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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 14:53

    C.C. is the youngest of 8 and the only girl. Luckily she got her mother's good looks because her father is not a pretty man. Her mother,Bella Cesco, died giving birth to Cicial. She looks the spitting image of her mother, just shorter. While her mother was 6'1", she is just short of her father standing at 5'2" and him at 5'3".

    She grew up in the shop with her father, brother, and of coarse the mechs. She was a child prodige when it came to figuring out mechs, and while she is quick at figuring out whats wrong with a mech, she is just as fast at fixing them. She is hands down the best tech out of her siblings, though some times she might not have the mucles for the job, she could instruct her brothers on what to do.

    Her bother Vito, 3rd son born, the now wanna-be rock star went through a circus phase. Vito aways loved to be center stage in the lime light, so he tried to be a bear tamer. Let's just say it didn't work out so well for Cici and the bear. That's also where Cici got her hatred of bears and Marcello, 2nd oldest son, got a rug for his living room.

    Well she loves her brothers, father, and the shop, but she wanted to see the galaxy and more exotic mechs she most likely wouldn't be able to come across in her father's shop. Well her first job that took her off planet and traveling was cooking for a crew. She wanted to go for the tech position,(Either she couldn't find a position availible, or through some miss comunication she landed the cooking job.) She didn't mind so much since she was good at it, cooking for her brothers for so many years. It wasn't until she got into an arument with the head tech and showed him how it was done, (little did she know the captain was observing from the very begining,) when she would get her position as a tech, let alone head tech.


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    “You know it's funny when you think about how you end up in some situations. I would have never thought I'd be here, yet here I am. I didn't start on this path you know, I wanted to be a hero. I didn't want to be silly super hero I wanted to be a real hero, you know, catch the bad kind. You know what I have a little time and you seem to be willing to listen, let me start from the beginning.” Hanz said, as he leaned back in his chair.

    Making himself comfortable in the small room, he reached to the table for his cigarettes. Lighting his cigarette he takes a long drag and stares intently at the slowly dimming embers.

    “I was born into nobility, that shouldn't surprise you, the youngest of four. My real name is Ademar Korsovair. I was not disillusioned as a child I had no hope of inheriting any of the lands held by my family, so I let that dream die before it was ever born. Being the youngest and separated from my nearest sibling by almost 10 years I was never really close to them, seen as merely a distraction for my mother by my father I was left to my own vices on matters of my future. I remember one instance that inspired me, my mother and I were running errands when a purse snatcher attacked a woman near by. Sadly for this guy, a police officer was just around the corner heard the woman scream out and responded with speed I didn't even know was possible. That could be childhood fancy in this particular officers abilities, but I like to believe that he was really that good. Anyway, from this point on I drove my mother crazy with wild stories and an obsession with law enforcement that was unbridled. My mother did see an advantage in this and used it to convince me that all my studies were important. I took a small interest in sports, track and field to be exact, only because I knew it was important to be in shape physically.”

    Hanz sighed, taking the last drag of his smoke before putting it out on the tables surface. Rising from his chair he walked across the small dark room to the kitchen. He claimed to bottles of beer from the ice box, setting one bottle down on the small table, and opened the other one reclaiming his seat as he did so.

    “I do hope I'm not boring you. This is very nice, therapeutic almost, it's been so long since I talked about my real past. Shall I continue? Very well, since you don't seem to mind my ramblings. Let's skip ahead a little shall we, oh yes, I nearly begged my father to send me to military school. Most children beg not to go, but I knew it would be the fast track to the job that I wanted. I found that I was very good at talking to people and gathering information that I wanted, plus growing into a rather handsome looking individual, if I do say so myself, didn't hurt anything. Was that to conceded? Nah, no need to dwell on that. I used my advantages to no end, even gaining leverage a few times over teachers at the academy. Blackmail can be fun, but even so I was not experienced enough to get away with it forever. What goes around comes around, and I was caught. Through my fathers influence I was allowed to stay, but for my punishment I was to serve a term of real military service. I really didn't want actually military service but either that or I lose what I wanted the most, you know being an officer, so I accepted. Blackmail doesn't look good on ones record after all. So I followed my fathers instructions. I was the good son, focused on all the things boys my age do, books, sports, girls.”

    Hanz leaned the bottle to his lips and finished his beer. Placing the empty bottle down on the table, he stood up and straitened his suit jacket. “If you'll excuse me nature calls.” As Hanz returned to his seat he claimed another cigarette.

    “Where were we, ah yes the boring part. I graduated top of my class with honors no less. Unfortunately my intended career would have to wait, I had a deal to follow through with. Shortly after graduation I enlisted into the military. Did you know that after my initial physical and aptitude testing they wanted me to enroll in the Mechwarrior program. You would have never guessed that I spent the better part of my short military stint as a Mechwarrior. Yet as fond of the Mech as I was, I wanted what I always dreamed of to be on the ground, in the thick of it, taking out the bad guys where the line of right and wrong was clearly defined. You see that is one thing I didn't care for in the military, it was all based on point of view, but the law was the law. Do you understand? I'll take your silence as a yes. The military does leave it's mark, and there is always a certain pride one can take from service to his country. Before I was even officially discharged I had my pick of the litter, so to speak, any department I wanted to go. I chose to stay near the family, still not sure why though foolish sentiment maybe. I wasn't one of the youngest officers on the force but I was one of the youngest to ever make Detective. I can see your impressed. Maybe it was my attention to detail, my ability to see the things everyone else seemed to miss. Who cares, I was good at my job, damn good, and I loved it. It was sick to see what humanity could sink to, yet it was comforting to bring justice to the injustices that would take place. I was showered with medals and commendations the press rained it's praise with every case.” Raising excitedly in his seat Hanz slap his knee and let out a hardy laugh. “Now those were the days life was great, and in the midst of it all, things like love always seem to surface. You know when it's good it's good, but like all things the sunshine has to give way to the rain at some point.

    Hanz settled back into his seat and cleared his throat. Regaining his composure he uses the last of his current cigarette to light another. Taking another long drag his eyes drifted into to nowhere for several long minutes before returning his thoughts to the now.

    “Some memories are so bitter sweet. Irma was her name. You could call it a Freudian if you like, she reminded me so much of my mother, even their names where the same, Hah, pretty fucked up now that I think about it. Oh, what a beauty she was, Irma Sarnavs. Long red hair, soft warm lips, and skin of the purist cream color, I can see her now standing there by Thompson Pond in Konakov Park. It was in Marsair on the planet Novara. You know it? No, well it's gorgeous this time of year. You should really see it sometime, but I know you won't. I even asked that girl to marry me, can you believe that. Still there is a part of me somewhere that still loves that woman, and grieves for what I've no doubt put her through. Not by choice mind you, but well I'm getting ahead of myself now. Where was I, oh yes, while all this happiness was spreading around the storm clouds where brewing just beyond the horizon. The War of 39 wouldn't happen for a few years but the gears of war were churning at full steam. Tensions were escalating, the propaganda on both sides was beginning and the recruitment started as well. As things continued even I began to get more patriotic, entertaining the idea of rejoining the service as a Mechwarrior, I am a proud Lyran, and I did support House Davion. Irma would have none of it, she said the job I did was already to dangerous, and that I was needed where I was. This worked for awhile until an old friend showed up! You should know him Lt. Special Operations Officer Jeffery Totillani. Yeah the look in your eyes confirms all my suspicions about this situation. Any way, over some drinks I tell him I think I'm going to reenlist, most likely as a Mechwarrior, but he had an alternate offer. If I reenlisted, and with my talents, he wanted me to join his unit. As he put, 'fight the war on our terms, on their territory', or something like that anyway. It was convincing, inspiring even. His words ate at me for days till I couldn't take it anymore. I felt I could do something to make a difference. Irma didn't take to lightly to it and told me that she couldn't stop me, but would have to really think about how she looked our future. I left in a huff stayed the night at a friends, ok ok a few nights. It was a big fight. I worked myself up time and time again until I finally took the plunge. I didn't care I felt the call, 'to be all you can be', that's how it goes right? She would forgive I had convinced myself of that. I was skipped through training by ol' Jeffery, and herded strait into orientation for several different groups of off the records special ops. Well I found out later they were off the records, but I was doing a great service to my people, right? No need to ask questions, right?

    Rising quickly from his chair Hanz begins to pace aggressively deep in thought. Reaching into his suit jacket he retrieves a Mydrin Auto Pistol and lies it gently on the table. Reaching again into his jacket pocket he pulls out his silencer, and upon picking up his Mydrin, he begins to attach the two objects together. “I call her Grace. Don't ask me why I just started call her that after awhile. She is very reliable and beautiful. Plus she is damned effective.” he said as he continued to pace.

    “At first it was all reconnaissance sneak across the borders watch people, steal documents, chart complexes. Information is the key to winning a war after all. It was only a matter of time till we slipped up or the security got tighter and sure enough a fire fight broke out, that was the first time I had shot and killed a man where the only thing I knew about him was only that he was on the wrong side that night. Well, maybe he was happy, for a lack of a better term, to die for his duties. I would have been. Doing what one believes in and dying for it, lots of respect to be had in that. But it changed me a little. I didn't notice it at first but Irma did. She had forgiven me, at least on the surface but I could see her resentment at first. After that mission though, that turned to worry. As time wore on and the body count started to clime, that too turned to, um-mm, loneliness. I had left her long before I never returned. I have only one regret and that is I didn't let her go before I abandoned my former life. KIA that's what she got, and as a traitor no less. The funeral they eventually had was nice. That's when the last of my humanity really died.” Hanz took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. “Back to the time line. The missions turned into assassinations, but all for the greater good, to win the war before it starts. It was the propaganda line behind it anyway. It worked well. We ran in groups of two. My partner, and closest friend, was Hanz Derminzy. Odd last name don't you think? I trusted that man with my life and vice versa. That was a relationship that went beyond friends, beyond brothers. Now now, we weren't gay, but he was a part of me and I him. We filled in the gaps we lacked in each other, worked like an extension of each other. We refined the what we did into an art. He was the only thing that kept me from crossing that line from covert ops officer to killer. He kept me grounded. Always talking about all the things his little girl was up. I watched her grow up over time as if I was a part of the family. He would read me the letters she would write, all the videos of her school plays, soccer games, birthdays, everything. I was envious, but very elated that he would include me into even that part of his life. Honestly I think that his sharing wasn't entirely selfless. I'm sure it was his way of staying grounded. Do you know what it's like to be out for days, weeks, months at a time. Mission after mission. Death piled upon death. And the only real light in our days were those little snippets of happiness.

    Stopping his pacing he placed Grace back on the table, and snagged his cigarettes. Lighting one he takes a long drag enjoying the smoke filling his lungs, and the release that comes afterward. Turning as to look at something behind him he pulls another long drag and lets his shoulders relax as he exhales excruciatingly slow. Raising his head slowly as he continues to exhale, his head suddenly snaps to his left looking over his shoulder into the darker part of the room. With a speed bordering on the unnatural he turns claims his weapon and points it expertly, with a precision and intent that would have made the devil flinch.

    “AND THAT DIRTY CUM SUCKING SON OF A BITCH KILLED HIM. THAT SLIMY FUCK SET US UP TO HAVE US KILLED. HE'S THE REASON HANZ IS DEAD.” Hanz stopped cleared his throat and took another drag of his cigarette. “That was a very bad time. We had a bad run. I should have seen it then, almost every move we made was wrong getting pegged on almost every job. Hanz almost died and that's the day that he made promise to look after his little girl should something happen to him. I did, but I did it reluctantly told him it was a bad omen. He wouldn't budge till I did. Then two weeks later we get news his wife had been killed in car crash, it was a bad omen. I almost think at that point he really lost his drive to survive. I had to remind him of his daughter ever day it seemed, and that kept him going. It was our last mission and we were getting pulled. Going home, but not the way we thought. Body bags that's how we were supposed to go, and how Hanz did. DIGRACED, HE WAS SENT BACK AS A TRAITOR. Everything he had done was stripped from him on that day. It was a simple job. Take out a politician. Easy peasy, right? Scope him out for a week, watch movement times at home, times gone, who's home, when, note the security, break in get schedules. Was a cake walk, but when we went to pull the hit everything was wrong. The target didn't reveal himself, so we go in, only to find someone doing the job already. The man and his wife are already dead when we round the corner, but we round it just in time to watch them kill the little girl. A FUCKING CHILD FOR CHRIST SAKE! Hanz lost it, all his training out the window he charged in. They were five we were 2 but, they didn't expect us to come in and look. Surprise was our ally. Guy one goes down, then two, but they gained their wits quickly. The return fire was focused entirely on my friend. He returns fire before he goes down. His weapon spread takes out two more, and the place went quite. You see guy five was hiding just in case. Ha ha ha, that was my lucky moment, cause I found him in that mess, he blew it, reviled himself far to soon. I knifed that bastard, right between the kidney and spine. A quick spin later and he was disarmed and at my command. Oh that was a long and sweet moment. Ha ha ha, I tortured that man for hours upon hours till he told me what was going on, and even when I had what I know was the truth I keep him alive with stim packs until he died. Whether he died from over dose or blood loss I couldn't really care less, but I felt so much better when I was done. I found Hanz in all that blood and held that cold dead corpse that was once my friend till the sun rose. I had a promise to keep though and I couldn't take his body with me so I had to leave it behind. And they released that story, that horrid torrent of lies. You know the story. Tell me that same pile of crap. SAY IT! SAY IT!

    Hanz reaches out to the bound form on the floor of the small room and removes the cloth gag from the mans mouth. Resuming his stance Hanz waits for the mans reply. The man works his jaw and looks at Hanz defiantly not making a sound. Hanz kneels down and forces the gun into the mans mouth without hesitation breaking the eye teeth and busting both lips. Leaning close to the bound mans ear Hanz speaks very clearly, deliberately, and oozing with a very venomous intent, “Now you will tell me the story I want to hear or you will find out first hand how long I can make you live before you die from the very painful, and dissecting torture that I will make last at least two days. Who knows you might just die of dehydration before you die from anything else. Now I'm going to tell you one more time, and if you fail to comply, nothing you say, or do, or scream will not stop me from doing what I just explained. Now, FUCKING SAY IT!” Hanz slowly pulls his gun from the mans mouth as he begins to cough violently spiting up some teeth and blood.

    “Your fucking crazy you know that?” the man said once his throat was clear.

    “Say the propaganda bullshit they feed the public about my friend, or shall I start?” says Hanz as he pulls out his military knife with his free hand.

    The man began to speak with a voice that was weak, cracked, and scared, “ Ademar Korsovair has been found guilty of killing Draconis Combine ambassador Shen So Wen and his wife and daughter. After going rogue, and allegedly killing his partner who is still MIA, Ademar Korsovair proceeded to the home of the Wen family in order to cause a political situation that would continue to perpetuate the war. Thanks to the noble sacrifice of the five Lyran soldiers of the interception squad, Korsovair was executed but only at the cost of all the lives involved.”

    “Yeah that's the drivel I'm talking about. Good job, that was word for word. Now I can avoid all that unnecessary work today. That wasn't so hard was it. Buck up buddy, you can be proud of being a tool for the government. So here I am the soul witness to a crime between governments that's not supposed be alive. Ironic in a way don't you think. I managed to siphon all of mine and Hanz's money and liquid assets into several accounts under false documents. I managed to get little Mariana Deminzy off world and into the Combine to some very wonderful people I met. They agreed to take care of her since it was far to dangerous to stick with. I set up every penny of her fathers assets to take care of her and worked my magic to the best of my ability to make her a daughter of my friends. She's doing quit well. Through a little luck and a lot of skill I have what I have and then there's you. You pathetic lap dog. Your not even good. I mean you did manage to track me here, but once you found me this is what happened. I would think Jeff would at least take me seriously, but there you lye. You know the one thing I don't like most of all are loose ends. Yeah I swept this room already all your bugs and recorders, their taken care of. I also had plenty of time to finalize your transfer of everything you have with you into a laundering circle and delivered to me later. You see I found myself a few partners, and now I'm headed to ball of ice in the middle of know where for awhile. You however are gonna go home, but not the way you think. Oh your not gonna go in a body bag. No no no, you see there won't be enough of you left to fill one. When the time is right I'm gonna tie up my ultimate loose end, I'll revile the evidence I have. Until then I need to build up my influence a little more, get a few more friends in high places. Then when little Jeff's world come crumbling down I will end him. For now I'll quench my blood lust with you. Goodbye little worm goodbye.”

    Hanz's eyes glass over becoming hollow as if life left his body completely. Terror filled the bound man's eyes as the temperature in the room seemed to cool rapidly. The bound man felt even before the trigger was pulled as though his very soul was being ripped from his body. Before the muzzle flash even registered, before his world became forever dark, he feared that not even hell would be able to claim his soul from whatever being this thing was. This thing in a man's skin was going to devour his very soul before his body even had time to die.

    The silencer did it's job well and one neatly placed shot ended the man's life instantly. Removing the silencer and placing Grace back in her holster, Hanz takes the beer he left on the table. Opening the bottle he pours the contents over the body, grabs his cigarettes walks out the door. As he starts down the road head for the space port, pulling out the small control device he pushes the button as the night lights up behind him that much c8 and one has to wander if the cops will even find pieces of that man. Lighting a cigarette he thinks 'What a way to leave Solaris. hahahaha'

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