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    "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller


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    "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller Empty "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller

    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:50

    Here I will post my character development for my Secondary Star Wars Character. In time, he will become my primary Star Wars Character as I will be retiring Corwin. Corwin's story, overall, is almost complete. At some point in time, soon he will become a story element like the Hero/heroes he replaced. Namely, he was the spiritual replacement for Luke Skywalker but he evolved into much, much more. Ace is no replacement for any original hero, he will carve out his own destiny and his own legend one story and adventure at a time.

    (About a year later)
    Actually, reflecting back now, I never expected Ace Starkiller to become quite the major player in the game that he came to be. The character evolved from a brutally efficient gunman, to a responsible leader and... Again, yet another well developed character.

    Origins of a Gunman

    "Two Milestones, One Path"

    I like to think I’m a lot different from the masses of individuals at large in the galaxy. It’s a nice thought to ‘think’ I’m unique; however, the reality of the matter makes me one of many. What truly makes me different from the millions of beings that have suffered at the hands of the Empire, is one milestone in my life and one path of existence. The road I walk upon is a difficult one. It’s filled with danger and I’ve barely been able to eek out any form of ‘existence’ from the “profits” of my trade. But then again, when you think about it, I’m just getting started.
    Let’s get back to those Two Milestones, yes, two. I mentioned one earlier, however, two put me on this road. The first of these was some time ago, when I was barely a teenager. Our backward planet was visited by some galactic scoundrel named Gallandro. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re about to ask… he didn’t have a last name. That’s what he went by, just Gallandro. It’s probably because his parents were cruel and his name coupled with his last name probably meant something like “Flower Pie” or some such embarrassing nonsense. For all I know, Gallandro, wasn’t even his real name. However, I digress, we’re getting off topic. So, this Gallandro character is touting himself as the greatest gunfighter to have ever lived in the galaxy. As a strapping lad, I naturally wanted to see it for myself. So, I went to watch the best of our lousy world go toe to toe with this greasy haired man. I watched in awe as he drew, fired multiple times and re-homed his weapon before ANY opponent on our world could even clear their holster.

    So, naturally I started following this guy EVERYWHERE. Everyone else was pretty much scared ****less of him. I’ve always been kind of an odd cookie. Especially after plague claimed my parents and siblings in front of my eyes. Death doesn’t get to me, in fact, not much really does. When someone trys to intimidate me, I usually hit them (or I just blast them and that ends the “intimidating" dialog pretty fast). Words, are exactly what they are. They’re also USUALLY pretty hollow. It’s not that I have a death wish or anything, just that I don’t care about much. When it’s my time to go, I’ll punch the clock and lie down. So, does that make me an orphan? Yeah, it pretty much does. With no real orphanage or judicial system in place here in the lawless badlands of the outer rim, I had to bury my family and keep on living.

    So, I shadowed him. I watched his every move, I began mimicking his motions. I was carrying around a shooter (a six shot wheel gun with particle ammo) that had belonged to my father. I practiced with it every day. On the last day I was there, this guy I had been following for a week FINALLY noticed me. I was playing with my shooter, drawing and re-homing it as fast as I could. He turns to me, walks up, and says “If you can clear your holster before I get off my second shot, I’ll give you a real man’s gun, otherwise you’ll be dead.” I looked at him dead in the eyes, a gunfighter never breaks his gaze, and said “You have a deal, Mr. Gallandro, I’ll be taking that gun because I’ll clear my holster before your second shot.” But then I added “So, Mr. Gallandro, what if I clear my holster and manage ta get off a shot?” He actually stopped in his tracks, looked me dead in the eyes and said “If you can manage that, kid, I’ll give you my swoop.” Then he turned on heel and paced out a good distance. Just for the record, I used to be just as good with either hand, but I’m getting ahead of myself on that one… I’ll get to that.
    Now, mind you, I had studied this guy for days. I’m pretty damned fast and I was pretty damned fast even as a kid. I was faster than anyone on my dust ball of a world. I had noticed that he wasn’t too perceptive. So, I turned sideways so as to obscure my gun hand from his view and give me the smallest target profile for him to hit. My shooter was holstered in an angular fashion at about a 30 degree angle across the front of my right thigh. The barrel of my shooter poked out its open bottom. When he turned around he looked kinda odd at me, then began staring intently at me. “Anytime, kid, you know…” And his words froze in his mouth as a slight look of surprise crossed his face. I didn’t draw at first. I twisted the holster upward and triggered the shooter at him. With a loud, smoky, and dirty report my shot was on its way and I was drawing. Something hit my left arm, I remember smelling my flesh burning and a severe pain, though I didn’t cry out. I was so focused on pulling my shooter out of its holster that the pain was a distant annoyance. His second shot took my shooter from my hand. Then the pain returned, as I saw him re-home his weapon and approach me.

    “Kid, I’ve never seen any man on any world do what you just pulled off. The swoop is yours, as is this” he waved his attendant over and presented me with a DL-6H Blastech heavy Blaster pistol in a polished wood case, with certificate of authenticity and the production run number of 0000001. The gun was beautiful; it even had a real polished Ithorian black wood handle. He handed me the keys to his ride and left. It wasn’t until he had turned to leave that I noticed he had a pronounced limp as he walked away. There was a nice particle wound on his left thigh, where I had hit him. I found 2,000 credits on his ride, which I never touched. I figured it might come in handy some day.
    Without a real hospital present the wound I took that day did some damage to my left arm. I lost just enough sensitivity that it was never the same. In fact, the nerve damage was pretty extensive. I lost all feeling in that limb though I could use it as my, now, primary gun hand.
    About six years later the Empire decided to pay a visit to my planet. The story goes pretty much as you would expect it to. They came down and killed every man woman and child because a couple people decided to get belligerent with the Capitan of the Star Destroyer “Vengeance” that dropped by for a visit. So, since they were motoring my friends into the ground I figured it was as good a time as any to put my skills I was honing too good use. I cut down more Storm troopers in a running gun battle than most people care to believe. This is the second Milestone I am talking about here. I witnessed them kill everything I knew, including the sweet love of my life Bezzie. Some army commander was trying to rape her, and when she resisted he shot her through the head. I saw it happen from a distance and ran up, as they swung around their rifles to kill me. As with Gallandro, I turned sideways, presenting them with a slim profile and my damaged arm. I can’t tell you how many shots I took to that arm, but what I can tell you is that it wasn’t attached anymore after I killed the last trooper. I shot the commander in the face a couple times for good measure. The nice thing about blasters is that if they shoot you in the same location enough the damage will cauterize a wound…
    I took my swoop, pulled her right into the downed Lambda Shuttle the commander had come in on and cored all its occupants. Yeah, I took that shuttle right off world and never looked back. I ended up selling her for a new arm, I got a tougher one in the place of the old one. The rest of the money got me passage off that rock and helped me start my “business”. I’ve been taking contracts against the Empire ever since. I only take contracts that ask for the “final” judgment. It seems to work out better that way.

    On one occasion, I was pursuing my mark on “Gallandro” my swoop. The guy jumped into a small Orbital Shuttle and left me in the dust when I topped out around 350meters in the air… The hell with that, I traded the “Gallandro” in and the credits I had on hand for a T-16. The next time I was chasing the guy, he pulled the same nonsense. So, I pulled up in my T-16 “Devil’s Cross” and shot him out of the sky with the nice cannon I had mounted on her. I like the T-16 a helluva lot better.

    So, I followed my current mark to Boonta. Some fat assed abusive officer named Sully Green, or rather Major Sully Green. Apparently, he likes to beat up working girls. Well, I won’t stand for that. I would have done it for free, but they are willing to “pay” me for my trouble. Sounds good, it’s been four years. So, that’s where I’m at. The only other thing people tend to underestimate about me is the fact that I don’t have 25 shots in my DL-6H. Some guy on one of the info nets clued me into a mod for the gun. It took the rest of my cash to get her altered, but now she’s packing 40. It’s Just more ammo to help me motor Imperials. Happy Days! Oh yeah, my path, well that should be simple. I’m a gunman for hire, I’m a hit man with a purpose. I take exclusively Imperial contracts. I’m licensed with the New Republic, I have a license to kill in the Empire… They just don’t know it until it’s too late. Oh yeah, one more thing, I just might be the best, most accurate, and fastest gunman with a heavy in almost any system. I aim to remedy that in the coming years. One of these days, I’ll be more renowned then Gallandro ever was. I say was, because there are reports that Han Solo watched him meet his end. Gallandro walked into some sort of dirty blaster trap and was vaporized, or so the story goes. I’ll be better than him because I notice things, I pay attention to my surroundings, and I’m still alive! The legend of Ace Starkiller will make even the most experienced gunman quiver in his boots.


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    Post  LegendaryExGamer on February 2nd 2011, 06:51

    "A Disenchanted Mind"

    Ace Starkiller sits on the rail of the Balcony that now overlooks the now ruined docking bay 87. Thoughts of the gunfights of days gone by flood into his thoughts. He's holding flowers, fresh ones, or as fresh as you can find on Tatooine. They're for a girl, the one who travels with Skeith... He bought them thinking of another woman from some time ago, who's body he had left in the streets of his homeworld. It was a place he no longer remembered how to return to. Fresh tears freely flowing down his young face.

    Pain, hatred, wrath, vengance, all of these things had kept him moving forward never looking back. No time was given to mourn or seek guidance or help on what he had endured, until now. In the aftermath of the battle, one in which he had witnessed the poorly executed actions of a "Jedi Master" almost lead to disasterous results for their mission. One that was meant to liberate a world from tyranny and bring an end to the sensless violence on that world.

    Sensless violence... His path was not much more than that. He had strayed from his principals, never having given into fear there was no remorse or reflection on his actions. Nothing "HIT" him, save for the words of a young analyst formerly of the New Republic.

    Change was necessary, starting today, the path for change would begin. He had to look to an icon from the "Hero's of Yavin" to find a similar purpose. He looked to Han Solo, and identified most with him of anyone he could have heard of. Not a believer in the force, but a believer in his own skill and the only other man than himself who had drawn on Gallandro and lived to tell the tale. Solo was a good man, and someone more than Gallandro ever was... more human, more real, more compassionalte. A better mold to look to follow.

    He would still move to his former goal, but at a much more reduced pace. One day he would be better than Gallandro was, but that would come in time. Until then he had much to grow in, much to learn and being "HIT" by the girl had everything to do with it.

    The Legendary Unit, Bad Karma, was composed of "has been's" and was perhaps a name only these days. The people in the unit dropped that name too easily, with nothing to support it. He, an unknown, had repetitively out performed them in EVERY aspect with little to no skill to back up his actions! They are as deficient as I am, he thought to himself, but I act and they do not. My actions have to be shaped, though, as I am now aware.

    For the first time in his life he had people looking up to him. The people of Tatooine of all places! When he emerged from the Docking Bay with the wounded prefect on his shoulders people stopped looking at him as an idiot, as a rogue gunman, but as a Hero. His first REAL taste of being a hero awakened the ghosts he deals with now, on the railing overlooking the ruined bay.

    "Time to see that girl, Lyssa, I have an apology to make and a new life to pursue" He wipes away the tears of a life long dead and swings his legs over the bannister and drops to the platform. Walking into the night to find a woman, the only woman who had changed him for the better.

    About 20 minutes later at Bad Karma's docking bay "Excuse me, Lyssa..."

    Lyssa "Yes, what do YOU want?" In an annoyed tone turning to face him as she is standing in the shuttle largely ignored

    As she turns, she sees him and the flowers

    "Lyssa, I owe you an apology. I was... worse than I could have imagined I could be to you. Part because I figured you were Skieth's woman, part because I don't think he acts the part of a hero of Bad Karma and the legends I have heard aboutthe group, and part because I have never questioned or examined my actions"

    He has trouble meeting her eyes, the shame on his face is apparent , leaning forward and finally meetingher gaze, tears welling in his eyes "These flowers are for you, they were expensive... Nothng grows like this on this dust ball... You deserve the most beautiful thing I could find, because you "HIT" me and I needed to be hit. They don't match your beauty, but they are the least I could do for your insights and forward comments. No one has EVER given me reason to pause, until you, you remind me of someone dear I lost and you have more guts and common sense than Skeith, Voodoo Boy, Kara or me. Thank You"

    He presents her with the flowers and turns to walk away

    What he misses is the blushing of a largely ignored woman, and the whispered thank you. For the first time, Lyssa sees the "man" behind the "gunman" and he is more "real" and "alive" than she would have given him credit for.

    Walking down the street people shout congratulations to Ace as he moves, he acknowledges them and finally, returning to the cantina, approaches Cha'Lune

    "I'm sorry, for any past foolishness. I don't know how to speak your language, but I want to know what I can do, now, to help. If the swoop gangers need to be dealt with, I have this blaster here, and its set to Stun" Cha'Lune's Bartender approaches and begins to translate what Cha'Lune says and shortly there after, Ace joins up with the local Police force and works to bring in the rest of the swoop gang.

    A Changed Man, A Disenchanted Man, A man who finally faced his fears and pain...


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    "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller Empty Re: "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller

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    "Hi-HO, Hi-Ho, It's Off To The Militia I Go"

    Ace was standing there with various species, in what used to be the town hall. The interior was more palatial in appearance after the last Prefect's interior decoration. Cha'Lune was there, an imposing figure as a Wookie, as well as the actual governor of Tatooine.

    (Governor )
    "I am formally reinstituting the Militia as of now. All of you stand here as voulanteers to be a part of this. You will be the police force and the peacekeepers of Tatooine. The task standing before you is a daunting one, to restore law to the lawless mess that has been left behind in the wake of the Imperial Exodus as well as the collapse and presence of the remanents of Jabba's organization. Being voulanteers does not mean you work for free, you will all be paid a salary and recieve "combat pay" for the next few weeks as you restore our laws to our world."
    Cha'Lune, with the aid of a translator "Ace Starkiller, step forward, you are tasked with leading a team of the militia against the remnants of the Swoop gangs as your first assignment as per your request. Upon completion of this task, with acceptable results and minimal loss of life and property, you will receive a commission as a full Warden and consultant to our Militia/Police forces here to aid in its restructuring and perhaps a more formidable position should you distinguish yourself."

    "Cha'Lune and distinguished members of the true government of Tatooine, I won't let you down. I owe you a debt of gratitude for your kindness, as well as, a deeper level of thanks for the recognition you have shown me for my actions at Docking Bay 87. "Together, (Looking at the four beings assigned to him) we will remove the threat of the swoop gangs and clean up your streets. You won't regret this, I promise you."
    The ceremony ended moments later, with Ace Starkiller taking his first active role as a leader. Again, Cha'Lune with the aid of a translator spoke. "Warden Starkiller, meet your team, these four are your subordinates and you are responsible for their lives."
    Ace swallowed hard, this was something he knew he was ready for yet for the very first time his nerves of steel faltered almost imperceptibly. A tremor ran down his good arm, his real arm, not out of fear more out of the gravity of what he was undertaking and perhaps a touch of honest emotion graced his eyes. None had ever trusted or looked up to him like the beings he now faced. He could hear the mumblings among his people, the astonished whispers of the feat of his taking down 15 storm troopers, destroying the Prefects's assasin droid and bringing the Prefect in as well. That was the sort of heroism that got people killed, he would have to deal with that soon. He wanted no false heroics among these people. Most of them had served in the Militia at one time or another, but none of them were truly hardened by his standards of loss.

    "I will depart now, meet with your charges and then proceed on your mission"

    The people standing before him were a bit of a motley bunch, all outfitted in standard garb of the Tatooine Militia, equipped with a Blast Vest and helmet.

    They all looked at him expectantly

    "Well, I'm going to need to know your names. Plus, since I'm not really familiar with your ranking markers here, I need to know who my second is. One more thing, I only speak two languages, Basic and BAD Basic. So, you'll have to bear with me if you don't or can't speak Basic."
    "I'm your second" A girl with a Carbine and a Blaster Pistol walked up "I've been with the Militia for two years and I can get you up to speed" She looked younger than he was, but he was certain he would learn a thing or two from her before this was over. "My name is Charisma Moss, not sure why my parents gave me the first name because I sure as hell don't have the temperament that I should for that name. But then again, that's what happens when you're a girl growing up on the fringe in Mos Eisley..." She shrugged, looked at the rest of the Motley bunch and moved to the side of Ace. Under the rough exterior Ace thought she would probably clean up pretty well… That is, IF she owned a dress.

    "That big ugly mother over there" Pointing the a Gamorrean "He was one of Jabba's guys at one time, lost a couple fights over what was right and wrong and got kicked out of his employ. He has a good head on his shoulders, but doesn’t speak a lick of basic.” Pausing for a moment “He usually gets his point across one way or another.” Again, she’s pausing for a moment as if considering her words “We call him Thug, but that’s not his real name. No one can really pronounce what his real name is.”

    Thug was an odd sight for a Gammorean, he wasn’t really fat at all. He was strong and seemed nimble… uhh, well for a big green alien.

    “This here is, where in the hell did he go?” Charisma looks about a while and a Jawa appears out of almost no where, behind her and always out of her field of vision. “Grandpa, where…?”

    An old man I chuckling is chuckling, which prompts Charisma to whirl about finally spotting the sneaky Jawa

    She sighs, flags him over, and the Jawa is truly an odd sight to behold. Small as Jawas are, he was outfitted in a blast vest that reached from his torso to his feet like a robe, his hood still protruded from the neckline of the vest covering his head. The creepy pair of amber glowing eyes were all that could be seen of his features. His vest was tied off at the waist by a belt holding his trademark demp gun. His vest pouches bulged with restraining bolts, a controller was sticking out of one pocket. Other than that, he had a riot gun slung across his back, and a contact stunner on his belt opposite the demp gun.

    “This is Neeb-Lo, who we affectionately call “Recon”, as you can see He’s damned good at his job.”

    “The last person of your squad is who we affectionately call “Grandpa” .” She directs Ace’s attention to an older and more grizzled man of late years. “He’s seen too many seasons as a moisture farmer but has a lot of experience here and that in and of itself is not something to be trifled with. He knows the most of any of us about this dust ball.” “His real name is Manson Jenners.”

    Jenners is wearing a beat up DL-44 Heavy and looks good for whatever age he is, he looks grizzled, dirty and has a kind glint to his eyes.

    “Alright, I’m Ace Starkiller, ex-gunman and I used to run with the remnants of Bad Karma. I am a licensed bounty hunter for the New Republic and I took exclusively Imperial bounties. I don’t want any false heroics from any of you. Our first order of business does not include our mission. Let’s get moving, I want to get to the Imperial Garrison before it’s picked clean of personal equipment. I figured we might be able to find a couple useful things there that will make our lives a bit easier. They should have a couple body gloves left for those of us that can wear them, perhaps some utility belts and maybe a pair or two of macro binoculars for a stakeout. Besides, maybe Recon and Thug can find something they like as well.”

    The newly formed group moves off toward the Imperial Garrison


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    "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller Empty Re: "I Am Legend" Stories of Ace Starkiller

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    "Wild Karrde"

    After rummaging through the Imperial Garrison, contacting Jeeves and making a deal to have the "Devil's Cross" dropped off at Tatooine by one of Lando's Contacts that was making a "routine" cargo run to Ace's new home affectionately called "Dustball", he was reunited with his precious T-16. About three weeks had transpired, in which time Ace's band, now called the "Law Givers" had been in numerous skirmishes with all manner of scum in the criminal variety. Fragment factions of Black Sun, remanents of Jabba's orginization, a fleeting look or two at the roving swoop gangs and a couple dozen disgruntled spacers... Not to mention Imperial assets that had been cut off from contact with the outside galaxy. Tatooine was more like a war zone than anything else. The Militia, while doing a decent job of mopping up the "trash" was suffering losses in the process. There were even a few turncoat militia members that needed to be dealt with, but that is a story for another time... One which Ace and his entourage, who were quickly becoming notorious in Criminal circles and heroes in civillian ones, would be dealing with in due time. First thing's first though, the Swoop gangs were his "first" assignment, even though he was pulled left and right to help out with every other part of the "Liberation Efforts."

    You see, in order to enter into an agreement with the New Republic, "Dustball" had to clean up its act in a big way. On some level there would always be a part of Tatooine that would delve in the shady realm of legality. It was too much to ask for the world, which had existed all these centuries to purge all its elements. The worst, most dangerous and most obvious scum were being cleared out. Other groups instrumental in the location of these elements were indeed remanents of Jabba's organization. However, one in particular that was making a "good" name for itself was the Karrde Organization. His operation was clean, or at least much cleaner than the rest because he was an information broker, not a stim peddlar or a thug organization or even an extortionist.

    Today Ace was meeting with Talon Karrde to discuss the location of the Swoop Gang Hideout...

    Talon Karrde reaching over to the comm and leaning in to speak to his receptionist "Thank you, Calandra, please escort Warden Starkiller in."

    Ace was standing at the desk of a receptionist, a beautiful woman who was rising to escort him into Karrde's office "Excuse me, miss, have we met before?" Ace knowing exactly where he had seen her on at least one occasion.

    Calandra "Anything is possible, Gunman, but I haven't been out abroad in the galaxy all that much." She regards his emotions, looking a bit disturbed.

    Ace "Yes, yes, I remember quite well now. You were assisting Lord Brighton in some capacity. It is good to see you survived that whole manner of dirty business on Boonta." Regarding her more closely, he notices she has a slight, almost imperceptible limp which she is taking pains to hide.

    Calandra now taken off guard and looking a bit horrified "You, cannot tell Karrde about this. He doesn't know... You don't have a reputation for being very tight lipped." The horror is quite evident upon her delicate features, a slight tremor begins to flow through her beautiful silouette.

    Ace "Relax, Honey, a lot has changed in the last couple weeks. I'm not the man you remember, hell, I'm not even the man I remember. By the way, I really had no hand in what that woman did to the mansion with the concussion bombs. I'm genuinely sorry about that. I actually came to Brighton's to collect payment, but he had set me up to take the fall and sent an experienced assassin after me. With a little luck and some good friends, in Order 67, I managed to slip out of his grasp forever." Ace's words are genuine and the Lorrdian woman senses the truth, because that was indeed her talent and much of the reason why Lord Brighton KEPT her around on a short leash.
    Ace "Besides, Karrde is a much better man. He's no slave trader or marketer in the cyborging and enslaving of beings, which I think is your races issue, am I correct?"

    Calandra "Yes, you are correct.. I didn't have much choice in the matter... I..." She's faltering again, disarmed once more by this changed and perceptive man who was seemingly hard to read, minus his earlier "obvious" gesture of sympathy and honesty.

    Ace "Calm down, hon, you're secret is safe with me. I'm not here for you, and I never will be. Unless, of course, I can interest you in dinner sometime..." Sincere and honest again

    Calandra "Thank you for your kindness, it is rare that anyone from my past experiences didn't hold anything over my head. However, on the dinner part... I am going to have to respectfully decline, the last time a man took me out to a nice quite dinner an armed and armored cargo skiff rammed through the front of the restaurant's entry way with the intent to kill my date, the Imperials there had poisoned our food and the rest of them were already drawing blasters... You have something of a reputation already, I'm not sure I want a repeat performance. He was charming, took pains to protect me, shielding me with his own life and saved mine in the process. But I suppose, that is what Jedi do."

    Ace "Oh, so you're the girl... HA! Damn, that must have been ... Frightening" Ace exclaims at first catching himself mid statement and then cools down realizing it must has been a traumatic event for her. "I heard the story from Jeeves, he's..." Cut off by her

    Calandra "Yes, yes, I am well aware of who Jeeves is..." The comm buzzes and she leans over "I'm sorry to keep you waiting boss, we were catching up on old times"

    She turns to him "I have to show you in now"

    Ace "Not a problem, you're leg, is it going to heal?" He points down to her slight limp

    Calandra "Yes, a week or two and it will be all but a bad memory."

    Ace "Good, now on to Karrde"

    She shows him in, Karrde regards her for a second and then looks over at the young man Ace who is damned near impossible to read... Damn, he has a good Sabbac face! She looks down at the floor, excuses herself and closes the door behind Ace.

    Karrde "How do you two know one another?"

    Ace responds with a piece of the truth "I ran into her once before, she was more an acquaintance of a mutual acquaintance." He says nothing more

    Damn, Karrde thinks to himself he was all about respecting the past of others so long as they were working for him and was doing just that for her. But other than her obvious excellent talents in reading others and her administration skills (with a keen knowledge of the underworld) he really knew nothing about her. Starkiller knew something, that much he was certain but the tight lipped man before barely resembled the man he was three weeks ago. Something had happened to him, gone was the reckless Gunman replaced by something a good deal more lethal. He was cool, composed, confident but no longer arrogant. He just oozed a deadly charisma and presence that he could only call a cross between two men Han Solo and Gallandro... What a nasty combination... Clearing that thought, moving on to the business at hand.

    Karrde "I have the information on the whereabouts of the Swoop Gang. I have already received payment from the Governor. I have a favor to ask of you as well."

    Ace leaning over the desk and accepting the datapad with the information on it "Ask your favor Karrde, I'm listening..."

    Damn! He's doing it again, leaving something unsaid and ominous hanging between them. From Gunman, to Bounty Hunter, to Law Man, this kid had made an almost seemless transition to each... It was obvious if Ace didn't like what he heard Karrde himself might be the next person to spend a night in one of Tatooine's jails... He had NO ONE who could out gun the man before him.

    Karrde "It's nothing big or largely illegal, though to be honest there might be some information on it that would be deemed "inappropriate" to some audiences. I'm looking for a data card that they have in their possession. I can't get in to get it, so if you do this for me... I would owe you one." Karrde says dead Serious

    Regarding him, Ace thinks internally. Karrde was an honorable man, kept his word and personally he could use a favor from someone like him. "Alright, Karrde, I'll get your data card. No one will be the wiser, I'll drop it off at our next meeting in a week's time covering what you have gleaned of the corrupt Militia members. I have your word, then?"

    Karrde "Yes, indeed you do." The two men shake on it and Starkiller walks from the room.

    With his exodus, Karrde lets out a large breath as if he had been holding his for that entire conversation. Starkiller had changed, apparently for the better... If hardliners were your style...

    Ace winks at Calandra on the way out "You're all good, hon, maybe you owe me one sometime. I'm not gonna come to collect, but if you can help me out sometime that I need it I would appreciate it."

    Calandra "Ok, I like that. I will."

    Ace leaves the compound and rejoins the "Law Givers"


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    "A Little Tactics, Not a Lot"

    This whole thing was new to Ace, checks and balances, endless paperwork, forms and requisitions all aspects of "Dustball" becoming more of a legitimate entity in the New Republic's eyes. I guess he should have been proud, the governor gave him on office in the Police Headquarters in Mos Eisley. Right now he was signing off on his latest report and the rest of the "Law Givers" were filing in for the briefing. This is something he thought he would never do, in fact, he never had any concept of such a role of leadership and responsibility. However, it was good for him, it gave him the focus he lacked and the perspective he required in actually having to care for to people under his direct command. He had to consider everything, the act of just un-homing his blaster and motoring his enemies might have repercussions that would get his people killed. SO, this was a good thing, it was what he had sorely needed. Not to mention, he had real friends for once. His people, his friends, they gave him a kind of strength he never knew he could have. Looking at icons like the Jedi Amber guy, he could see the value in such alliances and the benefits of building a "Favor List" like in the endeavor he would be handling for Karrde.

    Charisma was the first, as always, to come in to the briefing room. She was always punctual. Today she was sporting a black eye.

    Ace "Lover's quarrel?" pointing to his own eye while saying that.

    Charisma regards him, makes an ugly face and says "No... nobody wants to date me... Some spacer got out of hand and I had to show him his place last night." she's rubbing her bruised fist. The girl had a pretty mean right hook. "Why, you interested?"

    Ace "Never said I wasn't Sergent, but then again I never said I was either. If you'll settle for the Bantha Burger place on 5th and Korric, its a deal. But higher line places might poke fun at you for your recent expolits" Pointing again to his own eye.

    Charisma "I'll settle for Bantha Burger, that's a start. So, you ACTUALLY considered taking me to a nicer place..." If the girl could blush, she would have.

    Ace "You heal that shiner up and I will take you somewhere nice. My only caveat is that you have to ACTUALLY buy a dress." Ace knew that would, likely, be the toughest part for her.

    Charisma begins to smile at his admission than realizes that she has NO idea of what fashion sense is... "I... umm... A dress?" Disarmed, she looks at him incredulously.

    Ace "Yeah, its an invention made of fabrics that is intended to make you look like a woman." Almost chuckling, he catches himself

    Charisma looks at him squinting her eyes, misses the humor directed at her and says "Fine, I'll see what I can do..." Thinking hard, on who she could ask for advice.

    At that Thug walks in and sits down. He's sporting a piece mail breastplate from sandtrooper armor, wearing the body glove which only manages to form a pair of "shorts" for him and has one of the nicer toys that he salvaged from the Imperial garrison in a hip holster, a light repeat. It looks like a pistol on him. He was actually wearing TWO stormtrooper utility belts chained together as a single belt. Thug had been working on his Basic recently, so as he sits down he grumbles ...

    Thug "Harwoo"

    Ace "That's better, but lets try again HELL-O"

    Thug "Hal-oow"

    Ace "I'm certain you'll have the hang of it soon, good to see you too."

    Thug simply nods in response.

    Grandpa files in, sits down heavily "Can we get this over with? I'm itching to scratch these guys out... They blew up my favorite Mynock Dog stand" at which point everyone, including the Gammorean wince at the mention of the disgusting sausages

    Grandpa "What!?!" Not understanding why everyone always does that when me mentions his favorite lunchtime meal.

    As usual, Recon climbs up from under the table into his chair. No one in the room, honestly, had any idea how long he had been there. Perhaps, however, Ace may have; seeing Neeb-Lo sporting the glass of Corellian Brandy... Ace had pilfered a bottle of the 50 years aged stuff from Corwin Amber's ship... Ace had been slowly sipping the Amber fluid during his paperwork and had not really noticed its disappearance while deep into his work.

    Ace "Well, you're all accounted for." He dims the lighting and on the projector he displays the layout of the Swoop base. After several slides he opens the briefing
    "I have copies of the layout for all of you, Karrde's people were very forthcoming with intelligence on the layout and the location as well as the surrounding terrain.

    Ace "I have a plan, and its not what you think. I want all of you to flush the bikers out of their lair. Taking down targets of opportunity, is fine, thinning their numbers is totally acceptable. However, needlessly endangering your own lives is not what I want to happen. You're going to drop sonic charges at these points in their base. They're not strong enough to bring the place down but will give everyone a serious headache and incapacitate anyone unlucky enough to be withing 5 meters of their activation. So, BE CAREFUL. But if you each drop one, the overall noise factor should flush the majority of the bikers out. The sound dampners I requisitioned will filter the noise down to bearable levels for all of you, so you can mop up the rest of the guys in the base."

    Recon "Uoo-tvwwkenniieb, hfaksieoweeeyyy, ... eee uuu... h-o-w... we .. catch ... others...?"

    Ace who was picking up on the mishmash of Jawa speak, still had some trouble, but the Jawa was working on his basic as well. "Good question Recon, that's where I come into play. What none of you know is that I just recently came into possession of a piece of property that will make taking down the leader a possibility. Its dangerous, and potentially lethal... But they have NO WAY of out running me. I have a well armed T-16, that I will take these guys out with."

    Everyone at the table "whistles" at his mention of the airspeeder

    Charisma "That REALLY sounds kinda dangerous, T-16's aint too tough" there's concern in her voice, something a bit foreign, even for her.

    Ace "If you have any better ideas I would entertain them."

    The group is silent

    Ace "I'll be positioned up here on this cliff face with a pair of macros looking at the mouth of the base. When I see them punch out, I'll jump into the "Cross", wait for the leader to pass, and then hit his escort. I'll be blindsiding them, from range coming off the top of the cliff. Hopefully, I'll cut his lieutenants to pieces and drop in right behind him."

    His people were nodding and Grandpa speaks up "Where'd ya learn bout takicks?"

    Ace "Uh, yeah, tactics, I was looking at a couple of the combat vids I copied from somebody I used to know. They REALLY helped a LOT. We'll hit them in the middle of the night when most of them are sleeping. So they'll be sluggish to respond and they will all be tired. So rest up, the op begins in 10 hours."

    Everyone breaks save for Charisma

    Charisma "This sounds like you put a LOT of planning into how we enter and place the bombs, safely. It also sounds like you are taking the bigger risk here." Looking at him intensely

    Ace "I'm the only one that can catch these guys. I learned something from a man a while ago, a man who lead others and one that acted. He might not have been the best at everything he did, but he succeeded at everything because he BELIEVED he could do anything."

    Charisma "Who was the man?"

    Ace swallowing "Corwin Amber"

    Charisma blowing out air "You're NO Corwin Amber ... eh ... No offense" She states abruptly then looks at him and adds the last part in as a kind of apology.

    Ace looks at her, shrugs, then starts again 'What I meant was he did what he had to do, because no one else could. Maybe they could have, but he took the responsibility anyway. Its my job to keep all of you alive and I'll be damned if anything happens to change that. I have the hardware, I have the skill, I have the speed, and I am the only one who can do this. I could let you do it, but how are you in an airspeeder?"

    Charisma "Uh, well, I'm okay in a speeder, I... "

    Ace "I am intimately familiar with Vehicle Weapons systems, are you?"

    Charisma "uh, hey! You're not bing fair!"

    Ace "I'm being realistic, but thanks for the concern. You get that dress, clean up real nice, keep working on your manners, put on a little makeup, walk like a woman and I'll upscale our dinner engagement to a resort on Bespin, all expenses paid on my tab. I'll still take you somewhere nice in Mos Espa, in the mean time, as well while work through the criminals here."

    Charisma "I... I don't know what to say..." She hesitates, completely disarmed, and for the first time actually blushes looking at her feet.

    Ace "You say yes" Still looking at her.

    Charisma looks up with watery eyes "Don't get yourself killed fly-boy, you owe me a resort stay..." Then she turns and almost skips from the room


    The execution of the sonic charge placement goes off without a hitch, all the planning that Ace put into it with the aid of Karrde's intel really paid off. About a minute later FIVE swoops punched out of the cavern mouth in the dune sea.

    Ace "Sith Spit! Five, dammit! This is going to be a bit nastier than I thought." Comm-ing over to his companions "Is everyone alright?"

    Grandpa "yeah, we're all here but the Girl has a pretty nasty wound. We got her all med packed up, but she's gonna require some bacta time. The leader popped her twice with a heavy on his way out."

    He heard it, but didn't believe it... Close call, something that he was going to make damned certain the Swoop leader paid for... Calm, he was collected. Remember the progress I have made he thought to himself. Nothing rash, skill and tactics would win this day. She was alright, or would be in time. She was alive, that's all that mattered.

    Firing up the "Devil's Cross" He dropped off the cliff face in a stall, leveled out his cannon and poured four shots at the escorts. Of the four he only hit two, and barely at that. But clipping them was enough, because the cannon literally vaporized their craft in midair. With a bit of random luck one of the bikers looked back over his shoulder to locate him in the darkness and clipped a sand dune which was enough to shear the control vanes off the front of the swoop sending him into a sand bank at 750 Kilometers per hour...

    Ace dropped in on the last "Escort's" tail, snapping shots off but never managing to score a hit. Then thinking back to the combat footage he watched. Ace began pouring fire around the biker "leading" him where he wanted him. Coming around screaming in closely, the biker turned to fire back and Ace was not where he should be for a clean shot. Ace pulled up hard at the last minute, above and in front of the biker, he pivoted the nimble craft down and fired at a rocky outcropping, which EXPLODED into debris. At the 1500 Kilometers an hour the biker was now moving at ... There was only a blood mist that hung in the air. Vehicle blasters were known to cause a decent explosion when striking harder materials and it paid off.

    Screaming around Ace moved off after the leader, who of all things was just entering "Beggar's Canyon"... What a nasty chase this was about to become. Ace screamed in after him in hot pursuit. Beggar's Canyon was no cakewalk, Ace quickly found himself focusing on staying alive banking around severe corners and other natural obstacles. Thoughts of targeting the Leader became a distant thing to him. Coming to the end of the canyon quite rapidly he was still hot on the Leader's tail... Then he saw on his sensors only what he had heard about... His sensors were blaring a warning about proximity alerts and he realize that ahead was the "exit" and that in and of itself was a daunting feat it was called "Threading the Needle". Luke Skywalker had done it... There was only room for one of them to make it. At the last possible moment, he shifted, popped up, gunned his engines and using all the luck, moxy, and willpower he had he dropped down in front of the leader and passed through the "needle" the Force blessed him in the maneuver. With no where to go, the Swoop leader was moving WAY too fast to maneuver... He panic-ed and slammed into the side of the needle.

    Later, after getting Charisma to the hospital Ace and his "Law Givers" were having a somber round of drinks. Grandpa spoke up quietly at first.

    Grandpa "Sonny, this is not a moment to mourn. The girl is gonna be just fine, Bacta will see to that. This is a time for CELEBRATION!"

    Grandpa "LISTEN EVERYONE!" Getting up on top of the bar, Cha-Lune's roaring protest could be largely heard over the din of the croud "This here man, Ace Starkiller, just did the Beggar's Canyon run. He out flew the best Swoop racer on this here dustball, ending the life of the terrorist that he was and he THREADED THE NEEDLE in the process!" Cheers went up and the bar was roaring in approval. He got so many pats on the back and a lot of recognition for his daring heroic manuver. Cha-Lune regarded the somber man differently, seeing his trust was well placed. Through all of it, all Ace could think of was the girl. Retiring early, slipping away from the roaring and celebrating crowds Ace returned to the outpost, retrieved the data card and then went straight to the Hospital when he spent the rest of the week waiting for someone he cared deeply about to emerge from her induced slumber.

    Unbeknown to him there was an official order awaiting him at his apartment, a summons to the Governor with a promotion to Marshall. More responsibility, more work, well deserved and well earned... Take it, he would, but the galaxy had other plans for him in the near future.


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    Ace is in the reception room of Karrde's office again. It looks like things are getting packed up and moved out. ASP droids are carrying crates out in an orderly fashion. Calandra is there, and she regards him. As he enters the room. There are fresh flowers on her desk.

    Ace "Going somewhere?"

    Calandra "Yes, Karrde is relocating our offices to a different world, away from the mainstream conflicts that seem to plague our business. By the way, thank you for the flowers."

    Ace "It was nothing, I'm not sure the other gal I know would have appreciated them. Besides, she's still in Bacta treatment. I was in the mood to buy a woman flowers and I couldn't think of a better person than you."

    Calandra smiles at him "Don't worry Ace, I've still got your back one of these days."

    Ace "I wasn't worrying, I just wanted to do something nice for you. Is Karrde in?"

    Calandra "Yes, he's been expecting you." Reaching over to buzz Ace in.

    Ace "I'll bet he has..." Leaving something unsaid to hang in the air between them

    Calandra "You, REALLY, need to stop that. It's, well, it's kinda creepy in a cold sort of detached way." she states reading what she can from him

    Ace "What?"

    Calandra "You KNOW what I'm talking about. The last time you left his office, he fidgeted nervously for a couple days and was paranoid always looking over his shoulder expecting you to be behind him..." She said scolding him in a half serious tone "Go on in, you no longer require an introduction.

    Ace "Oh, and I thought I might be graced with kindness of your escorting me once more. You're a rare gem darling." half joking, Ace tries his hand at a bit of flirtation, and... it works.

    Calandra stands up, gracefully, having healed fully and moves as seductively as possible to open the door for him "Are you satisfied?" she batts her eyes at him

    Ace throws her a wide grin "Yes, that will do nicely. You'll haunt my dreams for years to come." Honesty again

    Calandra blushes a slight bit and jabs him in the ribs playfully as he passes by electing an "Oof! Hey! Watch those skilled fingers girl!" to come out of his mouth. Karrde looks up from his desk to regard the two as Calandra slips lithely around the corner seductively closing the door, but not before ace swats her on her behind eliciting a "Oohh" from her followed by a giggle.

    Karrde thinks to himself, maybe this is not the business for me. I'm an intelligence and information broker and I can't even tell whom my asistant is sleeping with... Regarding Starkiller, a slight wince quickly graces his features. He's doing it again... Dammit! I know he's not here to motor me into the ground but I almost get the impression he only needs a HALF reason...

    Ace walks up and places a small box on Karrde's desk, which Karrde is eye-ing like it's a bomb or a thermal detonator or something. Actually letting his lethal demeanor slip on purpose, long enough to allow him to let out a raucous rolling string of laughter "Karrde, I actually like you. You're a pretty honest guy as far as info brokers go. You have a good rep and that is NOT a thermal detonator!" Ace continues to chuckle "Open it, I'll stay here or even sit on your lap in the event it is to shield you!" More laughter

    Karrde had never seen the man break composure, OH! To think Starkiller was playing with him this whole time was almost insulting! He saw, for the first time, the honest respect in the man's eyes. Cooling his "jets" he looked down at the box, opened it, and found the data card in pristine condition inside of a padded case. There was a key underneath, with a registry for a ship. Karrde eyed the key and pulled the registry out looking at that as well. "What, is this?"

    Ace "My contacts said you might be leaving. They also said that you might be having some difficulty getting off world, or at least getting all of your stuff off world at the same time. I figured I might be able to do you one more favor. Its a big one, but that's what friends do for one another."

    Karrde "Friends... eh ... really you didn't hav... to..." Karrde is looking at the ship now, eyes wide in disbelief.

    Ace "The Governor said he owed me a debt of gratitude when I was named Marshall. Something to do with my actions at the Swoop gang base and the other things I have accomplished here. He asked me what I wanted, well, I already found and bought what I wanted... Ship wise, so I thought of you. This ship would be better used by someone of your talents. Seeing as it was previously the property of XTS. She's a bit beat up, but I got dibbs on her first at the auction and I kinda just had her disappear from the lot. The registry is in your name, but you might want to re-christen her. I heard your capital was limited on the way out, so you might want to re-negotiate or cut your shipping contracts. This way you can go, covertly, wherever you want to go. The Action IV should hold all your stuff, people and then some."

    Karrde "Uh, yeah, now I really owe you one... I do, indeed, need this ship." Looking at Starkiller again wondering what butcher's bill his debt would be...

    Ace "Cut it out, Talon, I'm just cementing future dealings. I want to build friends and alliances for the future. I'm not always going to be here on this "Dustball". I'm going to need someone I can trust to come to for information from time to time. Obtaining that information for free or at least at a substantial discount would be very helpful. As you can see, I'm no King or ruler of worlds... So, I do what I can when I can for others and look for a bit of consideration in the future."

    Karrde "I'm certain we can work something out. Just drop the spooky act when you're around me okay?"

    Ace "Got it, bud. I need that info on the nasty business of the Traitors now, sorry to mix business with pleasure but you REALLY aren't my type, your secretary is more my speed." Throwing him a sly grin

    Karrde "Yeah..." Was he really loosing his grip on what went on with his employees? "Here it is, but you're not going to like the last one. The first one, well, he had a hand in the bombings. The last one... Well, its that guy you run with "Grandpa" I believe." Karrde says with a bit of trepidation

    At first Ace doesn't believe it, then thinking back to the Swoop op things start to fall into place. Charisma got popped in the back twice with a heavy, Thug found her and Medpacked her... Grandpa was just ahead in the Swoop bay firing at the swoop jocks as they got on their bikes and left... Grandpa was a damned fine shot, so how did he miss? Anger coursed through him, his features grew tight, muscles bulging. He leaned forward and gripped the chair back opposite Karrde with his cybernetic hand unconciously flipping off the pain switch, and warped the top of it his fingers ripping through the metal backing tearing some of his synth flesh off...

    Karrde "Hey! Ah, hell... Well, a bit more character never hurt my office furniture..." Looking terrified

    Ace caught himself pulled his arm free and looked at Karrde, "I need the datapad with the evidence, I've got some business to deal with" his tone was lethal... His comm went off at that point, a guard from the hospital and the cut off sound of a blaster report... "I have to go NOW! Send it to the Governor's office." Ace burst out of the room at a full run, knocking an ASP droid aside as if it was never there. The droid flew in to pieces at the impact tossing the crate to the side. Ace hauled himself into his T-16 and opened the Ion drive up at ground level lighting the pad he was on, on fire. Screaming away as fast as the craft would take him to the Hospital.

    Karrde comes out, looks at Calandra and says... "Sorry dear, but he has some pressing business to attend to. Nothing to be alarmed about, I hope..."

    Again Ace's comm goes off "Marshall! It's, OH MY..." cut off by a BLAM, the sound of a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. That left only one more Militia member posted on the floor of her ward. What the hell was happening? Why was Grandpa doing this. Thinking back, figures and data rifling through his head... Jenners... Someone in the Swoop gang by that name... A son! He had a SON! ****!

    Landing on the hospital's roof tarmack with a screech of metal, the ****pit door flew open and ace dove out, rolling and coming to his feet immediately at a dead run. Hitting the lift he drew his blaster and blew several holes in the floor around him cutting the plating away. During his firing the comm went off for the third and final time. Ace dropped three levels before reaching out and grabbing the access ladder, swinging onto the ledge by the door and blasting the release. The door slid open just as he saw Grandpa step fully into the room. With speed fueled by desperation, Ace snapped off a quick shot at the door frame. It splintered, showering Grandpa with debris eliciting a cry from him "Aaaa!". Moving with speed, dropping into a roll and coming to his feet while still crouched he leveled his blaster and fired, twice, just as Grandpa returned the favor. Grandpa's shot went high, above him and would have hit if he was standing. Ace's first shot blew through both sides of Grandpa's gut, the second blew his DL-44 into pieces.

    The old man lie there, blood spewing from his abdomen as Ace walked up leveling his blaster at him "Why? Old man. How could you do this? Because of your son?" Disgust ripping with Ace's every word

    Grandpa "No.." Coughing up blood in a spasm "He was my brother, the leader. He was rotten all right, but ... " more spasms and wracking coughing "I was on the Prefect's payroll, it was gonna come out sooner or later... " " wanted off this rock and I wanted to live in luxury.... 30 years! I have worked 30 years and have nothing."

    Ace, looking down at the man, "Yeah, now you don't have a life either." The report of the DL-6H ended the man's struggle for life. A harder edge, only broken momentarily when Ace looked on to regard Charisma floating unconcious in the Bacta Tank, had taken root for a time. Cross my friends, cross my loved ones, and you'll pay. Friend or family, if you betray my trust I will end you. He thought to himself. Turning, grabbing the nurse droid. "Get security up here to secure the area. I want these militia members attended to if they are still alive. Make certain a guard is posted here at all times."

    Nurse Droid, in a female voice "What are you going to do Marshall?"

    Ace "I'm going to finish one, last, job"

    About an hour later

    Ace is standing at the end of the entry hall of the Cantina, calming himself, sighting his prey "Janos Favre, you are under arrest for crimes against the people of Tatooine. You are a terrorist and will answer for your crimes."

    Janos stood with no where to run "You're not taking me alive, Law Dog"

    Without hesitation, without remorse Ace says "So be it" his hand drops immediately to his holster, smoothly drawing his heavy in one fluid motion. Janos is drawing too, the first shot hits him in his left thigh dropping him to one knee. Janos, still hasn't cleared his holster when the second shot hits him in his blaster still partially holstered, destroying the gun and most of his hand, the third shot hits his lower arm and the fourth shot hits him in the shoulder spinning him to slam dazed into the wall. Now standing over him, holstering his blaster, Ace says "I lied, you will be punished for your crimes." Roughly hauling him up and throwing him into a "fireman" carry he tosses a hundred credits on the bar and looks over at Cha'Lune "Sorry for the mess" and walks out heading to the Police station.


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    "Dinner and Exodus"

    Ace and Charisma sat in the finest establishment Tatooine had to offer. It was called the "Corusca Star", it was a chain. One existed on Boonta and a couple other worlds as well. Nothing compared to what could be found on Bespin, but nice none the less. After her full recovery, she had apparently been coached by a couple of the girls at the hospital on how to dress. It was something a bit of a surprise, even to ace. She looked REALLY good all cleaned up.

    After about an hour of polite conversation, it was obvious that Charisma was really trying to do this too, they had dinner. Following dinner the real discussion began.

    Ace "So, I'm heading to Bespin... Want to take me up on my offer still?"

    Chari "Yep, I'm still on board for a little recuperation and to see the sights with you."

    Ace "I'm not coming back... At least not for a while." He let that one hang in the air between them adding gravity to the statement

    Chari "What do you mean? You're not coming back?" she seems a little confused and a bit worried "You just made Marshall, you are important here, people need you..." She struggles, betraying emotion "I... I... um... Need you..."

    Ace "So, then come with me. The people here will do just fine. I have a ship, with room for two in relative comfort. More if necessary, but I kinda was hoping you might come with me."

    Chari "I... I don't know, I have never really left Tatooine. I mean, I'll go with you as far as Bespin... But I just don't know... What about what you have built here?"

    Ace "What I have built? Well, I talked to the Governor and Cha'Lune and that will always be here for me. I have more battles to fight, more things to do, and a destiny to fulfill."

    Chari "Destiny! What about me? What am I to you?"

    Ace "You're welcome to come with me." Avoiding her questions

    Chari "No, Starkiller, you TELL me what I mean to you." The command rolled off her tongue louder than she wanted to causing people to look in their direction.

    Ace "I would die for you, Chari, I want you to come with me." Honesty, openly offered sincerely

    Charisma freezes, locked in the fear of the unknown on one hand she wants to be with him on the other she wants to stay "But... why? Why do you have to leave? What do you have to prove?" she asks him

    Ace "I have to make a, Bigger, difference. The Empire is still out there, and I HAVE to do something about it. All I ever had known in the past was shattered by them. All that many have ever known was destroyed by them. I aim to to put an end to that. Tatooine will do just fine without me. I could really use a co-pilot. I know you might not be great in a speeder, but you have some skill in a shuttle. You used to do cargo runs for the Militia in your spare time. And, technically, that's more experience than I have flying a cargo hauler. I could really use you, and I want you to come with me.

    Chari "I don't know Ace, I can't give you an answer now. If I stay, how long will you be gone?" Fear seeping into her words like quicksand sucking her under

    Ace "I don't know, its might be a while... like perhaps, it could be a couple years." He's shrugging, fidgeting with his silverware

    Chari is speechless

    A couple days later they are on Bespin together enjoying one another's company, perhaps for the last time in a while.

    Ace "Honestly, I'm not forcing your hand here. But I will have to go in a couple days. Its your call."

    Chari is silent as she had been when he was bringing this up over the last couple days.

    Ace, thinking to himself... It will be just me and the droids then... Not the way he had hoped things would turn out, but perhaps it was for the better. Perhaps, he was mistaken to ask her to come along... But if he hadn't, that would have been even worse. Its really hard to walk away from something you just started to build, almost feels like he was doing something wrong. Hell, maybe he was. But he really believed that there was more in store for him. As with Gallandro and Solo, both men had wandered for years, gaining perspective and experience. The galaxy was so vast and offered so many possibilities, too many to pass up. He only hoped he wasn't making the wrog decision. Walking away from Charisma, had to be the hardest thing he had ever done in his life.

    On the last day on Bespin "Charisma, I changed my mind" She was about to board a shuttle back to Tatoine

    Chari "Yes?" She looked at him with hope and expectation

    Ace "I'll take you back, myself, but I have to go after that. No sense in making your shuttle back to the "Dustball". "

    Chari looks happy at first and crushed again at the last part

    Their trip is short, but passionate.

    Chari, standing at the edge of the ramp of his cargo ship. "Come back soon, or write me..." She looks down at her feet

    Ace "I can't promise you about coming back soon, but I'll send you messages from time to time" he hands her something "Here, you can always contact me at this address and this mailbox. I'll always check it. I won't be back for a while, so I'll understand if you keep moving with your life."

    Chari "No, I'll wait."

    Ace "No..." It hurts him to say it "You will find a time you want to move on. I'll be gone for a long time, and I don't know if I'll ever make it back. The Galaxy is a vast place, there's always someone better out there. One of these days I might run out of luck. So, keep on living okay..." "Promise me you will keep on living"

    Chari is silent and runs to him embracing him. When the two break, Ace walks up his cargo ramp; looking over his shoulder almost takes the resolve from him completely but he keeps moving as he always had in the past. Firing up the ship, comm-ing for clearance to lift. She still stands there on the edge of the landing pad. As he pulls away, she's still there crying. She remains there long into the night, until an attendant approaches. Noticing she is a Police member he simply notifies her the dock is being cleared for an incoming ship. Only then, hours later does she leave. Maybe... maybe she should have gone with him... What did she have here without him anyway?

    Several months later she finally, resolves herself to find him. His communiques had stopped, cut off abruptly for some reason. She would find Talon Karrde and then try to find him... She was the new Marshall in town. But even with all her experience here on what Ace called the "Dustball" in addition to her taking up flying cargo runs to and from Bespin for Tatooine, she needed help. She would ask Recon and Thug if they wanted to tag along. They were all itching for something more, perhaps not as much as she was. But her motivation wasn't for more just for the sake of it, it was for something more with a man who had changed her life. A man she loved and never could forget...


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    "What a Piece of Junk..."

    Ace was standing at the Tatooine used ship lot eye-ing an OLD freighter. A Barloz to be precise. The salesman eyed him tentatively "Look Marshall Starkiller, I wouldn't try to pull a fast one on you." The Man swallows hard "She's got the capabilities you are looking for, nothing else on this rock comes close... At least, without extensive mods. You're reputation precedes itself in this matter, and I'm not about to become you're next target. We pulled her out of the Dune Sea, she crashed there a LONG time ago. I had my boys fix her up and she's ACTUALLY better than anything else I could sell you. Old as this Barloz is, nothing else comes close to what you want in a ship. She, actually, has more modern components now than she did before. I fixed her up with newer YT series parts, thank the Force that she was similar..."

    Ace "Does she fly?"

    Salesman "Yes... Yes she flies quite well, the vessel is in really good condition having been buried for a while. Her hull was intact, save for the power core which we used a more modern HT series supply to get her up and running. Granted the core was used, but it was actually a core from an HT-2200 series ship, that we salvaged from a wrecked... er... um... Stranded vessel. Nothing else would do. The core saved some space, so you gained about 30 metric tons of cargo space. That brings her hauling ability to just over the Ghtroc 720 you were eying earlier. She will haul 150 metric tons. If you improve the rest of her tech, you can expect a greater boost in cargo capacity. Not to mention she has a Class 1 Hyperdrive." Throwing in the last part quickly

    Ace "Yeah, but its a mod of the previous hyperdrive, and its damned old and bulky."

    Salesman "Yes, there is that. I can see you are more of a direct bargainer instead of, say, a swindler..."

    Ace "You know the mods I want, I need the cargo lift removed, a grasper installed along with a mag field on the bottom. I want the cargo doors to split instead of extend, with the grasper arm to be able to extend all the way through. On top of that I need your speeder garage to mod my T-16's lower wings to S-Foil upwards."

    Salesman "Well I can sell her to you for 20,000 credits and 30,000 with the mods. The T-16 I cannot accomodate..." Swallowing hard

    Ace "No, I think you'll do it all for 25K. Otherwise I'll pull a couple strings and have the constabulary here, audit your operation." In a dead serious tone

    Salesman "Yeah... Ok, I think 25K will cover everything nicely." Sweating profusely


    Ace "I need those droids fixed as soon as possible and I would like to have a look at the rest of your stock. I need a droid on a budget that can fix an older freighter and help me fly one."

    Salesman "What kind of budget do you have?"

    Ace "After the repairs to the other droids, I've got about 2500 credits.."

    Salesman "Well, you have two options. An R5 or I'll give you a deal on this P2."

    Ace "How much of a deal?"

    Salesman "He's been wiped, seems rather competent but I need to get rid of the model. 2500 for the R5 or 2000 for the P2, You're call."

    Ace "I'll take the P2, I don't want new, I just want useful"

    Salesman "Marshall, he's useful but quirky"

    Ace "Perfect, so am I... However, I heard the model had some issues with navigation and had problems with simple commands."

    Salesman "Well, there was that but we took a look at his matrix and his brain and it has some level of modification. We don't actually know what the extra storage structures are... We do know it can store one hyperspace jump in its buffer, but the droid has some other programming. It does not, seem to exhibit the same design flaws that other P2's do, at least, on any sort of a regular basis. In addition to its text screen, it has had a droid language communicator installed. So, its not run of the mill but it doesn't always listen to us here. Kind of has a mind of its own, even after five memory wipes... His core programming and personality continues to return in short order. This damned droid tends to swear on a regular basis and has been known to injure the staff here occasionally."

    Ace "I want you to activate the P2, I want to have a look at him"

    Salesman "Are you certain that is wise..." Ace is giving him "the look" "Ah... Yes, whatever you say." The tech activates the P2 which comes to life immediately knocking the tech off his feet.

    Ace stands there laughing at the sight of the droid's first action and now addresses the droid "P2 unit, what is your designation? I intend to buy you, apparently you have too much spirit for this Dustball of a world, I've got a Barloz and I need your help keeping her flying."

    P2 warbles in an off sounding and OLD droid language, very similar to current droid vocabulators but its obvious the droid is probably from the same era the Barloz was created in, a text message displays as the droid turns to address Ace "P2-AS-SH013"

    Ace studies the screen, looking at the designation something seems familiar... it looks almost like P2 followed by "ASSHOLE". "So, you're an asshole? You're perfect, I wouldn't want anyone else flying with me. The two of us will make quite a pair."

    P2 warbles and another message displays "Yeah, you look like an asshole... By the way, thanks for getting me the hell off this rock. I used to serve on a Barloz."

    Ace "Yes, he'll do nicely" tossing the credits on the table "Come on, P2, lets blow this joint"

    The two move off together


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    "One Tarkin Too Many"

    After much celebration and being recognized publicly as having a hand in the Battle of Rendilli I thought it would all end at that. But no, that was not to be the case. Corwin got me involved in he political arrangements with Rendilli, Bespin and Tatooine. He told me that I had to play the part of a Hero beacuse it would lend weight to his strategy for swaying them all to the Banner of the New Republic. That we did, then just as soon as he had finished he was gone again. Off to some unfinished business on Corellia. He told me that he had to pursue this one alone, yet as he had done for the Imperial Commander he landed me with an official position with the New Republic. One which suited my talents quite well and at the same time did me one more favor. He pulled some strings with some "friend of his" named Cracken and garnered me an official military rank. He told me that Cracken would understand if you wanted to leave in pursuit of something else, once you find out what those personal goals are.

    Jedi... Ever cryptic in nature... Or perhaps, that's just Corwin. Only time will tell. Until then, I'm making a decent wage as a Lieutennant in the New Republic military and working as the personal bodyguard of Lady Ravosh Tarkin. Why did he place me to be assigned to her? Well that much became more clear as time went on. I am a damned fine guard, and I'm about as good with a blaster as he is with a saber... Maybe... Anyway, they needed someone capable of protecting her and being placed as her personal guard is a humbling experience and perhaps rewarding at the same time. Plus, I get to wear fineries I would never dream of wasting the money on, my sidearm is a sanctioned legal piece of my equipment and I have a permanent carry license in the New Republic... Who can argue with that? I certainly cannot. There are perks too, I pull hazard pay the entire time I am working for her, AND the Cracken saw fit to refit my Freighter so that it was more accomodating to the Noble woman I am to ferry about and protect.

    She calls my ship a piece of outdated junk, and I would say her words are warranted normally. However, she is mine and is a point of pride for me. After the Refit, though minor as it might be makes me feel like she is a pleasure Yacht! HA! I even recieved a crew of noncomms that follow my orders. The problem, however, is the instruction droid that I am required to spend no less than three hours a day studying with. I have to learn all manner of court protocol as well as New Republic doctrine. The benefit of this tedious and boring instruction is supposed to "refine" my sensibilities and teach me some good stuff... I can deal with the tactics, and the strategy and the standard physical regimen that takes another two additional hours of each day. It is perhaps, the highligt of my day. I have to be a proper New Republic Officer...

    All Ravosh ever does is *****, but Cracken said she HAD to go with me. So, as boring as this assignment seems it is a good time and place for me to reflect, hone some skills and learn about the "noble" class. Plus hitting on a hot noble woman is sometimes rewarded with a slap and sometimes rewarded with a smirk and others rewarded with annoyance. Once, she smiled and even laughed. I think this excursion is a learning experience for the both of us... As much as I hate to admit it.

    Even the Devil's Cross has been outfitted with a second seat so I can ferry her around without her sitting on my lap pulling my hair out and *****ing at me!

    We'll see, I'll have more later, we are visiting some world that she has to make an appearance at...

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