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    The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever


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    The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever Empty The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 07:05

    "Who's in Command!?!"

    Borsk "I think that I may have missed something... Who, exactly, is in command of the entire task force?" He asks with some level of confusion

    Corwin "In essence, no one. In formality, Admiral Axxaro. In Spirit, I am. In unpredictability, Solo is. In unknown Aspect, A'Hbat is. In emerging heroes, Sylar Topper is. In raw experience General Cracken is. For Vengance for rogue Squadron Wedge Antillies is." Corwin states "We're all going to work together, but in separate commands integrating our tactics and off the cuff improvisations and brute force maneuvers. It's the only way to be certain that their Dark Jedi Commander will not be able to predict our tactics."

    "I must admit, I am truly confused." Borsk says, his fur ruffling to mimic the bothan gesture for confusion

    "EXACTLY MY POINT! No loss of any one commander will cause the task force to fail, any one of us can take command and I am hoping to sway that point back and forth to completely dumbfound the enemy. There is NO way that anyone could predict or forsee all the random possibilities. That is what we have to defeat, and so we will." Corwin says knowing the plan well

    "Ok, I will leave that up to your judgment. However, I want to know what A'Hbat thinks..." Borsk trails off

    "I know it will work, I've never seen integration like this before on this scale. But it is a marvelous plan. I'm for it." A'Hbat says

    "Fine, but making Capitan Solo, Commander Wedge Antillies and Jedi Knight Sylar Topper all Generals... I... Do I have to?" Borsk asks

    "If you choose to, you can always revoke the title after it's over. But the title is necessary for formality, command structure and massive enemy confusion." Corwin states with a smile

    "Well, as long as I can revoke the title..." Borsk says

    "Of course you can, you're the Chief of State. You have executive power in times of war." Corwin states soothingly trying to calm Borsk

    "Thank you for the Clarification General Amber." Borsk says calming a bit

    "Oh yeah, we need to award the title to Lando Calrissian too, he just arrived in his re-fitted Victory II." Corwin adds

    "Well... One more? Fine. Today you have your way. This all seems crazy to me, but you and ovbiously all of you seem to be General Amber's "kind of crazy"... I called General Cracken in too, at your request. He's brought the Bulk Cruisers and our first Victory One refit from Rendilli. You were correct in assessing that any NEW Victory Class Warships we ordered would be along in about a year's time. We wanted something sooner, so we had an old one re-fit to test what we would be getting ahead of time... General Cracken? What do you think?"

    "Unorthodox... But doable." Arien says

    "It seems I have been out voted..." Borsk shrugs

    "Oh, I almost forgot..." Corwin Starts

    "WHAT NOW!?!" Borsk says with frustration

    "We have to Give Prince Isolder honorary status as a New Republic General Too. He'll be defending Bothwai with A'Hbat and will be risking his forces as well." Corwin says holding back a smile but throwing Isolder a Nod

    "Does this mean you are throwing in your lot with the New Republic Prince?" Borsk Questions

    "If I have anything to say about it, and I have a lot to say about it... Perhaps, my mother will listen." he says with confidence

    "Is he the LAST? General? General Amber?" Borsk says quite exasperated

    "No, Chief of State, I'm sorry we have one more... General Chewbakka will be representing the wookie presence in the fleet.." Corwin says "He'll be piloting the Ace of Sabers in my absence."

    Borsk looks like he's about to faint

    Solo looks at Chewbacka with scrunched up features "So, when in the hell were you gonna tell me you overgrown furball!?! NICE..."

    Chewie puts his arms up and shrugs letting out a low rolling laugh

    "IS THAT IT?" Borsk asks again

    "Isolder already promoted Commander Brenna to effective Admiral of the Hapan forces." Corwin answers "So that just about sums it all up."

    "What do you mean, Just about?" Borsk asks again, fur ruffling

    "General Crix Madine will be managing the newly arrived ground forces and helping to organize the Bothan defenses." Corwin pauses "He is already helping with the general call for civilian evacuation of Bothwai."

    "WHAT!?!" There will be NO evacuation! My people are not cowards." Borsk says

    "In the interest of your CIVILIAN populace's safety, all of us think it best for them to use these four days to get as far away from here as possible." Corwin says recieving nods of approval from everyone present

    "No. That's final. No Bothan Shall leave. We have no reason to fear..." Borsk says forcefully

    "But..." Corwin protests

    "NO, you get your Generals and Admirals. My people stay where they are." Borsk stamps his foot his fur flailing about in a sign of utter opposition

    "Fine, then let the record reflect that we all opposed you on this matter. You, Chief of State, will bear the burden of their lives." Corwin is recording the event

    "Indeed I will, the Bothans will hold their ground." Borsk finishes

    "I cannot change him or his mind without forcing him through the force... and that I cannot do to an ally. His burden will be great I fear." Corwin thinks to himself.

    NINE Generals, THREE Admirals... this should certainly be interesting...


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    The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever Empty Re: The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever

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    "Children of the Force"

    Overlooking the spectacle of dozens of commanders, newly appointed Generals and three Admirals a sextet of Jedi Padawans marvel at what is going on.

    "Misty, have you ever seen anything like this before?" One boy asks

    "No, Jona, I've never seen anything like this. Master Raltir put us under Master Amber but my old master was never this coordinated. He's flowing through procedures, WITHOUT using the force. It's remarkable, I've never seen anyone multitask at this level before w/o the force. Did you read that briefing on Shield interleaving he submitted?" Misty asks affer her commentary

    "Yeah, but it was so complicated that I got a little lost in how he pulled it off..." Jona says

    "Bohpurr, how about you? Your species can comprehend multiple data streams at once." Misty asks

    Clicking and clacking noises from his mandibles "Yesss, he is talented. I MIGHT have been able to do it if I studied the procedure for weeks before hand. Yet he did it off the cuff, again, WITHOUT using the Force." Bohpurr comments in a rolling warbel and hiss

    "So, what!?! He's a good pilot. Who cares? He's left us in the dark here. He's supposed to be training us." Frustration creeps into Trina's voice

    "Trina! What's wrong with you?" Misty asks

    "My master is dead and I need to start making some Imperials dead because of it." Trina says off the cuff "I'm ready..." Trina is interrupted

    "Good, show me." Corwin says drawing Yoda's lightsaber. The short green blade emerging witha snap-hiss from such a small and unimpressive weapon seems to make the display all the more absurd. All part of the exercise, Corwin thinks to himself. This one, has no patience and her next action will be telling...

    "Fine, I was wondering when you would show up." Drawing her yellow blade with a second resounding snap-hiss and slapping Corwin's green "toy" aside with a quick motion

    "Wow, I didn't even know he was here. I thought he was over there..." A bothan child points to where Corwin WAS before

    Corwin takes a step back, not out of suprise but as an opening for her and he comments "Be ever mindful of your surroundings, and take notice of your prey. Which, in this case is me. Call it an exercise Ra'Chan, keep tabs on me. Stretch out with your feelings."

    The spectacle has the attention of the Generals and most of the officers in the room pause to regard it

    Raltir steps to Leia and Han Solo, "She just made a mistake... I can feel that she'll be the first casualty." He says

    "Huh, Corwin's going to kill her? What?" Holo asks increduously

    "No, you scruffy oaf... I feel it too, the impatience and her agression. He's likely to send her back to the academy." Leia comments off hand

    "Stop it! You're spooking me with that Jedi talk Princess..." Han says

    "I'm just doing what Corwin asked me to, minding my feelings and reaching out." Leia says in return

    "Excellent, there is a place with the Academy for you Princess." Raltir says with interest

    "I'm sorry Master Raltir, I have a previous obligation with someone else." Leia lets that one stand

    Shaking his head, Raltir just shrugs it off

    "Aren't you going to fight!?!" Trina half-shouts

    "I understand you are feeling pain over the loss of your Master. YOU must learn to control your anger. Agression, Pain, loss and sadness will all lead you down a path you do not want to travel." Corwin remarks "Only when a Jedi is at peace, are they most effective as a protector, guardian or even a warrior." Corwin says holding his tiny saber downward exposing his upper torso "So, please, show me what you have learned." Baiting her

    Trina looks uneasy, as if considering. She's shaking. Tears begin rolling out of her eyes.

    "The academy would not let you admit these emotions, yes?" Corwin asks soothingly

    ...sniff... "Yes" Sobbing more

    Corwin closes Yoda's lightsaber and the girl drops her guard closing her's as well, dropping it to the floor away from her as if it was something taboo

    "Good, you have controlled your anger. Now, FEEL, for I am not one of your academy instructors. You are human, prone to emotion as am I. I will teach you to live and die by your passion, using it to balance the force and never stray from the light." Corwin says as he steps up to embrace Trina

    She wraps her arms around him, with the sobbing making her cling all the tighter. Corwin just looks over to Raltir and nods

    "I don't believe it... he's going to keep her..." Raltir says astonished

    Leia is choking up "He's a different kind of Jedi then, huh? Full of compassion and emotion."

    "Dangerous are those emotions." Raltir says

    "Oh, shut up! You are very human too! Given what I have heard about your rivalry with Corwin." Leia says

    Raltir just shrugs "Point taken"

    "All of you, come with me." Corwin says then he sweeps Trina off her feet with one hand, while grabbing her lightsaber telekinetic ally with the other hand. "You get a free ride on master Amber" Corwin says playfully as he swings her around to his back and she giggles

    "He's going to make a great father one of these days" Leia says still choked up

    "Oh, no... This discussion again..." Han says in absolute terror looking wide eyed to Leia

    "Yes, Han, lets retire to our quarters I would likt to pursue this matter further." Leia says batting her eyes at him

    Han starts scratching the scruff at the back of his neck "I suppose, this won't be all that bad..." walking after her eventually catching up and taking her hand like a school boy

    Chewbacka lets out a long and lud rolling laugh which gets everyones attention embarrasing Han has his cheeks redden "Laugh it up Furball!" Han calls back over his shoulder has he disappears around a bulkhead

    Walking down another corridor Corwin carrys Trina playfully "I'm going to teach all of you a VERY useful ability now. It will be telling in the battle ahead. It's called Force Harmony. You will all be able to stand TOGETHER as ONE in balance and be more than you can imagine."

    Corwin sits down on a couch in the reception hall with Trina in his lap "Stretch out, now, with your feelings. Touch each and every one of us in the room and hold them close. I will bridge the pathway to the Harmony. Take your time, there is no rush. Do you feel it?"

    Murmurs, and trina is the first to gasp "Yeah! I can sense all of my friends, and you, you are very bright!"

    "Good, now slowly, let us begin." Corwin says and begins to establish the connection and unknowingly each child adds their own abilities to the connection doing their own part

    Sylar Topper looks at the spectacle, smiling "Can I join you, Master?"

    "Of course, Jedi Knight Topper, I've been waiting for you. Bohpurr and Jona need you to sit with them. Perhaps you can help them." then "Ra'Chaan, put an arm on my shoulder, FEEL the connection" Corwin says

    "Yes, I now have the connection. Thank yous..." Ra'Chan emits

    "Good." Corwin says

    "You're asking me to train them?" Sylar says telepathically

    "Yes, I have the council's permission to train them in any way I see fit. I need your help. I think it's time you passed your Master Trials at the academy. I've smoothed things over with Raltir. I'll need you in the coming battle and so will your students. I'm giving you a warship to command." Corwin says

    Sylar smiles closing his eyes, at peace "Here Jona, Bohpurr, take my hands." He stretches them out to each child and they take his "Feel the connection through me, first me, then your friends and then Corwin. He is the gateway for the exercise."

    "I told Han I would be a bit late. He's fussing about the room now. Can I join you?" Leia Asks

    "Please, Princess, sit here and take Trina's hand." and she does

    "Later, Leia, I have a beginner's guide to the force for you. It is a possession which I have guarded with my life and givenonly to my closest friends. It will allow you to learn at your OWN pace, without pressure." Corwin says

    One more late addition to the group "Can I join you as well?" Raltir says telepathically to Corwin "I would like to see the exercise from your perspective."

    "Of course, Master Raltir, you are ever welcome. Please, sit by Jedi Knight Topper. I want him to undertake his master trials tomorrow." Corwin says

    "Of course, I will provide them to him." Raltir sits and then extends as well

    It is an experience like no other, instead of the norm of beauty of the force there is music, beautiful flowing music from all corners and races of the galaxy intermingled in the rythm of the Force Harmony. It's something Corwin is adding, changing the experience making it more personal. It's Corwin's wavelength ion the force. All can hear how he perceives the harmonious balance, through beautiful flowing music.

    The Ten stretch out into the force, as ONE, shockwaves of Purity and light stretching for light years eventually reach the bridge of the Executor

    Luke begins screaming "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Falling to the floor plating in agony "I did not forsee this, WHY!?! Whaaatt issss goooing ooonnn!" His body is wracked with pain as if being assualted by force lightning for extended periods of time. "MAKE IT STOP!!!!!" The commanders on the bridge are terrified. Luke lashes out with the force throwing tables and chairs aside "AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

    A byproduct of the union, of the Force Harmony, unexpected and completely unplanned for... Beautiful Music, the lifeblood of Corwin's perceprion of the Force. Music which is playfully bounced back and forth by the children's own and by Topper's reflection. Raltir finds he has his own music, tinged by a touch of sadness but beautiful nonetheless. There is something to learn here, from Corwin... Always learning, always growing, there is ONLY the Force.


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    The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever Empty Re: The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever

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    "A Terrible Trial for a Master"

    "You need me in the coming battle." Topper states to Corwin

    "Yeah, I do, but this is more important. Your trial will be the most difficult anyone has ever faced at the academy. However, I know you will prevail. Because you know you must and so you shall. After the trial, after all the battles ahead, you will be prepared to face the awesome and terrible I have witnessed in the Cave Luke showed me. I test myself there, against the dark side, constantly. You are the only person I know whom I truly believe could handle such a burden as the path I walk. Never be ME, always be yourself. You know that now." Corwin says with much admiration for his student "There will be a battle waging overhead, but you must not falter. People die, and you will feel it as I have all too often. There will be fires, here on Bothwai, which we will not be bale to prevent. You will feel the release of those who die here as well, but you must not falter. This, final, test will show you what it is to be me but never will you want that burden. It is not your's to carry, but today, you will know it first hand and you will FEEL how I resolve my heart with and against the lure of urgent actions and the dark side. Today you will see, how I have ever steeled myself against the evil and you will learn how to become an impenetrable beacon of light."

    Topper swallows "You put much faith in me."

    "No, Sylar, I have invested ALL of my faith in you. You and I are "brothers" in skill, the force and in spirit. No one will ever be our equal even if they defeat us, we always find a way to survive and come back that much stronger." Corwin says, his features betraying strong emotions

    Twenty Minutes later

    Sylar is undergoing the rigors of the Master Trials, three Masters are present for this. Raltir and two others. Corwin and his fleets and friends are locked in battle in the skies above Bothwai. Indeed, whatever Corwin had done and was doing... Was imparting his perception to Sylar as he underwent the trials. He felt each death and triumph and cry in the night and kept his mind on the task. Weighing the burden of a Jedi as he completed his tasks with finesse and grace.

    In space Above Bothwai

    An ISD II was ripped into chunks near its jump point, two Victory II class SD's were also heavily damaged and exchanging fire with the Hapan Battle Dragon who had used its Pulse Mass Mines to rip them violently from hyperspace. The resultant reversion had decimated the Imperial II and now the Battle Dragon was finishing off the other two Victory II's. Her fighters engaged with theirs but holding a great deal of superiority and that battle was inevitable.

    However, one of the ISD's had jumped within range of Bothwai via a "Gravwell Skip" , a mistake indeed to reveal the presence of an Interdictor this early in the battle. One which Corwin used the single gravwell generator that Admiral Axxaro had in his fleet to precisely send Axxaro's Bulwark to its coordinates. Reversing the "Gravwell skip" on the unsuspecting Imperials. Axxaro chewed the Interdictor into pieces in minutes.

    The problem was, simply, that the remaining ISD II had dumped all non essential supplies, INCLUDING YEARS of consumables to cram everything from the other ISD II into her hold. That and the fact that she jumped in with a Full Wing of deployed TIE Intercepters With Hyperdrives no less. That confusion allowed them to launch another 72 fighters consisting of Bombers and Interceptors ONLY. It was the ship that was blocked from Corwin's perception. Hapan fighters, Bothan X-Wings and New Republic Defenders met their fighters. Backed by four Bothan Assault Cruisers with four more squadrons of X-Wings and the Four Hapes Nova Cruisers. The capital ships were trying to tie up the ISD, and had done so to some effect, but the ship pressed onward, taking hellish damage as she came on. Ignoring them mostly, she focused fire on the Planetary shields of Bothwai that had ben hastily erected after Jerec shattered them the first time. Again, they failed and fire began to rain down from the sky into secondary population centers.

    Topper looked skyward as the Green lances of Heavy Turbolasers screamed down to the far side of the world. He could feel thousands dying with every blast. It dropped him to one knee, almost loosing focus he maintained and re-attuned to what he was doing. The burden was almost unbearable. His eyes began to water, he could feel Corwin's sadness then he felt him control it and use it, shaping the emotion into resolve. He became hardened again, sympathetic to what was going on but focused upon his task and so to did Topper follow suit.

    Again and again Topper was assaulted by the destruction and screams of battle and death. Again and again, he used it, he shaped it into resolve as Corwin had. When the battle ended, he was a Master unlike any other that had ever been given the title. The "First" ever test into that role. It was an undertaking that, given the battle overhead, would have broken any other Jedi.

    Truly, for the first time. Other than the words of the Men of Order 67. Jedi Master Sylar Topper knew he never wanted to bear the burden that it was to be Corwin Amber... He could feel his Master's exhaustion, yet he never found that his resolve wavered. He could also feel joy rolling off Corwin. He knew Topper had prevailed. Telepathically he recieved the message "When you are ready, I need to show you to your command. I NEVER doubted you. I knew you would smoke their trials, they're going to have a hard time finding someone to top your BEYOND perfect score. NO ONE, even if they do top your score, will ever TRULY own up to what you have just faced. I'll see you in a couple hours Jedi Master Topper."

    The two Vic II's were being dragged into place to be used as impromptu "Golan Towers", run by remotes and droids. The shields were raised again on Bothwai, but greatly lessened in effectiveness. Both Imperial II's were being salvaged for gunnery helmets and any essential gear that could be used against Luke in the upcoming fight. the ground forces on Bothwai had taken some casualties, but they were ready for the assault. Imperial hardware was already being stripped for useful parts and defenses.

    "General Amber" Borsk says choking back a sob, tears in his eyes "I... I..." he can't get it out

    "You want a call for a general evacuation now." Corwin finishes for him

    "Yes... I am so sorry... Dear God... What have I done?" Borsk says falling to one knee

    Corwin is there at his side, helping him up steadying him "No, it is not truly your fault. We hadn't had the far side of the planet scheduled for evac until tomorrow if we had proceeded a day ago. Even though you resisted our warning, THIS part is not your fault. It is a BURDEN that YOU and I have to carry. Now, perhaps, you understand a bit better why I have problems with loosing people in battle..." Corwin says, his own eyes brimmed with tears

    "I always saw you as an adversary, or as a tool or impediment to my path as Chief of State. Today..." Borsk swallows trying to bite back the tears "I have some small understanding of what it is to be you. You are nto an adversary to me are you?" Not really asking the question so much as stating a fact

    "No, Borsk, I NEVER have been." Corwin says truthfully "Come on, Chief of State, we have some work to do. Your people need you now."

    "Yes, you are right. I will not question an order of military significance from you in the future." Borsk says "what can I do?"

    "Go and be among your people, help with the evacuation. Get NOTICED working with them and the relief crews." Corwin says

    "No, what can I do for you?" Borsk Asks

    Considering his question "Later, when this is all over, you can get me a better ship. Something more formidable to use to kick these Imperial Scum from the galaxy with." Corwin says in all honesty

    "That, My dear General will NOT be a problem after today." Borsk says and the two walk off the bridge, then part ways to tend to their many individual tasks.


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    The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever Empty Re: The Final Chapters, the Light Fades but Heroes Live Forever

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    "The Dis-Order of Battle"

    "I'm breaking up my Corvette picket ships. So that two will be assigned to General Solo's and General Chewbaka's taskforces. Naturally the flags for each force will be the Millennium Falcon and the Ace of Sabers. I'm keeping the two Anti-Starfighter corvettes in close for Capital Ship support. Assigning one to my MC80B, and one to the other Flag with General Topper on his MC60. His force consists of his MC60 and a Pair of MC40's + the Corellian Corvette for close in Anti Starfighter support and his Starfighter assets, plus a late addition of the Corellian Gunship that just arrived. I have the MC80B, one MC60, a Corellian Corvette with Capital hardpoints, a Corellian Corvette with Satrfighter hardpoints, one of the Corellian Gunships that was here at Bothwai as well as my own starfighter assets." Corwin breaks down the two forces

    "Okay, so, I have the Falcon, a pair of Corvettes and three squadrons of fighters under my command right?" Solo Asks

    "Yes that's correct, plus Admiral Axxaro has generously offered up his Elrood Prosperity Cruiser he recently acquired. So you have a Capital interceptor with Starfighter Batteries on her. He has also given up another squadron of fighters for her escorts as well, so that brings your count to Four Squadrons total." Corwin adds

    "General Chewbaka, you have the Ace as your flag, four squadrons of fighters, two Corvettes and a Corellian Frigate that was taken in combat on Sullust. They have graciously sent her along with their support through the Militia Act." Corwin says to Chewie

    General Solo turns to his wife "Leia are you certain you want to do this?" with concern

    Leia looks at him with a "No Contest" glance "I HAVE to do this. Proceed General Amber." Leia says firmly

    "Okay, Princess Leia will be running things from another angle that I had not anticipated. She is calling the "Another Chance" her flag and has a squadron of fighter pilots composed of Alderannian warriors." he avoided using the "term" survivors "Plus, she has yet another late addition to the battle. A Carrack Cruiser and Nebulon B Frigate from Bakura fighting along side her, plus a Nebulon B of her own and two Corellian Gunships. Her fighters consist of The Aldreaniaan A-Wing Squadron, a Squadron of X-Wings, two squadrons of TIE Interceptors marked as friendlies on ALL of our HUDs, and two squadron's of Y-Wings."

    "Hey! Why does she get all the good stuff?" Han asks

    "Because I'm a princess, you nerf herder." Leia says back playfully

    Corwin and Lando begin to Chuckle

    "Commander Tagge, is your assault Wing Ready?" Corwin asks another officer attending

    "Flight up and ready to go, General. Just give us the word and we will be an extension of your will." Tagge says

    "No, that will be quite unnessecary Commander." Corwin says

    "I'm sorry, I don't follow..." Tagge says with some confusion

    "You are the latest addition, Borsk gave me a lot of Hell about it. But here, you'll need these because I need you." Corwin says as he tosses him a small box

    Logan Tagge snatches the box in mid air, flipping it open, he stares at the two of them for a while...

    "Something wrong, General Tagge?" Corwin says

    Choking a bit "Ahem, No, SIR! I just thought I was considered too much of a wild card for this kind of responsibility..." Tagge remarks

    "That's why we all need you, you're unpredictable and somewhat ruthless tactics are what we need in the coming days. You'll be briefing your additional squadrons on your tactics in one hour. I've assigned you a mix of all the uncommon elements we have here in the fleet. Ships that don't fit in anywhere but with a leader of your unique ability. They're all very fast and suit your profile from what I have come to know about you. Each one has a chip on their shoulder that never went away. Somehow their own personal death wishes never got them killed, but NO commander in his sane mind wants them. That's where you come in, they respect you. I am ordering you, as a peer, to kill as many Imperials as you possibly can." Corwin says in a dead lethal tone

    Saluting "Yessir! Thank you, I won't disappoint!" Tagge says

    "General Calrissian, is your task force ready?" Corwin turns to the Baron Administrator of Cloud City

    "Yes, I have the refit Vic II as my Flag and I have a favor to ask of you." Calrissian says to Corwin

    "Name it." Is all Corwin says

    "I want my second to be Ace Starkiller, I heard his actions at the battle of Rendilli were telling. He's only a Lieutenant now..." Calrissian remarks "He'll be heading up the fight alongside me on a Drednaught I brought along from Rendilli, you may recognize her. You used her in the fight to liberate that yards facility."

    "Okay, how does Commander suit you Starkiller?" Corwin asks

    "Much more than I expected. It suits me just fine." Ace says

    "Good then, less red tape with Borsk." Sighing "Oh, and by the way. General Isolder wants to have a couple words with you in private aboutthe whereabouts of Lady Ravosh Tarkin." Tossing Isolder a sly grin

    "Uhhh... yeah.. About that... I.. uhhh..." Ace stutters

    Corwin is chuckling again

    "You will have PLENTY of time tell me all about it, COMMANDER, after the briefing" Isolder says with mock lethality

    Corwin lets out a loud laugh that sounds like a cough

    "Wonderful..." Ace says as he jumps at the report of corwin's laugh/cough like it was a gunshot

    "I have a mix of fighter pilots in my Vic II, including some people you recognize from Order 67 I still had on loan. They didn't want to miss this fight." Lando says

    "Yeah, so when were you gonna tell us General?" Mike Vantor says

    "I did, but the communique is probably still en-route. You're lucky you were still hanging around with Lando." Corwin says

    "Yeah, General Gunney is gonna be pissed... But he's not the fleet arm lead, I am." Vantor says

    "So, does that mean..." Corwin begins

    "Yep, better make me a New Republic General already. My Vic will be here in less than an hour with OUR Elrood Prosperity Cruiser and the two systems patrol craft as picket vessels. Don't worry, I'll resign right after the battle... Hey! Remember, I learned from the best. In how to resign that is." Vantor Says Mockingly

    Corwin reddens

    Several commanders and general begin to laugh

    'Okay, General, live up your three day salary while you can." Corwin shoots back

    "Do I get dental with that?" Vantor asks chuckling

    "Nope, only cybernetic replacement." Corwin fires right back

    "Okay BOYS, lets finish this little gun festival already..." Princess Leia says with a smile on her face

    "I have my five Bothan Assault Cruisers securing the perimiter of Bothwai. We are fielding a squadron of X-Wings off each one, in addition, I have committed a full WING of X-Wings to the defense of Bothwai. General Isolder and Admiral Brenna will further help me secure the world and act as a reserve net of forces for the engagement." Ethan A'Hbat says

    "I'll be in my refit Victory One class star destroyer, fielding 48 Y-Wing mark II's in formation with two Bulk Cruisers, also fielding 36 Headhunter AF4's each. I have a gift for Striker Squadron, one Freitek E-Wing Prototype starfighter Mark I. It's for General Tagge. She's a bit less manuverable than his A-wing, more so than an X-wing, and tougher than a cloakshape fighter with four times the armament." General Cracken Adds

    With a LOT of interest "I'll check her out then." Tagge says

    "Good, because on your recommendation we will be replacing A-wings AND X-wings with them as interceptors if you like her. You're the BEST damned pilot in the fleet, hands down, so don't let us down son." Cracken adds

    "You have nothing to fear, if she's anything like what you say... The Skies will burn as the Imperial Flag falls ashen to the ground of Bothwai." Tagge says with true spirit

    "Ahem..." General Crix Madine clears his throat "I have four regiments of the best the New Republic has to offer, plus several divisions of armor and some captured Walkers from the last battle. We're being re-enforced by a regiment of Bothan troops, another division of hovertanks from Bothwai and SEVEN regiments of Bothan voulanteers that had served in the planetary militia at one time or another. Our evacuation efforts are actually ahead of schedule due to our Chief of State's personal aid and that of his people lending support in the form of the additional SEVEN regiments of planetary militia. They have risen above and beyond the call. Never have I seen such mettle in anyone before. Borsk was right, his people are made of sterner stuff than we gave them credit." His announcement sobers the crowd, everyone knowing full well that the losses from the previous day had galvanized both the chief of State and his people together into a deadly fighting force. With their backs against the wall, the Bothans were truly a heroic species. Luke's plan to demoralize us had failed, he galvanized our forces and honed us into the weapons that we were here and now. It was a characteristic of a ruthless man with no Tactical background... I doubt that he had forseen THAT, Corwin thinks to himself.

    "General Antillies, is your command team prepared?" Corwin asks Wedge

    "Yes, rogue squadron is red and on prepped. At our core are 12 tweaked X-wings, complemented by a squadron of B-Wings, a squadron of Y-Wing Mark II's, a squadron of A-wings and three Squadrons of Z-95 AF4's. We are honed into one fighting force and are ready for anything the Empire can throw at us." Antillies says

    "Finally" Axxaro states "I have the Bulwark as my flag, four Assault Frigates, two Assault Frigate Mark II's, one Nebulon B, two Bulk Cruisers, One Imperial I Class Star Destroyer, Four Corvettes, and Two Corellian Gunships. All Backed by THIRTY SEVEN squadrons of fighter craft of varying classifications. That's 444 fighters in total. We are ready."

    One Thousand Three Hundred Eighteen Starfighters, and FIFTY FOUR Capital Warships + An Aging Fleet Tender. The real question was, would it be enough against the finest crews and most distinguished pilots the Empire had EVER fielded? What horrors would they face? The Super would carry AT LEAST 500+ Fighters into battle, all veteran ACE pilots, Plus 216 more from the three Imperial One's... None of this included the losses they had already taken, the loss of 140 fighters from the first attack from only 144 fighters... One wing of Hyperspace capable Interceptors, three bomber squadrons and three additional Interceptor squadrons... They were all VERY good. The losses had been compensated for by fresh troops that were still showing up for the fight... Mostly green straight out of the Academy...

    The stage was set, now only time and patience. Corwin's and Sylar's students were waiting, they had much work to do with them in the next three days...


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    A final Note before the end and new beginning...

    I'm not going into great detail about the training of the Jedi Students. Because the whole training process would seem rather elementary and repetitive, not to mention boring. I COULD write it, but NO ONE would want to read it. Because it would drone on over the expanse of three days in the Star Wars universe. So, instead, I'm getting right back to the "meat and potatoes" of the matter. I was sick from work today, completely run down. But the "battle hymn" of this fight has been ringing like a clarion call in my mind for weeks now, when I first set down to begin this backstory. I have wanted to write this moment in time for all the days I have written all the parts leading up to it. It has been difficult, because I like to cut to the chase and would love nothing more than to skip to the end. However, such is not the way of things in the Star Wars universe. Everything comes with time, with patience and indeed a price. In the coming tale, the price will be very dear. The repercussions will be like shockwaves throughout the galaxy that my friend Eric has so lovingly created.

    Strap in, the hope of a galaxy dies tonight... But I thought I mentioned something about a "New Beginning"... perhaps, there will be one of those as well...


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    Part One, of the Death Squadron Battle

    "RAW Experience"

    Day three came and went, and still no Death Squadron. People were prepared, yet they did not come.

    "Where the hell are they?" Cracken says to Corwin over the Holo channel they had securely setup locally only

    "He's about four hours out, just sitting there. Some additional forces are arriving." Corwin says opening his eyes again "He'll be here soon. Just remember, its likely he has anticipated many of our actions already. Much of the battle ahead will seem futile. But, my dear friend Arien, find solace in the fact we have wild cards all across the field of battle. They will save our lives today." Pausing and closing his eyes once more "Ah, yes, he is on the move again."

    "Tell me why the pulse mass mines won't work again?" Cracken asks

    "He's already anticipated that manuver. I saw a vision where he deviates course to come out of hyperspace ON TOP of Bothwai, as it's the only safe corridor if we deploy the mines. You saw it happen four days ago, with the Grav Well Skip." Corwin Comments

    "Yes, but we took out his interdictor. The ploy was a mistake, on his part." Cracken says

    "Yes and no, there's one ship I cannot see right now. I'm betting that he thinks he'll be able to pull the same trick again. He has ANOTHER Interdictor. His masking is strained for some reason, like his resolve wavered a couple days ago for some reason or another though I have no idea why..." The repercussions of Force Harmony... "the ships mass and signature match an Interdictor in my mind's eye, and she's lingering behind. I'll send Axxaro in, but he won't be back in time for the initial wave." Corwin says peering deeper through the force calculating the coordinates on the fly

    "Admiral, I'm sending the coordinates of another Interdictor. You going in again? To make certain?" Corwin asks

    "Yes, we'll pass right by his taskforce and cut his suprise into junk metal. I'm taking five squadrons of fighters this time, close to my hull on your request. You see something odd do you?" Axxaro asks

    "No, just a feeling. He would be stupid to leave her completely undefended as he had before..." Corwin remarks as if far away

    "Save some of them for me, General. I should be back just after the initial engagement if all goes well." Axxaro says as his ship "Skips" out of Bothwai's Gravity Well with the aid of his well placed interdictor.

    Two Hours to go, Axxaro should be there now...

    Admiral Axxaro emerges from the Hyperspace coordior, and there is indeed a Interdictor there. It begins launching her two squadorns of TIEs, which are easily met by Axxaro's FIVE already fielded squadrons. Suddenly, the Interdictor pulls in two Strike Cruisers...

    "Thank you, General Amber... If I had not brought the extra fighters I would be a dead man right now..." Muttering under his breath "Launch all Alert Snubfighters from the bays!" Axxaro commands, adding an additional five squadrons of Republic Defenders... He trades some fighters with Corwin, verteran for rookie. But the Defenders in this battle would be more than enough, and late for the next battle they would be a welcome addition. "Make to broadside, maximum shields. Target batteries Alpha through Delta on Stirke Cruiser One, Gamma through Kappa on Strike Cruiser Two, Lamda through Pi on the Interdictor." Axxaro barkls out the oerders as his bulky three Kilometer long warship turns quite rapidly to broadside catching ALL three ships at the same time. "Pattern fire HERE and HERE, on Stirke one. Mimic Pattern fire HERE and HERE on Strike two. Just spray fire into the interdictor. Organize the Defenders for defense, two Squadrons held back for cover the rest engage with everyone else, match their fighters with ours."

    Within moments entire systems on each of the Strike Cruisers began to fail "Fools, didn't see that coming did you?" Axxaro calls out across his view port, a veteran of dozens of battles against them... "they never see it coming..." Axxaro coments to his second

    "Yes, sir, I noticed that as well. Interdictor is down, and space junk. Fighter mop up is going to take some time... They were fighter carriers sir." His second says

    "Time is a commodoty I have none of. Recall all fighters." Axxaro says

    "Sir?" His second officer asks increduously

    "Thompson, we have 130 Anti Starfighter batteries. It is likely that they have NEVER faced a Bulwark in battle before. Bring the fighters home, swing my ship around and present out prow as a target, which incidentally is where the majority of my AS batteries are located. Watch and learn." Axxaro says

    "GENERAL RECALL, ALL FIGHTERS, DUCK AND COVER!" Thompson says over their Subspace frequency

    "AS Batteries, train on your individual targets. Line up for Headshots boys and girls, we're shooing the Eyeballs out today." Axxaro orders over the shipboard comm

    His fighters all come in, all the defenders that is. The five squadrons of Hyperspace craft jump home toward the upcoming batte at Bothwai. As the Tie squadrons approach, they begin their attack runs and are greeted by precision Ion Cannon fire, cutting every one of them out of the sky.

    "Remarkable" Thompson says

    "No, just a deviation of General Amber's capital battery exercise." Axxaro says

    "What about the fighters?" Thompson asks

    "We don't have the time to launch the defender s and wait for them to cut them all to pieces or even to capture them all." He stands there considering for a moment "Well, this is unlike me, but paying them in kind for Bothwai sounds in order. Thompson, this is something General Amber would NEVER do. Operator bring the deflectors on Maximum port side. Pilot, scissor sweep our turn to the Jump Point, maximum velocity." Axxaro says grimly

    "Sir? You're going to smash them all to pieces?!" Thompson exclaims and questions

    "yes, and the ones we don't get will be fried alive by out extended maximum shield wall..." Axxaro says "We cannot leave them to come after us, if they are capable or not, I simply cannot take that chance. For Bothwai."

    Thompson just nods and says "Make it so."

    The 3 kilometer vessel turns rapidly, in a hard turn crusing all fighters drifing in front of it . the Shield arc "cooks" the rest of the pilots.

    "Jump Prep, fighters have the luxury of preprogrammed coordinates. We don't. Get on it Jamos!" Looking over to his navigator

    "Already working out the solution sir, ten maybe fifteen minutes at most." the navigator says

    Axxaro thinks to himself... Time we simply do not have. But he is helpless and waits as he must.


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    Part Two, of the Death Squadron Battle

    "Last minute surprises"

    "You know, I wouldn't miss this for the world." Tengi calls from the ****pit of his heavily modified Eta-4 Actis Interceptor

    "You certainly took you time getting here" Corwin says over the comm

    "So, you have a place for me or not?" Tengi questions, as they begin to argue back and forth as always...

    "Yes, my CAG Jenna is down a pilot. Form up with her." Corwin says, relieved that Tengi made it for this fight

    "Wilco, General, entering formation." Tengi efortlessly and beautifully rolls the nimble and archaic fighter craft into formation on Jenna's wing

    "Well, that gives us at least a one more Ace pilot today. Thank the Force he showed up." Corwin mumbles to himself

    "I can't sense him, Master Amber. What's wrong? Am I failing you?" Trina asks

    "Can any of you sense him?" Corwin says looking to his other students seated on the bridge, strapped in for the ride.

    A Chorous of "No's" ring out

    "See, Trina, he is an anomaly existing OUTSIDE the force as we know it. The trick is to sense the place he is NOT, and feel the disruption as he passes through the web of the force. Try that instead." Corwin says putting a hand on her shoulder, trina is the only student standing and right next to him at the fore of the Command deck

    "I sense, a disturbace, faint but hard to track. Liike a small ripple in a pond." Trina comments

    "Too hard to track, so hard to do so that it would open you up to attack and make you completely vulnerable. It is his gift and his curse." Corwin says ruffling her hair and she yelps refocusing on what he's doing

    "Hey! I didn't even notice you were messing my hair until a second ago." Trina says flustered

    "Exactly, see, it is pointless to focus like that on him. Just thank the Force he's on our side. Because if he wasn't he could kill most of us before we even had a chance to react." that sobers the children

    Opening his comm "Sound Off!"

    "Solo command reporting in, we're ready" Han says

    "General Calrissian reading ready O.P." Lando Says

    "Hapan taskforce is on the move" Isolder chimes in

    "Bothan reserve, deployed and holding" A'Hbat says

    "Princess Leia here, my taskforce is ready O.P." Leia says

    "Striker Assault Group, is go, ready O.P." Tagge Says

    "Rogue Legion, Fleet command is go, minus Lead" commander Tal Shan says from his Assault Frigate

    "Starbuster command is ready O.P." Ace Starkiller chimes in

    "Rwarrrrrrooowwwwww..." Chewbaka signals, then "What he means to say, General Amber, is that we are good to go. GX in a gunwell and all other positions manned to maximum efficiency" Jeeves responds then R5D20 Warbles out some insults against the empire "Oh yes, D20 is on the Tractor beam and wants to trip and rip up some TIE fighters too..." Jeeves finishes sounding a bit concerned

    Corwin's grin just keeps growing wider and wider

    "Cracken Command sigining in, we are ready O.P." Cracken says

    "General, General...Master... Syla.. oh hell, Reflex Command here. I'm on your starboard wing General Amber. We are ready and holding" Sylar says

    Corwin is chuckling as are his students, good we need to laugh it may be the last time we do in a very long while...

    "General Antillies here, rogue squadron is on the prowl. My Other squadrons are dispersed properly as well. Holding." Wedge Antillies calls out

    "General Michael Vantor of the New Republic here, taskforce arrayed in unorthodox formation as per our signature tactics. If there is a god, the Imperials had better start praying to him soon. Because they'll find they have a need for religion after we're through with them." Mike says

    That really gets Corwin going

    "General Corwin Amber here, from the bridge of the "Imperial Hammer", forces dis-arrayed to complete satisfaction. May the force be with you all. General Madine, are you ready?"

    "Yes, we're ready to repel ANY assault." Crix Madine responds

    Borsk looks over to Corwin, then to the Bothan force user sitting on the bridge 'isn't he a bit young?"

    "No, actually, they need to learn. if they are to be a part of the fabric of things, they are here and are prepared to learn. Just as raltir and his students are on the ground. Which, by the way I meant to ask you about him..." Corwin looks at Borsk

    "Yes, I made him a general too. His jedi are present in some capacity in the fighting forces arrayed on the ground as well. But he wantd to suprise you too." Borsk comments

    "General Raltir here, commanding from Corellian Lancet Squadron. We have two additional squadrons in addition to your gift, Corwin. Where do you need us?" Raltir asks

    "Pick a spot Master Raltir. Make certain you can get back to your forces on the ground if you need to coordinate a counter strike against any unknown dark jedi threat. I sense a LOT more than one presence on the coming fleet." corwin says

    "I do as well, moving to position over Bothwai." Raltir Chimes

    "how did the Lancets get here already?" corwin asks Borsk

    "I pulled some strings, had a capital ship pick them up for Raltir and added a pair of squadrons to help ensure him and his students saftey." Borsk replies

    Walking onto the bridge Skeith comes up to Corwin "Where do you need me?"

    "Oh, more suprises. I'm glad you're here. On communications and jamming, naturally. I'm certain the operator there could use your experience." Corwin says thanking the Force once again, everyone was showing up... Well, Alsmost...

    Then a ghost walked in the door. Still the asshole he had ever been before Alec Dumotte looked at Corwin

    "Alec?" Corwin says in disbelief

    "I'm here, I feel better. I need to do this. I need to work things out. Where do you want me?" Alec Asks

    "Umm, I have a favor to ask of you. You might like it. I have a power suit team workingin the forward shielded hold, should be some nice "Party favors" there for you to play with. You're going to like what's planned. Go there, then go with Commander Maximus and his power suit team. I heard you have been doing some civilian powersuit salvage lately... I have a Zero Gee Stormtrooper suit I saved for you if I ever ran into you again. It's yours, do what you do best. Make the Imps bleed." Corwin says dead serious

    "that's the last thing I thought you would ever say, friend. It's killing time." Alec says and walks off below decks

    "Was that wise?" Borsk Asks

    "We re-conditioned him, but we could never take away his spirit. he's always going to be the same man. WE NEED him now more than ever." Corwin says resolute

    "We can use all the help we can get..." Corwin says "Here they come!"


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    Part Three, of the Death Squadron Battle

    "In The End, What You Do Defines Who You Are"

    The Seventeen Kilometer Long Super Class Stardestroyer Emerged from Hyperspace, with Three Imperial One's in a wedge formation in front of her, Six Bayonette Crusisers on either side, and a dispersal of Nebulon-B's, Strike Cruisers and Victory II's. It was like four Majestic warships and all the junk that the Empire could toss together into one fleet at the last minute. And that is EXACTLY what it was. They were all expendable, Corwin and Cracken picked up on it immediately. These Imperials, probably had no idea they were being used in that fashion, because their forces were sub par. Luke or his master, whoever he was, was cleaning house. Intel reported that they had better ships and were fielding nothing less than an Imperial Two these days. It almost looked like they knocked off every pawn shop and junk yard for the last 20 parsecs... Some of the ships were already battered, some even damaged form other engagements. Still, this was going to be very ugly.

    The New Republic still outnumbered these capital assets by a factor of just more than TWO to ONE. The Imperials Jumped in with hundreds of fighters deploying in minutes, which gave the republic forces an advantage in the opening stages. However, there was at least one entire wing of TIE Avengers that was already deployed. Well... Might as well let Cracken tell you.

    "OH MY GOD! LOOK! Those are TIE Defenders! I thought we had destroyed that facility! Corwin, this is bad! Thank the Force there are only two squadrons of them." Cracken gasps out and the Defenders spiraled majestically in a dance of intricate death. Turning long before any X-Wing could match them and then killing the X-wings with effortless grace. Only the A-Wings stood a chance, coming somewhere near their performance but still lacking, their guns couldn't penetrate the Defender's shields and armor in one pass.... It would take two, perhaps, three double linked shots!

    Then Corwin felt it, the trick he had used before... Enhanced coordination on the entire fleet. "Topper, I'm going to need you now. Coordinate with me, my responses will come out slower than normal. I have to match the enhanced coordination that they are putting up, it is going to drain me. I need you to be my sword arm!" Corwin call over the comm

    "I'm forming up now Boss" There is a LOT of concern in Topper's voice, He could not even imagine the level of strain it would put on Corwin

    "Children, remember what I taught you. Lend your strength to me. When you have had enough. Rest, do NOT overextend yourselves." Corwin says to them

    Borsk just looks at him stunned

    The children fall into that rhythmic music Corwin had taught them, then closing his eyes and gripping the the forward stabilization rail, Corwin closes his eyes and pours all the Force he has into that one, singular act of initiation. Space ripples, as pilots and crews coordinate more effectively. Smoothing their actions, enhancing their reactions and ability to fight. It covers EVERYONE in the fleet, Even Axxaro's ship that is en-route. Borsk watches as the strain it puts him in causes him to grip the railing so hard that the metal GIVES flexing around his hands. Sweat begins to flow from Corwin's pores, once in the trance he eases up a bit. The children's music soothes him. Yet the strain is evident, he is extending well beyond his own natural ability. Corwin would use every bit of his force potential today, drawing on the Light Side of the force "Amping" to higher points during that battle, selling his reserves dearly and carefully, until the end when he would be completely "spent".


    Luke Stands in complete concentration "My focus is ... static... what... isss .... NOooooooO!" Screaming he forces some of the static away, but its annoying hum is always there. It's very painful. Yet he senses his counterpart, a beacon of disgusting light, SOMEHOW matching and Exceeding his power... It causes him to Rage deeper and deeper into hatred and of all things, Fear.


    The Sky is On FIRE... Ships tumbling here and there. People dying in droves as ships begin annihilation of one another through massive firepower exchanges.

    The New Republic has NEVER faced a battle on this scale.

    Then five squadrons jump back into the fray, behind the Imperial Lines pouring devastating proton torpedoes into the flanks of the Bayonettes, Carracks and Strike Cruisers, this act breaks the Imperial line up a bit.

    Solo seizes the opening, without regard to the consequences, he drives his entire force group into that hole and begins firing at the imperial from within their OWN formation causing massive havoc and confusion. Chewbaka follows suit with his force, the two playing off one another sowing massive confusion into the Imperial ranks.

    Cracken Calls out "Let the snubfighters do their jobs! Hold your heavy warships back UNTIL we decimate their escorts!"

    Several escorts break at that moment, from the Imperial line making a suicide run for Bothwai... The problem is that there are two squadrons of Death escorting them, two squadrons of TIE Defenders. Escorting them and ALL of the SUPER STAR destroyers, and the Three Imperial I's ground forces...

    The Defenders hit the defense line well before anyone can even react, the first Bothan Assault Cruiser Evaporates under Precise HEAVY Starship bombing. "Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" Screams of the dead and dying can be heard over the comm... Thousands of lives gone in seconds...

    Borsk wavers on the Bridge of the "Imperial Hammer" reaching out as if to catch his fallen brethren, then a hand comes under his arm supporting him Corwin is there, watching the display again. "Hang on, Chief of State, this is just the beginning. We will prevail, but it is going to cost us." Corwin says the strain evident upon him, as if his mind is racing in multiple locations at the same time. the children are concentrating, all of them sweating, lending their strength to Corwin

    Admiral A'Hbat and General Isolder with Admiral Brenna swing their forces into the fray. The battle is devastating, they unleash the fires of hell into the approaching wall of craft. Killing each and every escort utterly, decimating about half of the ground forces before they pass them, then they too are pressed into the battle as the main line begins to move.

    "Now!" Corwin calls over the comm "Hit them NOW!"

    Admiral Axxaro emerges from hyperspace at that exact moment behind the Imperial formation, his ship twisting immediately pouring fire into everything, vomiting his remainder of the Defeneder's the New republic is now FULLY engaged.

    Striker Assault Group OBLITERATES one capital ship after another, the first victim is a Lancer that pulled away from one of the Super's hangar bays, then a Strike Cruiser, then a Bayonette... But it's not enough, he's taking losses, first from his "Newer" command then slowly but surely his command group begins loosing pilots

    General Antillies is fully engaged with the two TIE Defender squadrons, his ENTIRE group struggling to survive against their complete superiority. Only skill and experience is keeping his hand picked men alive, there's a recruit there from Corsec, Corran Horn. He's chewing up the shields on one of the Defenders, hugging his prey's ass and not letting go. Tyco Chelchu, is the first though... He comes in hard, launcing a pair of torpedoes bracketing one defender by their explosions, cutting its maneuverability and droppnig its shields, then he threads it with wild bursts from his quartet of laser cannons, finally cutting the "unkillable" craft into pieces.

    "Defender Down! Defender Down!" the call rings out, and so it begins, Rogue Squadron earns her name again, in blood, in fire and in the destruction of two squadrons of TIE Defenders... Over the course of the next two hours... She would loose EVERY additional fighter that had been assigned to her in the process, and only Tyco Celchu, Wedge Antillies and Corran Horn remain after the fighting ends...

    Lando and Mike Vantor are fighting side by side, with Starkiller swinging around delivering broadsides at point blank range on the Three Imperial Ones. It's tough going, even with the missiles on the Vic One Vantor commands... These Imperial One crews are the best of the best and they SHOOT DOWN more missiles than actually hit. Not to mention their fighter pilots are all disgustingly good. Only through unorthodox tactics of Vantor, the Brute force of Lando Calrissian and the fearless insanity of Starkiller do they manage to maintain the upper hand... that and the addition of something to the tune of 60 droid fighters, all that remained from the battle of Rendilli. Then the battle tips completely in their favor as Princess Leia enters the fray with her ships and those of the heroic Bakurans. Fires begin to light, ever so slowly, on each of the three Imperial Ones. Their starfighters are slowly diminishing. The confusion is more pronounced with the aid of the Bakuran TIE Interceptors.

    Over the Comm Lando Calls out "Engage that Super at Point Blank Range! She's having difficulty tracking Solo's & Chewie's commands at those ranges!"

    And so it was true, the first weakness of the Super Class Series finally exposed, thanks to the Perception of Lando Calrissian. No one else had noticed yet. The fleet closed, converging on the Super, taking a hellish beating in the process. Corwin's MC60 escort exploded into chunks as they closed. Topper's two MC40's were already long gone, you could see them burning, twisting away from the battle. Drifting out of control as if sinking into space. The Hapan Battle Dragon had lost her ability to move forward as her engine array was heavily damaged and she just sat there, spewing fire into the unwavering Super at long Range, her rotational guns keeping up a steady line of fire raking their prow constantly back and forth, one of the Hapes Nova's had effectively been vaporized by a barrage of Heavy fire.

    "That's it!" Corwin calls out "Everyone, probe their defenses! Fire! Fire at every location, all batteries commence!" Corwin had the MC80B spinning to present new vectors of fire. It was like a water wheel, vomiting death.

    The Imperial One's now Gone, everyone began to close. Everyone vomiting fire into her defenses, star fighters still dancing, thousands of them spiraling around in the void of space.

    And so, the fleet fired and fired and fired at every point, not finding the "seam" in the Super's shields. With each probe they took more damage.

    Axxaro moved his ship in shielding three stricken craft from the Super's deadly turbolasers . They exchanged fire, like two behemoths and each punch was earth shattering. People on the bridges of ships everywhere held their breath, the spectacle was incredible. "Fire, give me EVERYTHING, concentrate at point 65. FIIRRREE!!!" The two ships exchanged fire again, still the Bulwark held. Again they exchanged fire, some small fires lighting on the Super SD's center mass as turbolasers penetrated shielding using combined fire. "FIRRREEEEE!!!" Axxaro screamed, still watching as another Bothan Assault Ship exploded along its bow venting its crew into space and secondary explosions sounding the death knell of that ship. This time they exchanged fire, and the Bulwark's shields buckled, the next exchange obliterated EVERY gun on her port side and lit sub fires on all of her decks . Axxaro was thrown into a bulkhead. All the while everyone else in the New Republic fleet was pouring fire into every part of the Executor. Axxaro got up, "Roll the Damned ship! Keep firing!" He noticed Thompson was dead, and so where most of his command crew. A deckhand had run to the pilots station and was pulling off a maneuver that only a veteran could have done. But he was there doing it, a true hero, ALL of them, all of his crew were heroes rising to the occasion by sheer force of will. Axxaro could see the tears in his eyes but the deckhand remained at his blood smeared and smoking post pulling off the complicated maneuver. And so she rolled, and the two ships exchanged fire again, this time shots rang true through the shielding and exploded with force against the hull of the Super. Again the Bulwark rocked, tossing Axxaro across the room. As he got up, looking out the view port the smoke had cleared and his assault had done nothing more than ignite the "deck" in a 300 Meter dispersion of fire... Only marring the surface of the Super Star Destroyer and perhaps silencing a few dozen of her heavy turbolaser batteries... Straightening out his jacket that was smeared with blood. He hit the comm panel, "It has been an honor, Corwin." Then he died as the bulwark exploded under withering heavy turbolaser fire.

    "Admiral Axxaro!" Borsk Cries out "He's..."

    "Gone." Corwin ends the statement, with tears rolling from his eyes. All of the children but Trina are down, exhausted from lending their support. Corwin is standing there like a father would in the window, with his arm around Trina and one arm holding Borsk up. His strain, his tension, and the burden of the enhanced Coordination gone, because his resolve is unwavering. Nothing... NOTHING!!! There had to be a way!

    "General Tagge, Kill their reserve towers now." Seeing the opening, and Tagge's shattered squadron nearby. It might do SOMETHING...

    Tagge comes in, they torpedo both towers, and half of what is left of his squadron is decimated by the explosions and the pursuing TIE fighters.

    Skeith calls out, while looking at a secondary sensor station's monitor "Their communications are down, and there is a small power fluctuation.. I Can't isolate it..."

    "Keep firing! Find the Weakness!" Corwin calls out again

    ELSEWHERE, on board one of the Imperial One's that had been knocked out of the fight, by a Power suit team under Commander Maximus.

    They're still there, going deck to deck. Their goal is to take her with the forces he bid for the operation... five people... Marveling at the awesome spectacle of Alec Dumotte, as he wades through the masses of over 20000 resisting crew, moving from deck to deck, bulkhead to bulkhead, effortlessly killing EVERYONE in his path. He is a warrior unmatched, and Maximus Knows he would NEVER want to fight this man...

    ON THE GROUND, the battle is brutal. It's unending, and it just got worse.

    Crix is getting his men cut into pieces by a group called the Imperial Knights. Dark jedi that are killing everyone in sight. "General Raltir, nice of you to join us. We have a problem..." Showing him the vid feed

    "Indeed you do, and I have a solution." Raltir says with grim resolve "Knights! On me!"

    Raltir begins hunting down the Dark knights, with purpose and the purity which guides him. He will loose more jedi in the process, perhaps again half what the academy had left. But those that would remain were tested by the trials of battle. Grevious losses, to be certain, but perhaps great strides toward a brighter future with a Stronger Council...

    AOUND THE EXECUTOR, nothing is happening.

    Nothing is getting through. Cracken swings his Victory around, "Give me a clear path! Vantor fire all your missiles into the bow NOW!" But Vantor cannot respond, as his Vic One is disabled and sinking from withering Ion cannon fire and the damage he took in the first fight. "Dammit! Fire, everything! Mark .65!" And his ship Opens up with EIGHTY Concussion missiles and every gun on his ship, as he angles the V formation down exposing himself totally to fire.


    Luke grows Wide eyed "Capitan!!!! Maximum Shields! Port Arc!" And the shields strip away from the rest of the ship... Small explosions spread over the length of the ship from all the ships converging fire upon the Super. Nothing consequential though...

    BACK TO the New Republic Fleet

    "Precision FIRE! Target the HEAVIES!" Corwin directs, barking orders and they begin to methodically extinguish the Super's Guns

    Two titanic points of Force expenditure clash over and over and over again. It is a struggle of wills, Corwin emitting light unmatched, weaving its way almost tangibly through the New Republic lines and Luke, bleeding a web of darkness, threading through his forces.


    "Why does he not GIVE UP!!!!! I can feel him diminishing! Yet he NEVER GIVES UP!!!! DIE!!! AMBER!!!!" Luke Screams through the force

    AND is answered



    And Luke was right, Corwin could not match his power level, but he would die trying to keep people alive and give the New Republic a fighting chance.

    The Super's shield envelope surrounds the ship once more soaking fire, Cracken repeats the maneuver from a different position. Again as before, the Super maximizes shields in one arc and the task force begins chewing up a bit more of the ship.

    "It's not enough... This is going to take forever and we're getting our asses kicked out here!" Corwin says... "Time for Plan B, operator, close with the Super. Bring us around. Borsk, you need to get the hell off the ship." Over the Comm, "GENERAL EVACUATION! ONLY ESSENTIAL CREW TO YOUR POSTS! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, THE REST ABANDON SHIP!"

    "What the hell are you doing!?!" Borsk yells at him

    "I need to take her out NOW, we can't do this **** all day! We'll all be dead in five minutes, so get the hell off my ship!" Borsk turns and runs

    "Kids, its time to go. Misty, get them to the ship with Borsk and Go. That is an order." They reluctantly leave. Trina actually loosing herself down a corridor is separated form them.

    "Engineering, give me control. Route to my chair." Corwin sits down taking control of the ship.

    "Guns and piloting on remote General, I hope you know... "

    "I do, now get yourself and all ESSENTIAL crew off my ship, that's an order." and they comply with Corwin's issuance

    As the MC80B comes in she is pounded relentlessly by withering fire, Corwin has her guns firing on automatic and they're getting sheered off four or more at a time. The ship is burning, even more so than it had been for the last 20 minutes of the engagement.

    Sylar looks at it calling out to the fleet "He knows what he is doing! We have to trust him! Don't worry, he's got a plan!" I am at a loss to what he is doing... Topper thinks to himself

    Rippling fire from the Super literally blows the Prow off of Cracken's ship and she begins twisting away out of control

    Then Topper see's it, the Ace of Sabers makes a run against the bridge of the Super with the Falcon behind, something like an A-Wing slash... That would later become known as a "Dead Man's Stick & Slash" be cause it was insane to use two bricks in space to do it, and yet there they were...

    Their missiles and torpedoes exploded right on the bridge section blowing out chunks

    It finally dawned on him... The POWER FLUCTUATION!!!! DAMN!!! "Her bridge shields are gone! Fire at the Bridge!" But there wasn't anyone with enough firepower left to make a damned bit of difference... So, Plan B it was.

    CAG Jenna and Tengi flowed through the battle, they had been gathering stray fighters and pilots that were almost catatonic and galvanizing them into another full fighting force. There ahead of them, the remainder of the TIE Avenger Aces remained. "Amber squadron! Engage those bastards! Time to bring the rain!" Commander Jenna calls out to her motley, re-formed squadrons

    "This is the telling moment! Hit them hard, kill every one! Do not let them reach the Fleet Tender!" Tengi Screams over the comm

    The fleet tender is moving back and forth with several companion vessels picking up survivors, EVA pilots and attempting to restore control to crippled warships.

    Calming himself, Corwin flips to an open comm "Skywalker, a word with you if you will." Over the unencrypted airwaves the broadcast rolls out

    There is a long pause as the MC80B Accelerates, Trina creeps onto the bridge, hiding behind a console. Corwin still distracted maintaining the coordination, does not notice her. Though it was much easier now... That saddened Corwin, because it meant everyone was basically dead or out of the fight...

    Fire kept pummeling the MC80B on its approach, but her reserve in shielding had been kept regenerating the shields to minimal levels to deflect some of each blast as per Corwin's instruction, almost certainly guaranteeing him maximum shielding for his last surprise.

    "Of Course, Master Amber. You are weak and I have nothing to fear from you.. You will all die here, today." Luke says "I have foreseen it."

    "Yes, you forsaw everything I did today. Perhaps, even my death. But not this. You never saw this coming. You can kiss my ass!" Corwin says ever so uncharacteristically "Wait for me, Skywalker, I'll be right down to say hello in person." The MC 80B was already moving at maximum speed...

    On the Bridge of the executor

    "No... He wouldn't...." Luke mutters, weighing the possibility. It's not in his character...

    Capitan of the Super "Admiral Skywalker!" Pointing at the ship bearing down on the Super

    Luke looks up whining like a hatred riddled child "WHY DID I NOT FORESEE THIS!!!!!" Then he is gone, moving with speed unmatched and opening the egress hatch to his TIE Defender that was stationed where his Life boat would normally be. All thoughts to the coordination gone, only thoughts on his own survival .

    There is a Sudden loss of coordination among the Imperial fleet, her forces act confused and slam into one another as if waking from a dream only to find that they had their feet planted on the accelerator of their speeder while in the garage...

    Corwin is still concentrating, maintaining the coordination until the last possible moment. This stage was essential, as the New republic forces decimated their enemy. Calling out to Luke Telepathically, because of his "familiarity" with the other REAL Luke. I will see you again, go home to your master, with your tail between your legs, and tell him you lost." Severing the connection Corwin Rides the MC80B into the Neck of the Super, adding the maximum shielding to the prow. Trina is strapped in, seeing what he is doing. The ship penetrates the Super's unshielded neck, driving the 1200 meter vessel about 300 meters in.

    The Shockwave tosses Corwin and Trina violently against the restraints, the ship begins to moan and die around them. A bulkhead rips away striking Corwin in the head. he tosses it away with enhanced strength. Just a few seconds more for the coordination... Easing the New Republic forces out of it, allowing their senses to adjust... There, Corwin's body sags as he releases the connection WITHOUT the confusion that Luke caused his own troops. Then Corwin reaches feebly over and hits the button. His "Armored Bow" section detonates inside the Super's hull reaching the engines and subsequently their reaction chamber, the MC 80 is launched backward into the "Sky" as it disintegrates. Corwin is unconscious, having planned to attempt to reach the life boat but could not. So, depriving Luke of the satisfaction of killing him, he simply enters Emptiness prepared for his death.

    And that is EXACTLY what Luke was screaming about in his ****pit as he was unable to locate Corwin or the bridge as the MC80 spun away on fire, while disintegrating. Then the Super Detonated, throwing him against his harness and tossing ships and debris in every direction.

    In the days that followed, no one could find Corwin, he was truly gone. He had died a hero... Fighting for the New republic, he was credited with finding the Weakness of the Super Star Destroyers and the one he took out, immediately, so she could not continue to fire her batteries at the fleet after her bridge was gone... Because this time there was NO Deathstar to draw her in to its deathly embrace.

    People were stunned, some broken. Others resolved. Topper looked at the holo emitter with the last message Corwin had ever recorded for him. He still, after two weeks did not have the strength to turn it on. At least until he passed Leia in the hallway of the medical center on Bothwai.

    "You do him discredit, by holding back. He said you were the best of the best. He said you would be greater than him one day. I lost LUKE and now I have Lost Corwin, yet I go on! It's hard, so very, very hard. But he used his emotions and passions to be stronger, so too must you." She pokes him in the ribs for emphasis

    Returning to his quarters, Topper sits down and pauses before the holo emitter

    Thinking to himself that he should have wondered why Corwin "Re-Christened" his MC80b as the "Imperial Hammer" just before the battle. Everything he did, in those last defining moments was so unlike him. It was like he knew, like he had planned all along to die in that one glorious and terrible moment... The NAME, why did he not see it? Then it dawned on him, NO ONE SAW IT COMING. It was masterful, Skywalker never saw it coming until the last moment.

    Taking a deep breath, Sylar leans over and presses the play button on the Emitter.

    Corwin's image pops up
    "Hey bud! I know you're hurting, but I taught you all I could, you know everything I do. You might not be up to my power spec yet..." Corwin says winking at him "but you will be." "I have left the book of all the lost Jedi Knowledge for you. There's some stuff in there I never had a chance to try, actually lots of stuff."

    "Plus, in the bag beside your bed, you'll find Jedi Master Yoda's notes and Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi's Journal that will tell you all kinds of nasty stuff about how the Jedi order was annihilated the first time around. Plus, it will show you how to talk to me! The communication with spirits of the force is all laid out in there for you. It will take some time to perfect, before I can haunt you and help you from beyond the grave!" Corwin shrugs, "I'm not good at this but I kinda figured it would happen one of these days. I pushed you really hard, and I'm sorry for that." Corwin is choking up in the holo "forgive me for leaving you."

    "Here are the coordinates to the cave on Dagobah, go there because that's where my spirit will be the strongest. It's also safe from people sensing it or you while there. The cave is the last test I told you about. It will try to tell you all kinds of stuff about how you were responsible for my death and such, it's all mumbo jumbo. But the glimpses of possible futures it gives you makes you REALLY think about what you're doing. Might want to keep your lightsaber handy at the entrance to the cave, because I had some problems last time. However, you will only, typically, face the demons you bring with you and foes that mimic your own weapons compliment. I would seriously not go in with any desire to "win" because you don't win in the cave. You basically leave loosing every time. Learn from it, as I have. May the Force be with you, brother. If I ever had a son, I would want him to be you..." Corwin wipes tears from his eyes and the holo disperses into coordinates..

    Lingering then popping up Corwin once more "Oh yeah, the Ace is yours. She's a good ship and you have to beat Solo's gambit for me one of these days. Make her better and faster, and she will keep you alive. Jeeves and R5D20 have some stuff they want to do too, like liberating Tapani. If you want to help them, that would be cool too. Goodbye, my friend, the Force is with you." The image flickers and is gone, replaced by all Corwin's tactical notes on Ord Torgle and dozens of other worlds that he has intelligence data on.

    Sylar is wracked with pain, using it he forms it into resolve as Corwin always did, so too, now could he.

    The End


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    Dramatic Pause, Intermission



    There is true Magic in the creation of any story. Through both life and death, Legends are born.


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    "What, REALLY, Happened?"

    And Excerpt from a previous story:

    "No, Sylar, I have invested ALL of my faith in you. You and I are "brothers" in skill, the force and in spirit. No one will ever be our equal even if they defeat us, we always find a way to survive and come back that much stronger."

    Two weeks away at Class One, the lifeboat touches down on a largely abandoned Dathomir. With his slaying of several dark Jedi months ago, Corwin is masked from detection. He awakens, croaking out and thirsty beyond compare. There Trina sits patiently nursing him back to health for about a day.

    Corwin looked older, his dark hair marred by large patches of white hair from strain, dispersed among his full head of it. Lines of strain were etched in his face, giving him the appearance of a man almost ten years older. Yet, he did not "feel" that age. There was something more here, he was wiser, STRONGER than ever before. The Enhanced Coordination of the entire fleet had changed him, he had LEARNED more than he had in YEARS, in a span of time about two hours long. The coordination lasted about an hour and a half longer than even the efforts of another Master in another parallel dimension, who learned from the experience. Luke on the other had had not gained perspective, as he fueled much of his experience on Hate and Rage, blinding himself to the pure flow of the force. Corwin had overextended himself, and pushed FAR beyond his own natural limits. A changed man, stood up a day later, taking Trina's hand.

    "I knew you weren't dead!" Trina remarks

    "How did you know that?" Corwin asks her

    "You don't stink, and dead people stink." She scrunches up her facial features

    Corwin begins laughing "I love you kiddo, you turned out to be a helluva lot more than anyone figured."

    "You knew you would get here?" She asks quizzically

    "I had a vision, but this is not how I imagined it would be. Something went wrong on the ship and I couldn't make it, but you were there and you saved me." Corwin hugs her.

    In truth, Corwin did forsee his death in that battle. He had tried to get defeat it on his own by getting to the escape pod, but could not. So, Skywalker's vision was correct... At least until Trina had stowed away on the MC80 and had come to his rescue... It changed everything, the Future is constantly in motion indeed!

    "You said that the future is constantly in motion, maybe your vision was wrong. Because I changed your future and that got you here." Trina says

    "You're a bright kid. We have to be careful, though, because there are Dark Jedi here, so stay close." Corwin says cautioning her

    "Where are we going?" Trina questions

    "Well, hopefully to find friends." Then thinking to himself... with the lifeboat out of juice its of no use to the dark Witches here. "Also to find more knowledge, I'll be needing it to deal with Luke the next time we cross paths. So, for now, it's a good thing they think we are both dead." Corwin says

    Corwin and Trina move carefully toward the mountain where the Intelligent Rancor "said" the women of the "sun" lived.

    "Here, Trina, concentrate with me. Find my patterns and thoughts." corwin says as he extends his influence to mask her as well, yet allowing her to lend her Rhythm to the process.

    "What is this? Something new?" She Asks

    "Yeah, it's called Willforce. It will hide us, but you have to keep concentrating on it. Can you do that for me?" Corwin asks lovingly

    "Yes, like Harmony but easier." She remarks

    "Exactly, you are such a fast learner, I'm so proud of you!" Corwin says as they mask themselves in the force and the Dark Force Users loose their trail.

    Into the sunset, toward the home of the Witches of the Light Side of the Force they walk together as master and apprentice.

    Thinking to himself "Thank you Raltir, thank you for Trina and your task of training the students. I learned much, they also did as they bolstered my ability to use the force. I will have to thank you, my brother, when next we meet."


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    "One Final Marvelous Spectacle"

    In the lounge of a Tibanna Gas Mining platform in the Bespin System, the Ace of Sabers has landed in an internal hangar suitable for multiple craft, Jedi Master Sylar Topper, having resigned his commission, steps tentatively up to the Holotank.

    "You must insert his holo message in the slot, Sylar." Jeeves says mournfully "I want to hear it, I want to see him as he was.. Larger than life. We have to transmit the message to his family and to all of Order 67. R5 says there are subroutines on the emitter disc."

    R5 D20 warbles mournfully, a true sign that he misses his "conflict" with Corwin. Rolling forward, he extends a spinning sawblade to "threaten" Sylar into speeding his action

    "ALRIGHT!" Sylar says, spinning around to R5 defensively "I SWEAR! You are one nasty little droid."

    R5 answers back in a jumble of electronic beeps, hoots and whistles: Translated to: "if you only knew... Play the damned disc, I want to see my friend already... One last time..." R5 pulls his weapon away and grows quiet, dropping onto his "bottom" extending this legs in sad resignation over Corwin's death.

    GX and Vantor are there too "Just do it already" Vantor is seated in a repulsor chair that GX is carefully manuvering. The massive "over" ionization of his shim, left him and most of his crew without the electrical impulses for sense of balance and much of their ability to move. It was coming back gradually though.

    "I SAID ALRIGHT!" Topper says "I am doing it" then he depresses the disc into the Holo Tank

    A strong Image appears, it is Corwin. In his voice, it says, please enter access code.

    What? What could be his code?

    Vantor Remarks "Enter the coordinates for Ord Torgle" Unflinching

    Sylar does and the image disperses, replaced by Corwin again. "Welcome, to my Codex of War. I have laid out a complete Battle Plan for the re-taking of Ord Torgle, using minimal assets and maximum tactics as I know only Order 67 can. EVERY piece of information, on EVEY ship and EVERY strategy I have ever used is here at your fingertips. If this disk is removed or the data is copied or compromised the Rogue's Nest will detonate the three Capital Concussion warheads hidden somewhere on the platform. I challenge you to find them, because in looking for them you will die instantly. Their matrix is masked and Ion shielded, so disabling the platform will only cause her to sink into Bespin's Gas giant and eventually crush the station and you. Lock down protocols will be in effect. Further data suggests that you would have to be capable of instantly punching an exit hole through this station's Capital Grade armor. Sorry if you are my friends seeing this message... I had to be careful. I am a semi intelligent database construct, assembled from Corwin's own memories. Only Corwin, himself, can disable the fail safes on this system."

    "What he is saying is" GX begins and finishes "The Rogue's Nest is now "Alive"

    "You knew about this?" Topper asks

    "Yes, I helped him design it" GX nods to Vantor

    "What is your purpose Construct?" Vantor asks already knowing the answer

    It regards him "Vantor, Michael... You idiot, are you testing me again?" Vantor begins to laugh

    "This is amazing" Sylar says, but why did he say only Corwin can deactivate the matrix?" Sylar asks

    "Perhaps, you should ask the Nest then." GX says

    "Okay Rogues Nest, why did you say that?" Sylar asks

    "First, don't call me that chum. I'm Corwin, basically. There's a good chance I'm NOT dead. But you can't tell anyone." The construct responds

    "What?" Sylar says dumbfounded

    "Yeah, we don't know if he got off the ship. AND IF he got off, we don't have ANY clue where he went..." Vantor says "Ask the construct how it knows, and then I'll tell you what I saw before I passed out."

    Addressing the construct "How can you be certain?" Sylar queries

    The Construct analyzes data then "One moment, I'm analyzing the battle footage from Bothwai." furrowing its brow as Corwin did in life.

    Sylar simply says "Remarkable..."

    And GX nods, if he could have shown more emotion you would have seen the pride in his features. His last wonderful achievement with Corwin, Jeeves and R5D20 (but mentioning the Jeeves and R5D20's involvement might being more questions about all of their shared sentience. So he merely nods to Jeeves and R5 in kind.

    "There is a 98.99971 Percent chance that I and some other life form escaped the death of the Imperial Hammer. If you will note, the ship's disintegrating frame was lightened by 1,271 Kilos just prior to the shockwave from the Super Class Star Destroyer that hit and completely shattered her. That mass signature is sononomyous with only one known class of vessel. The standard Life boat utilized by Mon Calamari Engineers, for Bridge Crew evacuation on their MC series cruisers."

    "What did you see?" Sylar turns to Vantor

    "I think I saw the pod jump into hyperspace just after the shockwave hit the Imperial Hammer." Vantor remarks

    The construct speaks out of turn "Master Sylar Topper, you have been given a final mission. Please verify genetic coding."

    Sylar does, getting pricked by a needle on the console

    "Your task is to seek out R2D2's last known position. Here is all the information regarding his possible whereabouts. Corwin I have included full coordinates for the 37 possible locations that R2 fled to with Luke Skywalker's X-Wing from the Second Death Star. Of them, only seven are truly probable. Of them three are very likely. The Corwin you know, did not have the time to pursue R2. He was tasked by Luke Skywalker to find him."

    It's all very stunning...

    "Where could Corwin have gone?" Everyone asks

    "There are One Million, Seven hundred fifty nine thousand two hundred thirty seven locales he could have visited at maximum distance in the life boat. List of probable locations, narrowing, based upon his affiliation and having visited them. Hmm" the construct works for a while "Odd, I cannot give you that possible location. My data states that he, if alive, will contact you, Master Sylar Topper, and ONLY you, when he is ready."

    "What now?" Sylar asks

    "It's obvious, MASTER TOPPER, you have one more mission before going to Dagobah... Wherever in the hell that is..." Vantor Says

    "You know about Dagobah?" Sylar asks

    "Sure I do, Corwin mentioned going there, but I have NO idea where in the hell it is." Vantor finishes

    "Okay, I'll find R2." pausing for a moment Sylar stretches out with the Force concentrating very focused...

    Reaching out across the stars...


    Panting coming out of it "No, I don't know if Corwin made it. he's ... gone..." Topper says

    The construct answers "Perhaps the world was shielded from the force."

    Sylar thinks of Tsarriq and what Corwin said about Dagobah

    "Are Tsarriq or Dagobah in his flight radius?" Topper asks the construct

    "No." It answers

    Uncertainty and an eventuality that he had already dealt with settles back in "Then we move forward as he wanted us to." Slumping a bit "If he's alive he WILL let me know, when the time is right." And in saying that, Sylar knew somewhere deep inside that it "felt" right.

    Sylar returns to the Ace of Sabers, his new ship. Sliding his hand along her painstakingly crafted hull he finds peace. Walking up the ramp, there are several children waiting there. Students of the Force, in his care.

    "Alright, Misty, once Jeeves, R5 and GX are aboard fire up the main converters." Sylar says

    "Do we have a destination?" Misty asks

    "Yeah, here" He hands he a datapad with a series of coordinates on it "Pick the destination that FEELS right to you. If you can't feel anything about any of the coordinates, just pick a star." Sylar says

    "What are we looking for?" Misty asks

    "A droid, a VERY important droid." Sylar remarks, walking to the lounge to sit with the rest of the students and talk about the Force.

    "I miss you Corwin, hope you and Trina are in a better place." He thinks to himself, knowing that the kids took Corwin and Trina's loss really hard. "Well, more challenges for training and I have something to teach them. As Corwin did, and I do with my emotions, so too will they." And they learned, and learned well from the tutelage of Master Sylar Topper now master of his own Jedi Academy

    And time went on, as new heroes were born and fought and died in eternal conflicts all across the galaxy...

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