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    Droid Activists? Empty Droid Activists?

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:18

    "A Sentient Trio"

    The last time Sylar had seen Jeeves, R5D20 and GX was on the Bespin platform. He had wondered and fretted to no end about what had happened to the trio of droids... Until he found the message in the Ace's central computer.

    "Dear Sylar, it seems that our time with you is at an end. We have been given leave, by power of attorney to become individuals in the New Republic. One of Corwin's many suprises, one of his never ending insightful gifts... GX, R5 and I will miss him dearly. He has left us a sizeable stock of credits and a vessel that we can use. We have embarked on a mission of great importance in honor of his memory. Recently, we had spoken to Han Solo and left him with a nice chunk of gambling money in return for his key knowledge. I cannot tell you what we are up to, but when the need is dire we will return." Jeeves's message ends

    Why did everything have to be so damned cryptic? Corwin, his droids and Yoda... Sylar thought to himself.

    ...Weeks later, the triumvirate of droids and a couple more non-organics reached a world that was not reported on any star chart. From the briefing with Solo, the location of the world was quite exact. HE still recalled the coordinates.

    Jeeves only hoped that the stockpile here would still be worth the effort of bringing the Capital Ship along... She was old, battered and in excellent running condition. The Loronar Medium transport had belonged to Order 67, however, she was too recognizable to be currently fielded. Corwin must have known what Jeeves and his companions were planning, however, how exactly he could not fathom. Organics could not read droids, even jedi coud not read them. But he left this ship to them. Perhaps he was simply giving them a "Mobile Home" (and that's what it really was, the true reason why Corwin had left it to them).

    They landed on the world with a handful of repair droids of all shapes and sizes. The Pit droid from Order 67 had just up and left one day to accompany them on their quest.

    The importance of the repair dorids, the hoard of spare parts of new and ancient would be quite evident, shortly after GX removed the threats at the site where Gallandro was motored into the ground.

    This was the last known storehouse for a being known as Xim the Despot. A veritable army of war droids, huge and lethal, even if they were tens of thousands of years old.

    What, exactly, Jeeves, R5 and GX's designs were... Well, only time will tell. The frightening part of it all was that they had one with nominal operations up and running by the end of that day...

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