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    Bespin... Adventures in Gambling...


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    Bespin... Adventures in Gambling... Empty Bespin... Adventures in Gambling...

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:19

    "In search of the Perfect Vacation Sopt"

    It was one of those rare moments when Han got a moment to himself. He was heading to the gambling dens to fect his wife a prize. He had heard of a high roller that had recently come to Bespin and thought that he might be in the mood for a little Sabacc, his favorite game.

    The high stakes tabe was home to Han Solo, he having a wonderful streak of luck. Winning, as if nothing could stop him. As his earning mounted, they attracted the attention of Lando and the high roller...

    "So, General Solo, are you thinking you're going to break my establishment by cleaning me out here?" Lando asked, wispering in Han's ear while he was shuffling more cash chits into his enormous pile

    Han half turned, then responded "No, buddie, I'm trying to get into that big game over there. The buy in is 100,000 credits..."

    "Yes, I know. You already have 300,000 credits here, now." Lando started shaking his head

    "Yes, but I have to get his attention. I want him to back out and come over here. SO, quit blowing it for me. I want to go one on one with him." Han remarked under his breath

    "Ok, as long as you know what you're doing. Please, leave a couple credits in my bank before the day is done..." Lando pleaded

    "Concern duly noted, I'll take that uner advisement." As Han got up to leave and chash out his winnings

    The High roller rose from his table, having finished off his counterparts.

    "Excuse me... If I may have a word, eh, General Solo." The being asked

    Han paused and turned, some of his enormous pile of chits tumbling to the floor.

    "Care for a game of Chance?" The Being asked

    "I thought you would never ask" Solo stated

    Throughout the course of the next several hours the match went back and forth until Han bet everyting he had. In doing so, he won a planet. A beautiful vacation resort like world. Which he would rpesent immediately to Leia. They both needed a vacation away from all the rigors of politics and the pain of loosing friends and family.

    "What is this?" Leia asked

    "It's a world called Dathomir, and I won it for you." Han beamed "Time for a vacation princess. Let's get the hell out of here." Han said dragging her along

    After some preparations, the married couple departed for their vacation spot

    "Isn't Dathomir in Imperial Held space?" Leia asked concerned

    "Details..." Han said, brushing the statement off "It's a beautiful world for you. I won her for you. Lets at least enjoy it." Han said

    For once Leia could not argue. Han had a light to him now, it was a return of the man she had fallen in love with. So, no more questions came from her.

    Later, on Dathomir

    "Augwynne! A... flying machine just descended to the surface!" The girl said

    "We must alert Corwin immediately, he will likely want to know about this..."

    The End


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    Bespin... Adventures in Gambling... Empty Re: Bespin... Adventures in Gambling...

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:20

    "One year Later"

    It's been a year since Corwin's "Death"...

    Corwin and Augwynne have met to go over a preliminary charter for the unification of the Clans on Dathomir.

    "I like what I see. However, I would recommend that you create a review board." Corwin says

    "A review board? What do you mean?" Augwynne asks

    "Hmm... A body of representatives, one each elected and chosen from their home clan to meet together on a semi regular basis to discuss change, treaties, mediate discrepancies and to stand for each of their factions on a regulare basis. These people should be chose carefully for their level headedness and impartial nature, all the while each should maintain a strong sense of dedication to what it means to be a member of each of their respective clans. Allowing for individualism and a combining of culture at the same time will help you form a stronger, more unified system of government. The Clans will each find that their issues are addressed and these representatives will be responsible for presenting the reports of their activities and the state of morale within each of their respective clans.

    My goal through all of this, Augwynne, is to move you from a Clan based society to a Feudal based one. The society will be cenered around your "Kingdom" and all will pay homage to it and unify under your singular banner, while at the same time retain the things about their individual clans that they pride themselves in. The transition will take time, but it is an avenue to which things will proceed much more smoothly. All the while solidifying your Clan as the "Royal Family" from which rulers of your Kingdom will be bred and chosen. Other clans can marry into and become part of your extended royal family over time, allowing for the opportunity to rule at some point in time in the future. You will be the Monarch and your feudal society will be called a Monarchy once your kingdon is solidified.

    Also, you must consider giving men more, gradual independence, and elevate them slowly to the fore of your society. Rather than to be used soley as breeding stock. That way, in time the best and most fit to rule could be either Male or Female. It is likely that the male part of this equation will take generations to reach equality, however, putting this plan in motion will allay the male populace and they will become stronger allies.

    Your Rancor population, should be nurtured as well. Forming greater centers for their education, so that they may rise up a bit above where they are now. Their capacity for intelligent thought is remarkable. THey will eventually assume the roles of the men, as your laborers as well as filling a more prominent role in your society.

    I outline all of these points to circumvent any, eventual or brewing thoughts of revolt against your society. Were the Rancors to organize against you... You would likely all be decimated or hunted to extinction. They are domesticated, and have an intelligence far above that of an animal. Nurture that, and you will have allies for the rest of your lives. Not to mention, they will always owe you a debt of gratitude for their exaltation."

    Corwin says and outlines the plan and steps on their parchment (having picked up their writings and integrating them with basic).

    "I see, you have thought of everything. You must be a prominent politician in your galaxy." Augwynne states

    "No, never really had much love for politics, however, I could not escape it. I never think of everything, but am here as your counsel to help you form a stronger society. You are my ally, and as such it is my duty to help you grow. That is my promise. I will be your ally for as long as you and your line lives." Corwin says sincerely

    "Now, I want to inform you that a flying machine set down here last night. Do you wish to send out a hunting party to bring them here? OR do you wish to go yourself?" Augwynne asks

    "No, that will not be necessary. If they come to us, then it is their destiny. Otherwise, I have work to do here, with you, and with the Chun'o'thor. Trina has my full attention right now." Corwin says

    "Don't forget Tennenniel... Or perhaps you are awaiting Ta'leth'iel's return from the exodus?" Augwynne, ever perceptive, commented.

    "Augwynne, I have the perfect mate in mind for Tennenniel. The prince I spoke to you about. However, you have to represent the world as royalty and as a kingdom before that could ever be a possibility. As for Ta'leth'iel... We will see who and what she is when she returns with her sisters." Corwin says "the future is always in motion, I know not what it may yeild."

    Later Leia is sitting on a large pule of lush foliage, Han is just returning with Chewie from a foraging mission. "Hey, princess! Enjoying the view?" He half yells amicablly

    Leia was lost in though, in the state of a meditative half dream... She thought she had just been in the presence of Luke ... and then Han startled her out of her revvirie. As she jumped, she slipped, or rather the moss under he slipped and she fell unceremoniously on he butt. The sliding moss reavealing a previously covered metal hull.

    "Are you okay?!" Han asks as he rushes to her side, helping her up

    "Yeah... Han? Look" She says in disbelief

    The three of the work to clear the dense foliage and find the markings of the escape pod "Home Two, Lifeboat, Command Deck"

    "Oh... wow... I'm not certain I even want to go inside..." Han remarks looking to Chewie and then Leia for support

    Chewbaba lets out a dismissive growl and moves for the hatch, which he has to pry open due to the lack of power.

    Inside they find the raft missing two survival packs, there's an old dried blood smear on the wall by one bunk and the emergency beacon has been disconnected, as they find it laying on the floor having been ripped out of its compartment.

    Chewie mumbles something along the lines of disbelief and hope

    "I hear ya buddie" Han puts a hand on Chewie's arm. "He might be alive..."

    "No, he IS alive. I can feel him. I cannot believe I missed it. It's like there was some sort of masking going on here. Wait... He's gone" She concentrates harder, lines of strain evident upon her face "No... I've got him. There are others here, LOTS of other force users." Leia says upon the relevation

    "Okay, you're scaring me darling... You know what? I'm going to go and get our packs and gear, Chewie will stay with you. We'll head out on a little fact finding mission after we look through the life boat and read the logs. We'll sleep here and then head out at first light." Han says, outlining the plan

    "Understood General Solo" Princess Leia Organna-Solo says to her husband

    To be Continued

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