engineers went back to the drawing board after reviewing the Grant-class War frigate and deemed that their first forays into the Star Destroyer market were already out classed (essentially) by a small warship design that had existed for hundreds of years already. They begin sending covert teams to the Graveyard of Alderaan looking for additional design information and vessels there, they recover a pair of small, yet advanced destroyers/corvettes (in terms of durability). Returning to their designs, they are hard pressed to produce ships better than either the destroyers or the war frigate and thus settle on simply making them better (already incorporated into the War frigate). Then they go back to the drawing board for their 2 designs of 450m & 900m ships that will eventually replace the Victory I & II refits
    -Shapani Shipyards begins refitting Acclamator I & IIs
    -Shapani Shipyards reverse engineers the Bayonet Cruiser and then refits the craft. Now producing it with updated weaponry and each ship now carries 1 Squadron of TIE Allegiance.
    -Fondor Shipyards continues to experience good business in the form of many independent worlds looking to refit their aging warships, purchasing new warship designs (Stripped Down War Frigates = closer to stock with less advancements).
    -Regardless of the galaxy being a more dangerous place to run your own Tramp freighter, Ghtroc Engineering completely exhausts all stock on hand of their re-fitted designs and they become swamped with back orders, forcing them (for the first time in history) to expand their compound and another first in the industry is that BOSS reports they have actually outsold the Corellian Engineering Corporation for the past 2 months by a margin of 5% the first month and 11% the next.
    -Many small governments on the fringe of Imperial Space (your territory) have petitioned and paid for permits to bear their own armaments (using many of the Ghtroc refits as a basis for system patrol and defence in addition to buying anything Fondor sells them). Many petitions from the area are flooding in for the Empire to absorb them into the fold.


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    Game Day 5/11/2013

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on May 13th 2013, 14:55

    As of last game: Recap: & Galactic News:

    Imperial Strike Force Lead by Rear Admiral Clearwater masquerades as a Rebel Fleet and invades the Elrood Sector with the goal of Elrood, eventually, begging the Empire to absorb them into the fold.
    Campaign Actions:
    -Initial incursion into Elrood resulted in the fleet being ripped from hyperspace by an Interdictor
    The battle that ensued cost the fleet 6 picket ships and 1 Quasar Fire Class Bulk Cruiser. The Quasar Fire was the core starfighter carrier for the fleet and contained most of the skilled technicians for Starfighter repair and maintenance.
    -2 Untested pilots were sent to recon ahead after the battle and they never returned. However, these two pilots ran, and while running in a heavily fortified system, they recorded tactical data on the current assets there. They eventually found a less known jump route (from the Korad system) to a hidden system and hijacked a civilian freighter there. Using it to continue reconnaissance and rejoined the fleet that was jumping into system.
    -The fleet then jumped to the Lanthrym system, narrowly missing a massive hyperspace capable molecular furnace, and setup a base of operations.
    -Intel gathered is that the Imperials have approximately 3 Warlords in sector. 1 Imperial I, 1 Imperial II and 4 Strike Cruisers, 12 Carrack Cruisers in addition to certain system assets.
    -Korad is known to have 2 Corellian Gunships, 3 Elrood Prosperity Cruisers and 4 TIE platforms.
    -Coyn is known to have an Imperial I, 2 Corellian Gunships, 3 Elrood Prosperity Cruisers and 4 TIE platforms.
    -The KDY Orbital defender was setup on Lanthrym in a well shielded crater and the base was installed into the mountain side.
    -The group led a strike team to a shadow port, however, after a brief firefight they narrowly escaped death as their freighter pulled out of dock violently when the sensor operator realized something massive was bearing down on them. A massive hyperspace capable molecular furnace ate the Shadow Port.
    -The sensor operator detected a massive object on sensors, which Amd Clearwater recognized as an Eclipse Super Star Destroyer, in the wake of the nebula where the hyperspace menace had come from.

    In other news:
    -Inquisitor Arno responded to a strange reading in the Sisar run and found a gift from someone who is supposed to be dead.
    -Arno recruits Lady Tarkin (Tarkin's Daughter) to become the political figurehead of the Empire (aka Empress Tarkin). The Eriadu system joins the Empire.
    -Arno and Ace capture Grand Adm Declan, and stuff him into a force cage, after stunning him repeatedly and drugging him senseless in addition to surrounding him with Yasilimiri.

    -Skar purchases a suit of Powered Armor and begins creating an ultimate combat suit out of it.
    -Skar literally fabricates an incredibly durable unibody space-frame for a custom starfighter he is designing for himself.
    -Skar required transporting around the galaxy covertly to acquire parts and resources and he befriended a Courier\Transporter Pilot that ferried him everywhere in a ship called the Pulasr Skate (Mirax Terrick), as well as, a retired Space Ops Rescue coreman that is an expert in Power Suit Operations and Tactics.

    -Moff Honey Gemini was busy at a political conference, where she successfully, covertly, assassinated a New Republic Senator who was instrumental in the blockade of the Tapani Sector. Unable to ascertain the cause of death, it was ruled that he had a heart attack. (Injure Kill)
    -Moff HG returned to her espionage equipped Tagge Cruiser and worked diligently with technicians during the mayhem of the Senator's death to decrypt the current New Republic military band.
    -Moff HG acquired Information related to rumors that the New Republic was producing\fielding new hardware. This rumor has been verified as truthful. All New Republic ships are being phased out, quickly, and it is expected that they will be fielding all new line vessels by year end. Thus, there is not a limited timetable for the Elrood and Kathol smear campaigns (roughly 3 months)

    -Pirate Woman had donated her ship to the 'Rebel Fleet" and then taken on the role of a Privateer\Pirate\Recruiter. She initially was leading a small fleet: 2 Drednaughts, 6 Guardian light cruisers, 4 Correllian Corvettes. However, after he success the following war assets were acquired (with full crew):
    2 Corellian Corvettes, 1 Corellian Gunship, 3 Modified Bulk Cruisers, Kuari Empress Cruise Liner, 12 Freighter Captains and their ships, Dornean Gunship, Imperial II SD (Booster Terrick's Shadow Port).
    -She has liberated roughly 30 million credits from the New republic
    -She has managed to form some relationships with a handful of dispossessed pirates\er...mercenaries and they have willingly signed on to join her cause, acting as her personal guardsmen, boarding parties and forming an experienced crew for her flagship.

    -Corwin disappears into hyperspace in his Grant-Class War Frigate, right after being engaged by New Republic Forces as he was near the deep core. (He jumped into the deep core)
    -The Explosives Engineer takes a teaching position at the Imperial Academy
    -The Emperor's Hand becomes the Empresses Hand (Lady Tarkin).
    -The Talon Syndicate begins running fully fledged military operations, raiding Imperial, New Republic, and many other independent\warlord\whatever worlds. The objectives of these raids have yet to be determined.
    -A report of Rendili being under heavy assault, barely manages to make it to the holonet. It is a GENERAL distress call, to any local military New Republic and Imperial.
    -The New Republic brings the matter of assistance to a debate and this debate gets tied up in Political Wrangling for weeks.
    -A Rogue Splinter Group of the New Republic defies orders and heads to the Rendili system with 2 Dreadnoughts and a handful of older military assets that the New Republic is phasing out. Rogue Squadron, the Millenium Falcon and various other disbanded Spec Ops units also answer the call.
    -The Pentastar Alignment sends a small detachment of troops (even though they are currently engaged with the New Republic) in the form of a pair of Vindicator Cruisers.
    -Warlord Zinj sends his old Victory II in to help Rendili, the Iron Fist. (Even though he, too, is engaged with the New Republic and likely has the least to gain from sending away one of the few ships he has).
    -Lady Tarkin immediately sends both Victory Response Cruisers & a pair of specially modified Grant War frigates (response variants) and while receiving the news later than the rest of the galaxy, gets there first. Reports coming in are staggering, Rendili is fully engaged by a MASSIVE "Trade Federation" fleet.

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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on May 15th 2013, 15:43

    I posted some new pictures in the Gallery Section

    I have always told people that it is much more rewarding to be the reason why others smile, even at one's own expense. This task becomes more difficult with each passing year... "JJK" 2006

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