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    Adventures of the Crown


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    Adventures of the Crown

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on April 30th 2011, 02:00

    The information on the world will be listed here:

    The Cronicles of Therogoth

    The story recorded history begins long ago on a continent called Azo. Azo is an ancient name meaning "mother" in the old vernaucular. Unlike many other realms the continent of Azo is a beatuiful place with three primary political characteristics. Our story begins in the centeral portion of the realm, a great walled realm separated from both it northern and southern relatives by a three hundred foot (TALL) fortification which spans from edge to edge of the continents "midland" borders, the wall encompasses the midland realm even on the water front to the east and west of the realm. It is the Kingdom of Lord Archinus Therogoth. Therogoth's realm is one of high technology. Advancements in science, medicine and still a bit of magic here and there have catapulted the realm into amazing prosperity. Its great "magics" have manifested themselves in the past three centuries in the form of health and longevity. The humans of the midland real are, mostly, long lived. Living lives that resemble that of low born elves (some 250+ years). Those who do not live as such, are cropping up once again. They are referred to as the "damned", people with natural human lifespans. the kingdom is, perhaps, the wealthiest in all the world. With even its lowliest pesants having the means with which to construct a formidible home and provide for their entire family.

    To the north exists the remanents of the old world, lords that fought in the demon wars some three hundred years prior. However, with the closing of that era an dthe breaking of the old Empire they wished to swear fealty to no man other than themselves. It is referred to the Malreml, again in old vernacular this roughly translates to "Outlaw Region". The lords here resemble a more feudal and clan based society. Many bands of tribes, many lords with smaller realms. It is a political powder keg, with all the intrigue and danger afforded by a feudal society. Also located to the north is the great expanse of mountains known as the Daoorm, yet another old tongue name for "Dwarven Home". the last of the dwarves have holed themselves inside ther great fortresses deep under the mountain range. The Dwarven kingdom Bashegul, and it is said that in the Dwarven tongue it means "Last Home". There has been some speculation as of late that the dwarves are fighting a loosing battle against hordes of demonic denizens, however, this is yet to be confirmed. Just beyond the wall of Therogoth's kingdom, a great forest with massive trees separates the notth from the midlands, spanning from sea to sea. This is the true outlaw realm, though it is never referred to in such a fashion.

    To the south of the Midland realm of Therogoth are great jungles, housing many lost early empires. It is a very dangerous place, filled with cults and lurking beings of immense power. Not much is known of the current state of the old realm. However, one you pass through the jungles, if you survive, you find yourself in the Old Empire. It is the remanent of the Imperial Dynasty that had endured for over a millennia. Here in the south, in the Empire, life is seemingly untouched. They continue on, living as they had before somewhat seculded from the greater affairs of the rest of Azo. Their emissaries come to the Midlands less and less with each passing winter.

    Three hunderd years ago, the Empire controlled the entire continent of Azo. The Emperor, Venosroth was a seemingly just and powerful master. He ruled the land through the use of magic. During his reign, the realm was increasingly assaulted by forces of the paranormal and extranormal. in fact, the power the mages wielded under his reign rivaled even that of the Gods themselves. A minor lord known as Archinus Therogoth made a disturbing discovery. the meand by which the fact were determined have never been recorded, however, what was discovered was sinister in the extreme. Venosroth was the second coming of the "dark one", a deamon born into the world and masked by magic to appear as if he were a mortal. Therogoth quietly swayed other lords into a secret army he was building and once assembled they set out to destroy the emperor. They were successful, and a mass slaughter of any mage associated with the emperor was commenced. In fact, all by one mage that accompanied Thereogoth was slain, Malthion the Archmagus was the last surviving mage in the entire realm. Venosroth's family was emilinated as well.

    Malthion, an Elf, remained on with Therogoth and he rebuilt the order of mages in the Midland Kingdom. Now, much subdued, the magic order stands 200 strong. Nothing like the thousands of mages of old eras. However, the mage guild is incredibly effective. Their power individually is relatively weak, as it is almost everywhere these days. The first one hundred in the midland order are Tier 1 and 2 Mages. The next fifty are Tier three. The next 25 Tier four. The next 10 Tier Five. The next 5 Tier Six. The next 5 Tier Seven. Four are Tier Eight. and Malthion's power level is unknown.

    Game Terms:
    Up to 1D+2 = Acolyte
    2D to 2D+2 = Adept
    3D to 3D+2 = Enchanter
    4D to 4D+2 = Magus
    5D to 5D+2 = Line Mage
    6D to 6D+2 = Battle Mage
    7D to 7D+2 = Grand Mage
    8D to 8D+2 = Arch Mage
    Malthion = ? He is called by his name, though it is rumored he is a Demigod

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