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    Return of the Fisher King Empty Return of the Fisher King

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:14

    Borsk Feyal'ya's shuttle gently descended to the surface of a worls mostly shrouded in water. Indeed, he thought to himself... "This was never to be my task" Muttering the words aloud.

    A man's hand was laid on his shoulder, as General Cracken stepped up to the viweport beside him.

    "I know." Some deeply ingrained sadness touched his voice "Corwin was supposed to complete this difficult task..." He shrugged "But now, my friend, it falls to you." Cracken responds

    "Why not you?" Borsk asks

    "Because, the plea will carry the weight of the New Republic if delivered by you. Only you, can sway Ackbar. He felt usless around Corwin... And..." Choking a bit "He really was. He was no match for Amber as either a tactician or a leader." "However, delivered from you, changed as you are, the plea will galvanize him to re-join the new Republic's struggle." Cracken states softly

    "I see... Arien, the loss... it is too dear... Amber..." Borsk stumbles for words

    "I know. Legends aren't supposed to die... He was my friend... he." Cracken stumbles for words

    It was Borsk's turn to place his hand on Arien's shoulder "I know." Was all he said and it said a thousand things. Because, Borsk never had that level of understanding before.

    They were on the ground before they knew it and were immediately wisked to Ackbar's personal estate. After several hours of deliberation the plea for Ackbar to re-join the New Republic finally came to a head.

    "Surely-slurrrp, there muuussshht be others" in the accent of an aquatic Sean Connery, Ackbar states.

    "No, there is no one else. Bel Iblis is heading the reconstruction of the Corellian Sector. He'll return to his station as a General and a Senator afterward. However, that will not be for another 9 months or so. Even then, his first priority is to pursue the Senate, after solidifing a foothold there once more he will move on to the dual role. The time window is too great. We need recognizable leadership, NOW. You, Fleet Admiral Ackbar, are our only hope." Borsk states clearly and honestly

    "Fleet Admiral?" Ackbar qestions

    "Yes, you will head up all operations for the New Republic as our chief military operations commander for all Naval Assets." Cracken states

    "No. I have turned my back on my people for too long. My duty is here, on Mon Calamari." Ackbar states firmly crossing his crustation like Popeye sized arms

    "I disagree, you will be doing your system a greater service by re-entering the new republic." Borsk States bluntly

    "How so? You are smiling, what have you up your sleeve?" Ackbar questions tenatively

    "The New Republic is prepared to offer your shipyards a contract for 500 Billion credits over the next four years. You will develop a warship, NOT a cruise liner. A warship, built from the ground up, using your lessons from the MC series and then applying them to it. It's armament and toughness need to be adequate for it to destroy an Imperial II Class Star Destroyer in single combat, with ease. In the mean time, we will be purchasing whatever cruise liners you can spare, retrofitted with combat shielding, strengthened superstructures and enhanced armament. We have a contract with Rendilli to provide the Heavy Turbo Lasers for the refits. You have four vessels in orbit that lay in dry dock. They were built for the New Republic, but with your exodus and the brewing discontent for the design, their purchase was held up. We will buy them, TODAY, as a sign of good faith." Borsk States

    "Where do I sign?" Ackbar asks

    "You don't, we never took you off the official roster. You will meet on Bothwai, with your command crew for an official ceremony to commemorate your long service and your promotion. The show of force from your "gift" of Four MC Series vessels will be seen by the galaxy as a godsend. We are buying them, but we are telling everyone that you donated them."
    Cracken states evenly

    "I suppose that there is some price I will have to pay for your kindness Cracken... And I will gladly do so... I'm sorry for the loss of Amber, he was an excellent Commander.... He..." Ackbar is cut off

    "He asked for me to give this to you, if he didn't make it." Cracken said

    "What is is?" Ackbar asks

    "How the hell should I know... It could be one of his delicious cupcakes for all I know!" Cracken and Borsk begin to share a laugh

    When everyone was gone Ackbar opened the package

    It was a piece of the hull plating from the MC80B Corwin had commanded, a datapad and a Lightsaber.

    Ackbar looked at the deckplating, in Aurebesh it read "Home Two".

    Ackbar picked up the lightsaber and activated it, it sprang to life with ease, its blade was blue. He closed the elegant weapon, then picked up the data pad and activated it.

    "Dear Admiral Ackbar,

    I'm sorry for the rivalry I caused due to my opposition of your tactics. I recently found myself in a situation where I had to make the deadly, life and death decisions you have always had to bear. I have always held a grudging respect for you and your station. I would respectfully request that you take Striker Squadron as your command flight group. They will have to be reformed, I am certain, after the Death Squadron battle. However, regardless of Colonel Logan Tagge's disposition of the past... I know, I feel, that he will be tempered now. Order 67 has a naval arm that would work well within your operational envelope. They need a bit more honing, and will be able to work into your schemes so long as some level of "Spoils of War" can be obtained for the use later in the re-taking of Ord Torgle. They will be an invaluable asset in many operations you do not wish to commit a large task force to.

    The hull plating is from my former command, the MC80B I lead the Bakuran Campiegn from. No one ever asked me what I had christened her. It was "Home Two" in honor of your command, flag vessel, "Home One". I recently rechristened her the "Imperial Hammer". If you are reading this, then you well know that is, Indeed, what she became. I thought you should know that I always held the utmost respect for you, regardless of my stance. Arm your ships well, Rendilli will be helping out. They cannot turn out ships fast enough at this point, so they are selling heavy turbolasers to offset their pulling old yard facilities out of mothballs.

    The lightsaber... It is a sign of the New Republic. It is a sign of its inner strenght. It is a sign of dedication, loyalty and honor. It is a symbol of our people, all races, colors and creeds. Wear it, hold it aloft and ignite it in the honor of our New Republic. I'll tell you a secret. When I began doing this, I was nothing more than a young boy with no knowledge of the force. It was an act, and it worked well to inspire my comrades and to strike fear into my enemies. Mearly wearing the will strike uncertainty into any foe you parlay with over holo comm or otherwise.

    Good luck, May the Force Be with you,

    Corwin Amber

    Leaning back in his chair, sighing heavily and heart felt, Ackbar set the datapad down. He picked up the Lightsaber, standing now, flipped it on. "I must familiarize myself with his deadly weapon. Thank you Amber." He said to the air "I will be a different commander, reborn."

    The End

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