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    Lost Tales: In The Fading Light of Bad Karma


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    Lost Tales: In The Fading Light of Bad Karma Empty Lost Tales: In The Fading Light of Bad Karma

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:55

    The following stories are, literally, a closing point for our group. We started years ago as a paramilitary group in the Starwars Universe, called the "Bad Karma Assault Group". Now we're pretty much fragmented. Everyone have more or less gone their own ways, as is normal for developing characters.

    These stories tie off almost all plot lines that were left undone. I say ALMOST because there are many more "threads" that lead elsewhere, but none of the had the significances that these plot lines did to the campaign that Xynar was running.

    Here you will see stories from different perspectives, and different characters within the same time line. You will also see original plot threads from Xynar intermeshed with the rest of the tales flowing together with the ongoing stories.

    "One Regime's Terrorist, Another Regiem's Hero"

    In Calrissian's Cup, the best bar on Bespin, a man is recanting his tale of the battle of Rendilli...

    "The opening stages of the battle of Rendilli were a marvelous display of tactical insight and perfect use of the combined forces present to liberate the shipyards system. Rendilli, a once poud starsystem home to Rendilli stardrive and creators of both the Drednaught Cruiser and Victory series star destroyers. Now, she was a mere fragment of her former glory maintaning bulk cruisers and refitting older Victory class cruisers along a cheaper Imperial standard meant to churn them out to allow for more ships of the line to patrol more sectors of controlled space as quickly as possible. Space was alight with flashes and explosions. Warships exchanged fire, space platforms fired upon warships, starfighters danced nimbly throughout seeking an opening or opportunity to wreak havok on warships and other starfighters alike.

    Arriving at the scene of the battle late, the chaos was maddening to the minds eye. A couple months before I was just a gunman with a grudge against the Empire. It only took a couple words, from one woman named Lyssa, that changed everything. Corwin Amber had placed a call, sending messages calling in any and all favors to peoples sympathetic to his cause. We are one such group that heeded his call. While insignifigant, seemingly, we were out to prove the galaxy wrong. Two simple reasons are the meat of why we came. One, yet not the most important... At least, not to us. We represent the taskforce put together by Tatooine. Throwing in our lot to help liberate Rendilli was a bold move for such a young liberated world. I argued for two days to gather the forces necessary to add something to Corwin's assault. Two days, even though it was he who had promised to liberate Tatooine and it was I that took part in doing so on his behalf. We owed him a debt of gratitude, yet it still took two days of political wrangling to get the assets necessary for sending aid. Two days of the most terrible and trying "political arguments". Something I never knew anything about nor did I ever care to... At least until I found purpose and meaning outside of the way of the blaster.

    Our force might have been considered insignifigant by any commander worth his salt. However, Corwin welcomed our arrival and placed our assets immediately and with great care to the well being of our forces even though he appeared to be in dire straights at the time. He could have ordered us to our deaths to save his warship from being relentlessly pummeled over and over again by turbolaser fire... Yet he did not. He placed us without regard to his own mortal peril and placed us well. He was on a drednaught, one of four, who were exchanging fire with the last Tector Star Destroyer inside the defense perimiter of the Yard Facility. It was one of the last holdout warships, one of the only vessels to have survived wholly intact from the blinding assault that General Amber instigated.

    Our orders were simple, to assault and board the last Golan One platform in the yards facility. We were to take her and turn her guns on the Tector, effectively pouring fire into her hind quarter. We had enough ships to help with Corwin's engagement, yet he ordered us on to the target he had selected. Apparently, all of the other teams had peformed admirably. Wraith squadron and Maximus's commandos had taken the perimiter stations wreaking havok in the initial stages of the assault. Elements of Order 67 had taken TIE platforms, some Golans and at least one capital ship, their other assets were heavily engaged. A unit born of 17 men became one of the most effective fighting forces in the galaxy. The rest of Corwin's combined assets had and were still working to neutralize the disparate elements of the Imperial force and were doing so very well. The starfighter engagement had gone better than anticipated, or so I am told. Glom squadron acquitted herself marvelously and earned the title of Elite among the starfighter community. Their tactics combined with Corwin's that kept all of their pilots alive and through cunning and deception they once again baited the Imperial force in to thinking that their carrier was near defensless. Though that turned out to be, perhaps, the greatest tactical error that the Imperial commander had made that day.

    As we passed through the warfare, Amber's forces cleared a path for us as if we were royalty. It was an odd sensation, witnessing the majority of the battle as we crept up to one side of the Golan. Oddly enough, we were on Jabba the Hut's Capital ship! Escorted by a motely array of starfighters and freighter pilots who were either foolhardy enough or felt they either owed the Jedi something or truly believed in sticking it to the Empire. We had carried the snubfighters in cargobays haistly retrofitted for them. Nothing great, by any means, yet they were what we had to add to the conflict. A squdron of older Square Panneled TIE's with a qick paint job in Tatooine colors so they would not be inmmediately destroyed by allied fighters and a mixture of "stuff" that had either belonged to Jabba, the Militia or came striaght from the Impound! It was enough for 2 and a half squadrons of fighters. We had about seven light frieghters.

    We used orbital shuttles to cross the space from Jabba's floating palace to the Golan while the two of the exchanged fire. After disgourging us I expected to see Jabba's ship lend aid to Corwin, yet she was ordered with her fighter escort to fill another hole out of that fight. She was still in the fight, but not in a place that could easily destroy her or needlessly end the lives of her escort. Certainly, any other commander would not have been as wise or as mindful as Amber. My respect for the man is ovbious, if he survives... One drednaught was already crippled from previous fighting and the approach into the yard facility. Her smaller crew had either jettiesoned or was attempting to restore some sense of control to the vessel as she "sank" away from the battle. Another had sustained heavy damage and was "parked" at the edge of the yard facility with a fighter escort picking off stragglers and those who tried to run. There was some bizarre ship that was performing in a simolar fashion. It was intercepting stragglers and running down both warships and starfighters and ionizing them. Many different forces moved to intercept the inert craft, namely some guy named Baron Ur-Lagash. It seemed that their priority was not so much on ending the fight as it was on "acquiring" Imperial military hardware. A shame, as I would later learn that while their mandate stated that they could keep what they took, they were to take part in all stages of the engagement. This was, indeed, the main problem. Trust betrayed, yeilded a battle that Amber would be put to the test at the highest level. Perhaps, even, the ultimate sacrifice... Yet there he was, going toe to toe with a warship that vastly outgunned him and his companion vessle, the other slave rigged drednaught. As we neared the docking port I could see the fires burning on the entirety of one side of Amber's drednaught.

    Once the Drednaughts were gone the Tector could effectivly decimate any remaining opposition. The snubfighters had depleted their missle weapons and the other craft could not hope to stop her. Yet, the deciding factor would be in Corwin's demise. For, as "Legend" has it, General Amber could beat the Tector with an arm tied behind is back, a woman on his lap and flying a garbage scow with his free arm while doing the nasty with the girl amusing his fantasies! When it looked like all hope was lost, and the Drednaught might very well split in half, it "rolled" and presented a fresh, undamaged, flank to its greatest enemy. Positioning the ship as it had been before, to block the Tector's escape, keeping the tector occupied on two flanks with the Golan slightly behind and to one side of her. Apparently, Amber had not run out of tricks... Yet.

    It was ovbious that all hope was not lost, something more remarkable happened at that point. The sight of the Millenium Falcon was among the rallying points for the forces assembled there, however, a Victory II class star destroyer broke ranks of the main Imperial force and moved to the side of the wounded Drednaught. An Imperial Vessel, with an Imperial commander, moved to the other side completely enveloping the Tector and adding its firepower to the mix. Other oddities included a SoroSuub vessel that was also heavily engaged, you could hear the chatter of the "Slobberheads" comming over the comm and it was almost comical. However, their warship was quite effective in dealing with some of the heavier imperial assets. Yet, Corwin did not call for their aid. They already had their job and he was doing his. He is a different kind of commander, someone who valued lives of all under his command and placed little regard on his own life. Or is it that he somehow knew the outcome? Faith perhaps? Yes, faith in his friends and in the Force.

    Pilot "Hard Seal! Go! Go! Go!"

    Now, for our story. The previous was just what I saw and heard later. This is our time. The place where an insignifigant force changed the tide of a battle. Tatooine, repayed its debts and at the same time both improved its standing, value and image in one action. In one day that while the rest of the galaxy may never recall, the people of one dustball will always remember. There are many other stories to recount of the battle today, by many other beings who fought here today. However, as I said before, this is ours.

    I have to regress a bit though. I found out about this whole conflict when I reached Bespin. I learned of the scope and was about to send word to Tatooine at a priority data terminal when I saw several of Tatooine's diplomatic staff walking right up to me.

    Tatooine Political Liaison "Marshall Starkiller, we have one more mission for you. I have a priority holo feed to Tatooine. We need your help, convincing the Governor to help out in the upcomming engagement."

    Ace "What Engagement? I mean, you know about the next..."

    Political Liaison "Yes, Yes, we know all about it. We already were contacted by Baron Administrator Lando Calrassian. Perhaps, we can move to a more private setting."

    The rest boils down to the two days of haggling, however, the one clarifing point that "won" the governor over was the truth. Corwin had helped us and we owed him. But more so, the Political Liaison told me to "juice it up" with the following...

    Ace "Governor, Rendilli Stardrive will owe us a debt of gratitude and that kind of clout will well propel your administration into the prominence that it well deserves." To even utter such a statement took some serious coaching from the Liaison.

    The deal was sealed and the forces came. To my own, personal, sadness I did not see Charisma, Thug or Recon among them. One day, perhaps, I will find them again.

    The hatch opened and we were greeted by a volley of balster fire. A couple concussion grenades down the hatch and the fire was all but silenced. My team and I dropped down and finshed off the squad there with well placed balster fire. We had some idea of where we were going from the schematics that Karrde had provided me before I left Tatooine. At the time I had no idea why I was given the plans of a Golan Platform, however, thinking back Talon must have known this would be just the sort of "Damned Fool Crusade" I would go on. Not to mention he knew of my affiliation with Corwin Amber.

    Sporadic fire was greeted by precise shooting which silenced the majority of the opposition. The command center's only issue was the bast door entry which squads two through four destroyed with shaped charges. Once we had control of the guns, the rest is simply left up to the historians to write. However, I'll gloss over it here.

    We began pouring uniform and combined fire into the unsuspecting Tetor's flank, as per Amber's specific orders over the comm. He seemed unusually calm and completely at ease in the situation. His orders and even his descriptions of how to concentrate the fire patterns came over the comm smoothly and easily, all the while his ship was being battered by turbolaser fire. I would have been screaming "Fire! Fire at that damned ship!" However, this is more proof that he certainly lives up to all accounts of his calm and courage both under fire and in stressful situations. It's like he "knew" everything would be fine. Even if he had died here, today, he knew that everthing would work out. It's almost like he was in his element, like he embraced the all too real possibility of death and looked death in the eye and said "Be it now or be it later, I am prepared and devoid of fear" We scored a couple good hits in the first two volleys. Hyperdirve and Main engine hits. Her power grid started to fail. Amber the Vic II and the other damaged Drednaught overwealmed the ship, placing themselves at point blank range at her two forward edge arcs of the "dagger" that the ship resembled. The Vic Angled upward and began volleying fire down into the main hull of the Tector. None of the three ships facing the Tector was unscarred, Amber's ovbiously showing the wost signs of fatigue. But all assmebled there at the Tector's last stand were battered and burning. The tactic blocked her flight and absorbed all fire that could harm the Shipyard, or anyone else for that matter. The Tector, began to fail and then Ur-Lagash's forces moved in to take her. The manic commander overloaded the ship's core systems, and while Corwin and his counterpart vessel with the help of the Victory II, managed to stave off the catastrofic explosion that would have killed them all and taken apart a chunk of the shipyard by blowing cunks of her off... The ship detonated along the bridge section, sealing the fates and silencing the greed of Ur-Lagash's forces.

    Later, Ur-Lagash would apologize for the actions of his commanders. Stating that there were ulterior motives for many of the families under his "command". Amber merely stated "You need to leave now. Take your winnings back to your home world. There is no place for your MERCENARIES in my future. You perhaps could return of your own recognisance. If you don't want to ltake your winnings away immediately and intend to broker a settlement with Rendilli, I will hunt down and kill the commanders of your assets that placed greed before the lives that were lost here today. Unfortunately, that means you would return home with very few commanders..."

    At that, Ur-Lagash left as graciousy as possible.

    I have never seen something so amazing in all of my life. What I'm talking about is the CHOICE. The choice of one Imperial Commander, who did not turn the tide by himself, yet he choose to shift from all he had ever know. A gracious Corwin Amber let him keep his ship, his command and even brokered him a job with Rendilli as its core defender of space assets. While the man might have asked the commander for his hand in other affairs, his main concern was to make certain that the commander's future was unquestionably secured.

    To the Enpire Corwin Amber is a Traitor, to the New Republic and perhaps to the galaxy of the oppressed he is a Hero. Larger than life.

    But, alas, this is but one accounting of the Battle of Rendilli. Sitting in the most prominent bar on Bespin, I have told my tale. Now, my fellows, I await your's.

    Patron "Sir, who are you?"

    Ace "I'm formerly Marshall of Tatooine, my name is Ace Starkiller, Supporter of the New Republic. I have sought answers for what happened to me. For the atrocities the Empire had visited upon my world. I found my answers, the other day. It's all about choice. I saw an Imperial Capitan change his mind and his allegiance. That, my friend, is sacrifice. That to me, means that my quest to kill every Imperial that lives is truly in need of consideration. Choice... Everyone has a choice. I will have to ever consider that factor from now on."

    Patron "I've heard of you, you're like a prodigy of Gallandro?"

    Ace "No, I'm better than Gallando. Why am I better? Because I see things differently, I think about things, and I take to heart the flaws of my own character. That is what makes me better. I am no prodigy of his, but I am certainly his better. Besides Gallandro is dead and I am not."


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    "Glory belongs to the Victors not the Leader"

    An interview with New Republic Media and Corwin Amber

    Media Rep "Lord Amber, I don't understand... You are refusing to take credit for your victory yesterday?"

    CA "Yes, that's right, it was not my victory. Rather it was Freedom's victory. A victory of the oppressed of Rendilli and a victory for all those who fought to free them from the tyrrany of the Empire."

    Media Rep "Yes, we understand that. However, you assembled, led, coordinated and developed the tactical situation. It was you who led the assault."

    CA "Details, merely details. I may have commanded the assault, however, this victory belongs to the brave men and women of all species that risked their lives yesterday to free Rendilli. We could not have won the day without their valiant sacrifices."

    Media Rep "But you..."

    Corwin Cuts him off

    CA "No, I nothing... We won the day. There are thousands here that require your time. You will find many willing to recount their recollections of the battle. Perhaps, you should check out Calrissian's Cup on Bespin where the majority of the celebration is going on."

    Media Rep "Yes, yes, we already have a team there and they have been interviewing and recording the accounts of the battle from the point of view of someone by the name of Ace Starkiller."

    CA "His story is true, and that should certainly be enough for you."

    Media Rep, the man looks at Amber and struggles to wring a story from him "Actually, we were hoping for a bit more from you."

    CA "First off, you should know I perfer female reporters. So, your media agency sent the wrong representative. Humor aside, I do not like giving interviews anymore after what happened to your last media exec whom I had a relationship with. The Empire killed her and even the act of talking to me is very dangerous. You might want to consider your own life."

    Media Rep "Uhh, are you saying the Empire will come for me?"

    CA "No, I don't love you... And besides you're not my type" All in dry and cold blooded humor rolling off a very tired and battered Corwin

    The scars of battle were still evident upon him even after a day of medical treatment. He had an angry gash on his forhead, was visibly leaning on the table he stood next to and looked haggard and like he had "lost" the battle. The weight of men and women's lives dragging him down. Some he had known and others who rallied to his banner due to who he was and what he had accoumlished in his short life. Letters he had already began to write to families and next of kin, describing their sacrifice weighed heavily upon his mind.

    CA "No, this victory is due to the ultimate sacrifice of those who lost their lives yesterday. They made this happen. They are the true victors ofthis conflict."

    Media Rep "The casualties report indicates that your losses were minimal compared to what was expected of many in New Republic Command. General Cracken even commented, abliet briefly, that no one else could have pulled off what you were able to do. No one could have achieved the results, then light casualties and the success rate with what he referred to as "junk". I think he was talking affectionately."

    CA "See, now you have gone too far. There was NO "junk" at the battle yesterday. Everything assembled was crewed by the lives of valuable and vailiant individuals. Any piece of "hardware" that had such a pilot, and all of it indeed had such a pilot, ceased to be what you call "junk". I know Cracken, he is my friend, and he would not have called it junk. He probably stated "obselete military hardware".

    Media Rep "Actually, that's exactly what he said... I apolo..."

    Again Corwin cuts the media rep off

    CA "Look, you want my tale? Fine. Will you leave me alone then? I have letters to write to friends and family of the people that sold their lives dearly for our victory yesterday."

    Media Rep "Yes, I am sorr..."

    Again cutting him off

    CA "We won. It cost us. Not heavily in lives, yet to me any loss of life is heavy. Even if it were only one pilot. But we lost almost two thousand lives yesterday. That was the price of our victory. How do you put a price on life? Can you, yourself, come up with a figure in credits that would be worth selling your life for? No. You cannot. However, I can, in a sense. The beings that died here yesterday died for an ideal. They died for freedom. To live free of oppression and fear. They all believed that selling their lives for that belief was more important than any coffer of endless riches in the galaxy. It was not just their lives that were lost but the lives of the Imperial forces too. They had families and friends and lives outside of this conflict. Who will write to their families? Who will console them as they weep? That answer is harder to cover is it not? I will do what I can. I have already assembled a team of individuals to write a small account of what occurred here today. At least to give their families some semblance of closure. We each fought for our own ideals. Respect your enemy, always respect your enemy. If I did not, then there would have been no Victory II class Star destroyer that broke Imperial ranks and came to my aid. Think about what I have said here today. Then know, that what I do or the forces that I assemble do, has a cost on both sides."

    Media Rep, stunned "Uhh, thank you Lord Amber. Cut!"

    A weary man of 23 years looking more like he had seen 30+ winters gingerly walks away.


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    "One Tarkin Too Many"

    After much celebration and being recognized publicly as having a hand in the Battle of Rendilli I thought it would all end at that. But no, that was not to be the case. Corwin got me involved in he political arrangements with Rendilli, Bespin and Tatooine. He told me that I had to play the part of a Hero beacuse it would lend weight to his strategy for swaying them all to the Banner of the New Republic. That we did, then just as soon as he had finished he was gone again. Off to some unfinished business on Corellia. He told me that he had to pursue this one alone, yet as he had done for the Imperial Commander he landed me with an official position with the New Republic. One which suited my talents quite well and at the same time did me one more favor. He pulled some strings with some "friend of his" named Cracken and garnered me an official military rank. He told me that Cracken would understand if you wanted to leave in pursuit of something else, once you find out what those personal goals are.

    Jedi... Ever cryptic in nature... Or perhaps, that's just Corwin. Only time will tell. Until then, I'm making a decent wage as a Lieutennant in the New Republic military and working as the personal bodyguard of Lady Ravosh Tarkin. Why did he place me to be assigned to her? Well that much became more clear as time went on. I am a damned fine guard, and I'm about as good with a blaster as he is with a saber... Maybe... Anyway, they needed someone capable of protecting her and being placed as her personal guard is a humbling experience and perhaps rewarding at the same time. Plus, I get to wear fineries I would never dream of wasting the money on, my sidearm is a sanctioned legal piece of my equipment and I have a permanent carry license in the New Republic... Who can argue with that? I certainly cannot. There are perks too, I pull hazard pay the entire time I am working for her, AND the Cracken saw fit to refit my Freighter so that it was more accomodating to the Noble woman I am to ferry about and protect.

    She calls my ship a piece of outdated junk, and I would say her words are warranted normally. However, she is mine and is a point of pride for me. After the Refit, though minor as it might be makes me feel like she is a pleasure Yacht! HA! I even recieved a crew of noncomms that follow my orders. The problem, however, is the instruction droid that I am required to spend no less than three hours a day studying with. I have to learn all manner of court protocol as well as New Republic doctrine. The benefit of this tedious and boring instruction is supposed to "refine" my sensibilities and teach me some good stuff... I can deal with the tactics, and the strategy and the standard physical regimen that takes another two additional hours of each day. It is perhaps, the highligt of my day. I have to be a proper New Republic Officer...

    All Ravosh ever does is *****, but Cracken said she HAD to go with me. So, as boring as this assignment seems it is a good time and place for me to reflect, hone some skills and learn about the "noble" class. Plus hitting on a hot noble woman is sometimes rewarded with a slap and sometimes rewarded with a smirk and others rewarded with annoyance. Once, she smiled and even laughed. I think this excursion is a learning experience for the both of us... As much as I hate to admit it.

    Even the Devil's Cross has been outfitted with a second seat so I can ferry her around without her sitting on my lap pulling my hair out and *****ing at me!

    We'll see, I'll have more later, we are visiting some world that she has to make an appearance at...


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    "The Corellian Incident"

    Looking back, I have to believe that fate truly has a way of bringing me into some of the most extreme situations I have ever faced. First Tatooine, then Rendilli and now Corellia. I escorted Lady Tarkin there not knowing that Corwin Amber and a team of Bad Karma ex-patriots was already there fighting to take out the Diktat Thrakkan Sal-Solo. She wanted to meet with this "Human League" and see this Diktat first hand in hopes of brokering some sort of truce. No one knew that Corwin's mission had been shot down and they were fighting a "covert" battle in the streets of Corona.

    Thrakkan Sal-Solo "Lady Tarkin, it is a pleasure to have you grace us with your presence."

    Ravosh "Indeed, I would see what has become of Coronet the Capital of Corellia since your rise to power. Perhaps you can show me about the city."

    Ash Sal-Solo "Hey buddie, no guns here. You are not..."

    Ace cuts him off

    Ace "I am fully in my rights to bear this firearm in defense of my Lady Tarkin. It is my post and as your government mandate states, clearly, if I must remind you... That I am well within my rights to do so, and in doing so I continue to perform my duties as per your charter. I see you have a bloodstripe, and I am certain that one as honorable as yourself can see the necessity of my retaining my sidearm. Lady Tarkin is a high profile noble with many enemies and individuals that might seek to use her for subversive purposes."

    Ash "Uhh, Dad, what did he just say?"

    Thrakkan "Of course, you may keep your sidearm. He is no threat to us. He is here merely for the protection of his Leige"

    Ash "Yeah, as you wish." Whispering to Ace "I'm watching you buddie, I'm damned good with a heavy and you will see your end if you screw up"

    Ace sighing and whispering back "Yeah, here let me talk in small words so you will understand. I know your rep, I know who you are. Perhaps, you might do some homework and look me up too. Ace Starkiller, beat it chump. I have work to do." "Lady Tarkin, shall we be off then?" Ace flowed with grace and deadly purpose away from Ash Sal-Solo. Upon reaching Lady Tarkin, however, his features softened and he carefully and with a flourish extended his real arm to aid her boarding of the speeder limo that awaited them.

    Three months ago I was not so polished. I was more a Thug, less a getleman. It's funny in some ways, that I have gained this level of eloquence. It is a role that I rarely drop and only in times of dire necessity. Like on Danta III, where Lady Tarkin learned that I would indeed sell my life for hers. Something that so very few of her security entourage had ever willingly done, in fact, none had ever done. I spend a month in a bacta tank after being shot twice, stabbed and beaten. Through it all I was able to protect her and flee to safety. It was the first time I recall her breaking composure. She cradled me in her arms as I lay bleeding in the hospital ward. Wispering soothing words into my ear. It was a Tarkin I rarely saw, but I knew she was human after that day. It was the tears, yes the tears that made her something more to me. Perhaps there was something there, perhaps not, but I would galdly die for this woman.

    After three days in the Capital city of Coronet I could sense things were out of place, of sorts. Lady Tarkin did not see it. Thus, I took it upon myself to "educate" her on the matter.

    Ace "Lady Tarkin, have you the feeling that we are no so much guests as we are captives?"

    Ravosh "Nonsense, Starkiller, my appointments are posh and I have been treated with a respect that even the fabled Corwin Amber failed to provide."

    That comment stung Ace somehow

    Ace "Ah, yes, we have nothing to want for. Yet it is my job to notice things. Like how we have only seen certain parts of Coronet. Take for example the other day when we had to divert going to the bizzarre. Something was amiss, did you not sense it?"

    Ravosh "You think too much and worry all the time my dear friend."

    Ace "Perhaps, I might try a different approach. Corwin offered you his best appointment in the fleet when you were present. He treated you with respect and courtesy and you are still angered that he placed the lives of his noble family before you and failed to say goodbye. He is human, and given to move with speed to those in need. His departure to save his family was pressing as they had been bombarded by a rogue Imperial force. People make mistakes, but I see no mistake in his hasty departure. More so, he kept you out of danger by not allowing you the choice to accompany him."

    Ravosh, slightly perturbed at the mention of Amber then considering Ace's words softened "I, well, I had never really thought of it quite that way. Do you really think I was such a fool? I mean, seriously, could I have been so wrong?"

    Ace "It is courtly life you are accostomed to. His life is one of a beginning in the court and the rest of hardship and loss mixed with victories that never seem to make up for the lives sold in exchange along the way. Danta III put you closer to the action than I would have cared for, yet it gave you a taste of life and death first hand. You are different now, and you can see differently. I do not wish to broach further on past events. I ask only that you be mindful of our present situation."

    Ravosh "Alright, so what do you see as being wrong now?"

    Ace "I have no access to our ship and the crew. They have been confined inside under a ship lockdown. She is moored, by docking clamps preventing departure. Certain quadrants of the city are unaccessible and we have been diverted from certain other sections as well. Our view of the palace has been limited and Tharkkan Sal-Solo has been a hard commodity to come by. While you have met with other officials, they have all been human. The rumors of this "Human League" may well be true and fear that we are more the political prisoners and barganing clout than anything else. Something is going on and I require your leave for a couple hours to find out, exactly, what it is."

    Ravosh "Well stated, you have my leave. I will see you in a couple hours then?"

    Ace "You have my word." As he opened a window to the outside and began climbing out seven stories above the ground.

    Ravosh "What in the name of the Force are you doing?"

    Ace "Better to not attract attention. I am going to use the ledges and some synthrope to descend to the courtyard. I fear we are being watched. I found no security devices in my sweep, but there are cameras outside of the room."

    Ravosh "Be careful, you men are all insane..."

    Two hours later the door to Ravosh's apartment opened and Ash Sal-Solo walked in with a contingent of guards all with blasters drawn.

    Ash "Lady Tarkin, you are coming with us... Where... Where is Ace Starkiller!?!" he screamed

    Ravosh "He said he wanted to use the bathroom after a breath of fresh air."

    Ash "No... SithSpit! Stun her, and take her down to the lower levels!"

    Ravosh "Wha..ttt..." The report of a stun blast drops her and she is carried from the room.

    An hour later I climbed back into the room, a slight sign of a struggle with the pillows from the couch disturbed and on the floor. Plus the footprints of more than a dozen men...

    I moved to the entry door, ripped the light fixture off above the entry. Digging in the wall tore the camera controls out. Drawing my blaster I strode out there were two suprised guards drawing their blasters. I killed both of them in less time than it took to step out of the doorway.

    Yes my information gathering had been fruitful. Corwin was here and we had walked happily into a lions den. Sal-Solo's intent was to indeed use Ravosh as a hostage... The intrigue and deception never ended in this galaxy...

    I made for the security station, stepping into alcoves avoiding security cams and patrols that came running by to investigate the blaster reports. I could not avoid the cameras to the station, so I did what I always do. I sawed the door off its track and burst into the room killing three and pressing the smoking hot barrel of my DL-6H to the throat of the last guard. The white hot barrel elicited a scream from him, then I cuffed him and said. "Where is she? Ravosh. I need the level, I need the access codes, and I need the route. If you don't comply you will die like your firiends."

    I have never seen somoeone work so fast. I had the info on a datapad and was on my way after knocking him unconcious. His data proved to be quite beneficial, as I remained one step ahead of the the teams searching for me. Threading my way into the bowels of the complex I replaced my almost spent magazine in my trusty DL-6H. I hit a point where I found several troops missing limbs and rounded the corner to find none other than Corwin and his team. They relaxed visibly upon seeing me.

    Ace "Looks like we meet again. I'm saving Ravosh so she cannot be used agianst you."

    Corwin "We're taking down the Diktat and ending the Human League's reign. We're taking him alive."

    Ace "Understood. I'll do my job, so you can do yours without extraneous problems. Here is a layout of the building."

    Then we parted ways

    My path took me to the detention level, walking off Ash Sal-Solo was waiting for me with a trio of guards.

    Ash "Not so smug anymore bantha poodu! HAHAHAHAH!"

    Ace "You only brought three guys, you must be joking." In a dead lethal tone.

    Ash "These are my best guys, we're all good and you're a dead man."

    Ace "Ok, whatever you say boss" at that he turned and presented his cybernetic arm. His trademark side profile stance, switching off the pain receptors for good measure. "You're move"

    Ash "You mean for us to draw first?" Asking increduously

    Ace "Yes."

    All four men drew their weapons, Ash was the fastest of them. However, Ace was faster than all of them. So fast, in fact, that he killed Ash's three men with throat shots from the hip level. The next three shots took Sal-Solo in the hip, the wrist and the shoulder. Dropping his gun and falling backward into a wall he stared in disbelief at Ace.

    Ace "I guess you didn't do your homework. Think Gallandro, then realize that I am the only man alive that ever drew on him and shot him in a gunfight. Before, he managed to get off the first shot."

    Ash realized at that moment that Ace had never even drawn his blaster. It had remained in its holster the entire time, and his belt and the holster had only twisted around to target Ash and his companions.

    Ace "It worked on Gallandro, and it worked on you and your boys too." Setting his gun to stun "I guess my time as a Law Man has its place, you'll be alive when you stand before a court to answer for the crimes of your father's human league" the report of the triple stun blast silenced any retort from Sal-Solo.

    Opening the door to Ravosh's cell, Ace leaned in the doorway. "My name is Ace Starkiller, I'm here to rescue you." With a sly grin on his face.

    The Human League came to an end that day. Corwin and his friends captured him and brought him to justice. His son, Ash Sal-Solo, stood trial too. The other son was nowhere to be found. I saved the day for Ravosh, she even kissed me. After a little restructuring and the emergence of Garm Bel Iblis to take the reigns of the Corellian people, we were off again. Hopefully, to a more peaceful part of the galaxy. Corellia joined the New Republic with the acceptance of the Militia Act. But that is anotther story.


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    "Leaving it to the Historians or not..."

    General Arien Cracken "Ahem... General Amber, it would be helpful if you disclosed the tactical analysis and mission reports for the Rendilli Liberation." Looking at Corwin rather amused

    Corwin "NO. For the last time, I was not in the employ of the New Republic at the time. Besides, I never really performed a true tactical analysis of the situation there."

    Cracken "At the very least, perhaps, you might comment for the record on the use of slave rigged drednaughts?"

    Corwin "Uhh... I don't know what you're talking about. I never saw any slave rigged drednaughts." The hint of a slight smile touches his lips

    Cracken "The New Republic is a little worried about you. You seem less altrusitic and more "self motivated" than ever before." Rubbing the back of his neck

    Corwin "I have always had a personal agenda. You of all people should know this better than anyone. There are things I need to do and places I have to go, one of these days."

    Cracken "Fine, Corwin, but there is this other matter..."

    Corwin "Pray tell, please, don't keep me in suspense" with humor and a chuckle

    Cracken "Yes, the New Republic wants to know about the Nebulon B from your first engagement."

    Corwin "She never emerged from Hyperspace, these things happen."

    Cracken "Yes, we all know the official report. There is one other divergent report that states she found her way to the Naval Combat Operations Splinter group of Order 67."

    Corwin "Who knows, they're all a very resouceful bunch. They might have been able to glean the haperspace route of the vessel from our jump, intercept it in hyperspace and salvage the craft. It's actually a theory I've been looking into. I was interested in the feasibility of engaging in combat in hyperspace anyway. It's possible, but no one has tried it yet.... I can't really tell you about that one."

    Cracken "Skeith was sloppy on the "accounting error". I covered that one up for you. Off the record, how many more ships are you going to misappropriate?"

    Corwin "Off the record, I think I'm nearly done. However, I am always looking for an old Drednaught to defend a specific system. I don't care if the thing has NO guns, no shields, and a barely operating engine array. She just has to be able to make it into hyperspace on a one way trip to Rendilli."

    Cracken "Why?"

    Corwin "Because my deal with Rendilli for their liberation was one, Slave rigged Drednaught completely re-armed and refurbished from whatever junk I could limp to their yards facility."

    Cracken "So, you do know about the slave..."

    Corwin "Of course, I do, off the record I used four in the engagement. The drednaught is not for Order 67, but for me."

    Cracken "Why would you need a drednaught? You going to go running around the galaxy on a warship? Pursuing your own adgenda?"

    Corwin "No, I need to defend the system where I set up my Jedi Academy. A drednaught is to weak an asset to assualt the places I want to hit. I either have to go in alone, with the team or with a fleet to target the places I want to liberate. Besides, I always wanted a Victory Star Destroyer anyway. That would be my ship of choice, I like old but not THAT old. A Vic is efficient and long range. So, do you know of any derilict ships I might be able to drag to Rendilli?"

    Cracken "How long has this Academy been in existence?"

    Corwin "Two years. About a Year Longer than the Jedi Academy that everyone knows about. It's low profile. On a world that the Emperor himself couldn't find yet he had an Imperial presence there the whole time. It's a tourist trap and a drednaught for sector defense is perfect since the passing of the militia act. It's old and relatively tough, but hard to crew and will be seen in many second rate militias. Most people will assume she will not have a full compliment of crew and thus believe she will not perform up to spec... The ship will keep most of the "bad" elements out while keeping the good elements safe."

    Cracken "I've been able to find out about all the other things you have been up to. But you have done a marvelous job of hiding the academy. Why tell me?"

    Corwin "Because, while the academy is not ready to go public and its location never will on my behalf. Naturally someone will figure it out eventually. However, I need someone around I trust implicitly and someone who can call me and say "the galaxy needs you and your academy". We will always be vastly fewer in number than the Jedi council, however, we're taking our time. I'm expecting that the first public debut of my people will come in about 10 years, though I will have students and have had students running around for a while now. They're just not proclaiming any affiliation. I'm going to work within the bounds of the first Jedi Academy and have my students all make an appearance to "test out" for each "official rank" there. We're an elite group, and we're not ready to go public. The Jedi need time and patience and skills and understanding to be true to their calling. My academy teaches EVERYTHING, think K-12 education the rest they will have to learn on their own and perhaps come back one day to train others."

    Cracken "I might now of a ship, but you'll have to do something for me first."

    Corwin "There is always a price to pay."

    Cracken "Tell me about Rendilli"

    Corwin "It was the Buzz Droids. They basically won the day. They anihilated stafrighters and Capital ships alike. Plus I put some nice pyrotechnic explosives on the hull of the drednaughts to make it look like we had been crippled by turbolaser barrages. The ploy worked, and as the lead elements of their vessels passed our formation we lit them up. The rest of the fight after that was a slugging match with the Tector and some unforseen luck. Ace Starkiller showed up in Jabba The Hutt's Flagship and took over a Golan Platform that poured specific, combined fire barrages as per my instruction into the Flagship of the Imperial defensive line. The Tector's commander was an experienced line commander that was posted at Endor, Our remaining buzz droids and other assets did the rest of the work. Baron Ur-Lagash's combined forces did little more than capture a couple capital ships, and did not fully engage as they had promised. But they did manage to take heat off our backs during the initial stages of the fight. I never really expected much from them anyway, mecernaries all of them, regardless of the fact that they were "noble" families... I saw some of this in the Tapani sector, anyway I was never counting on them to carry the fight anyway. I told them to leave and cut them out of negotiations with Rendilli."

    Corwin "I'll submit a formal tactical evaluation of the battle after I have had time to complie all the reports and combat footage. I'll even present it to a couple naval academies as a seminar if you can help me get the Drednaught to Rendilli."

    Cracken "You actually know of the Drednaught I'm speaking about. She's the one you damaged and drove off from Bespin. We picked her up holed and drifting when she had a run in with a Corellian Gunship near the edge of out territories. I think she was making a run for the core worlds. We stopped her and as under gunned as she was, she provided little resistance for the gunship's speed and missiles. I'll get her towed to Rendilli AFTER you submit the report. I will have a list of academies I want you to visit and brief both on the Rendilli engagement as well as delivering a tactical training seminar. We need more men and women trained up to spec if we are going to hold the line and then work to liberate the rest of the galaxy."

    Corwin "Done"


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    "You ALWAYS Pick the Best Vacation Spots..."

    Ace "Lady Tarkin, please I implore you, tell me why we are here?"

    Ravosh "I have childhood friends on this world, I already told you that."

    Ace, getting a bit frrustrated, and chafing about having to conceal his blaster under a lavish disguise of an over pompous cape "You realize, that your "childhood" friends most likely have ties and or sympathies to the Empire... Right!?!"

    Ravosh "Quite true, Indeed, that is why I am here. They have ever been loyal firends and are disenchanted with the Imperial Regime."

    Ace "Yes, that's all well and good, but you recall what happened on Barrendor IV?" More a question than a statement

    Ravosh "So, we had a little trouble with the local authorities. Nothing you couldn't handle. You dispatched those Stormtroopers with ease."

    Ace "That's not the point. I'm you're security advisor. I recommended against going there and I did the same about coming here to Ord Ka’tosi. One of these days, you'll regret not listening to me. Simply put, it will bite you in the ass."

    Ravosh "OH! How un-eloquently you put that!" Scolding

    Ace "No, rationale dictates that you heed the advice of someone who knows all too well about the dangers of both the Empire as well as placing yourself in unnecessary peril. Not to mention, it's not like I'm an unknown as far as the Empire is concerned. I was doing an efficient enough job that they sent a Hunter/Assassin after me. Order 67 saved my ass. We're leavi... Oh, poodu..." The distinct report of a heavy blaster can be heard above. Hand moving immediately under his ornate cape by instinct and his head and eyes cast skyward to the rooftop. His next words were curt and his other arm had a firm, yet careful grip on Ravoshe's left arm as he wheeled her behind him and into the shade of the overhanging structure. That afforded her immediate cover and placed her just behind him to his left next to a building support.

    Skiptracer "Damn Jedi!" Looking skyward as well

    Ace "What? You! What did you say?"

    Skiptracer Lorne "Damned Jedi just up and jumped to the top of the building. I have a legitimate claim of theft as per the Jedi Council mandate."

    Ace "Which Jedi?"

    Lorne "Sylar Topper, why do Hey! You're Ace Starkiller, I have a grievance out for you as well. There are several Imperial warrants for your arrest. Well, maybe I will get to collect today." A smile touching his lips

    Ace shaking his head, bringing his eyes level with the man "Please, don't tell me you are working both sides of the fence?"

    Lorne "These are lean times, my boy, and you just happen to be in the ... ARRRRGGG!!!" The unexpected report of a heavy blaster stun blast drops the man to the ground

    Ravosh "Oh! My!"

    Ace "I don't have time for imbicles..." Reaching down and picking the man's ID off his person "I'll report this scum bag to Alliance Command"

    A Whitecloak Fighter screams in about two stories above him and collects Sylar Topper, who dives off the roof into the fighter as it pulls away.

    Ace "Things just went from bad to worse, Ravosh, we need to move NOW!" The command rolling off his tounge snapping her to military attention as they both began moving quickly away from the building and attempting to blend with the crowd that had assembled itself to watch the spectacles.

    Looking back to the top of the roof Ace locked eyes with someone who was dead, In fact, he was The Battle of Endor dead... Which means he sould be REAL dead, but there he was watching the Whitecloak scream in to the sky. Not waiting, he refocused his attention on Lady Tarkin's safety only to see another ghost performing a dramatic salute to him and Ravosh before disappearing into the crowd. It was Lord Brandyl...

    Ace "What the HELL is going on!?!" Flipping is comm to a little used frequency that had belonged to Order 67 operatives Ace established a channel and called Topper "Topper, Ace Starkiller here. I'm on planet, if you need me. What the hell is going on?" There was no response, but no response was necesary as Ace saw the pursuit of the Fighter clearly, Topper was under serious pressure. At least he knows, there is someone here that might be able to help.

    Ace "Ravosh, I'm dropping you off at your friend's home. I might be forced to break the terms of our business agreement. What happens here, on this world might be very telling, very dangerous and shape the future of the galaxy to come. Contact your friends, find out what you can about Luke Skywalker working with the Imperials... Something is very wrong."

    Ravosh "But, Skywalker is dead..." Ace interrupts her

    Ace "Well, what I saw speaks otherwise and the fighter he flew off in pursuit of a known "good" jedi was IMPERIAL... I have to help him, if I can. I cannot do my job for you if I do that. I need information, and that is what you're good at finding. So, find some information and help me do my job. Maybe we get off world together, but chances are that we have a better chance of getting off world apart. I have enjoyed working with you and for you. LIsteining to me more would be nice, but you may have done someone a favor. I have to do what I can, now."

    Tossing the lavish cloak around him and borrowing a floppy hat from one of Ravosh's friends he moves on to see what he can do... If anything at all... Uncertainty, danger and perhaps even death await... Skywalker... Brandyl... What the Hell is going on?


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    "Deadly Murmurs"

    It was kind of a forbidding place, Dagobah. The last resting place for Jedi Master Yoda and the one place where Corwin knew he could go to find solace, commune with nature and be shielded from being "found" through the force. In truth, Tsarriq was another such place that was "shielded from prying eyes", however, Tsarriq did not have the abundance of life that Dagobah had. Tsarriq was being terraformed and restored from a cataclysm, Dagobah was teeming with life EVERYWHERE.

    Other reasons for coming here, the cave... It was a dark place, touched by the Dark Side. It granted visions of possible outcomes, twisted visions none the less. It constantly tested, and sought for weaknesses in the resolve of a Jedi of the Light side. Corwin was here to visit the cave, to test himself once more to be challenged by the visions once more. For the last time the visions had said the New Republic would fall and all his friends died before him. However, it was somehting that WOULD have indeed happened had he held the victories and liberations he made possible away from the New Republic. By bringing them into the fold of a government that he may or may not truly side with on all fronts he gave them the strenght to endure. Moreso, the passing of the Militia act added instant might and defense to key systems, while having the boon of also bolstering the New Republic fleet as well as freeing it up to defend and liberate worlds that could not manage to do so on their own. It gave an advantage to some worlds like Corellia and Rendilli, but in an era of trust and freedom it was the best and ONLY choice. He returned to challenge the darkness in the cave as well as to learn new possibilities. Luke was right, he would come again and again to test himself here. He had to, because there was no one else to train him. It is a difficult path to walk, so much uncertainty. But Faith and never wavering from the Light side of the force had laways held him on the correct path.

    Finally, even after learning how ot commune with spirits from Obi Wan's teachings and some of the other things he picked up from Yoda's notes he found it easier to commune with Skywalker here. A place that was strong in him. It seems that his spirit had retreated here moreso than anywhere else. He returned when he could to tell Luke of his discoveries, trials, and to ask questions of the one being that had known more about the force than anyone he had ever encountered.

    After much meditation and preparation he went to the cave, confident that he had disproven the visions from his first visit. It was not arrogance, something people oft mistakenly asociated with him. It was knowing that he was, indeed, right and had done what needed to be done. Again, he left this things at the opening of the cave, as he descended the cold chill permeated his bones. An old darkness, and powerful one but the cave itself while touched by it did not possess a "true" intelligence, or so he had thought before this, perticular visit. He saw visions of death, many among them Jedi. One materialized he was not prepared for... Sylar

    Sylar Topper, looked at him with socketless inky black eyes, an ovbious saber wound in his chest "You killed me, Amber, I trusted you, your training meant nothing. You did not prepare me for what I would face. The darkside was too powerful... In death I learned that the Darkside is the only way."

    Corwin "No, NO, what are you saying Topper? You are alive, I taught you what I could without forcing you. I gave you freedom to learn at the corrct pace. I introduced you to Order 67, they tempered you and taught you the burdens of war. You are alive, I will not accept..."

    Sylar "No, I am dead and it is your fault. You should have taught me more, but you were not powerful enough. Order 67 was not powerful enough, BEHOLD" Images of the team massacred and dying apopear, all dying from saber and other force inflicted horrors.

    Corwin, swallowing "No, this is a possible outcome. I do not yet see what I must change, but in time I will..."

    Sylar "Behold, your doom..." The spectre hissed and then screamed as a Blue white Lightsaber cut then abruptly silenced him. The spectre strode forward, features all too familiar to Corwin. Fear was not a common emotion for Corwin, now it was not present so much as trepidation and more uncertainty along with emotion rolling off him at the sight of Topper's death and his friends in Order 67, tears flowing down his face. As always, he used it, turned it inside and built up his defenses strengthening his resolve. The saber stroke came, all too real Corwin twisted out of the way of the connecting blow and the saber tip grazed his left arm. Pain, blood and a true cut.

    Corwin "What?" In disbelief, looking at his fingertips covered in his blood. The figure approached, Skywalker... But, something was wrong. He was twisted, dark and evil. Again the saber came and he dove out of the way.

    Corwin "Skywalker? What are you doing? Why?"

    Luke "Do I know you? No, I have never met you. However, I know you by reputation. You are a child compared to my power, I am the chose one." The last part stated with a finality and defiance that was ever too common in darksiders

    Corwin's mind was racing and he was moving avoiding saber strokes, the blade all too real cut into the stone and severed roots where it passed. He was loosing, something was out of place. What? Something he sai... The last stroke was all to close and the cave felt "alive"

    "Only what you bring with you, my ass..." Corwin muttered under his breath then called for his lightsaber at the top of the cave and it came to his hand. Igniting it he used only one blade, fully defending. Skywalkers assaults were strong and unrelentless. There was a sick malevolent power there. "Don't make me fight you.. Luke, what the hell is going on?" Corwin Pleaded with the being before him

    Luke "You address me as if you know me, why?"

    Then it dawned on him this version of Luke had never known him personally, it was not indeed the luke he had communed with, this one was dressed in light tan clothing not the black jumpsuit he knew Luke to wear. That one was stronger, at peace, this one was tormented and twisted. This is only a vision, he said again, but the saber the "evil" Luke was wielding nicked him again burning his skin. Mind racing or not, Corwin was ever a master of the saber and had measured each of "Luke's" strikes and even the hate infused ones. Breaking the guard and igniting the second saber, he whirled the right one against Luke's blade spinning his saber to the right bringing his left one in, he locked the blade in a "V" pattern over the off balanced blade driving further down and to the right. Pivoting in he slammed his forhead into Luke's face, still locking his saber safely away. While Luke reeled back a bit, Corwin picked up is right foot and smashed it down on Luke's struggling right hand, breaking the grip on the saber and finising with Corwin's foot planted on the active blade on the ground. Corwin deactivated it with the force and sheathed his blades while picking it up.

    Luke "You will never learn, in sparing me, you have doomed all that you hold dear. Good Jedi, to win you must kill me."

    Corwin "I rarely, win, twisted one. There is only balance and there is the force, the light side of the force. It is the only path."

    Luke "No, there is the Darkside, and it will visit you again. You killed him, Topper, because you did not train him properly."

    Corwin "Is there a proper way? How were you trained? Piecemeal?"

    Luke "My master, guides me. You will not kill me, so all you hold dear will die."

    The images of everything in the galaxy erupting into flames and gone drove trillions of screaming voices into Corwin's head. Later he awoke, lying on the floor of the cave, bleeding from the two wounds, still holding onto the saber he had disarmed from "Evil" Luke. Emerging from the cave, something felt different, and indeed it was. Something was wrong, here in the cave and elsewhere in the galaxy. Corwin immediately attempted to contact Luke as he had on at least two other occasions, the connection was difficult. Something was very wrong. He almost touched Luke's presence here, then his vision screamed light years away to another world and he touched the mind of "Luke"? But it was all wrong and it was resisted and a shockwave sent on its heels. Bleeding from his nose and ears Corwin stumbled out of Yoda's hut and into the Ace of Sabers. Jeeves, get us out of here. We have work to do, though, I do not know exactly what any of this means... Looking down at the lightsaber in his hand. Perhaps, Leia might know something. She was his sister, to her I will go... And the Ace Pulled away from Dagobah.

    Corwin's Mind was on Sylar, his friend, his student and even though the years that separated their age were few he was everything Corwin coud have ever wanted to be manifest in a son. That is the bond of Master and Apprentice. Sitting on the floor of the lounge, still bleeding, his mind reached out looking for Sylar trying to find him to make certain he was alive. The contact was made, moments later with a disturbing revelation, he was in distress and that "other" presence was near by.

    Training in the force and in the outcomes of it all struck Corwin after coming out of the trance. He would not attempt to contact Sylar, the connection might cause him to make a mistake or alter the path before him. If Sylar wished to commune he would initiate the connection. Corwin had to trust in his student's ability, to do otherwise would be to betray Topper's trust in him. "I already know enough, may the force be with you my friend" Corwin could never make the trip in time to affect the outcome, whatever it might be... Even at top speed and with a stellar plotting of astrogation it would take days. Leia was closer, on Rendilli in negotiations. He could be there in a day or so and less if he pushed the Ace.

    Faith, maintain faith and stay true to what I know. "Rash action and uninformed decisions are what Skywalker told me imperiled him when he faced Vader. It did not change the outcome for his friends. Time, which I feel I have so little of due to concern... But I must take the time to discover this dilemma." "Jeeves, set course for Bespin at best possible speed. I need to clean up."

    His thoughts still on Topper and on the disturbing visions he had so recently experienced. Again, he looked down to the lightsaber he held. Something had changed, the fact that he was even holding a tangible object at all clearly identified that. It must have been a warning from Luke, the one he always spoke to, because the power to manifest an object went way beyond anything he ever heard of...


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    Sometime just before the Corellian Liberation Assignment

    "Good students are hard to find..."

    Corwin "Sylar, look, I know he's a huge pain in the ass. But Streen is an extreme case of Force sensitivity. I have been coaching him on methods to help him "quiet" his mind. It's working, but he's still plagued by the increased taraffic in the Bespin system. Since she was annexed into the New republic and Rendilli has been working with Lando, the city has become something of a more prominent spot in the galaxy. I need someone to pick him up and take him to Tsarriq, quietly. I showed him all I can, and spoke to him about the trip. He's willing to go, at least for the time being. Whether or not he takes an active role in the academy is his decision. I already have a place for him set up there. You just have to get him and his personal effects to the Academy. He's probably the MOST perceptive natural force user I have ever run across, so much that the "noise" hurts. I know it's not a milk run because he's a pain in the ass when he's irate."

    Sylar "Yeah, yeah, I'll do it. I have to get some time in a transport anyway."

    Corwin "Oh, yeah? I'm crying for you... I'm letting you fly the Ace. Boo Hoo, what a terrible ship to have to fly..." Mockingly

    Sylar "Hey! I prefer fighters, you know that."

    Corwin "I know, but freighters are more common and knowing more about them won't hurt you. Try flying her this time, you won't regret it. Jeeves can take over any time you get tired of bored. Besides, buddie, you have D20 to keep you company."

    Sylar "Grreeaaatt... Sometimes I think you keep that droid around un memory wiped as some sort of anti Jedi assination device."

    Corwin "Naw, he's just a hero. Larger than either one of us in his own mind and kinda famous in the droid community. Besides, you've got nothing to worry about. If he gets out of line, GX will blow a couple smoldering holes in him."

    Sylar "GX is on the ship too?"

    Corwin "Hey, I only send the best. Milk run or no, I'm not taking any chances. The Ace is known galaxy wide and thus she's a prize/target for lots of people. You'll be fine, I have this favor I have to do for Garm bel Iblis..."

    Sylar "that old senator from Corellia, Isn't he dead?"

    Corwin "Rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. He kind of wanted it that way. I'm going in with the team, and since I knew you weren't too fond of them I figured you might do this favor for me and get Streen to Tsarriq."

    Sylar "Yeah, I'll do it happily. None too fond is a term best used lightly."

    Corwin "I know bud" Patting him on the back "You can always take my place is you want to and we can switch roles.."

    Sylar "Uhh... ya'know... I would get to lead the mission?"

    Corwin "yep."

    Sylar "Are you sure?"

    Corwin "yep"

    Sylar "what about the favor you owe Garm?"

    Corwin "I have to be there, but I don't have to be in charge, I could be an observer with aggressive tendencies."

    Sylar "But what about Streen?"

    Corwin "You have four and a half days before I leave with the team. The Ace is VERY fast and recall that I showed you how to Sense your way to the coordinates? It's MUCH faster than standard plotting."

    Sylar "Wait for me"

    Corwin "Nope, four and a half days and no more before we leave from the staging point. be there or be square..."

    Sylar already running up the gantry to the Ace "I'll be back in time!"

    Corwin, to himself "I know you will."

    Four days later

    Sylar "Are you certain about this?"

    Corwin "Absolutely. When we accomplish this task, you will be the one shaking hands with a living Corellian Legend. You'll be the one that will get recognized. I'll be happy, for once, to take a back seat on the praise."

    About a month later

    In the grand hall ampitheater in Coronet, the capital City of Corellia.

    Garm Bel Iblis and his staff happily greet a victorious Bad Karma team. Corwin nods to Garm bel Iblis then looks to Topper

    Corwin "Go, this is your day. We're today here because of you. I think he has something special planned."

    Sylar steps to the dias

    Senator Garm Bel Iblis "I want to recognize the brave efforts of the bad Karma team, founded by Lord Corwin Amber who is present today and took part freeing all of us from the tyrrany of the Human League. However, it was not Lord Amber that lead Bead karma to victory and our freedom. This man, Jedi Sylar Topper, led and coordinated the groups heroic actions. We are all here today because of his decisions, bravery and sacrifices. We have a custom here, in Corellia, those who truly distinguish themselves above and beyond the rank and file, rising to the highest ideals of our society. In that we award the Bloodstripe, thus we award you, Sylar Topper, a foreigner. The highest honor any Corellian can ever hope to achieve in his or her lifetime. I present you, and only you, with a red bloodstripe. Never before has this been awarded to anyone of non-corellian heritage. the rest of Bad Karma have already been awarded for their efforts."

    Corwin's yellow piping on his pants clearly shown, as is the same with Skeith and Tengi. Garm nods to corwin, as Sylar stands stunned and almost overwealmed in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering Corellians, and later other planets and systems see the broadcast. It is a time for new heroes, and a day that will be long remembered with an impossible achievement having been led and completed by Sylar Topper.


    Sylar "garm said to me later that you got all you wanted, what did he mean?"

    Corwin "Well, I have his friendship and his gratitude as do you. I have a Bloodstripe in the fashion of the highest honor that can be afforded to an off worlder. Your's however is unprecedented in the annals of Corellian history. However, moreso I wanted you recognized for your ability. I can tell you you're good enough. I can train you and help you when you're in need. But I could not show you the level of confidence, trust and admiration I have in you and your accomplishments until today. Your recognition today is how I feel about you. Telling you could never have conveyed the emotion properly, you had to live it. We are here because of you and your accomplishments and leadership. You do not require my direct tutelage any longer. I will happily teach you when you have time and the situation permits it. You are a true Jedi Knight, what I call a Jedi Knight, proven in the fires of battle, negotiation, purity and focus on the Light Side of the Force. When you eventually settle up with the council, you will test out of their "Master" track with ease. You are the best of the best."

    Sylar is speechless and only nods

    Corwin "besides, I did get one other three other things."

    Sylar looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

    Corwin "This is Corellia, before I met or knew you the only three things I ever wanted were, in order, Drumroll Please..."

    Sylar like a child starts making the goofy drumroll noise laughing

    Corwin "CS-600 Model Specific Tools"

    Sylar "They only cost like, 3000 credits..."

    Corwin 'yes, but they're REALLY hard to find for a freighter that has not been produced in over 200 years..." "Finally, I got a pair of Corellian Quads for the Ace."

    Sylar emits a whistle at that announcement

    Corwin "He sent a team of his engineers to Bespin to custom install the guns per specification and functionality in the Ace."

    Sylar "Still, simple desires nothing grand. Any other House Lord would have asked for a lot more."

    Corwin "I'm not any House Lord, I have ALL I want in you as my student, the rest is just bonus."

    The two walk off together to go and celebrate their day.

    Shortly thereafter Sylar Topper would face Lord Aldaric Brandl for a second time. This time, prepared, trained and fully in communion with the force and his abilities he defeats Brandl who is apparently killed in the victory... But as ever enigmatic a villan as Brandl is, quite the dramatic actor, he does indeed re-surface...


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    "Birthdays come and go... But the Recklessness HAS to fade away..."

    Corwin "I'm tired of the viewpoints of BK Gunney. They expect me to remain some brash idiot pulling reckless maneuver off one after the other. Hell, I think almost everyone wants me to be that same old reckless, brash, jerk I had been for years. The problem is, truly, that with time and responsibility and the state of affairs in the galaxy... Things had to change. Now when I do something without thinking, people die. Before it was just me and some guys, some gals and nobody had anything to hold over our heads because we were relatively unknown. Now, if I threaten an Imperial Commander... He's liable to bombard the world he's orbiting just to show that he's "tough" or something. Showing his resolve, his belifs in the "Old/New Order" of the Empire. You saw what happened at Rendilli, an Imperial commander of a warship defected mid battle and came to stand side by side with my chewed up drednaughts. All because I, ASKED him to come. Because I spared his life and command in a previous engagement."

    Gunney "You could have taken everybody at Rendilli by yourself, with the assets you had there. You didn't need Ur-Lagash, or Tatooine or the Vic II to defect. You know that right?"

    Corwin "Yeah, I know that. I knew that from the very beginning. I know how it was going to go. I suppose I even manipulated events by not telling anyone other than the Drednaught commands about the Pyrotechincs on our hulls. When they lit up and we were fully engaged I could "feel" the morale sink, then I spiked to a higher lever because people took up the fight... Which had been my plan all along. New leaders, new heroes."

    Gunney "yeah, but it could have backfired and people could have broken and tried to run. and then gotten cut to pieces in doing so."

    Corwin "yes, that was a possibility. However, I hand picked the squadron leaders and ship commanders, save for your forces. The galaxy got a whole lot bigger and the resources and men are here now. Others have to take the initiative and I am cultivating that. Because I don't WANT to do all of this. I have other priorities. Ord Torgle namely, is at the top of that list. Then there's Tapani, and the Academy, and a bunch of other "crap" I have to do. Or rather I have tasked myself in doing."

    Gunney "you're choice bud, but I'm in the same lifeboat... They think we should be..."

    Corwin Finishes for him "Superheroes"

    Gunney "yeah, and that poodu gets old fast."

    Corwin "Yep, and it stinks. Gives me migranes."

    Gunney "Well, Happy Birthday. How does it feel to be 24?"

    Corwin "hmm, how does it feel to you? We could be brothers, but you're just a tad bit bigger than me, you turned yesterday."

    Gunney "Same Poodu, Differnt day."

    Corwin "I feel OLD, and weary"

    Gunney "yeah, noticed that, you've got white and gray hair you hide pretty well. But the stress shows during war and at the end it's more telling after you read the casualty reports."

    Corwin "Nice to know I have one brother who knows me... No one else ever figured me out, at least from BK. Times change and so do people."

    Gunney "yes and yes."

    Corwin "I have a birthday request."

    Gunney "name it"

    Corwin "I want you to drink me under the table" Corwin is laughing when he says it

    Gunnery "Sounds like fun"

    Corwin "Well, for me yes. The second part of the equation is elementary. I trust you and know you'll do what you have to to get me home."

    Gunney "Aww, Poodu, over the shoulder and sick as a wampa rat that ate something disagreeable... ehhh, okay"

    Corwin "lets party today and pay for it tomorrow!"


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    "Tactical Seminars Always End The Same Way..."

    Corwin is giving a seminar at the request of General Cracken
    In the end, Corwin gets what he wants and Cracken gets what he knew he was always going to get...
    New Republic Naval Academy
    Location Classified
    100 Line Officers, 300 Junior Officers and 250 Senior Cadets Slated for Command in Attendance
    200 "Top Gun" Elite Squadron Pilots also in attendance

    Corwin "Look you're all familiar with the A-Wing slash, Ackbar alters his variant a bit. It's been referred to as the Ackbar slash"

    Cadet Stevens "Yeah, but we want to know about YOUR tactics, General Amber."

    Corwin "Patience Stevens, I'm getting there..."

    Cadet Remoda "Respectfully, General, there are a lot of us that think some of these manuvers... While effective are a bit outmoded and predictable. You are, perhaps, the only line commander that rarely uses the same tactics twice."

    Corwin "Actually, I do re-use tactical manuevers that I put together, but ONLY twice. I also separate the frequency of their implementation by using them on Imperial commanders that I KNOW will never have seen it before. If a tactic is over used you'll be marked for it and the enemy will anticipate what you are liable to do next. That is why I treat each new situation as a fluid and completely different entity. Even though there are some well established counters to Imperial doctrine, I always alter the implementation or re-invent the same manuver from a different source, class of vessel or disparate unit type that had not been utilized for that task before."

    Elite Pilot Jenna "I was kind of curious how you, when personally facing a capital ship, manage the navigation of their shield arcs?"

    Corwin "Well... I've actually only done that three times. Once in a snubfighter, once in a Heavy Bomber and once in the Ace of Sabers against an Imperial One Star Destroyer."

    People gasp at hearing the last part

    Jenna "Sir, you're freighter is 35 meters long..."

    Corwin "Yes, the Ace is as Manuverable as a TIE Fighter and as fast as an X-Wing, I made a lot of special modifications to her myself over the years. Pretty good for a 200 year old freighter."

    Jenna "Yeah, I should think so. But how did you manage all three cases?"

    Corwin "In the snubfighter, I took note of the deflection of random fire patterns. Ray shielding will visibly coalesce at points where fire strikes. So, on approach I broke up my cannons and "sprayed" light cannon fire at where I hoped the shields would not be... I found a "hole" rather quickly, or rather a seam where the arcs were not overlapping."

    Some nods of approval among the fighter jocks, people are taking notes

    Corwin "But it's not something you can do when you have bandits all over your ass, you're dodging too much to "look" for a shield gap. if you could pull that off, though, your pursuers would hit a wall. I'll have to try that sometime."

    Which elicits some chuckling form the crowd, then at the last admission meople look at him like he's crazy

    Corwin "listen everybody, everything I have learned has been costly in lives and sometimes in mistakes. It's all part of the learning process. Let me handle this one, I'll submit a formal breifing with footage when I manage it. Better me than any of you. Because if you misjudge, you're head and your ass will be reversed in the vacuum of space..."

    Laughter and then silence

    Jenna "And the other two times?"

    Corwin "I had a crew of three in an H-Wing Bomber. Alec Dumotte was on the turret keeping the TIEs off us, Tengi was on the Torpedo array and I used the sensor suite to scan for power signature interleaving on approach using my Focus sensors"

    Jenna "Umm, but that's impossible you only have about a 2-3 space unit range on Focus."

    Corwin "yes, I know, you have to be really fast and NOT make any mistakes or you die when you hit their shields." " You have about 1-2 Seconds to react correctly after finding the gap, especially when you are approaching at flank speed."

    Silence and some people who were holding their breath exhale

    Jenna Swallows hard

    Corwin "I still have a personal copy of the combat footage and the operations logs to show anyone interested how I managed it. You have to be capable of performing TWO operations in a tenth of a second if the enemy vessel is angling their shields actively against you on approach."

    Stunned looks

    Corwin "In defense of Bespin, I told an Imperial Commander that I would thread a Proton Torpedo through his Bridge Viewport. Let me STRESS this people. NONE OF YOU can do that manuver. I don't care how good of a pilot you are, because NO manner of luck was involved. An Imperial One class Stardestroyer has a full envelope of shielding if their operator is qaulified. There are NO seams in their shield arcs, the coverage is comprehensive. "

    many present verbally state "Then How?"

    Corwin "I am a Jedi Knight, some people call me a Master of the Force. At least the Jedi council says I'm a Jedi master. I'm not going into huge detail on this, but Jedi masters during the time of the Clone Wars could have flown an Action IV through an Imperial One's shielding. It was very difficult and reckless for me to fly a 35M Light frieghter through. I'm good, but not that good. It took me years to master the Force to the degree I understood it at the defense of Bespin. There was no break in their shielding, I actually percieved a "gap where the ray Shielding arc had an anomoly and there was a spacial gap there. I torpedoed the Capitan's window because I could SEE him with my enhanced vision through the Force. The Torpedo did not make it through the Bridge glass. I cracked it and scared the Poodu out of him though. range on torpedos is limited, so I had to pull an maximum G turn completely vertical to avoid death. Then I torepdoed the Shield reserve tower and took it out dropping the shields on one arc allowing me to escape their shield envelope and bring Glom Squadron in to cut their Port side batteries into junk metal."

    Corwin "This is NOT why I am here. To tell you all about the INSANE **** I have done in my life. I'm here to TRAIN you in TACTICS, so you all can KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE. You want to live? NEVER perform any of the manuevers I have pulled in a dogfight. I am releasing the operations information on detecting interleaving of shielding signatures so that you can perform that same function, and FIRE MISSILES through. NOT FLY THROUGH."

    Corwin "I used these Impossible tactics when I was grossly outnumbered and had to intimidate Imperial Commanders to back down."

    Corwin "the final tactic I will teach today is a PERFECTED AMBUSH. It's very circumstancial though and you have to either have planned for it, made multiple path anticipations and may not even work at all. Knowing your enemy is also essential."

    Corwin " i call it a GravWell Skip. Realtime, HOLO communications are NECESSARY to do this. You place an Interdiction vessel at a jump point Just out system at any stable zenith coordinate, paired either with a couple squadrons of fighters with preprogrammed nav coordinates or a capital ship. The More Grav Well generators you have the more vessels you can move in this fashion. The Commanding officer in the midst of the actual battlefield or your spotter calls out a set of coordinates inside the Gravity Well of a system at which the ships will emerge ON TOP OF the Target vessel. You're fighters or capital ships jump into hyperspace as normal to that location. Normally they would revet to realspace far from the target, however, the Gravity well generator disrupts the Gravity well of the system in that area allowing the ships to emerge on top of the enemy vessel. You need good navigators and real time communications. A limited version of this can be performed in the absence of a gravity well by spotting for the ships you will be calling in."

    Corwin "That concludes my seminar, I'll be in the officer's lounge for an hour or two if anyone has any questions."

    He walks out and after SEVERAL moments a tentative few follow, Jenna among them with an apology to deliver


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    "Screams in the Dark of Night... But My Good Friends Help Me Sleep Tight"

    En Route to Rendilli, the Ace of Sabers Hurls at Maximum Hyperspace velocity to hopefully Reach Rendilli before Princess Leia Organna Departs


    Visions, Pain, Horrors untold and yet familiar... What? Where? How? Why?

    His mind is drifting, troubled with his brow ever furrowing. He entered into the meditative trance, as always, to reflect upon events and the visions he recently witnessed at the Cave on Dagobah. This is something new, not fresh but fetid and evil. Somehow, extraneous whispers, no, screams enter Corwin's conciousness. Still he does not yet comprehend, it's all very new to him.

    Yoda's notes stated "Not ready for the burden were you" in speaking absentmindedly about Luke. Indeed, Luke had communicated as much to him on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, he told Corwin these revalations after his death... Am I ready for this burden? He thinks to himself, the screams still echoing in his mind from another far off point in the galaxy. Forcing that uncertainty away, clearing his mind as he always did, he answered that uncertainty with I am Jedi now and there is NO Choice, again some of Lukes Teachings flood back. "Do or Do Not" Upon the use of the force . Again Corwin focuses, resolves his inner turmoil and even though in meditation you can see his body "sigh". There is no choice now, because he decided a LONG time ago to go down this path. He had no idea of the burden of the truth and the responsibilities required of following the path. Would he have changed his mind if he had know, no. The reality of that choice and coming to terms with the fact that he felt "Alone" himself and always had was never easy. He has many friends, but none understand the force and the sacrifice like he does. Never forgetting the faces of 300 strong and inexperienced men and women from Ord Torgle flash into his mind. He can see each and every one's faces, and remembers where and when each of them fell in that battle... Never to rise again. Never forget... Honor the valiant dead, it was all for a greater ideal, for freedom. How many more would die that followed him? No, that uncertainty now immediately quashed whas an incorrect vision. Whether or not people followed him they would and always had died for the ideals of freedom and justice. No, moving back....

    The screams... Something familiar about them... "Encountered this before, I have." Corwin's eyes snap open fully refreshed knowing the process

    Corwin to no one but the air of his hold "It feels like Bakura, I will have to send their regime a priority message to see if there have been any more sightings of the SiiRuuk..." Pulling his comlink off his belt "Jeeves, what is the sit rep?"

    Jeeves "Sir, we are approximately four hours out from destination." Walking by a powered down GX, the droid comes to life with his motion. Corwin looks to his friend "No, GX, it's alright. Rest, my friend, there will be plenty of trying days ahead. Everything is "Uphill" from here."

    GX "If you require me all you have to do is ask."

    Corwin "I know that, and if you in return need something of me, all you have but to do is ask it of me."

    GX "I know that as well."

    Corwin nods and moves on to the bridge where R5D20 is whirring at his approach "yes. yes D20 most likely you'll run into C3P0 and I know you think he's a pompous ass, just hold that inside. You're a hero and we cannot upset Princess Leia now." Chuckling after turning away from the deadly little Astromech droid.

    Corwin "Jeeves 3P0 IS a pompous ass, you on the other hand are one of the best friends I have ever had."

    Jeeves "thank you sir, high compliments from the Jedi master"

    Grimacing at the title "Jeeves you know I dislike that" then turning and looking at the never changing features of the droid... If Jeeves could have winked he did, and Corwin responded "You're ribbing me aren't you?"

    Jeeves "Oh, whatever do you mean?"

    Corwin "Ohhhh, no, don't pull this with me Jeeves. You have a MUCH higher understanding of the nature of interpersonal communication we fleshlings share... By the Force..."

    Jeeves concerned "Don't tell anyone sir, please, I emplore you"

    Corwin "Are you kidding? I would NEVER tell anyone you are sentient. Some moron who thinks droids should be terminated would likely take my childhood mentor away from me and I would become a Dark Jedi w/o you..."

    Jeeves "You give me too much credit."

    Corwin, sitting down next to his friend "No, Jeeves, I never do. Always credit you as my mentor, but never like this. Any plans? You do realize you are free to leave and go about any of your tasks and wishes at any time."

    Jeeves "SIR! I would never leave you!"

    Corwin "I was just saying..." resting a hand on his shoulder Corwin leans forward and helps Jeeves run the standard duties that have ever kept the Ace of Sabers running at top efficiency. Jeeves, R5D20 and Corwin (Sleeping GX too) BFF... HA!


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    "She'll Never Be Perfect... But She's Only a Ship"

    Continued from Corwin and Jeeves sitting on the bridge of the Ace of Sabers

    Corwin "She feels different after the modification, doesn't she?" Looking over to Jeeves

    Jeeves "Well, Corwin, she handles like a brick with and engine strapped on. What did you expect after adding Thirty Six tons of armor plating?"

    Corwin "No, I know THAT. I was just commenting on how she FEELS..."

    Jeeves looks right at Corwin after listening to something foul R5 warbles "You are going to have to define that one to me, I'm at a loss"

    "I'm just remembering what she was like when I first took the controls. She is no more maneuverable than that very FIRST day, well, perhaps a bit more sluggish but that's not my point. Brings back memories from what seems like a lifetime ago." Corwin looks like he's lost in thought after uttering the last

    "I was there when you were born. Your parents were happy, your family was alight. Even though you were far down the line of succession, there was an "air" of majesty about you. I can recall the data stream if you like." Jeeves offers

    "What? You kept that, I've never seen anything surrounding the details of my birth." Corwin snaps out of reverie to be utterly amazed once more

    "Here" Jeeves pulls up one of the secondary monitors on the bridge and inserts a small data chip from a never used or rather long unused compartment in the droid's frame. Images and sound of Corwin's birth play out, people Corwin recognizes some dead and never known others dearly missed. Of it all, one man more prominent than anyone in the imagery beams while holding the child

    "He's my..." Jeeves finsihes for him "Grandfather" and corwin responds "He looks so young, what is this? Twenty four years ago?"

    "yes, he knew what you would become even if the rest had no idea. He told me, see..." Jeeves points as a droid, less refined looking approaches and speaks with Corwin's Grandfather. Then baby Corwin is passed lovingly to an "older" version of Jeeves

    "You were different there, different model?" Corwin Asks

    "yes, I am old Corwin, so very old. My model dates back generations. I raised your grandfather, father and then you. I had been "retired" due to age and the newer SE4 droids that cared for your siblings. But you grandfather found me in a cellar and re-activated me, shortly there after I received the upgraded body. Everyone except your Grandfather think I am a "New" SE4, I have ever been sentient, or as long as I can remember. You were special, and yoru grandpa wanted someone special to watch over you."

    "he was right to choose you, I have never met a better friend" Corwin, remarks again

    "Ah, Corwin, I was almost nothing until you afforded me the freedoms you have. Through you and your travels I have been afforded the ability to grow and learn many marvelous things. I have also, for the first time, been able to witness first hand why sentients of flesh and blood fight and die for ideals."

    "Jeeves, why have you served the family all this time?"

    "Duty, Sacrifice, Honor, though a mere droid I know the meaning of these words as I suspect GX does indeed as well. You might ask him why he's here with us now. I was waiting for someone, I found him in you. The last part of mention is Friendship. With you, all of us, GX, cranky old R5 and myself truly know we are free and have your friendship equal to that of any "born" sentient you have ever associated with. Skywalker's droids were valued companions, but still just droids. We are "people" to you, your closest trusted friends and advisers and what we say MEANS something to you."

    "For example, if you had to choose GX, Me or even D20 over saving the Ace... What would be your decision?" Jeeves asks inquisitively, GX can be seen stealthily listening to the conversation in the hallway and even R5D20 pauses, his dome swiveling to focus on Corwin with his monocular eye.

    "It is obvious to me, I would save my friends, you never need ask that... Please KNOW that. You, GX & D20. The Ace, She's only a ship. Each of you are FAMILY" Corwin responds Sincerely

    "THAT is why WE remain. No greater honor could ever be afforded to any one of us than the words you have sincerely spoken here and now. We will ever be at your side." Jeeves places an arm on Corwin's shoulder and D20 even warbles something nice for a change. GX walks in from the Corridor taking one of the secondary seats on the bridge and straps in "We're almost there Corwin."

    Corwin nods, turns and as he leans forward to pull the realspace levers you can see the watering of his eyes, thinking to himself 'I was wrong, I do have friends who know my burdens and they are here for me every day..." A true smile touches his face as the Ace of Sabers comes out of Hyperspace into Rendilli.


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    "How can I ask her?"

    "Rendilli Tower, this is Corelli Space Heavy 600; Ace of Sabers, holding in pattern 36 awaiting landing orders."

    New protocols at Rendilli ever since their freedom was gained help clearly identify the classes of ship and her armament. Announcing that prior to inspection, the fact that someone would willingly tell the starport control they were armed to the teeth, was all part of the new process. It saved time, for those who cared to obey their laws. "Heavy" was the moniker they were using for "Assault Armament"...

    "Identify yourself Capitan" the comm chattered in return

    "General Corwin Amber, at the helm" waiting for the request for visual identification

    "Command wants you to code in, transferring you to New Republic Command. You will be expected to confirm via holo transmission" As was customary "If not you will be boarded and visually confirmed, moving CS-Heavy-600 to priority ONE holding area, proceed there escorts will join you."

    A pair of New Republic X-Wings took up either side of the Ace

    "Good thing I installed that Holo subsystem I found, huh, Jeeves?"

    "Sir, indeed, the holo tank added some much needed character to the lounge."

    A moment passed and his bridge holo emitter crackled to life, the image of an officer appeared there "If you will, please code in sir, the communique is secure"

    "Priority G-Alpha-C-74961-Delta Clearance" Corwin Rattles off

    "Challenge request: Krayt" to confirm the nature of his visit and if he was under duress or not

    "Confirmed, Response Ithor" if he had said Alderaan it would mean things were off, he thought Alderaan was too ovbious to be used for that purpose but he didn't make the rules... or the codes. But all this new protocol was a step in the right direction, for once, security was shaping up.

    "Greetings General Amber, sorry for all the protocol."

    "Not a problem, Major, is Princess Leia still in system?"

    "yes, but according the the scuttlebutt you had best hurry if you intend to speak with her."

    "Why? What's going on?" Corwin is curious

    "A Hapan Fleet just jumped into our territories and the are looking to meet with Borsk, Mon Mothma, and have summoned the princess for some reason or another."

    "Curious, I'll be quick then. Thanks for the head's up" then the response "No problem General, Docking bay 12 on the upper Rendilli Corporate side, I have you cleared and their new Capitan of Security will be meeting you, I think you two are well acquainted."

    "Yes, it will be good to see how he is doing" then to himself "And to see how he likes working for Rendilli and the New Republic instead of the Empire.

    Coming off the Ramp to his ship 'Capitan, good to see you again. How are things?" Shaking hands with him as he comes off the ramp

    "Very well, thanks to you. You never cease to suprise me Amber. I expected you to attempt to enlist my aid in fighting the Empire Head on, yet you recommended me for command of the yard security and I even was allowed to keep my old command. Some of the crew had to be replaced, naturally, however, Rendilli is re-fitting her right now to the Vic II Clone War era configuration" on stating that you can see him beam internally

    Corwin opens with "Yes, they made them a helluva lot better then." the Capitan responds "They did indeed and they will again! Now let me show you to the Princess, she's waiting for you. It is a rare honor that a Princess would wait for anyone, yet she has been awaiting your arrival even before you emerged from hyperspace." He pauses, looks oddly at Corwin "She told me that four hours before you emerged from hyperspace, siad she could "feel" you coming..."

    "yeah, have to talk to her about a couple things." Corwin leaves it hang at that and continues as he walks up to her suite "Capitan, could you make certain my droid companions are allowed access to enter your maintenance bay unescorted?"

    "yes, so long as they leave your ship unarmed." The capitan responds

    "yes that will be fine, just let them know." Corwin hits the common the door "General Amber to see the princess"

    The door opens suddenly, Han Solo just removing his hand from the door switch "You know you don't have to knock?"

    "Well, I attempt to maintain an air of respectability... You know I have to at least try" Corwin says chuckling

    "You do somethin to her? She said she could "feel" you getting near." Solo Asks a bit concerned

    "Nope, not me, has something to do with what I need to talk to her about. Her brother..." Corwin lets that one hang

    Han whistles low and says "Ok, just don't dig too much it's a real touchy subject for her and me." In his gruff manner

    "I know, and have no intention of starting anything." Corwin looks up to see Leia walk into the room in a dress

    "Princess" Corwin says bowing at the waist

    "You can drop the formality Corwin, what's wrong?" Leia asks distracted, as her gaze catches on something as Corwin straightens out, Corwin's weapons are not there, only the lightsaber from Dagobah

    Corwin anticipated this "Well, that helps... Then you HAVE seen this before." He unhooks the lightsaber and hands it pommel first to Leia

    "How did you get this? It was lost on Bespin, when Luke lost his arm to Vader" Staring at the weapon in disbelief

    "I'm having difficulty explaining that one, even to myself... I was on Dagobah, perhaps your brother told you he had been there..."

    "yes, he mentioned it once" Leia stated

    "I have some more mysteries and they won't be really easy to fathom or swallow."

    "Just tell me Corwin, is Luke alive? Horribly maimed and hiding on Dagobah?" Her eyes were misting

    "No, he is gone, I have spoken to him twice. With the right training you can as well." pausing "the choice is your's and if you are not ready my door will always be open to you" Lowering his head knowing this is a really touchy subject

    "You really DID talk to him..." Looking at him with a wanting look "Please tell me what he said"

    "You can ask him yourself, if you have the time some day to train in the Force. You have the SAME power he does."

    "You talk as if he is not dead." Leia is sobbing and Han is putting his arm around her

    "He's not to me, and not just because I have spoken to his presence. Because what he was and what he did and the things he started live on in others all across the galaxy and he is survived by you and lives on in you as well. However, I will tell you. He told me to take care of you, to protect you. However, Han is here and he's probably much better than me for that task. I am a constant reminder of Endor..." Corwin looks at the floor shuffling his feet, it was a really nasty habit he had when he was feeling guilty about reminding Leia of Lukes death

    "Cut it out, General!" Leia yells "I'm not mad at you! It's just hard. But you're right, and maybe one of these days I will have some time to train. Now tell me what else he said."

    "Ehm..." Clearing his throat "He told me to find R2, because R2 knew the locations of hundreds of places pertaining to the Jedi and about his training and more. R2 is really REALLY old and has never been memory wiped. He told me that R2 worked for your mother than then for your father..."Almost choking on that last part "before he turned to the dark side" "I haven't been able to locate him yet. Luke told me you were the priority though." "he said that Ben Kenobi knew about you and took you to the Organna family on Alderaan and Yoda knew of yoru existence as well. Two Jedi Masters of old knew you would have the potential to be trained equal to Luke's ability and perhaps even beyond his mastery. He told me he has faith in you, and to tell you to trust your instincts." Corwin pauses, then lookis at her seriously "You have already been picking up the abilities naturally as need or random thought triggered them. Sensing me on my way here is more than proof of that reality. When you are ready I will have a place for you to train, I would recommend against the jedi Academy..."

    'So, you have you're own?" Leia surmises

    "I have some friends that are taking their time, staying well hidden and making certian they will be quite ready for the burdens they will carry and the responsibilities they will be tasked with when they are truly prepared to show themselves. Sylar Topper is my student and he has done very well, Liberating the Corellian Sector was all his doing, I was able to take a back seat for once. He's in danger, or was. I sense him still, but do nto pry because I trust him and his skills and resoursfulness. I wanted to bring that here to confirm something for myself. Luke knew who I was and has know who I was, even personally. I met a specter in a place on Dagobah that fought me, looked like Luke and was dressed in a light tan military cargos and shirt, with Blaster and that Lightsaber. He looked Younger, with blonder hair..."

    "that is impossible, you just described Luke at Bespin." Leia says

    "Leia, noting is impossible. Because I have that saber, found on a world that had nothing to do with Bespin. Now I can no longer reach Luke through the force, it's like he's being blocked... AND when I thought I found the connection, the presence on the other end tried to kill me..." Corwin reveals the disturbing information

    "Luke would NEVER do that... I don't know..." Leia is startled and sits down almost as if exausted

    "Look I'm just here to confirm the nature of the Saber. Please Keep it, I think Luke knew I would go to you with it. You will need it, one of these days. I already confirmed a suspicion in my mind, too early to say and I'm not one to openly speculate.." Leia cuts him off

    "No, Amber, you ARE going to speculate because we are your friends... You don't need to shield me any longer."

    "Okay, the only way Luke could be alive and if it is related to that saber, or if that is merely a reconstruction of the same saber he used and its merely some sort of symbol Luke Manifested to warn me... That means someone might have Luke's arm, like the Old Emperor may have recovered it. the guy acting as the Emperor must have found it and could have cloned Luke, twisting him by accelerating the process which would have driven the Clone insane, because without time to mature, say about 18 years, clones go crazy... That might have disturbed the balance of the flow of the force and is blocking me from Luke because I only know how to find the strongest presence that is Luke and cannot differentiate between his spirit and the Clone because the Clone's spirit is masking the real one... ****, my theory is confusing even to me... And I have a decent understanding of Old technology, Clones, the clone wars and the force...."

    "Okay, I got all of what you said, I hope you are wrong."

    "So do I, so do I..."


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    "An Empire, not of the Empire..."

    "Then you should go, Corwin, find your student and find out what's going on. Do this for me, okay?" Leia Pleads with him

    "I was going to do it anyway, but you make the top of my request list and I'll report directly to you when I know what's up."

    A messenger arrives at the door, Han answers "Excuse me Capitan Solo, but Princess Leia is being summoned. Excellent! General Amber, you have been requested as the foremost New Republic Negotiator to be present as well. It was not requested by Borsk, but by Prince Isolder at the behest of the Ta'Chume of the Hapes consortium."

    "See, Princess, I never have a chance to do what is necessary... I am bound by tradition and responsibility the same as you. Messenger, tell them I will be along as well, I'll fly escort for the Falcon. If that's okay with you Capitan Solo?" Corwin switches to protocol in front of the messenger

    "Yes, it will be good to have you on my wing General" Solo, Leia and Amber depart from the room and Rendilli to the meeting "grounds"


    It is rare to see a uniform fighting force, yet here one was. Hapan Battle Dragons, Hapes Nova Cruisers and the Ta'Chume's Star Home all flanked by hundreds of Hapan fighters. It was a majestic sight and awesome spectacle, Corwin's mind was racing. Even if they had a technological disadvantage on their turbolasers, their ships were formidable. He recalled a briefing Cracken gave on their forces, also remembering it was a Matriarichal Society. A prince for a princess, Corwin thought. That could explain the interest in Leia. But she was with Han and he doubted that there would be any break there between them. An alliance with them would be more than enough to greatly speed the freedom and liberation of hundreds of oppressed systems, could this be an opportunity?

    GX at the comm station "Corwin, there's a priority message for you from New Republic command." Corwin looks over "Pull uit up on the holo reciever"

    The image of Borsk Fey'alya materializes "General Amber, you're late, I need you on your command."

    "Pardon me, but I don't recall being assigned a command..." Borsk's fur bristkles at the veiled insult of not addressing his title

    "General, you command has been awaiting you, you will recognise the MC80 from your "failed" Bakura campaign." The words stung Corwin, more so because of all the valiant people who died under his command when an Imperial FLEET arrived and lit the starbord side of the MC80 ablaze while taking fire from a Super Star Destroyer...

    "As I recall, the Bakurans JOINED the New Republic because of THAT mission and our extension of aid in their time of need, so that mission was a SUCCESS, albeit it took a couple months for the Bakurans to come around." Corwin pokes him in the ribs with that one Borsk's fur bristling ever more

    "Details... Fine, I consent your point General. Will you deny me your presence aboard her?" Borsk extending a bit more grateful

    "Of course, Chief of State Fey'alya, I shall assume my command post momentarily. Am I to assume that I will retain command of the vessel after the negotiations are concluded?" Corwin asks, an MC80 is a piece of junk in his book but she did have guns, was fast and had a fighter compliment

    "She is your command, General, I should hope so." Borsk replies

    Thinking to himself "The foolish, never understand the depth of what I intend to do... With such a vessel, I will indeed come to the bottom of things I am pursuing." Then to Borsk "Chief of State, I will meet you in my ready room with Princess Leia and Capitan Solo. I need a couple minutes to dress appropriately for the occasion."

    "Granted, General, don't keep me waiting." Borsk states and Corwin answers immediately "No, my friend, I will be prompt in assuming my posting and efficient as always in the negotiations. Furthermore, I will extend the New Republic's banner to other realms at the conclusion of this meeting, all for your glory and the Expansion of the New Republic." Borsk completely misses the fact that Corwin intends to gather as many assets as he can and jump out to aid Sylar Topper and get some answers.

    "I will assign a series of picket vessels to your command General Amber, for the protection of our political group." and Corwin thinks, "And I will take that small fleet to further the New Republic's aims by PROACTIVELY, for ONCE, seeking out the enemy." Instead he says "Thank you, Chief of State, you are most Gracious."

    Thinking to himself again, "perhaps, I can link up with Admiral Axxaro somewhere on the way to my destination. I could really use his support..." Borsk had a BAD habit of underestimating Corwin, thinking again that by assigning him a fleet would steal his thunder... However, in this instance Borsk was HELPING (albeit unknowingly) Corwin "Bring the Rain", there would be an engagement somewhere along the way and it would not be two people being married, more like Imperial Hardware getting kissed by Turbolaser fire...

    Looking over to GX who had piped the transmission in to the falcon "Thanks, GX, great thinking. You guys get all of that?"

    "Yeah, we did. You sure you waht that command again Corwin?" Solo Asks

    "Yes, I asked for his permission to "extend the banner of the New Republic's influence" after the negotiations are over. Since he never speaks in absolutes and never defines truly his intent, I felt I might be able to do the same."

    "You're a quick learner Corwin, I am impressed, perhaps after this is concluded the Falcon can accompany your little folotilla in search of answers?" Leia asks

    "You will be quite welcome, I would appreciate your insights" Corwin says graciously

    "Well, don't keep Borsk waiting, Mon Mothma is here too. Get changed and we'll meet you in your ready room." Leia says

    "I'll see you there in 10" Corwin responds



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    A couple months ago (in this story thread's time line)

    "There's Only One Way..."

    Tengi, Corwin, Ghost and Skeith have pulled away from Dathomir and are currently hiding in the structural supports of one of the Yard facilities. They're using personal encrypted comms on a short range point to point frequency to evade detection.

    Ghost "Look I know you're a jedi and all, but how do you really know they'll be at the point in space you told them to be at?"

    Tengi is just sitting in his ****pit shaking his head

    Skeith is doing much of the same, Corwin had never been wrong before in matters of life and death.

    "Well, how about this. We all jump out and you stay here and find another way out. Oh yeah, that's right... We came here to save you. So, we are going to jump to the coordinates I fed you and so are you and we'll all get picked up. End of story." Corwin says very matter of fact

    Ghost "I don't buy it, there must be some other way."

    Corwin "Okay, I'm going to sleep. Turning my comms off to conserve power. I'll call you in the morning" And he goes to sleep, Tengi follows suit and Skeith is too sharp to allow the comm chatter to continue.

    Ghost is furious

    the next day

    "It's you're damned fault you picked an interceptor. They have poodu consumables to begin with. Nobody wanted the bulky looking TIE but me... However, I have a confession to make. A gal who flies with Wraith Squadron has one. Lousy hyperdrive, great consumables... She had a commander's ship with a great hyperdrive, but that's not the point. Time's a wasting. Tengi, Skeith and You have one day of air left. We're leaving in two hours before we miss the window of opportunity, the Imperials are breaking up and already dumping their trash. It's time to go." Corwin says with finality

    "Well, I'm keeping the TIE. It's mine." Ghost states

    "So, that's what this was all about... You ass. Tengi, Skeith, lets get moving." Corwin is less than pleased "Skeith and Ghost can keep their fighters, I don't care and never said you had to give them up. Tengi offered, Skeith will make a decision eventually as he always does... Ghost, you're just a jerk." Corwin is shaking his head

    On the way out they might have been challenged a couple times, but Corwin "TOLD" the vessels they were supposed to be there on the way out.

    The group Jumped together, Corwin showing up a couple hours later due to the nature of his class four hyperdrive. "Now, we wait" Corwin commed

    "Yeah, they're not here. You were wrong." Ghost says 'We will die in less than 25 hours."

    Corwin ignores him twenty five hours later Ghost is *****ing again "I am on internal oxygen, I'm going to die"

    "Oh well, if that is your destiny then so be it." Cutting the comm, Corwin can sense the relief ships. The Two IPV's are en route, about another Hour... Cutting it close and if Ghost keeps *****ing he really will run out of Oxygen...

    Onboard one of the IPV's "You guys can keep Tengi's TIE and mine, not so sure about Skeith and Ghost" Corwin says

    Mike Vantor "Ghost was unconcious, his oxygen levels dangerously low. Yet Skeith still had at least 45 minutes of fresh air left, they had the same air supplies... Is Ghost's defective?" he asks with concern

    "No, the lack of patience in him is what is defective. That one worries me, especially since he asked me to train him as a Jedi... I never acknowledged his request. That was some time ago... if he has the potential to be a Jedi, may the Force help us all..." Corwin remarks

    With the rescue effected the parties go their separate ways


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    "Some Fleet... Where's the Refresher? I Think I'm Going to be Sick..."

    Part Two, of the Hapan Negotiations Borsk, Mon Mothma, Princess Leia, Han Solo, General Cracken and General Amber meet to discuss preliminary strategy prior to the formal negotiations commencement.

    "Most of you know that the Hapan society is based around a matriarchal society. Men in this society are given little regard other than breeding material and warriors. The majority of their officers are women and while men do hold some of the more prominent places in society, they are relegated to some level of subservience regardless. The society itself is a conglomerate of several merchant caste "families" bound together to form the Hapes Consortium. They were left largely untouched during the height of the Empire. Either the Emperor saw them as no real threat, or he did not want to waste the resources to target and subdue them. They have formidable military assets, and while some of their Turbolaser technology is archaic, they still possess modern snubfighters. Incom has extensive dealings with them, selling them their primary drive arrays for the Mi'Tyil fighters. Somewhat like an X-wing, more maneuverable, smaller and just not as tough. Hapan Battle dragons are deadly warships that could go toe to toe with an Imperial Star Destroyer, they use a rotational ring system that allows their Turbolasers to "equal" standard rates of fire. The weapons themselves are equivalent to Heavy Turbolasers. They CANNOT target snubfighters effectively and thus vomit walls of fire to face waves of fighter craft. The Hapes Nova Cruisers are decent vessels with limited range. Think a Nebulon B on steroids, with the same heavy weapon fire frequency limitations, however they carry at least one squadron of fighters as well. Little is know of the Star Home and their ground assets. Commanders all carry a "Hapan Gun of Command" which will force individuals to do their bidding by stripping away mental resistance temporarily. It's actually supposed to be quite painful." Cracken comments

    'Well, at least someone in the galaxy has it right, women in leadership positions" Leia says jokingly

    "Ah, yes, very funny Princess. Perhaps, you have not realized the full import of their arrival." Borsk glares at her , his fur rippling

    "This mission is of dire import to our fledgling New republic" Senator Mon Mothma states

    "What they are both trying to tell you, Princess Leia, is that it is likely that Prince Isolder is looking for a Wife. The Ta'Chume of the Hapes consortium most likely finds some benefit and strenght in targeting the most prominent of royalty in the New Republic, as they have no love for the Empire. Unfortunately, you are already married to Capitan Solo... So, the Ta'Chume will most likely enlist your aid in selecting "candidates" for Isolder or perhaps even suggest that you get a divorce..." Corwin defines, the last part he adds in jokingly

    "Hey! Listen here, that choice is up to the Princess... What the hell am I saying! Wait... You just made a joke. That's the first time you have been anything but serious, finally, a step in the right direction for you. You really need to lighten up bud." Solo announces

    "Yes, I concur, she will most likely enlist your aid." Mothma interjects, ignoring Solo Completely

    "You need to do this, we could use their forces to take Coruscant." Borsk states again thinking only of the "Jewel" if galactic Politics

    Nodding to Cracken, Corwin begins "Coruscant will come in time, throwing forces and Hapan assets at the Imperial Stronghold will only end in a bloodbath that you of all people, Chief of State, do NOT want to bear witness to. Even with their forces, the assault at this point would likely break the New Republic. We need to focus on taking them apart one sector at a time, liberating worlds that want that level of liberation and will be an immediate benefit to our cause. It sounds less noble when I put it that way, but it's the truth. We need more firepower, assets and beings behind us before we make a monumental push like Coruscant. Let what I witnessed at Brentaal be a reminder, they had signifigant assets at the gateway to the core, including Vader's old command. It could well, still, be there now." Borsk's fur ruffles a bit, but otherwise he says nothing

    "Besides, if you wanted a show of our strength... This is the wrong flagship and the wrong fleet to accomplish that task. I am assuming this is all we had available to meet them... Am I correct? The MC80 is repaired, but the signs of battle are still evident inside, you must have pulled her out of the shipyard before thy even had time to paint her..." Corwin pauses for effect then continues "the MC60's flanking us are not line vessel quality, at least not to my reckoning. The two MC40's are even worse. Then you have us formed up with seven Corellian Corvettes as picket vessels, how many of those have anti starfighter guns? The roster only says two... This fleet is almost laudable, and from the manifest these ships were pulled from refit and anti pirate duty. Nothing here could stand against the Hapan fleet." Again pausing "Our show of force, while commendable in uniformity is appalling for this meeting. They are likely to laugh at us. The weapons on our cruisers are pop guns. I also noticed we're fielding a majority of Mark IV headhunters. All the other line vessels, including Assault Frigates are out on the line... Where they should be... But..." Corwin Sighs "if we wanted to show the Hapans we were strong, we already failed in that regard." Corwin finishes

    "No, your assessment of the situation is correct General Amber. These ships are all we could spare for a last minute meeting. The fleet is your's, and you will be expected to take Prince Isolder on a cruise. You are here at their request, and in a lesser sense, my own request. I know full well that you are, perhaps, the only line commander that can use these craft effectively and I am betting on the fact that they know this as well. They don't have a commander of your caliber. They are, in fact, according to general Cracken, untested warriors. Any attack by them here today would likely result in a routing of their forces. What would you do if they attacked?" Borsk questions

    "I would ram the MC warship line into the middle of their formation, bringing the Corvettes in behind us. With the two anti starfighter corvettes in between our formation. That way their fighter formation would pass over our warships and get picked apart a bit, without killing those vessels. They would concentrate on the MC class vessels which would be a mistake, because of their layered shielding. Once in their formation, I would launch all the fighters, having them swarm and torpedo all targets of opportunity on one pass, then engage the fighters. The chaos would allow the other five corvettes to slip around the formation and engage one ship at a time, all five of them, coordinating fire patterns on outlying ships until we had decimated their escorts. Meanwhile I would press the Starhome with boarding parties, pulling fighters only for the initial escort in. Once the Starhome was fully engaged and boarded, they would have other matters to deal with. The imminent threat of capture of their leadership. We would take heavy losses, and it's not my style or desire to throw lives away. However, they know me as a cautious commander and we would either shatter their defenses, force a stalemate or die trying." Corwin says off the top of his head

    'I don't like the last part..." Borsk says before getting cut off

    "that's why you're a politician and I'm a General, Chief of State, I don't mind dying so long as it's for a good damned reason. we're here for negotiation, I suggest you stick to that as our ONLY option." Corwin says

    "Well... that was quite invigorating, we have a Prince and Queen to meet. Let's not keep them waiting." Senator Mothma says

    To Be continued


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    "On the Way, but I'm taking my time getting there..."

    "Where the hell is Ackbar? Why didn't Borsk get that genius to meet with the Hapans?" Corwin asks

    ""He retired, I actually think it had something to do with him feeling rather outmoded and unwelcome, perhaps even had something to do with you... Besides, Borsk let him go after you took Rendilli." Cracken says

    "I may have a lousy opinion of the guy, but he was still a good officer. better at this political crap than I am. Borsk think's I'm a rogue element. Ackbar was controllable and followed orders. So, now we don't need their ships because we have Rendilli churningout Victory I & II's at updated specs? Their ships won't be ready for at least a year! " Corwin says

    'You should actually feel kind of special. You are commanding the task group that Borsk tried to get Ackbar to show up for. He didn't but you did. Even with your last scolding assessment of our tactical situation you gained some serious points with that furry bastard. It could be worse, just think if we had only the Bulk Crusisers Borsk was planning to show up with..." Cracken sighs

    "What!!?! Are you kidding, you had better be kidding..." Corwin shakes his head

    "No, I argued with him for a while. he placed the bulk cruisers in the holes these ships come out of, which, incidentally, were places we didn't need them anyway. After you're holovised assessment of the Mon cal starship's weapon's compliment following the rear guard action you pulled off at Bakura... Public opinion of the vessels plummeted, as did most of the people who had ever been assigned to them. Well, at least they now had a "voice" they could rally behind and they did so. There are several military circles running fourms entitled "Amber's MC Hate = Correct" or some such nonsense. But the point is, we started phasing them out around the time you split from your task force and appointed Admiral Axxaro to command the formation. He's been doing REALLY well BTW, good call on that guy. They even let him keep his Bulwark, and he's on the front line with the best hardware we have available." Cracken says with some enthusiasm at the last part

    "At least they gave the good stuff to someone who deserved it. He was a great guy, and I hated usurping his command. He made some great strides in overall leadership after I nudged him a bit. Good for him.

    Corwin and Arien are strolling down the hallways, running a bit late to the meeting in the reception area of the MC80

    "What do you think Isolder wants you here for?" Cracken asks curiously

    "I really don't know. he's a warrior, that much you have told me. But maybe out of some sort of comraderie or for support on his issues... I really am at a loss." Corwin shrugs

    "I suspect he wants to size you up. Mainly because you're competition for almost any New Republic Noblewoman. Probably wants to scrap with you over your romance with Lady Tarkin. You should marry her before he does." Cracken says stifling a chuckle

    "Noooo.... Nooooooooooooo...." Corwin laughes so hard he starts choking

    "Yeessssssssss, marrryyyy hereeeeeerrererer..." Cracken is laughing so hard that when they round the corner Corwin and him are supporting one another choking as they stumble into the reception hall, do a double take and wonder why in the hell someone moved the reception to meeting room "B"... not meeting room A... Which as they would later find out had some last minute wiring to be done in.

    "Nice way to start the party guys!" Solo laughs out then whispers to them "Now they all think you both were getting drunk...hahahahahaha"

    Yeah, great way to start a negotiation...

    To be Continued with:

    "Empire's Come And Go, But We Could Really Use Your Help..."


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    "Empire's Come And Go, But We Could Really Use Your Help..."

    Borsk and the Ta'Chume of the Hapes consortium look perturbed in Corwin and Arien's direction

    Wispering "Wonderful way to show them we are competent." Corwin remarks

    "Think of it this way, if they see us like this they know we have no fear of their forces." Cracken whispers back

    Both men stand up and straighten out their uniforms, Solo moves away to Grumble with Chewbaka in a corner

    A man about six foot one in height walks up to Corwin sizing him up. He's rippling with muscle and looks dashing enough. Corwin, playing the game, smiles and smirks. Then watches his movements carefully. Cracken moves off to be "interrogated" by one of the Ta'Chume's beautiful military commanders, at which Corwin wonders... "Why is it never me that gets to do that? All I get is an over sized prince prancing around me looking for a weakness..."

    "Prince Isolder, I presume." Corwin states

    "Yes, Lord Corwin Amber, you're reputation precedes you. Though, according to all the legends I expected someone a kilometer tall..." Interjecting some humor

    Laughing a bit and easing up "No, you have a good two inches on me Prince. Some of the tales are true and the rest are Imperial spun propaganda to make me appear as if I am a terrorist." Corwin remarks "Though, I highly doubt I'm the one you have anything to worry about from."

    "Why, pray tell, is that? You are nobility are you not? Holding a lordship title in Mecetti Space, as well as, the status of a Knight in Cadriaan territories. You are also an esteemed General of the New Republic, formidable Negotiator, Jedi Master, and personally destroyed the Second Death Star... I would certainly say that might give a couple people pause. I hadn't even gotten to the fact that you openly defied the Emperor on numerous occasions, sent out a Holovised broadcast that, incidentally, reached Hapan space before it was censored... And you are still alive. Everyone, it seems has tried to kill you at one point or another and yet you are here. Furthermore, there is a rumor that Boba Fett owes you his life."

    "All of that is true, though I have some level of disdain for the Jedi Master title. I feel that the Council gives it out all too frequently. " Corwin shrugs

    "Yes, I see your point after their recent decimation by Jerek a Dark Jedi. However, you are the foremost expert on the Force and that should make you a master in and of itself." Isolder counters

    "Hardly, prince, you might want to speak with Master Raltir if you are looking for someone who revels in the title. I was dubbed a master by that same council, yet there is so much to learn and Masters of old had so very much more experience." pausing "Again, I tell you I am not your primary adversary." Corwin says with a bit of amusement

    "Then who is?" Isolder asks curiously

    "You have no opposition here. Your title alone mandates that. The primary candidate you might seek would likely be Lady Ravosh Tarkin..." Corwin Grimaces a bit at the prospect of Isolder being "Forced" to marry her.

    'So, you have indeed gleaned the nature of our visit. Are we that transparent? Where is she by the way?" Isolder questions

    "No, but it seemed a logical conclusion for your emergence from Hapan Space. However I would be pleased to spend time with you on any matter that requires assistance. Not to mention that I am to take you on a tour of some of our operations. As for Lady Tarkin... She was last seen being escorted by Lieutenant Starkiller. Her whereabouts are currently unknown. I think she was on her way to an Old Republic Depot world to meet some friends or something." Corwin says

    "Yes, about that, my mother requests that you bring a Hapan Battle Dragon and two Nova cruisers with you. What a shame that Lady Tarkin cannot be found. I have heard of her beauty." Isolder says

    "Good, so long as you don't mind seeing some action against the Empire. Yes, she is quite beautiful and perhaps the most haughty and arrogant woman I have ever met. I would rather see you marry Yassane Isard the coordinator of intelligence on Coruscant..." Corwin states rather bluntly

    "You expect a confrontation with the Empire?" Isolder asks curiously, then "Really, so the rumors are indeed true about the falling out between the two of you."

    "Yes, I may even force the issue on the Empire. We would happily accept your vessels." Corwin says "Ravosh is a peculiar woman with extreme tastes. She is no bride for a Warrior. It is something she does not understand, when you are weighing the lives of thousands in every action you make. Not to mention, she has no patience for a Warrior that acts immediately on intelligence information."

    "Of course, we would be there in a Observer capacity. However, in light of the desire to solidify relations between us I see no reason why we would not do our part to cement a formidable union." Isolder interjects "You could be lying to conceal the truth of this woman from me."

    "Prince, know that I would never willingly place your vessels in harm's way. The problem is that danger has a habit of following me, I was hoping that this time I would be able to gather more intelligence than actual combat time. If you haven't already noticed, we don't have a lot of punch assembled here. Let me level with you, we weren't prepared for your arrival and all of our formidable assets are already on the front line. The MC Series vessels are being phased out and relegated to less prestigious roles." Corwin illustrates, then switches back to the courtship topic as he had been doing "Prince, I have no desire whatsoever to wed Lady Tarkin. Upon pain of death, I swear to you I am not an adversary in regard to her had in marriage." Corwin says solemnly and honestly "If she makes you happy, then so be it. However, if you are anything like what General Cracken has described you as from our intelligence directorate... She is simply not an option for you. You get to choose? Or does your mother choose for you?" Corwin asks at last

    "I know, I saw your broadcast after the Bakuran incident. Our intelligence arm was able to get the raw footage of the battle. It is a miracle you were able to withdraw from that mess at all. Yet another testament to your formidable reputation." Isolder adds reassuringly, switching topics and intermingling the military and "romance quest" again "Well, your word when given is law. That much I know of you. You always honor your words and yes, I am allowed to choose my bride."

    "Yes, my reputation... It is unfortunate that as my reputation grows, thousands die in the name of freedom and the cause of ridding the galaxy of the Empire." Corwin says with some sadness

    "I see your point, I've heard that you do not well accept loss of life in your forces. It is an admirable quality that some would say is a weakness, due to your holding back in engagements."

    "Now, that's where they're all wrong. I WILL do what is necessary, ONLY if there is no other way. I will likely suprise an adversary one of these days when I engage fuly from the very beginning." Corwin states with no reluctance "I understand that I will loose people in the pursuit of these ideals and goals. Unnecessary loss of life, however, is unacceptable to me."

    Corwin looks over to Leia and then to Han Solo top see how they are doing. Solo looked bored and Leia looked engaged with the Ta'Chyume

    "So, who then? Do you suggest I marry." Isolder asks bluntly

    "I have come to respect you, as a man, rather than mere nobility. Anyone can act and be noble, but not just anyone can be themselves and a man. You seem personable and reasonable. Perhaps, the Ta'Chume will not wish to pursue the union with Tarkin after learning the truth. But then again, she may revel in the fact that Tarkin projects herself well. The only problem being that Tarkin will change the Hapes Consortium into HER realm... It will end up looking a lot more like an Imperial Court of old. You could pursue a bride from Tapani, however, no ONE family truly holds sway over the other. IN some cases it seems that way, but there is no OVERLORD of that realm. That's what you would seek. I can find you a bride from Pelagia, but your mother would likely reject the notion because of their diminished House. HOWEVER, I can certainly see a benefit in you wedding someone from House Cadriaan. Not because it is the affiliation I come from, but because House Cadriaan is a Trade/Merchant based House. We have the largest fleet in the sector, more trade vessels than warships but we do have them as well. We are also one of the wealthiest areas of space in the entire galaxy, hold sway over many of the houses because we are the Trade House and have heavy alliances with Pelagia as well. Cadriaan is as close a match as you could imagine to find in the known galaxy, to your own mercantile disposition in the Hapes Consortium."

    "This is a point that I never considered, and I am gracious for your in depth explanation of it. Do you have a list of potential brides?" Isolder asks intrigued

    "Honestly, you could marry one of my sisters. We are a reknowned noble house, however, we need some work to re-establish our hold on the Amber Ale Fizzy Glug business after the Empire almost destroyed my family. I have a couple other Ladies from court higher on the list if you are interested, however, I would like to see you marry the one that will love you not love WHO you are. I know two. One is a sister to me and the other is a bit up on the list. We can discuss all of this on the way, during our tour of the galaxy." Corwin says kindly

    "Excellent, I do indeed believe that I can "sell" this to my mother. I, truthfully, prefer the thought of wedding one of your sisters. While she may not be as high on the list of priority as, say, a Lady of the court of House Cadriaan proper... The union would strengthen your family, gain us a large stake in the largest Fizzy Glug buisness in the galaxy and most certainly instigate a rise of your family in the Hierarchy of Cadriaan. IN addition, you and I would be brothers-in-law. Which to my mother would be BETTER, perhaps, than me marrying Lady Ravosh Tarkin. You see, we would have the most prominent General in the history of the New Republic in the family, who is also a Jedi Master, who is also a man who single handedly freed worlds like Sullust and more, who has political clout unmatched, who is a friend to Garm Bel Iblis of the Corellian sector and friend to Rendilli Strardrive, who can in turn both provide us with the updated Turbolaser Technology we require to modernize our vessels." Isolder muses

    "Wow, that was a mouthfull... However, Prince Isolder, you just stated EXACTLY what I was thinking as well as what I can promise. I see no reason why you should be held in the dark as far as your warships are concerned. The Galaxy is a dangerous place, we all need to be prepared for whatever is thrown our way." Corwin says as the two of them clasp hands and shake firmly

    "When do we leave, for this tour of the Hot Spots in the Galaxy?" Isolder asks "I might be able to bring another ship or two."

    "Anything you can spare would be GREATLY appreciated. We leave as soon as Borsk is done "fluffing" himself up in front of your mother." Corwin says and Isolder stifles a chuckle

    Later the proceedings conclude and Corwin, Isolder, Han, Chewie & Leia (Flanked by their respective droids 3CP0, R5D20, Jeeves, GX, etc.) embark on their trip to first tour some wonders of New Republic Space, eventually coming to find Sylar Topper and get to the bottom of the troubling images Corwin had witnessed and felt. Fortified by an additional two Hapes Nova cruisers, and an OLD fleet tender the task force moves off into the unknown.


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    "Closing Arguments"

    "Uh, General Amber! General Amber!" A representative of New Republic Engineering corporation yells above the din of the departing entourage

    Corwin pauses and turns "Yes, how can I help you?"

    "My name is Renner Ignos, I am chief engineer and liaison for New Republic Engineering. I have a proposition for you."

    "I'm all ears. But only have a couple minutes." Corwin says

    "Yes, I was wondering if we could speak privately. Just for a moment?" Renner asks

    "Certainly" The two move to Section A that is still under construction "What is this all about?"

    "We noticed that you have a vested interest in Rendilli, Freitek and Seinar Fleet Systems. We have an introductory package to our company for you."

    "I will graciously accept your offer after you tell me what I stand to gain and what the cost of this "generosity" is." Corwin says bluntly

    Caught a bit off guard at his immediate acceptance and then questioning Renner stumbles with words then solidifies his argument "We are offering you 1,000 shares in our company. It is currently valued at 100 credits a share. That will, actually, put you on the roster as a stock holding board member." Renner says

    "Okay, I'm on board. So, what do I have to do then?"

    "We would hope that you will spread good publicity for the fighters that you will be taking with you on your cruise." He says boldly

    "Really, how many fighters?" Corwin Asks

    "Actually, we have enough to fully stock your bays on the MC80. You will recieve 52 Republic Defenders." Counting off as he runs the figures "They are two man fighters, so you will need to pull extra crew for them."

    "I would have to displace the 36 Headhunter Mark IV's on board... A last minute requisition will be a bit tough as well." Corwin says "How am I going to carry almost 50% more fighter's anyway?" Questioning Renner

    "Each Republic Defender is only 8 Meters long and we will provide all necessary spare parts. We REALLY need this and we know you can get Borsk to release the necessary people, or at least get General Cracken to consent to the release." Renner says quickly

    "Okay, I'll give it a shot. How good are these ships? Two man vessels sounds counter cost effective." Corwin Remarks

    "Once you see them in action you will think otherwise. Also, they are inexpensive vessels we would like to see the New Republic field on all her ships." Renner states boldly once more

    "So, let me get this straight. All I have to do is give you good press? I will only do so if they perform admirably, because the AF4's are proven combat vessels with missiles." Corwin says

    "We would have it no other way and you will have more fighters to field as well." Renner states

    "Let me see the specs." Corwin asks, takes the datapad from Renner and then immediately states "Double the stock Option and I will field them on the MC40's as well, leaving the MC60's with the AF4's as bombers."

    Renner considers "I was told you might bargain up, yes, that is acceptable. We do indeed have enough fighters for all your ships and you will gain a considerable amount more punch, in the number of 50% more fighters per ship. You get the crew and we can have the fighters meet you at your first stop. We will double the stock option and you will be on the executive board, with decision making capabilities. This is a rare honor and I am certain you are the right person for the Job." Renner says

    "If these craft are anywhere near as good as your specs state they are, I will be happy to have them."


    "Arien, I need a lot more pilots and secondary operators for some fighters from..." Cracken cuts him off

    "I would have made them make me the Chairman of their owners board but 2,000 shares is still good. However, money and investment aside. The fighters ARE good, better than the antiquated hardware you were going to field. I have the crews en-route. The one thing we are not in short supply of is pilots. You may recognise many of them as they have all attended your seminars on Tactics, most of them are Rooks but you will have a good mix of squad leaders who are transferring into your flotilla. You will recognize that girl, the Ace pilot, is at the top of the list." Cracken says with amusement

    "Good, I like her, she has a good head on her shoulders and she was the only person who bought me a drink that day. She came around well after we had a long talk." Corwin says

    "I know. She will be an excellent CAG. Now, I will have to go deal with the ramifications of this and Borsk later. But that is my job. Good luck against the Empire, don't get Isolder killed." Cracken says

    Unsuprised that he already knew "I won't, we may have a bright future together." Corwin smiles at Arien

    "What? You are going to marry him?" Hoping that was not the truth

    "NO! Something much better. I'll tell you later. Thanks for the help."

    Cracken to himself out loud as he walks away "I already know they will "sell" themselves. Now... I have to process the fund request with Borsk...ehhh... How many fighters...?...52 on the MC80, MC40's will carry 18 each... No, was it 32? Dammit I lost count, this will cost a fair sum but it is well worth it..." His voie trails off, and Corwin smiles knowing he is in his element. Borsk may complain a bit, but the other AF4's will likely go to the best places and many will reach the front lines almost immediately.


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    "I've gotta do something... Or He Dies..."

    A double exposion, the sound barrier breaks violently twice, as Ace hurls through the atmosphere after the images he recently witnessed. Sylar Topper's fighter was spiralling out of control, careening on fire into the atmosphere. Just moments ago, he recieved a comm from Sylar. It was all broken up and full of static, but it came on the same frequency that Order 67 used so Ace knew he had been heard.

    "Primary ...ssshhhhss... ive fai..ure... C.n.t H.ld.. Her... Ace.. Ne.d Pickup... Coordinates... 47..32..21... R6 is gone... flying manual stick... Watch for TIEs." Sylar's message racing through his mind, sounded like he was wounded.

    As Ace got closer he saw some fire coming from the canopy, at the last minute Topper ejects. A pair of TIE interceptors are in pursuit.

    "I've done this before, but never against Interceptors..." Ace mumbles to himself

    Swinging the "Devil's Cross" around Ace moves to intercept the TIEs head on. Lining up for the shots, Ace quickly throws off the safeties for his Medium Blaster Cannon. Targeting the ****pit's of the two fighters he begins his run. Again, as it has ever been, the TIE pilots completely ignore his approaching craft.

    "Never underestimate the firepower of a good airspeeder, idiots..." Ace slams the throttles forward and hammers his firing stud tracking fire across the first Interceptor and then then second. His focus was perfect, his aim unerring, and the repeated blasts rip through both ****pits chewing the TIE pilots into pieces. Both TIE craft spin out of control away from their intended target. It seems that after Skywalker blew Topepr from the sky, he sent his own lackey's to take care of the rest of the job. It was only a matter of time, Ace knew with certainty, before Skywalker figured out what had happened. So, he had better make the most of the time he had.

    Sylar was on the ground unconcious, as Ace touched down very close to him. He stirred a bit, choking, but that was all. Ace medpacked him, instantly reviving him enough to have some "aided locomotion" as he dragged, half carried Topper into his modified T-16. Good thing Ravosh had insested that he install the secondary passenger modification. It had been a gift that had paid off with her and now it was paying for itself once more.

    "Get R6... He's..." Topper croaked out

    "Great, just when I thought it couldn't get any better." Firing up the throttles, Ace took off after the downed Whitecloak fighter. It was half buried in the mud on the edge of a lake. R6 was in his socket, with shrapnel everywhere. It looked like Luke had hit the area near Topper's droid socket but not the droid itself. "How in the hell am I supposed to pry this... Oh, I have an idea. I hope his core logic is in his head..." Ace muters as he draws his blaster and begins methodically and quickly blowing ship debris and parts of the droid's torso housing away. His "grim" task done, Ace runs back to his T-16 with the disemodied head of R6.

    Looking to Topper who's head is lolling "Here bud" as Ace tosses the R6 Head into the last small cargo space of his T-16 "Hope his brains are in there, otherwise he's a gonner." Punching the throttle again Ace burns away, flying low to the ground. He's heading directly back to the starport.

    "Ace... He'll find us, can sense me..." Topper croaks out again

    "Then do some of your Jedi stuff and not get tracked or something. Amber did it before, I was there." Ace remarks

    "Ho..w.." Ace is fading

    "I don't know, I'm no jedi." Ace says

    "Important... not thinking clearly... how..." Topper is messed up

    "Uhh, twice he just concentrated really hard and kept doing it... Once he was lying there like he was in a coma." Ace says, mind racing

    " Now go to your ship... Trigger... slap me..." Topper says and then falls into the same coma like state that Corwin had on one occasion

    "That's really fracked up, he looks like he's dead..." Ace is pulling the "Devil's Cross" in, S-Foils already lockng into place. "P2, fire up the main converters! We need to leave with the rest of the civillian traffic... Now!"

    One of the New Republic privates assigned to his ship for the diplomatic escort of Ravosh Tarkin yells at him "Where the hell do you think you're going? We can't leave Lady Tarkin." With a very serious lookon his face

    "Well, bub, then you are certainly welcome to stay here. They gave me some rank, like what was it? OH YEAH... I'm a Lieutennant in the New Republic military, I out rank you. Not to mention this is MY damned ship. Get off or stay on, that's your call. Ravosh is safe, with her friends. Only one person besides myself really know's she's here... and he's a walking dead man..." Thinking of Brandyl

    "What the hell are you talking about!?!" Beginning to reach for his sidearm

    "Oh, now you don't. Help me dammit, I have a Jedi here and he's injured. P2! What's the damned hold up!?!" The engines finally begin to whine to life

    The private helps Ace pull topper out of the ship "That's Sylar Topper! What is he..." Ace cuts him off

    "Dosen't matter, but now you realize he's a higher priority right now. Nobody should have been able to do this to him... So, if it's this bad then we need to get him off world and find out what he knows after he's safe. Agreed?" Ace is pleading a bit more diplomatically

    "Fine, I hope you're right about this." The NR NCO says

    "So do I" Ace

    Ace's freighter lifts off, after calling in the proper protocol for exit. Ace hopes whatever Ace did will allow them passage off world. Indeed, they did lift off and were unharrassed... At least until they reached their jump point.

    "Barloz Transport you are ordered to power down and surrend..." Switching off the comm, Ace looks at the NR agent "Lets get that damned course plotted already. I'm about out of options."

    "Why are you plotting a course to Bothwai?" the NR Agent asks

    "Why not? It's the capital... technically of the New Republic. It should be well defended after the last attack on the Jedi Academy, and if that retard Borsk is there... He might want to know about the latest screwed up events. Besides, I have no idea how to find Corwin..." Ace says making the final adjustments

    The Barloz begins to rock as fire from multiple TIEs hits it at maximum range.

    "That's it! Punch it!" Space dissolves into a hyperspace corridor

    "They woud have to be insane to follow us... I heard there was a yard facility for some new Bothan ship and they already rolled off a couple of em. Not to mention, there shoudl be some good defenses there after the attack by Jerec..."


    The New Republic Fleet under command of Corwin Amber is showing Prince Isolder a bit of their galaxy

    "Our first stop is Bothwai." Corwin says

    "Really, I see, you want me to see the deadliness of the Empire first hand." Isolder muses

    "That and I to present a long overdue report, in person, to the Jedi Council. You will see their training facility, or lack there-of first hand. At least you will get to meet some of the protectors..." Corwin Pauses, almost choking "Of peace and Justice in the galaxy." "Not to mention I need to see if Raltir has felt anything strange going on. Plus, you get to see the new Bothan Assault cruisers first hand. I hear that they're just the bestest ships in this darn galaxy..." Mockingly

    Isolder chuckles

    "We have a small picket force there as well, left in aftermath of the asssault by Jerec's forces. So, you WILL see some of our front line vessels there."


    On the bridge of the Executor Super Star Destroyer

    "My Lord, the freighter escaped into hyperspace. We believe that a man named Ace Starkiller may have taken Sylar Topper out of system." The Capitan says

    "I see, and what system did they travel to?" Luke Skywalker asks

    "Our best estimate puts them on a direct course for Bothwai" The Capitan says

    "I see, then make that our course as well." Skywalker says without pause

    "My Lord... Perhaps, that is not a wise decision. They are reported to have a fleet there. I would recommend..." His voice trails off into a series of gagging and choking noises as Luke lifts him off the deck with the Force.

    "No, we will bring the fleet there. Commander! You are the Capitan now." The sickening sound of the old Capitan's neck breaking can be well heard. At that Luke drops the dead man to the deck. "It is time for Death Squadron to make its mark upon the galaxy, where better than the Bothan homeworld... Any questions?" Luke asks the new Capitan

    "No, plot the course immediately navigator. We will be on our way in ten minutes, after we pickup the two fighters that were downed on..." Luke speaks

    "Forget them, they are dead. If they are not, they will have to fend for themselves."


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    "Class One vs. Class Two"

    About a day out from Bothwai, it had been three days thus far at Class One hyperdrive speeds. It also took Topper just about this long to get back on his feet again. His Jedi healing techniques, in addition to the New Republic Medic onboard, saved his life. He was looking a helluva lot better.

    "I'm glad you were there. If you weren't..." Topper begins

    "Don't mention it, you're here and you're alive that's all that matters. I suppose you Jedi would call it fate, I just like to think of it as me being in the "Best Wrong Place and time". You should thank Ravosh Tarkin when you see her again. She's the one who dragged me there against my better judgement. Now, I saw Luke Skywalker and Lord Brandyl... What in the hell is going on?" Ace looks a bit disturbed

    "I don't know, but something very BAD is transpiring. Not to mention, I have some really, REALLY, bad news for you." Topper says gravely

    "Bad news is all I ever hear. So, I usually point my blaster's "Business End" at that bad news and turn it into "Yesterday's News", sipt it out already." Ace remarks offhand

    "Luke, or whoever he is, is behind us. I can feel him tracking us. I'm thinking they were onto us even before we jumped. You are no, unreknowned person yourself. If they placed you, they probably were onto you and figured out that you saved me." Topper says ruffling his hair

    "Yeah, I thought that might be the case. We took some fire from TIEs just before making the jump. Kinda snuck out to the Jump point and then some Imperial Genuis decided to scan the transponders on exiting vessels. Probably happened after they realized what happened to their Interceptors." Ace says proudly

    "I don't know how you did that. That was insane, taking out Interceptors with an Airspeeder..." Topper marvels

    "Aww, praise from a Jedi Knight!?! How sweet of you! I've done it before, so with a bit of luck and perhaps even the Force on my side I took out your pursuers. Anyway... There's a fleet on our heels?" Ace looks directly at Topper

    "Yeah, one Super Star Destroyer, Five Imperial Class Star Destroyers, two of them Imperial Two's... It's kinda bad. However, thanks to your class One Hyperdrive we should get there before the Super and the three Imperial One's... But a pair of Imperial Two's are about 20 minutes behind us." Topper says

    "Luke split his forces... Why, I mean I'm no great tactician or anything. However, I was around Corwin enough to pick a few things up. Not to mention, I was at the Battle of Rendilli." Ace is shaking his head

    "He's dark, and he wants a verified kill. He dosen't care about the lives of the people under his command. All he cares about are results. A pair of Imperial Two's with their elite crews and elite fighter pilots will be more than a match for almost anything they could face. Even if the Bothan's have fielded their Assault Cruisers, which I think they have two in the field, one should be rolling off the dock as we speak. That gives them three pieces of Bothan Poodu. Plus the assets there after the assault Jerec pulled off... If Admiral Axxaro is still in system, we have a chance... If not... There might be a pair of Assault Frigates, a Neb-B, and a couple Corellian Gunships. But I'm talking optimistically. The Bothan's more than likely have a fighter wing on the ground. So, give or take 72 X-Wings, plus whatever is in space, against 144 Elite Fighter Pilots." Topper shrugs again not really knowing what to expect, but his time with Corwin was evident in his answer

    "Ok, what about the Jedi Council?" Ace asks

    "Ohhh... Dammit! Ace, they want me to answer for... Oh, well, the fighter's gone now anyway. I have nothing to give them." Topper says kind of sheepishly

    "It was in VERY bad shape, but you might be able to put it back together again... Maybe, one of these days..." Ace is tryig to be optimistic

    "Anyway, Raltir and his cronies don't have much in the way of military assets. They might have somehting more after the assault Jerec hit them with. I don't know." Topper says honestly

    "What about Corwin?" Ace asks "Can't he help us?"

    "Corwin... Oh, poodu... Both Order 67 and Corwin taught me to be very self reliant... However, when I was trying to escape getting back to tell him was all I coudl think about. But coming out of all of this has had my mind racing. I need to contact him. Now." Topper says and then slips out, closing his eyes. Ace is saying something, but it's all a background murmur as Topper looks for Corwin through the Force.

    "I found him" Sylar snaps out of the trance a moment later "He's on his way, and he knew about some of this, but he trusted me to come out of it all." Topper remarks a bit distantly

    "Well, that sucks, he knew you were in danger and left you hanging..." Ace says harshly

    "No, it's not like that at all. He was not in a position of help me, he was FAR away. Now, he's a LOT closer and has a fleet of, erm... Well, what he calls junk behind him. I would have to say it improves our odds greatly, regardless." Topper remarks

    "So, you mean to say that he did you an "honor" by trusting you? You could have died." Ace says

    "You're not getting it. He basically re-enforced something he told me earlier. I need no additional training. My path is mine to walk and grow on. Not to mention, I would never have learned as much as I have if I had been restricted to stay at his side all the time. Yes, it is an honor. Because, not many other Masters would have the respect and faith in a student like he does. He respects skill and development and realizes that you have to stand on your own and know that you can yourself. I'm still, VERY, grateful you showed up." Topper says

    "Okay, well, when is he showing up?" Ace Asks

    "He's already there." Topper says, sitting down "He's putting a strategy together as we speak."


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    "Setting the Trap"

    Priority Holo Mesage, Immediate Connection
    Recipients: Rogue Legion Command, Admiral Axxaro
    Originator: General Amber, Corwin

    "Admiral Axxaro, I have a favor to ask of you." Corwin's Holo Image flickers as he speaks. Their command of Holo transmissions was limited to the very few relays they had operational. Currently, the New Republic's transmisions relied upon antiquated Trade Federation/Techno Union equipment that allowed simultaneous Ship to Ship communications.

    "General, well it's good to see you are re-enstated. I have to thank you for the command opportunity. It was an honor and has been a beneficial experience." Axxaro remarks

    "Well, we have some issues. We need you to turn around and head back to Bothwai at best possible speed. All Class One vessels are to jump ahead of the rest of your vessels and proceed here with all due haste. The recall command comes with Borsk's approval and direct request." Corwin says gravely

    "What's wrong?" Axxaro can see something

    "I was thinking you might want to take a crack at Death Squadron. They're on their way here, and if you turn around now you should arrive about two days before they do. However, I have to deal with their Vanguard. A pair of Imperial Two's are about a day out." Corwin says

    You can hear Axxaro barking orders as he leans out of the Holo booth. "We're on our way, I'm prioritizing the fastest ships first. They should reach you in less than one day. I'll be among those vessels. We'll be there to pound the Duces into atoms."

    "Good to hear, looking forward to working with you again." Corwin cuts the message " This is about to get nasty" Turning to Isolder, Han and Leia

    "Might want to get that report into Raltir now, rather than later. Maybe he'll throw in his lot with you for repelling the approaching forces." Han says

    "Yes and No. He and I have probems together. But He'll do it to get a crack at Luke" Corwin says, Leia shifts uncomfortably

    "Yes, I know Leia. We'll do what we can to figure this out and hopefully come to the bottom of all of this before Raltir does something stupid. He'll likely die if he ends up facing Luke. But if we do it together, with Sylar... Perhaps, we will be able to take him alive. The problem is that I doubt we'll ever get that far. We're going to have good forces, and we'll outnumber his ships someting like seven to one... For Once in history we'll have the upper hand in quantity. The crux of the problem is we have NO known weakness for the Super and even without the two Duces, they outnumer us in fightercraft and experience..." This is going to be an Ugly battle

    "You'll have the Falcon at your disposal" Han says

    "We'll also have the Ace fielded as well, because I'll defer to Axxaro when he arrives. I will work with him to formulate the overall strategy, however, adding my ships and fighters to his ranks working in unision w/o two commaders will benefit us greatly. I'll pull a couple gunners for this one. I wish some of my frineds from Order 67 were here..."

    "You won't need them, our new Bothan Assault Cruisers will more than make up for it." Borsk states proudly

    "I would bet three of my friends against your three new ships any day, never doubt experience, because we'll be facing elite pilots, ship crews and troops if they make it to the surface..." Corwin says

    His fur ruffling a bit "You will find the Bothans are more tenacious than you give us credit, when their backs are against the wall." Borsk states gruffly

    "Lets hope so." Corwin mumbles, looking out at what he was calling is "staging area" Placing vessels here and there in his mind. Luke was no tactician, lets hope that was true of whomever he was facing in the coming days.


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    Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:36 pm Post subject:


    "Looking into the Present and Getting More Than I Bargained For"

    After receiving the disturbing information from Sylar Topper, Corwin was again in his element. Constantly moving, and barking out orders. So many preparations and so little time. Admiral Axxaro's vanguard ships had arrived with the rest of his fleet on his heels. For once, Borsk was working furiously with his people. He had a surprise for Corwin and Axxaro... They were rapt in anticipation... Not! Together the two commanders bickered about where to place vessels and were calling out orders to their respective commands. They had precious few hours left to prepare for the emergence of a pair of Imperial II Star Destroyers. Prince Isolder was there, with his beautiful chief Military officer Commander Shanna Bren.

    "Commander Shanna, I don't know if its just me... But I find that tracking this Admiral Axxaro and General Amber to be quite difficult." Isolder says with some level of frustration

    "To be completely honest, Prince, I'm only catching about 50% of what's going on. Both of these commanders really know what they're doing, they know one another and are quite complementary in their actions. We don't have anyone of their caliber in Hapan Space. It's a good thing we didn't seek out the old Empire for your marital purposes... Because, one day or another, one of these men would show up knocking at our door and there would be nothing we could do to stop them, regardless, of what forces we might have to defend with." She says with a high level of respect

    "Well, good, then it is not just me. What kind of surprise do you think the Chief of State of the New Republic has planned?" Upon uttering those words Borsk and his entorage strides in

    Corwin and Axxaro pause momentarily to look up, salute, then go right back to work

    Borsk's fur ruffles a bit then he shrugs "Damned Military commanders..." Muttered under his breath "Ahem! Excuse me Admiral and General. I require you to look out your port side view port." Borsk Proudly states

    "Pausing again, the two commanders lean to their respective runners for their commands and dispatch their last set of finalized orders." Amber and Axxaro had known this would happen, so they were working "ahead" of schedule to allow for the disturbance. They both step up to Borsk and walk with his entorage to the Port side window. Just emerging from a hyperspace corridor are four Bothan Assault Ships.

    "Where there were only supposed to be two, you now have four. Their commander is Admiral Ethan Ab'Hat, one of our own." Borsk states beaming and looking unto his people's creations "That gives you five, as the one rolling off the yard facility will be completed due to accelerated production for this most momentous occasion." Borsk says, still looking unto his ships

    Amber and Axxaro look at one another, both have raised an eyebrow. Something silent passes between them, conveyed only in subtle facial language. Truth to be told they both visibly grimace and wince at the last statement of "Momentus".

    "Excuse me, Chief" Axxaro says, and Borsk hated when he was just called Chief "But we are having enough difficulty integrating our three commands" Axxaro finishes

    "You speak as if there is another military force present" Borsk states

    "Ahem. Actually, there is, and they have been very helpful. The Hapan representatives are the third command the Admiral is speaking of." Corwin says

    "Oh yes, well Ethan Ab'Hat will be here momentarily. He will be taking charge of the preparations, you will both answer to him." Borsk says, the surprise now uncoiled more like a pit viper...

    Both men restrain themselves well, but Isolder and his Commander notice the slightly visible shift in tension in the room "This could get nasty" Isolder muses

    "Yes, I concur, this could indeed be a very bad thing." Commander Shanna says

    About ten minutes later Admiral Ethan A'baht walks into the bridge of the Bulwark Cruiser with his second and runners

    "Ah, excellent, Admiral A'Baht, are you prepared to take command of this taskforce?" Borsk asks in front of all present

    "I think Corwin is about to kill that furry little menace" Solo leans over and whispers to Leia and Chewbaka, Chewie elicits a low growl

    "Excuse me Chief of State, I have no intention of ursurping command here. Only a fool would deprive General Amber and Admirakl Axxaro of their ability to lead this engagement. I am here to coordinate with them and to work in UNISON with their forces, as a peer." A'bhat says

    Corwin and Axxaro visibly relax

    "But Admiral, this is the defense of Bothwai, you should be honored to take this command." Borsk says fur ruffling

    "Yes, Chief of State, I am honored at your suggestion that I take the mantle of leadership. However, while not a novice of tactics I lack the field experience that these two gentleman have. That in and of itself, logically, removes me as the best candidate for the position. My decision is final." A'Bhat says

    Corwin leans over to Axxaro "Who the hell is Admiral A'Bhat? Have you ever heard of him?" then adding "I kind of like him, he just stood up to Borsk and saved this from becoming a cluster Frack operation."

    "I've never heard of him, but knowing Borsk, it was inevitable that he would appoint one of his own people to lead their ships. Let's just hope he knows a thing or two about warfare. I agree, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders." Axxaro replies

    The FOUR commanders get together and begin building a strategem for the defense of Bothwai, and their coordination is not as difficult as it should have been. There's a desperation among all of them, the kind that will allow any kind of allies to work together to find a way to survive. The battle ahead would be deadly and everyone present knew the terrible force they were about to face.

    Corwin breaks from them, closes his eyes to meditate and looks out across the sea of stars. There he sees Sylar and Ace in a Barloz transport and it is not being pursued... Looking farther, he sees four ships two Imperial II's and two Victory II's in the dead of space deployed in some kind of operation. He's just catching the last of it as the three jump into hyperspace again. That gives them about another day before they show up. What were they doing? Where the hell did the Victories come from?

    Again concentrating, sweat begins to bead on Corwin's brow. Looking backward in time, he sees an exchange of forces. The Imperial's dropped out of hyperspace for some reason or another and transferred crew and craft among one another. Looking back to when they jumped again, just moments ago he notices extraneous space debris... They lightened their loads to carry more forces, but which ship? Then his vision skews again drawn to a power greater than he had ever felt. Two men brush each other's conciousness, there's a bit of a struggle as Corwin who is well accustomed to "Shutting Down" his force abilities tries to sever the connection. Then in his haste to free his mind from the dark force user on the other end, Corwin shifts his perception of time to something he RARELY did, looking into the future. It freed him from the Dark being's probing but what he saw... A possible future, Bothwai in flames, the fleets decimated... he had seen enough. Enough to know where the two Vics and one of the Imperial II's would emerge from hyperspace, the other seemed blocked to him.

    That changed their tactics, at least he knew that they could take out the three ships. Where was the other going?


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    "Stepping backward, Reporting to the Jedi Council"

    Corwin is Piloting the Ace of Sabers with Prince Isolder, Princess Leia, Han Solo, GX, D20, and Jeeves onboard.

    "Corwin, this is some ship you have here. I don't see a patchwork part anywhere. There's not a bit of Juryrigging present either..." Solo remarks eliciting a low whistle

    "I took a LOT of time getting her to this point. The only thing I really miss is her manuverability. When I re-enforced her hull I lost her nimbleness. I need to acquire heavier manuvering thrusters to compensate for the shift in mass. She's still no Falcon." Corwin says

    "What? You envious of the old Falcon?" Solo asks

    "Actually, it was the legends of your ship that compelled me to match and exceed her performance envelope. I always saw down the road, and knew it would take a lot of time and careful placement." Corwin says to Han

    "Humm, okay, looks like I'm going to have to ante up my game a bit. I need to think about overhauling the Falcon anyway." Some friendly competition rolls off Solo's tongue

    "You're on! I still have some ground to cover, so you're in the lead." Corwin says smiling

    "What did you expect from the ship tha made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs?" Solo beams

    "You're ship is that fast?" Isolder asks incredulously

    "Actually, both our ships are that fast. But Capitan Solo is a FAR better navigator than I am. I would have to "cheat" and use the force to pull off a record like the one he holds. You are likely to never find a better pilot or navigator than Han Solo." Corwin fills in for Han

    "No need to fluff me up kid, but thanks!" Solo says to Corwin

    "Do you really think you will face opposition from the Council when you are there?" Leia inquires

    "Yes. They cannot kick me off the council because I was appointed to it by the New Republic. But they can make my life difficult. However, I'm here to own up to not being around. I have a lot of intel data and a confession to make to them." Corwin says shrugging at the last part

    "What? Because you trained Sylar Topper? He turned out to be a heroic commander and has done many great things since you took him under your wing." Leia says for support

    "You and I both know that they will use that one "fine" line against me. Because I didn't take an untested Jedi as my student. It is likely that they will attempt to assign me a student. Something which I cannot do at this time. I told Sylar he did not require any additional tutelage, because I did indeed teach him everything I could over the past four years. However, I want to be there to help him grow more. The growth process of a Jedi is always much easier with a "Master" around." Corwin says with two hands raised and making the "quotes" symbol with two fingers from each hand. "It's like a symbiotic relationship, you can learn on your own which is worth a galaxy in personal experience. However, training under me Sylar can achieve the same boost in growth in days that would normally take months or years. He's ready for the burden, so I extend my offer to him whenever we cross paths. He'll be better than me one of these days, that's when I'll go on an extended vacation! Besides, with everyone getting married around me perpetually I keep thinking it would be nice to settle down. I had my fair share of tragedy in my own personal life, perhaps, I'll find someone that the Empire won't succeed in killing..." Corwin actually chokes up a bit

    Leia puts her hand on his shoulder

    "I'll have to find you a warrior then" Isolder says

    "Thank you, Prince, if you find one let me know. I suppose a Jedi would be a "perfect" match, but I'll just have to take that a day at a time." Corwin says 'Oh look! We have clearance to land finally. The Jedi Apprentices will show you around the new facility as well as show you some of what Jerec did here. I have a report to deliver." Corwin says recomposing himself "Jeeves, I'll need you, R5D20 and GX. GX will relate some of what I have done, R5 will project key information and you know the rest."

    "Hang in there Pal, we'll be waiting for you when you get out." Han says

    "Thanks, see all of you later." Corwin walks off with his droid companions to the council chambers, there is an escort for him. Some new padawans.

    "Master Amber, it's an honor, please come this way." The padawans state

    Odd that they would greet him so kindly

    Later in the council chambers...

    "The presence of your droids is not necessary" Raltir argues

    "Actually, they're not my droids. I freed them all from my service long ago. They have had the ability to leave and never return if they had wanted to." Corwin say

    "So, they are rogue atomotons!?! How dare..." Corwin Cuts him off

    "No, how dare you. You are intelligent enough to identify sentience. They are life forms to me, as much as you or anyone else in this room is. They are trusted friends and will be very helpful in relating details I might miss." Corwin says strongly

    "Fine, they can stay. State your case." Raltir says with disapproval

    "You make it sound as if I am on trial. That, the trial that is, will come later. Let me begin from the top." Corwin says and launches into an in depth accounting of his activities over the last four years , the droids each add to the experience and data pads and memory chips are presented with even more detail.

    "Well, we are OVERLY satisfied." One of the Masters says "I speak for all those assembled."

    Raltir just shrugs

    "Well then, I have an admission to truth to make to you then. I took a student. Sylar Topper is my student." Corwin says

    "Yes, I know, it is as I have forseen it to be." Raltir says "That point is moot. I cannot lay question to your methods, because he has been very effective in his task of liberating whole sectors of space as well as becoming a prominent and "untouchable" Jedi, like yourself. Perhaps, you ever engineered it to be that way."

    "No, Sylar is where he is today because of his own abilities and not by any meddling on my part." Corwin says honestly

    "Yes, I know I cannot make you take a padawan against your will. Topper is your student, but he is not of the Council. Thus I am assigning you
    a retinue of Jedi that are now masterless due to Jerec's assault. They need experience, you'll provide that. You ARE a MASTER and you MUST comply with the Council on this or you are OFF IT. I have already spoken to Borsk about this matter." Raltir says

    "Politics... How disgusting to mingle them with the Jedi Order. However, I will abide by your wishes. On two conditions." Corwin remarks

    "Name the terms Amber" Raltir says impatiently

    "I retain the right to send any student I deem not worthy of my instruction back to this Academy. They will return of their own accord, learning about the galaxy and how to survive as an exercise in patience. I will keep only the best and purest of mind." Corwin says

    "Fine, I could expect no less from the Taskmaster you are. The other condition?" Raltir spits out

    "I also have the right to train them in any way and at any pace that I see fit." Corwin says on the level

    "Again, accpetable to us. Now, the Jedi you will receive are already, near the end of their Padawan stage. They have varying degrees of experience. There is another matter we need to discuss. Sylar Topper stole a starfighter from us." Raltir says

    'Yes, I know."

    There is a murmur that begins in the council chambers

    "YET YOU DID NOTHING!" Raltir yells out

    "No, I encouraged him to use the fighter in teh name of tyhe New republic as a symbol of the Light Side of the force and he was very successful in that regard. However, that too, is a moot point." Corwin finishes

    "How so? Master Amber." Raltir asks with some loss of control

    "The starfighter was destroyed by the Empire. Actually, if you want to charge the Imperials for destruction of your property you might want to do it personally. I could use your help. I'll understand if you don't want to do it, but you HAVE to. You see, you have NO CHOICE." Corwin says with a flourish signalling R5D20 to beam up the images of Death Squadron "They're on their way here, NOW. You will be expected to aid in the defense of Bothwai, Borsk asked me to come to tell you that YOUR presence is REQUIRED to come back with my retinue. See, Master Raltir, I learned a little about politics as well. I thought Borsk might want to enlist your Academy's aid since his home world will be under assault." Corwin says sadly "I do not wish to see any more of yoru valiant Jedi die here, but the coming battle will be a terrible one. The cost will be VERY high. We are going to take out the Executor when she arrives." Corwin says in a deadly tone

    Raltir merely nods and says "Alright, lets get to it. I am assuming there is something you have not told me. Does it have to be in private?" Raltir asks

    "No. All of you need to know that the force we are facing will be deadly. Though we will outnumber them, in warships and PERHAPS in starfighters. We do NOT come close to their assault forces for taking worlds. They are also, the BEST OF THE BEST that the Empire has to offer. Finally, their task force is being led by a Dark Jedi of immense power. What I mean by that, is simply that whomever it is, is they are more powerful than Master Raltir or Myself. Together, Master Raltir and I MIGHT be able to take him. But we will never get that cance, because we will be fighting on two separate fronts. There is a possibility that the Dark Jedi we will face will be a Clone of Luke Skywalker..." Corwin' sfinal admission was like the last nail in a coffin's lid

    People visibaly waver and the murmuring grows louder

    "How is that possible?" Raltir asks

    "Luke lost his arm on bespin, I think the Emperor kept it and the new guy created the clone." Corwin elaborates

    "Also, there's one more thing. It's not the time for it but I have to make it known to you. I have formed my own academy, hidden somewhere in the galaxy. I encourage all of you to TRY to find it if you can, you will never be successful. But any Jedi that I deem worthy will train there, reaching certain levels of mastery then I will have them come here to "test out" of your core competencies. Those for Knight and Master.

    "I have peered into the void to see what you were up to and NEVER have I found any indication that you were doing something of this magnitude..." Raltir is truly stunned for once

    "Actually, my academy has existed LONGER than your's. However, it took a lot longer to get things moving because it was carefully planned. I had been working on the preliminary instruction and training well before the Battle of Endor. It formally exists now, and will co-exist with your academy. Mine is for elite students ONLY. they will be accepted by INVITATION ONLY." Corwin lays it all out on the table

    "Lets get this charade over with Borsk... I hope you know what you're doing with your academy." It was the first nice thing Raltir said to Corwin in a while, the loss he took at the hands of Jerec was telling in that moment

    Corwin stops, turns and extends a hand of peace to Raltir "I hope I do too. I also need your help now friend. I'll also compensate your for the fighter, I had the funds transferred on New Republic approval. I have a squadron older Corellian fighters for you as a peace offereing. My friendship with Garm Bel Ibils allowed me to procure them. I was hoping that you could train your students other useful skills too, other than just being a Jedi... They're on they're way, but they won't get here before the battle is done and over with... Again, I need your help Friend." His arm still extended

    "A truce?" Raltir asks

    "We were never at war Raltir. Or at least I never held those feelings inside about you. I might not have approved on how your started the Jedi Academy and such, but I never held animosity for you." Corwin Says sincerely

    "It is hard to accpet" Raltir is struggling

    "No, it's not. Do or do not, there is no try. It was a saying that Jedi Master Yoda used to say." Corwin says

    "How would you know that?" Raltir asks

    "I talk to Luke's Spirit all the time, at least until the connection broke and I "found" the "other" version of him." Corwin says

    "Okay." Raltir takes Corwin's hand "I need your help keeping the Jedi alive. That is why I am forcing several students on you at once. You will keep them alive." Raltir pleads

    "In the upcoming battle, you might want to send them away. I saw a possible future. In it was so much death and devestation, the likes of which I have never witnessed in battle before..." Corwin says gravely

    "No, they must stand with you. Place them as you require them." Raltir says

    "Alright. Lets go see Borsk and get this Charade over with then, shall we?" Corwin motions to his ship

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